‘Half-Blood Prince’ Advance Tickets Outselling ‘Twilight’

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harry potter twilight Half Blood Prince Advance Tickets Outselling Twilight

Harry Potter fans are offiicailly saying to Twilight lovers, “Screw you guys, WE are the greatest fanboy nation!”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is selling advanced tickets like crazy all across the country. The sixth installment of J.K. Rowling’s popular books-cum-movies is on track to knock Twilight out of of the no. 3 spot on Fandango‘s list of all-time highest advanced ticket sales, settling in behind Stars Wars Epidsode III and The Dark Knight.

Advanced tickets for Half-Blood Prince have already outsold last month’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which (we all know) went on to earn serious bank at the box office. Things are look good so far for Harry and Warner Bros.

Since big-screen adaptation of Twilight hit theaters last Fall, there has been much debate (read: only in online fan forums) about how the next Potter film would measure up against Twilight‘s performance at the box office. Some even whispered that the boy wizard’s spell over moviegoers could be fading before the power of the fang (blashpheme!). However, all of a sudden it’s looking like the Twilight nation will have to issue a serious call-to-arms, IF they want to have greater numbers turn out on the opening day of New Moon.

But unlike Twilight, Half-Blood Prince has earned near-unanimous praise. Harry Potter fans and non-fans alike are calling the latest film the best of the series so far, and it’s looking like Warner Bros. made a prudent decision when they delayed the release of Half-Blood Prince. Warner Bros. has had a somewhat di$$$apointing blockbuster season so far, with big tentpoles like Watchmen and Terminator Salvation not doing as strongly as hoped at the box office. If the trends Fandango are tracking hold throughout the weekend, a wave from the wand of Harry Potter might just help fill the studio’s pockets.

One has to wonder though: how many more tickets would Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince be selling if the movie’s 3D IMAX premiere wasn’t delayed two weeks because of Revenge of The Crappy Fallen?

harry potter image5 japanese Half Blood Prince Advance Tickets Outselling Twilight

Half-Blood Prince is on FIRE at the advanced box office!

Guess that’s a question only the multiverse can answer…

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters tomorrow at midnight. The 3D IMAX version of the film will premiere on July 29, 2009.

Here are some additional interesting statistics that Fandango dug up about Half-Blood Prince:

  • 63% of advance ticket holders are female.
  • 62% are going to see the film at midnight on Tues with a group of friends.
  • 45% say they are also fans of Twilight.

Harry Potter fans vs. Twilight fans: let the trash-talking debate begin!

Source: Fandango Official Press Release

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  1. Well I don’t understand why this would be a surpise to anyone. I think it’s expected. HP has been around longer, has a bigger fan base already, it’s the sixth movie so those that have watched the first ones are shoeins to watch the rest. Twilight was very new and even unknown to many people. I’m sure Full Moon will do much more sales then the first story did. But I still don’t think it will match Harry Potter popularity…but you never know. The romance element of Twilight is picking up alot more adults. I read both sets of books, I’ve seen all the movies so far as well. I like them both equally. To me they’re just different kinds of stories…apples and oranges. But both very good!

  2. Thanks for yet another HP/Twilight comparison.
    We REALLY needed this.

    As both a Twilight fan and HP fan, this is ridiculous. You can love both. I dont need to hear one is better than another. Since when is it an article to post about a movie ~looking like it might beat out another in sales?

    When it beats it, as I’m sure it will, then write about it. It’s because of articles such as this that all the hate towards a HARMLESS story develops. What’s so wrong with enjoying a movie even if it isnt the best in the world?

    Congratulations on joining the club of twilight haters.

  3. Boo to Twilight fans. This is good.

    And I’ll even agree that this movie, if it’s really the best of the series (which is saying a lot, as I’ve actually liked every movie so far – despite not being a big HP reader) – it *should* beat out Transformers 2.

  4. I dont think Kofi is a hater just because he writes an article about Harry Potter outselling Twilight.

  5. @Nicole

    Actually there was no hate on the part of the writer towards Twilight – he mentioned the well known animosity between many Potter and Twilight fans (which I’ve witnessed in comments from visitors here on the site).

    It’s a valid comparison as the books are seen by many as competing against each other.


  6. I wasn’t even aware of a mutual animosity between Harry Potter and Twilight fans. Just animosity towards Twilight in general.

