Major Spoilers
After this point, what lies below are MAJOR SPOILERS. Please continue at your own risk. Consider yourself warned.

On Max returning for the Gravedigger trial:

HH: I would say that he’s not just there for moral support. How’s that Emily?

ED: Yeah, I think that’s accurate.

HH: It’s a bit more than that. He’s a mysterious, multifaceted, character. He’s not an on-looker, at heart.

ED: No, never an on-looker.

HH: Boy, I don’t want to say anymore than that.

On whether Hodgins and Angela getting married was a way to throw a bone to the fan-base:

HH: I don’t think of it that way. We’ve always known that Hodgins and Angela belong together and I just thought we’d do it not in a season finale. We’ve already done them getting married in a season finale. So, I thought, “let’s just pop it in when no one is expecting it” – that these two will get back together.

The scene where they talk about how they broke up has existed since they broke up. It wasn’t in a jail cell – I didn’t know where it was going to happen. But, that scene has existed, has been written, for a long time – where they realize how they let each other go. It just felt like the right time to let them go.

On whether there will be any future nemesis’ coming up:

HH: Yes. If you watch the second-to-the-last episode of this season, you’ll have the answer to that.

On whether Booth and Brennan will be together in Washington D.C. in the season six premiere:

HH: [laughs] I’m not going to answer that. We will not start season six without Booth and Brennan working together. I’m not willing to say that they’ll be in DC… I’m not willing to say they won’t be.

Anytime I give any amount of spoilers, I get hollered at by people who invent their own story off of what I say… and then they yell at me as though I’ve created the story. So, I’m gun-shy. There. That’s my answer. [laughs]

On whether we’ll ever revisit Brennan wanting to have a baby:

HH: The short answer is, yes. I always found it interesting that Brennan’s interest in having baby faded when the possibility of Booth being the father faded. I always thought that said something about her and her relationship.

…we will revisit that facet of Brennan is season six.

So, there you have. Hopefully that’s enough Bones information to hold you over until the fifth season finale.

Today’s conference call was easily one the most entertaining one that I’ve had. The banter between Hart and Deschanel was really wonderful to listen to. There’s no amount of writing, acting or directing that can make up for truly enjoying what you do.

With such a wonderful working relationship, there’s no doubt about why Bones continues to be a success.

What did you think about what Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel had to say? What are you looking forward to? What do you think will happening in the season finale? How long do you think the series will continue?

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