New Details About the Harry Potter Theme Park

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harry potter theme park 2 New Details About the Harry Potter Theme Park

Who wants a butterbeer? The next round is on me. Well, not just yet, but soon. After all, it’s only a few short months before “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” opens for the first time as part of Universal’s “Islands of Adventures” theme park at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Since Universal first announced the development of a Harry Potter theme park, fans of the series from around the world have been clamoring to learn more. Luckily, there was a short sneak peak of the park found in the special features on the two-disc edition DVD and Blu-ray of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. While short, the clip did offer a whole mess of details about the park, which have been compiled quite nicely by Orlando Attractions Magazine.

Besides a warm and frothy butterbeer (which J.K. Rowling apparently “loved”), you can try some of the Wizarding World’s favorite treats like Chocolate Frogs, Every Flavor Beans, Cauldron Cakes, and Treacle Fudge at a replica of Honeyduke’s Sweetshop. Fans will also be able to check out both the Three Broomsticks and the neighboring Hog’s Head Pub. For those looking to make a little magic themselves, the park will have a replica of Ollivander’s Wand Shop so that young wizards in training can pick up their very own wand.

Of course, no theme park would be complete without rides and it sounds like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have at least a few that are worthwhile. Take, for instance, the Forbidden Journey ride, which Potter actress Emma Watson described as the “best moments from all the films.” To line up for the Forbidden Journey ride, fans will walk through Hogwart’s castle, complete with moving portraits and other magical touches.

harry potter theme park New Details About the Harry Potter Theme Park

Besides the Forbidden Journey ride, there will be a family-friendly ride called Flight of the Hippogriff, that will feature everyone’s favorite half-giant Hagrid. Guests will be required to properly approach their Hippogriff (avert eyes, bow low, etc.) before being allowed onboard. Another ride is said to feature the Whomping Willow and the over-sized spiders (properly termed Acromantula) from the Forbidden Forest.

I’m a big Harry Potter fan and a huge sucker for theme parks, so this sounds like something I would definitely enjoy. On the other hand, it definitely sounds like it’s got a family/young child vibe, so I wouldn’t be surprised if groups of mid-20′s adults don’t make it a priority to go see the park. What do you think? Does this sound like something you’d bring your family to? Would you go if you don’t have any kids?

Source: Orlando Attractions Magazine

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  1. Yeah, it could be fun, I guess. Even my 15 year old son would probably want to go. But Florida? That’s not very Harry Potter-ish.

  2. hmmm, I’d consider taking my fiancé there for our honeymoon… I keep getting asked “where are you two going?” and I always look like such a big dweeb when I answer “… uhhh… I dunno”

    • honestly, my fiance and I are planning to have our honeymoon there too, because we met through a Harry Potter group.

  3. I want to go!!!!!!!!!

    My Hogwarts letter never arrived in the post, admittedly it would have been fourteen years too late, but still!

  4. Yeah, I’m a sucker for theme park attractions. My wife is a bit more cynical, predicting it’d be a “nightmare” of screaming children and impatient adults, but this is coming from a woman who had an absolute blast at the touring “Harry Potter” exhibit when it stopped at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. :) I’d be thrilled to go, but I have NO idea when I’d be able to make it down to Florida. For a Michigander, that’s a week’s trip, plus all the expenses for travel and accommodations. Crud.

  5. @hamlet3k

    Imagine how I feel, I live in the UK, the home of Harry Potter. Still, its a good excuse to visit the USA again

  6. What do you mean… “I wouldn’t be surprised if groups of mid-20’s adults don’t make it a priority to go see the park.”

    Remember that we are the generation that grew up with Harry Potter… :)

  7. My husband and I are looking forward to going and we’re in our 50′s. So, I’d say “no kids required” may be the norm. Think about it, when was the last time you saw an audience full of little kids at a Harry Potter movie release? Most everyone I’ve seen have been young adults and older (very few kids under 15), so I’m not sure why people still talk about HP as a kids thing.

  8. The last few films have hardly been kid friendly, it is that certain people cannot get it out of their heads that Harry Potter is for children.

    It’s not. Its for everyone, My 8 year old brother loves reading them, I love reading them and I’m 25, my Grandma loves reading them and she’s in her sixties.

