Harry Potter 6 Moving To Summer 2009

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harry potter box office Harry Potter 6 Moving To Summer 2009Almost a month ago, I speculated that Warner Brothers might push back Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince to next summer.

Specifically, I said:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Brothers opted to move ‘Half-Blood Prince’ to Summer 2009 in the next few weeks. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense.”

Well, the studio executives must have read the article and had a light-bulb go off over their heads. That or it was a pure coincidence (nah).

Either way, Warner Brothers has officially announced that Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince has moved from its original November 21, 2008 release and will now be unveiled to the world on July 17, 2009.

And I mean that literally – the film is getting a “day-and-date” release which basically means its coming out in theaters all across the world on the same date.

Apparently, this move has to do with Warner Brothers’ overall lack of blockbuster tentpoles for next summer – aside from Terminator: Salvation, which is something else I suggested in my original article.

This gives the studio more time to build their markerting around the sixth Potter installment. Of course, I realize its a foregone conclusion that it’ll make a gazillion dollars because the previous films did.

Score one for Screen Rant.

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince will open in theatres July 17, 2009.

Source: Variety

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  1. Is this really true? I cannot believe that they are holding back the film just so they can make some more money. It’s a disgrace

  2. This is unbelievable… Moving Harry Potter to JULY!! Is there something we can do about this??

  3. If Warners had the financial guts to try it, this lead time for Half Blood Prince would give them the opportunity to try not only an international day and date release of Half Blood Prince, they could also try a simultaneous release on Blu-ray and DVD.

    Although it would compromise the film’s overall product lifespan, and probably upset theatrical exhibitors, it would prove or disprove a couple of theories that could have far reaching consequences for the future of Hollywood.

    a) Would a simultaneous DVD release affect theatrical takings and to what extent?

    b) Could it theoretically kill the pirate market dead for the movie?

  4. hahaha, Well Done Jamie! I think you should run the studio man.

    I’m not a Harry Potter fan myself, but to those who are, this really sucks. I mean they’re sitting on finished property for another year. I’m surprised they don’t show half the movie this year and charge full price and then charge another full admission to see the end of it next year, lol. Doesn’t that fit in with their strategy?

  5. and Mark,

    That certainly would be a pretty interesting experiment, although no business would sacrifice tens of millions (or hundreds of millions) to try it out :(

    As for the pirate market, It would certainly stop the need for people and their camcorders and rips of DVD screeners. But the pirating would flourish more in my opinion because everyone would have access to actual DVD copies (full high quality) the same day everything gets released. People could buy these for $5 as opposed to $25 for the DVD or $35+ for the Blu-Ray. I honestly think more people would pirate since those who avoid crappy quality cams would get the high quality pirated material.

  6. Mr Sulu, target their Warp core and fire full Phasers. !!!


  7. So YOU’RE the one we can send hate mail to! :)

    I wasn’t THAT excited about the movie, but it sucks to have to wait longer for it. On the plus side, it does make 2009′s lineup a little brighter.

  8. If I were a bigger fan of the series, I would be PISSED. In fact, I’m kinda pissed for the Potter fans!

  9. What about those that were planning to attend the November Premiere Screening (and already bought airline tickets to fly to London), What about every one who saw the “November” at the end of the trailer after Mummy (and got really excited), what about all the world release date that WB had just sent out a week or two ago, what about the Half Blood Prince Video game being released in November (are they going to move that back too, even while the new trailer for the game that was released yesterday said “November”), what about all us loyal Harry Potter fans who have been anxiously counting down the days until November 21st (and now we have to wait an extra 8 months)! Why this late WB, why not have made the decision earlier this year? We know it’s all for the money but I mean seriously how much more would you make from a Summer Release. WHY WB, WHY?!

  10. Potter fans,, if you really feel offended and jipped by this delema, here’s a suggestion…

    The HP,Fans should all try to band together (like the characters in Harry Potter), and boycott the opening weekend release.

    See it the weekend after,,, WoW would the studios freak and crap themselves.
    If you could pull that off it would make the CNN World Report !?!

    Ok, go and make me pround !!!! 8-)

  11. how is that gonna bring the movie sooner?

  12. this SUCKS
    what were they thinking?
    sure, money. whatever! FANS are more important! without the fans, there is no money! so if you upset us, you dont get money, correct? yah alright, we are all going to go see it anyways, but i am with you kenneth! i am PISSED! i was sooo looking forward to this movie! i LOVED that it was a november release date! i like the idea of a boycott, but how do we get people on board? (facebook?)
    i guess you could be being sarcastic… but i think its an awesome idea! tell them we wont see it on opening if they dont release it on november 21st, let them freak out and get upset with us for once!
    gosh im so pissed off!

