Harry Potter Extended Edition Re-Releases on the Way?

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harry potter logo Harry Potter Extended Edition Re Releases on the Way?

Hey Harry Potter fans! You’re in for a surprise – according to /Film, via RopeofSilicon, all of the Harry Potter films are going to get special extended edition re-releases. What exactly the extended editions will include is unclear at this point. It is also unclear whether or not they will be re-released on DVD, Blu-Ray, or (dare I say it) to theaters.

Either way, they’re sure to have some extra goodies that weren’t in the theatrical release.

Okay, here comes the buzzkill. Unlike the extended edition releases of Lord of the Rings, which included hours worth of additional material, Harry Potter doesn’t have that many deleted scenes to add.In fact, as /Film points out, most, if not all, of the extended footage for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone included in the television broadcast premiere on ABC. Could it be that Warner Brothers is just trying to milk the Harry Potter franchise for more money?

harry potter Harry Potter Extended Edition Re Releases on the Way?

Call me a cynic, but I’m always a little bit leery of special-edition DVDs. As much as I love behind the scenes featurettes and production stills, I find it difficult to spring for an extra $20 for a copy of a movie I already own. Unless there is substantially more footage, as in the Lord of the Rings re-releases or the upcoming Watchmen Ultimate Collector’s Edition, I’m more apt to stick with my original copy.

Then again, as much as I love Harry Potter, I wouldn’t call myself a fanatic. On the other hand, I know there are plenty of Screen Rant readers out there who are, so why don’t you guys let me know what you think of these extended editions – are you excited about the possibility of seeing more Harry, Ron, and Hermione?

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  1. I’ve got all three LOTR 4 disc sets and they are totally worth it. Best special features in my collection hands down though i didn’t buy the two disc sets when it was first released. I’m doing the same with watchmen, just waiting for the ultimate cool edition. On harry potter, enjoy them but not the biggest fan, see all of them at the movies but never buy the dvd. Don’t know why but this news annoys me, probably because they split up the seventh for no rea$on. Harry Potter produces just love money don’t they.

    • You are seriously wrong. The Harry Potter producers are probably the only ones in the world who solely produce these films because they are passionate about the books and the magical world. Most producers these days produce films with no story at all just throw in any old special effects and hope that will be enough to make money.

      • ……the goblet of fire did not even feature the house elf winky you obviously have no idea at all what you are talking about

      • Agree with Potter Fan

        Also, since David Yates has been the puppeteer, the story is missing chunks of critical plot points left and right. And he did his best to cover it up with original and dumb plot points of his own which made plot holes even larger.

        When was the two-way mirror explained in the story?
        Why did the Burrow had to be burnt down? Not satisfied with JK’s style?
        The reason why Harry’s and Voldy’s wand connects was never explained well.

        And the worst let-down scene of the entire series is the final duel with Voldemort in DH part 2. Harry fought with Voldy like in Goblet of Fire. And It seemed like Voldy couldn’t keep up. Seriously Yates thought he could change everything. He sucks!

        And don’t even remind me of how Harry SNAPPED THE FREAKKIN ELDER WAND in the end!

        And don’t tell me how the movies were super-hit. The last harry potter films sold completely on hype!!

        • The elder wand was, only ever , just a wand. A great wand, yes, but a wand non the less.
          The two way mirror explains itself, doesn’t really need explanation. Yates was a GOOD director. Not as good as Peter Jackson, but he was good. When it comes down to it films are (just about) NEVER as good as the books, directing can rarely correct that, many scenes are un-transferable, people want shorter films, less than 2hrs each, people don’t like too much talking and they link action and shock. I’m sure some people liked the burrow setting on fire, set the times I suppose. Films aren’t made for the fans, they’re made for the masses, otherwise they’d not make enough money.
          Film producers are businesses. Like all businesses their main goal MUST be to make money. some care less about this than others (Like Jackson who’s main aim was to honor the worlds greatest piece of literature) but they have to make a living out of their business, they have to make a profit.

          • Wow, spoken like a real conformist.

  2. I already have all the DVDs released of Harry Potter. However, since I am a big fan of the series I will no doubt buy the extended versions as well. (I did so with Iron Man, my all-time favourite movie. Ever!)
    Also, in my opinion there can never be enough of Harry and co. and since the movies are drawing to a close what better than to start all over again?
    I just hope there will be some interesting scenes added. Not just behind the scene stuff or interviews. Not that that isn’t interesting but it’s Harry Potter I want to watch, not Daniel Radcliffe.

  3. On numerous occasions throughout the years, various scenes that were being shot have been described and those scenes have never turned up on the dvds–especially with the fourth and fifth films, the latter in particular. I clearly remember on more than one occasion, David Yates mentioning that the rough cut of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was over 3 hours long. Mike Newell said Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was of a similar original run time. There is an enormous amount of footage we have yet to see that will be included in the extended cuts. It will be equal to LOTR.