  7. Well, I plan on seeing the Half-Blood Prince midnight tomorrow and the same for the IMAX screeing. Just to wipe the floor clean with Twilight fans and show them which franchise rules. And of course, I mean it the nicest sparkling way possible. =)

  8. I’m not surprised. Twilight comes with a lot of hype which makes people believe it’s more successful than it really is. Stephen King said it best when he said J.K. Rowling was a great writer, one of the best, and that Meyers simply can’t write. The Harry Potter series has sold millions upon millions more books than the Twilight Series. The first Twilight movie made 380 million dollars compared to Harry Potter 5 which made close to a billion dollars. The Harry Potter fans have made the Harry Potter films the highest grossing franchise of all time and I’m sure will continue to do so. The reason that the Harry Potter 6 and the whole movie series in general is so much better recieved than Twilight is because Warner Brothers have J.K. Rowling source material to work from and Twilight’s studio have Meyer’s books to work from. Better books make better films and Harry Potter is proof of that.

  9. I really think there is no comparison, between both the novels and the films of ‘Harry Potter’ and TWILIGHT.

    The Harry Potter novels and create worlds within worlds, with a minutiae of interesting back story, history, props and folklore (Beedle The Bard, Fabulous beasts, the rules of Quidditch) as well as a creative look at the worlds of Muggles and wizards.

    TWILIGHT is essentially a teen romance with fangs with some stolen ideas from Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’. The films are being hurried and presented with little thought (judging from the first film) with a view to making a quick buck before the fickle youth fan base (many of whom have never read a book before reading TWILIGHT) move on to the next bright shiny thing.

    Although adult readers of this ‘youth’ marketed novel protest, they are mostly lonely 30+ housewives who also read the novels for pure escapism, and will doubtless move on when another novel series attracts them. Harold Robbins still writes, doesn’t he?

    There is nothing wrong with a little bit of escapism, as the fans of Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and Narnia will also trumpet, together with the fans of TWILIGHT.

    However, as I have said elsewhere, the mistake that TWILIGHT fans make is to confuse popular culture with texts and films that will stand the test of time.

    The TWILIGHT films are just not in the league of Harry Potter, they have neither the careful planning and forethought engendered in Harry Potter, nor the timeless originality and universal appeal of this bildungsroman text.

    They are, in essence, a nice trashy summer film. Fun at the time.

    Nothing more.

  10. Twilight doesn’t stand a chance against Harry Potter. Just look how well (critically) the sixth film is doing. It’s now been certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes at 98%, with only one bad review so far. And a big blockbuster movie that is also very good, will make a lot more money than a big blockbuster movie that is bad (Transformers). Just look at The Dark Knight. BTW the IMAX 3D version is good, but I highly reccomend you think it twice before going into that, as it is not that much (its only the first 15 min)

  11. Twilight = CRAP

    Potter = Quality on all levels.

    There really is no comparison.

  12. Though i do like both books–and to some extent, movies–There still is no question that Harry Potter is better, and nothing, not even even the hotness that is Edward Cullen:), can change that..sorry Twilight, but HP hands down!

  13. harry potter is obviously the better franchise and makes better movies. why do you think they had robert pattinson killed off? haha!

  14. First off I am NOT a fan of Twilight. I did NOT enjoy the book orthe story and thought that the movie (at least the portions I saw) was poorly put together.
    Now I DO see how someone can like it though.
    Twilight is geared more towards the young scifi loving female probably the 10-18 age range whereas Harry Potter WAS initially geared toward the young scifi loving male aged 10-18.
    Since the first book, Harry Potter has evolved into a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone. All the books have received great reviews, as have the movies

    Now, can Twilight evolve? Maybe. So far its off to a bad start as the first movie was poorly reviewed and the final two books are a massive mess.
    Personally, by the third film, I see the Twilight saga fading and I dont see it catching on to our male audience. Vampire romances are just the craze now for younger women, just like boy bands were teh craze 10 years ago. This wont last

    Harry Potter IS an epic saga, it will join the likes of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek as one of the best franchises out there.
    There really should be NO COMPARISON here

  15. I feel quite sorry at this point for Stephenie Meyer, she is getting criticized for extenuating circumstances surrounding the films. As a writer I am sure the idea of translating her fiction in to films will not have been high on her priority list when starting out. And now fans of the books are drawing meaningless parallels between the Harry Potter series and the Twilight ones. I personally feel that Harry Potter is yes, incredibly fantastic, and I am more a fan of the books than the films, (but I frequently feel this way about movie adaptions) but that is not to say that I am needlessly antagonistic about Twilight. I am in fact a rather big fan, but for completely different reasons. I see no need to compare the two, as I enjoyed both, to greater and less degrees respectively I’ll grant you and yes I was one of those, who stayed up and bought harry potter 7 late at night and then stayed up for the next 20 hours reading (sad i know!) but the fact remains I enjoyed both, and that really is all I care about. Ultimately when I go and see the films I won’t care whether its going to be better than New Moon when it comes out in December, or if more people have gone to see it, or made JK even more money, I’m just going to care about whether I liked it at the time or not!
    I must however conclude by putting a small defense in for the twilight film. I will admit, it is not made to the same technical specs as Harry Potter, how can it be, it has maybe 3 times less budget. Films thrive when they have money pouring in, not to say other things aren’t a factor but comparatively these films have been “made” in very different ways, with different times scales with different creative processes pushing them forward.
    I hope that the animosity shown by people doesn’t adversely affect anyone from going and enjoying what ever film they want to see. I say good luck to them both.