  13. 4, What you do is what you said,,, you go online and promote this idea, get fans on board and start to spread the word thru blogging at first and then who knows how far it could go.
    But if they dont comply, you HAVE to execute the boycott or they will never take you seriously again.

    4, I elect you to take on this mission!

  14. Warner Brothers is taking an unnecessary and misguided risk at pulling the rug out from fans…they’ll lose the anticipation momentum and alienate the fan base. Think LONG TERM, WB. I know Corporate big shots only are looking at their charts and graphs…they’ll regret this decision…Bad P.R = lost $



    Due to the rising dissatisfaction of our customer base because of awareness raising by internet sites like “SCREENRANT”, it shall now be policy that no release dates will be announced for any product, earlier than 1 month from actual release date, as determined by the steering committee. Your cooperation is expected and mandatory.


    Jeffrey L. Bewkes

  16. If you boycott the first week, you know youll watch it the second week, so this movie is gonna have one heck of a second week lol. Were complaining about it being pushed back, why wait one more week after waiting that long, we should complain about it being pushed back, but not boycott.

  17. Well, because it’s a good test case. Sure you can complain, but as mentioned here and elsewhere fan bases are losing the studios respect. No doubt it’s risky. If the fan base can’t make a dent in box office take, then fans can throw in the towel, having a say about movies. If they can, then it’s a wake-up call to movie makers. A real “Day The Earth Stood Still.”

  18. well, every single person who is upset by this which is most Harry Potter fans anyways, will see this movie anyway at opening or sometime in theatres.

    So, you’re all telling WB that its completely cool to delay the movie.

    I support 790′s idea. Do not see it opening weekend.


  19. i call bull**** on this! theyre not pushing it back b/c of “the writer’s strike,”…y would they do that if the film is finished?

    they just assume that the film wont be able 2 compete w/ Twilight!

  20. i call bull**** on this! theyre not pushing it back b/c of “the writer’s strike,”…y would they do that if the film is finished?

    they just assume that the film wont be able 2 compete w/ Twilight!

    i think we should refuse to see it if we have 2 wait that long! And movie 5 was a total let down! If they dnt think it can compete, then y waste my money on going 2 c it at all? ill just wait and download it if thats how its gonna be!

  21. this is craap y would u say one thing and near the date its supposed to happen it doesnt thats crapp and i think if they r goin to do that then they shouldnt put the movie out this sucks

  22. I also think thats actually a very good idea, boycott its opening weekend. So it’ll have a massive 2nd week, so what, it would still clearly send a message to WB that they took a piss on the fans and we can do something about it.

    I really don’t think anything short of an act of god would get WB to move it back to November now. They’ve made their decision, they couldn’t care less about the promise they made to fans for November, all they care about is the money. Making MORE money being the key word too, its not like there was ANY doubt that the November release date for it would still be a BIG opening and easilyyy earn back the costs to make it plus large profits, but screw it, we can make MORE PROFITS this way (says a WB executive) … but sir? won’t that just be unfair to the fans? … the fans, screw the fans, profit is only thing that matters! Why its the American way, corporate greed is king.

    Anyway, rambling, so depressed bout this. Would be very interested tho in hearing bout some organization to get the message out to fans that we should boycott its opening weekend.

  23. Na Kris1532 they have to release it sometime however, Stocks are sagging. I wonder what the stock holders would think?? I dub it the anti-viral campaign.. 8-)

  24. Way to take the fans for granted, Warner Brothers. I guess they somehow forgot the people they’re screwing over are the ones who help line their pockets with the cash they so desperately want.

    A year is a long time. Many of us are already disillusioned with the franchise in light of this ABRUPT decision. Who is to say the public won’t have moved on by July 09? There are no new books to keep fans interested and the studio is only serving to anger the fanbase. If the movie underperforms in it’s new release date it will be nothing less than WB deserves for treating the loyal fans like rubbish.

    We matter and we don’t deserve to have this sprung on us three months from the original release date. It’s outrageous. WB’s greed and disregard for the fans is shameful.

  25. VIC, I remember reading that post and thinking you were nuts. Well kudos to you. As it turns out, WB is the nuts.

  26. @Chip Chief

    I can’t take credit for this one, bro. That was Jamie’s psychic ability. :-P


  27. When it comes to WB predictions, Jamie is always on the money. Congrats on your awesome clairvoyancy.

    Now predict who the next Batman baddie will be sir.