  9. my friends, family and i ARE going! it looks amazing, its gonna be like a dream come true to experience all this!! good thing we live in florida, and were getting the year pass :’)

  10. yea im not embaressed at all to say I am goin and im 23, ive grown up with these movies and I cant get enough of um. What a great idea it was to build a theme park for it but florida??? not the right setting for harrypotter. Im suprised that they dont have one in london.If they build one in london im there for sure would be alot better.To me if it was snowing for real in the park would tottally fit prefect they shoulda put it in like new zealand or some crazy place with amazing landscapes to give it that extra real affect. wait I got it, a lord of the rings theme park in new zealand!!

  11. The reason I think it will be primarily visited by families with kids is that the theme park doesn’t seem to offer too many “big rides” or other major attractions that people in their twenties without kids might enjoy. That may not be true, of course, but it’s a hunch. I know some people who are bored by Disneyland because of all the small and simple ride-a-long type rides, whereas I absolutely love Disneyland.

    Also, look at it from Universal’s perspective. While the later movies and books were certainly more mature and darker in tone, from a business point of view the park has to be designed for families to make maximum possible profits. A park with Dementors swooping around sucking out souls doesn’t make a parent want to open the wallet and buy a replica wand, you know what I mean?

  12. I’ve been lucky enough to watch this all come to fruition from the front row. I live and work in Orlando and what some people are getting mixed up is that this is NOT a Harry Potter theme park. It’s a section of the Islands of Adventure park. Each section is a different themed “island” and now Potter will be one. So even folks who come to the park without kids can enjoy themselves as there are many other offerings outside of The Wizarding World.
    As a HUGE fan of the books, movies, actors, etc I’m super excited to see everything we’ve read about for years finally in front of us- to drink a butterbeer? Heck yeah! And if a house elf were to serve it, all the better! I am close friends with many folks working tirelessly to keep this true to form and I’ll be there opening day to experience it all and show my support.

  13. I watched the virtual tour video of the new Harry Potter section of Universal Studios a few weeks ago and I’m pretty sure it mentioned a roller-coaster themed after the dragon scene from goblets of fire; if so that would definitely bring some non-family crowds to that area of the park. I could be wrong about that though, anyone know who could confirm that?

  14. Another misunderstanding are the rides. Two of them ate already there part of The Lost Continent. The flying unicorn is a kiddie coster that will be rethemed as the hippogriff ride. The dueling dragons coaster will be the Hogwarts ride. It already has a castle built as the que. Some stuff will be new but some is already there being “repurposed.”

  15. I’ve been excited for this since they first announced it. Although I thought it was kinda cheap that Universal just took two rides that were already in that part of the park and just rethemed them (Dragon Challenge was Dueling Dragons, Flight of the Hippogriff was the Flying Unicorn), but I like how with the hippogriff ride they added some unique touches-I would ride it just so that I could do all that in order to ride! (lol)

  16. IM 16 AND STILL WAITING FOR MY LETTER!!!! i will definately be attending this amazing park!


  18. Well to all of you over 20′s & the over 50′s who commented, I just want to say I am OVER 60(actually nearly 66yrs. old & I LOVE Harry Potter. I live in Florida & will be one of the first in line. Read all the books twice & all my sisters from up north are flying down. POTTER is ageless. Joann

  19. I WILL GO!!!

    When me and my loveable boy go on our honeymoon this is our first stop!

    We both ♥ Harry Potter so of course this will be perfect.

    Suck on that Twilight!

    do you have a theme park?
    I dont think so!!!

  20. To Brittni,

    1000000000 thumbs up! I so agree!

    But shhhh…
    You might give the Twilight fans ideas!

  21. I am over 20 and will go for sure.I will take my whole family if they want to go,I think it is going to be great!

  22. I’m really annoyed about this theme park since it is being placed in America, Harry Potter is a British book so should be held in Briton!!!

  23. Well, I just wanted to know if you would have your own special wand chosen for you, like in harry potter. That’d be cool if they all had something different about them…. And I was wondering if you could stay In the hogwarts castle. Like, you could stay in the Slytherin Girls Dorm, for instance. I think that’d be really cool….

  24. Agh me again.

    i actually agree that it shouldn’t be in America.
    Maybe in England or Britain.

    bloody hell (:

  25. it sounds cool

  26. it sounds cool