  16. What is a bit sad is we tried to buy IMAX tix for opening day, and since the contact is still with Trans. 2. We will not be able to see HP in IMAX till August. Damn you Twins!

  17. Lol, I think someone on the HP team dropped the organisational ball on that one!

  18. Harry Potter is an intense world of magic and politics and destiny and relationships that go beyond “I wuv you lots”. It also has more than two magical creatures and a cast of hundreds, creating an entire Universe to eb explored.

    In comparasin Twilight is a gushy romance novel.

  19. I’m not sure why you felt it was necessary to jump on the Twilight vs. HP hate mongering that’s been going around. Bad form, ScreenRant or is this Tiger Beat?

  20. @ BloodSucking Leech,

    My friend, we did not create this debate and frankly nobody on our team (I know of) has a stake in one side or the other.

    It’s a debate that rages on with or without Screen Rant. We just shined a timely light on it since this film is coming out.

  21. My dear friend, I understand you did not create the hate mongering, but you are certainly helping to spread it. “Shined a timely light on it?” On what? The hate?? Wonderful. I’m just giving an opinion that it’s not necessary for you to be like those rags that live to stir the crap with things like this. Thx for listening.

  22. @bloodsucking leech:I don’t think there is a debate at all, , and ‘Hatemongering’ is a strong accusation to make about a critical and interesting discussion!

    Only children experience such juvenile reactions such as:

    ‘You must hate my fandom: ergo me personally!’ if someone disagrees with my point of view!

    Hate indeed!

    If one is unsure of what to say, one should remain quiet. I don’t ‘hate’ the fans of a fictional vampire, any more than I ‘hate’ the fans of a fictional wizard! I do, however reserve the right to comment on what good and bad literature and film is!

  23. Outselling Twilight!?! DUH

  24. yeah yall guys r right the half blood prince is knockin out twilight- gettin the spotlight, but hey… harry potter fans- wait until New Moon will kick Half Blood Prince right outta of spotlight!

  25. yo dudes yall think HP is the best cos it have more series and older than Twilight Saga, well u r wrong. I am only 11 years old and i already read whole books of both series, and i gotta admit both is very good books and have great movies. I finished watched Twilight movie, and yeah i have to admit it was not bad but the book is better. but what the heck, New Moon will get more fans when movie is available and will leave Half Blood Prince in the dust!

    yall gonna know what i mean!

    The Bloodsucker

  26. I would just like to say that i went to watch half blood prince and found it to be the worst movie ever made and that twilight has a better story than the childish excuse of a book harry potter.

    Twilight Rules!!

  27. Twilight is all hype and no substance. yes, it does have the entertainment factor, but really, what actually makes people like this book except for the mushy, sometimes overly-dramatic declarations of love in each book and movie? There are almost no action sequences, nothing remotely special except for the vampires and shape-shifters (they’re not werewolves:) and yeah..that’s about it. Had it not been for Edward Cullen’s immaculate hotness–this would not even be close to popular. Take it from me, after watching the movie, suddenly my girl pals are asking me if they could borrow the book, though they didn’t care before that.
    Harry Potter on the other hand, did not interest my pals, because the boy-who lived does not have porcelain skin and perfect features. But see, HP is still more popular, because what interests the people is not the male protagonist, but the story, the characters themselves, and the magic of it all. So which one will last longer? a good story or a hot character? HP wins my vote!

  28. I have always like’d the harry potter movies , but ….. <33 TWILIGHT<33 I like Twilight MUTCH more than the harry potter movies and now i’m not soo choure if i like the harry potter movies. because i love twilight more.

  29. i’ve read all the books in both series and twilight has nothing on harry potter. for all you twilight fans out there, if you want to read a person who really knows what there doing writing vampire books pick up Anne Rice INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE sometime, that’s a real vampire book. adn movie-wise twilight may not have had a lot of money to make, but honestly i have friends who could take the same amount of money a make a better movie. harry potter was only bad because it got hit by the hollywood love story attack. twilight’s got no excuses for how much both the books and movies suck