  4. Already own all the DVD’s, but as far as the extended ones are concerned, I think I’ll wait to hear some reviews on them first and even then, I’ll probably only get Prisoner of Azkaban and possibly Order of the Phoenix (and HBP if they do that).

  5. I bought the LOTR extended versions, but not the cinematic ones, but as you say, there was a huge amount of extra stuff in there. In fact, I would regard the extended editions as the definitive films and the cinematic as cut-down versions. But with Harry Potter? I don’t know. If there’s more Snape I’d buy it!

  6. 1 through 3 didn’t lose any detail because they were all under 500 pages, so there really would be almost nothing to add. 4 MAY be worth owning (as it was just shy of 800 pages), but I think they did get pretty much all the details in the movie with the downside that the movie was paced much too quickly. I’d say the only extended editions definitely worth owning would be 5 and 6, depending on how much filmed material there is to add to those films. Those two had to sacrifice a lot of secondary plot elements and details to make the run-time with the main plot intact.

  7. Well considering that through one misadventure or another I would up with a Fullscreen copy of 1 I’m certain I’ll probably buy it just so I can have it in widescreen but as for the rest unless they release them in Blu-ray I doubt I’ll be spending the extra cash anytime soon.

  8. Dammit I just bought all the Blurays for my wife, screw them, bad enough I used ot double dip for DVD, F no Im not gonna double dip on Bluerays.

  9. I have bought each of the movies so far on standered dvd, but have always intended to buy the special extended movie editions once all the movies were out and had been sold every way they could be, before the final best ever utimate collection is released on blue ray, I may have to wait a few years for the best set collection but I’m not wasting money re-buying the collection over and over.

  10. Do we really know that there aren’t any more deleted scenes? I for one don’t believe that the deleted scenes that have been released with the previous dvds are the only ones. It might be a matter of taking scenes that didn’t even make it on dvds as bonus features and adding the effects and finishing them up and putting them in the films. Just my thoughts.

  11. I find it illogical that they would even have extended editions for movies 1 and 2 because those were the only films in the series that acatually kept a majority of the book’s plot intact. STarting from movie 3 onward, they’ve completely butchered the books by leaving out crucual bits of information. I would love to see extended versions on those, especially movie 5.

  12. I think the idea of extended editions for the HP Movies would be a good idea. There is a LOT of stuff they left out from the books. I mean The Lord Of The Rings did a good job when they came out with the 4 disk set but still left out main people in the movie. None the less there was far to much left out of the HP movies from the books. Oh and On the Movie 7 thing That Will was upset about. I am kind of happy to see them do that as the last book was so big. It’s my hope that they actually put in more of the book in this movie unlike number 6. :(. They did a so so job with that one.

  13. I’ve been waiting to purchase copies of the HP movies that include the extended/additional scenes. I noticed last weekend (1/10/2010) the versions shown on ABC Family Channel had not only the additional scenes we’ve already seen, but even more previously unseen footage (At least for HP3 and HP4 – didn’t see 1 or 2).

    My question….. Can anyone tell me with certainty whether the new blue-ray versions that state “additional scenes” on the box, include the additional scenes as shown on ABC Fam?

    They make it SO difficult to understand exactly what is included on any particular DVD or blueray package. I’ve been burned before – buying what I thought was to be additional scenes only to find its bits and special features on a second disk. Quite frankly I don’t care about these things. Like another said I don’t buy a film to see Daniel Radcliffe, I want to see HP! Learning too much about the actors, production, etc can often take away the ‘magic’ of the experience.

  14. i wish they do extended version in the begining when the dvd’s are sold. what sad that they did put Dean thomas in deathly hallows

  15. I am sitting watching Order Of the Phoenix on abc family hoping there is more footage like there just was in Goblet of Fore. I would pay for a copy. I watch Potter 8 every day.

  16. When will the Extended Versions of Harry Potter Years 3-7 be released on DVD? It’s unbelievably frustrating to only have Years 1 and 2 in the extended versions to watch straight through, then, starting with 3, I have to stop the DVD and switch to a deleted scene on either the Special Features disc, or even my tape-recording of the abc family extended version, just to see everything!

    Now, given that there are a few completed edits on YouTube that include the extended scenes, such as Sirius entering Gryffindor Tower, and the Dursleys Departing scene with Dudley shaking hands with Harry, I even have to stop to see those! Does WB have ANY idea that this is what they’re making millions of fans do???????


      • Unfortunately it seems Disney only produces the extended versions of 3-7 on TV which is annoying, I would like to be able to remove them from my DVR but I guess I have to pull out some VHS tapes and record them that way. The extra footage is there on ABC Family, unfortunately this keeps the fans watching their channel instead of making money on DVD’s and iTunes etc.

        Keep in mind these are likely with commercials.
        Prisoner of Askaban is 180 min
        Goblet of Fire is 165 min
        Order of the Phoenix is 180 min
        Half-Blood Prince is 210 min
        Deathly Hallows 2 si 180 min