‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Spoilers Discussion

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harry potter deathly hallows spoilers Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Deathly Hallows spoilers (and the ending) without concerns of ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.


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What do you think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Discuss away!

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  1. I was honestly surprised about how much I loved this one. I wasn’t a big fan of Yates, especially after Half-Blood Prince, but this one was one of favorites so far. Yes, it was slow at times, but that’s what I loved about this book. And I really loved the cinematography in this one, it was really stunning and beautiful. I’m so excited for Part 2 and I’m definetly going to be seeing this one in theaters again.

    • i wholeheartedly agree! it was fantastic!!!! This was by far the best HP movie yet!!!

      • yh im defiantly gonna see this again it was epic. There were some parts of the movie diffrent then the book like at the wedding were in the book harry was supposed to be disguised in a poly juice potion and they did int show krum either. but the rest was awesome

        • Krum will be in a deleted scene. So will dudley handshaking harry :D

          • i was pretty disappointed that harry and dudley didn’t have that moment. there was a lot they left out, but it still was the best adaptation of all of them.

            • Same here but at least they were there..

        • I know that Harry wasn’t disguised in the wedding since the wedding was actually being protected in the film, so Harry could be himself. And as soon as the ministry fell then the protections probably broke too.

    • yeah. definitely the best. probably my favorite out of all of them!! second favorite is prisoner of azkaban, this movie pushed it to second! but i wish that jk rowling hadn’t killed or maimed everyone harry loved! poor dobby! :( i’m actually going to see it again with my mom this week. and again. and again. and again. :)

  2. Can anybody tell me who directed the Three Brothers section? That was definitely not Yates but I can’t find out who it was.

    I’m upset about the lack of Dean Thomas from Malfoy Manner. He’s a great character in the books and such a back-story I really wish they could have incorporated some of him in Part 1.

    My favorite scene from the book somehow didn’t make it to the movie. That is the argument between Harry and Lupin in the kitchen at Grimmauld Place. It almost comes to blows and it was just a really moving scene.

    • Jessie

      I think yates directed that but im not sure.

      • WOW thanks JOSE!

      • @ Jose: Thank you. That scene was one of my favorites in the movie. The story itself could’ve dragged on with just Hermione reading it but the scene flowed like ink from picture to picture. It was just gorgeous.

    • I totally agree…in both those parts not being there..I liked dean and I alsi thought the argument added something (:

  3. Im not the biggest HP fan but I enjoyed half blood prince (I watched it last now as a reminder) and both are good but I feel they could have been combined into one film my gf a real fan lol loved it she tells me the next one is going to be amazing aa long as its not 3d as has been mentioned

  4. **Rickopolus*** or what ever you are calling yourself this month. You were absolutely right. This movie is the best out of the series by far. They totally made up for that last piece of garbage they called the Half Blood Prince. In this one of course they made changes from the book but they were acceptable changes. They didn’t cut good stuff out to put something stupid in it’s place. It is the first one since the 2nd movie where I think they just really hit home and made a movie that was acceptable to the fans of the books along with movies.


      I KNEW YOUD LOVE DEATHLY HALLOWS! But HBP was great as well,it grows on you the more you see it. DH1 is the best HP film by far,as i predicted ;)

      • I have seen HBP twice now and I still hate it. I can’t get past the fact that they trade a great story for a hacked up version that has nothing to do with the story. I would also like to stick my size 11 in Michael Gambons butt. I didn’t think it was possible for him to get worse but he did. As far as POA. I really was unimpressed. That was where the story started going off track and getting stupid. Once again, leaving out critical info just to make it look pretty.
        As far as this movie goes. I couldn’t have been more impressed. It is the first time since the 2nd movie that I think they truly hit the essence of the book. My wife was actually jumping and cringing in parts and you can’t help but be sad at their arrival at Shell Cottage. To me that was the worst part of any of the books. I was really glad that they did that scene justice.

        • Michael was PERFECT as dumbledore in HBP! And yeah that scene was amazing,i cried like a baby,it was very sad,the saddest scene in HP!

          • Dude, my wife just found the best article in the world. I almost couldn’t make it thru the whole thing because it made my brain hurt. You should read it. You can thank me later.


            • Harry Potter is NOT satanic. That article was stupid. People, like whomever wrote that article, should get a life. J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, is a Christian not a satan worshiper. There is religious symbolism within the books, but they are not about supporting the devil. I’m sick of people who say everything, that doesn’t promote god, is the devil. It really angers me that people, who call themselves religious, act that way. The Harry Potter books and films are both GREAT.

            • hhaahhahah wow, seriously? that was the dumbest crap i have ever read. this was particularly my favorite part
              “In a particularly distasteful and lewd display, Potter tries to tempt the rightfully furious Angel by raising his pant leg and showing him his nude ankle. In this way the Harry Potter books contribute to the hidden gay agenda. When this temptation is refused, he has a malignant house spirit who embodies all the evils of stem-cell research curse the angel down.”

              really? people will believe anything, even without doing any research to verify if the information is true. i could care less either way, but it is still funny.

              • OK, enough about that – I don’t want this to to transition into religious discussion.


                • Right. I get pissed when ppl say stuff like this,its best to ignore.

                • ok, ok.. sorry!

                  • christi,

                    No problem. Just trying to nip things in the bud. :)


                    • Sorry Vic. When I saw it I couldn’t help myself. My IQ dropped about a hundred points when I read it. I was weakened by stupidity. I apologize.

