‘Half-Blood Prince’ Advance Tickets Outselling ‘Twilight’

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harry potter twilight Half Blood Prince Advance Tickets Outselling Twilight

Harry Potter fans are offiicailly saying to Twilight lovers, “Screw you guys, WE are the greatest fanboy nation!”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is selling advanced tickets like crazy all across the country. The sixth installment of J.K. Rowling’s popular books-cum-movies is on track to knock Twilight out of of the no. 3 spot on Fandango‘s list of all-time highest advanced ticket sales, settling in behind Stars Wars Epidsode III and The Dark Knight.

Advanced tickets for Half-Blood Prince have already outsold last month’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which (we all know) went on to earn serious bank at the box office. Things are look good so far for Harry and Warner Bros.

Since big-screen adaptation of Twilight hit theaters last Fall, there has been much debate (read: only in online fan forums) about how the next Potter film would measure up against Twilight‘s performance at the box office. Some even whispered that the boy wizard’s spell over moviegoers could be fading before the power of the fang (blashpheme!). However, all of a sudden it’s looking like the Twilight nation will have to issue a serious call-to-arms, IF they want to have greater numbers turn out on the opening day of New Moon.

But unlike Twilight, Half-Blood Prince has earned near-unanimous praise. Harry Potter fans and non-fans alike are calling the latest film the best of the series so far, and it’s looking like Warner Bros. made a prudent decision when they delayed the release of Half-Blood Prince. Warner Bros. has had a somewhat di$$$apointing blockbuster season so far, with big tentpoles like Watchmen and Terminator Salvation not doing as strongly as hoped at the box office. If the trends Fandango are tracking hold throughout the weekend, a wave from the wand of Harry Potter might just help fill the studio’s pockets.

One has to wonder though: how many more tickets would Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince be selling if the movie’s 3D IMAX premiere wasn’t delayed two weeks because of Revenge of The Crappy Fallen?

harry potter image5 japanese Half Blood Prince Advance Tickets Outselling Twilight

Half-Blood Prince is on FIRE at the advanced box office!

Guess that’s a question only the multiverse can answer…

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters tomorrow at midnight. The 3D IMAX version of the film will premiere on July 29, 2009.

Here are some additional interesting statistics that Fandango dug up about Half-Blood Prince:

  • 63% of advance ticket holders are female.
  • 62% are going to see the film at midnight on Tues with a group of friends.
  • 45% say they are also fans of Twilight.

Harry Potter fans vs. Twilight fans: let the trash-talking debate begin!

Source: Fandango Official Press Release

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  1. Hahaha twilight is 100,000,000 times better!!
    lmao .
    and Edward cullen is so not fake .
    He is as realas you or me =]

  2. I love Robbert Pattinson and Twilight too!!!
    Go vampires…that’s all!!!

  3. whoooooooooooooo……………………………………………..it’s gonna be a gr8 fight, anyway harry potter(danny radcliff) has always been the teen hero but there are plenty of small romantic girls who are crazy about edward(or rob pattinson)so it will be gr8 to watch the 2 bestselling book’s movie fighting on the box office. moreover it’s a gr8 debating topic;this is surely gonna be the next debating topic in my school and it will really be fun 4 me to watch small little girls fighting 4 robert where big teen boys will fight 4 daniel

  4. yooo peeps i read the harry potter books and twilight and they both are like wow! and i think the twilight books are better then the harry potter books and the harry potter movies are better then the twilight movies and i still think the twilight people that played in the movies are like fit 4 the movie and same with harry potter im torn in between both!!!!!!! so people stop trashin the movies and the series or ill find you!!!!! lol jk but seriously stop!

  5. people are so crule these days so why dont you just agree with me and say both movies are like WOW! im team edward jacob and daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM!!!!! im a vampire/werwolf/wizard lovin girl!!!

  6. Ok all you twilight fans that are bashing on harry potter i got news for you and make sure u actually listen because everything i am sayin is true. The twilight story is lame. It is all about bella and edwards love. And he is a stupid controlling overly jealous boyfriend, who does not allow her to do anything with out his permission and she is 18!!!!ha ha ha!!! and she is such a weak girl that she cant even survive without him, there is such thing as loving and wanting the one you love but she went all depresses and didnt do anythin she did eat, what is that?? i mean how pathetic she is a nobody with no personality. And edward is a no body also, he is controlling and the only thing he has goin for him are his looks. Talk about an unhealthy relationship. O and btw he was NOT even hot in the movie. The characters sucked bella couldnt act for her life. She only blinked like 50 times per second. The only good actors in this movie were the girl who played alice and the guy who played emmett!!!! Atleast harry potter has meaning to it, a story and what not. All twilight is about is a stupid love triangle and that is what every book is about. all four books are basically the same, same situation but with different details. none of the harry potter books are the same and they have amazing details. Also you learn the characters, they actually have personalities. So im far harry potter.

  7. @ Natilly: actually all books that are in a series have the same plot line until the series ends, take harry potter for example, the plot line there is to find a way to kill voldemort, while yes in twilight the plot line is bella and her uncontrollable love for edward.
    but saying that i find that twilight has the better plot line, but that might be because im 16yrs old, who knows?

  8. okay so u guys are battleing about what geeky movie is better hmm u guys must be kool (sarcastic much) get a life try and meet people not online. and just 4 the record the story of harry potta is betta edwards hotta bellas a lil downer who blames her self 4 everything. edward:oh no the germans are attacking.bella”oh no its all my fault” grr the whole movie is sooo crappy, sure u want edward 2 ripp his top off and rub hunny all ova his body but the movie.. ugh. but i got nothing against harry potter.

  9. i love twilight but my dads crazy about hary.

  10. @ Britt: next time you bad mouth Twilight, please spell your word’s correctly, this is a debate for mature people not pre-schooler’s

  11. Spelling, although important, (English teacher here!) is not a precursor for good discussion or ideas.

    If you don’t say something because you are afraid of how you spell, message boards would be dull places indeed, full of dull people!

    Be kind. Listen to the message, not how it is written.

  12. @gottarhyme: I know this, I’m just plain evil so get over it.

  13. That would imply I even bother to care what you think!

    Settle, Petal.

  14. @ gottarhyme: Obviously you do or you wouldn’t spend your time sending a reply to me.

    Off your high horse Mrs

  15. Hello there fellow fans.
    All this up roar and who-ha over harry potter and twilight is rather stupid dont you think?
    i must say that harry potter is far better :)
    all my love
    sexy beast x

  16. Harry Potter all the way!!!! Twilight is an exeptional book for exeptional people. if you like that book I don’t know what you’re thinking because that book is a fraud! Daniel Radcliff is sooooo Hooooot and Robert is soooooo not!! I have nothing agenst him but bella is lame! If you think otherwise that’s your opinion but know im right! Thay’s All
    Peace Out Love Happy

  17. dude vampires rock!!! they are way better than wizards i love vampires!!