    • I loved Part 1, it was awesome, I disagree with you about Half Blood Prince. That movie was great, best one before Part 1. For me the movies have been topping each other ever since Goblet of Fire. Can’t wait for Part 2. Sucks we have to wait eight months.

      • i agree with you!! they should’ve released them on the same date as 2 different movies. they could sell double tickets so people could stay and watch parts 1 and 2. or have an intermission between parts 1 and 2. or release one right after the other, like a week or a month apart. not 8 months. :(

        • I never thought of that.That woulda been amazing. any one know how long the part 2 will be?

          • probably as long as the first half… hopefully longer :)

            • I hope its longer too i wanna see that castle burn down!

              • wait what??? i don’t understand. the castle burns down??? now i KNOW i need to re read the book!what happened in that scene?

                • Well not the WHOLE castle but its practically destroyed. Theres a huge battle LOL in whichmany ppl die :(

  5. Honestly, I feel like it was the first 3/4 of the book on fast-forward. They didn’t take a lot of time to develop what was going on. If I hadn’t read the books, I don’t know how if I would’ve understood exactly what was going on. It all happened pretty fast.

    • Seemed Rushed?

      • The beginning and ending were well paced but the camping scenes tend to drag. To me atleast…

        • To be honest, I think the camping scenes would’ve had to drag on even more to do justice to that section of the book. It was a really long period where everyone was stressed out and not a lot of progress was being made. Of course, I realize that it would translate to screen pretty badly. For me, all the events between them leaving home and Voldemort getting the Elder Wand seemed to really breeze by. They found out Umbridge had the locket, and 30 seconds later they’re inside the ministry. They’re camping for 5 minutes before Ron gets too pissy and bails.

          Then again, I need to see most movies at least twice before I can really remember every little bit and make an accurate assessment. This is all just my initial take on it.

          Overall, I certainly enjoyed it and I liked how much of the dialogue remained the same.

          I also hope there is a director’s cut that blows this away.

          • I want a directors cut as well!

    • my dad fell asleep!! i had to wake him up because he started snoring!! ugh!

  6. I thought it was funny how the films was split in half to “remain as faithful” as they could to the books, and yet they were still able to remove and add scenes.

    I too wanted to see the argument in Grimmauld place. And what’s the point of adding “The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore” if its barely mentioned? I was hoping for huge emotional scenes where Harry and the gang realize how dark Dumbledore’s past was, or are they saving it for Part 2 since the film ends with them staying at the cottage of the Aunt from the wedding. It makes me feel like Part 2 will start with like 30-45 worth of exposition to explain they stuff they fast forwarded through during the last quarter of the film. I could go on but I won’t.

    All in all though I enjoyed the film, and the Tale of the Three Brothers is by far the most beautiful animated sequence I have seen all year.

    • The tale of the three bros was AMAZING! I LOVED IT!

      But i wnated to see hogwarts and snape at the end. AND I WANTED HARRY TO BE PISSED WHEN HE FOUND OUT SNAPE WAS HEADMASTER!

      • I wanted to see Luna’s room!
        And the secret radio channel!
        And I wanted the Dursley’s to actually have a fine send-off, not what they got here!
        And more interactions with the three, shouldn’t Ron and Hermione be worried that Harry’s connection with Voldemort was still active? They barely talked about it, I also needed them to actually discuss the Hallows since it felt like they were the last things in everyone’s mind (even though it is the title of the film, its the Half-Blood Prince all over again).

        It just felt weird how as soon as they heard the tale of the three brothers they all didn’t even talk about it unlike in the book (it was there when Harry found out he was part of the Peverel lineage and that’s why he had the invisibility cloak, its the cloak from the story). And then a few rushed scenes later Harry has a random link to Voldermort where he randomly states “The Hallows are real, Dumbledore has the Elder Wand. Voldemort will be getting it tonight.”

        The Hallows just felt mistreated in the movie.

        • I wanted all that stuff,plus a few scenes at hogwarts and MORE snape ofcourse. The MINISTRY part was probably my favorite scene. Also Dobbys death and the torture. Oh and The montage at the beginning!

        • I was also waiting for lunas room. thats the only part i really missed that was taken out

          • Yeah the room woulda been nice to see…but the animation made up for that!

        • It is people like you that drive me crazy. Why bother watching the movies as you will never be satisfied. It was a great movie, try to enjoy it. At least they broke it up in two parts instead of trying to cram it, or you would be really complaining.

          • i know!! honestly, don’t judge until you’ve seen it more then 1 time. no need to act like a grumpy, pessimistic, old man until you form a justified opinion! not to be rude or anything, but oy vey you guys give me a headache!!! oy!

            • I love the film as a whole :D

        • The realization of the invisibilty cloak’s significance WAS made very clear by a look of recognition among the three when Lovegood explicated. I thought that was a brilliant to play that for a visual medium.

      • i agree with you!! harry should have flipped out! i would have! and i also think that they should have shown you a flashback of how ron found harry and hermione again.

      • Yes, Rickaiser Wilhelm…The brothers’ tale was incredibly well-done and wonderful to watch. I, however, thought the split occuring at the point Voldemort believes he has achieved his ultimate victory…prematurely, of course…was perfect. He found out about Snape becoming Headmaster and moved on…as did the progression of the film. Stopping to show anger at that point would have stalled the movement.

        I actually loved the camping/apparating scenes, because I enjoy emotional development and touchpoints in a film.

        • Well they had a scene where snape lets voldy into hogwarts but it was cut :(

          • why? i think that would be very important to see. did they move it to part 2?

            • No kaitlyn it was CUT from part 1 :(

  7. I almost cried when poor Dobby died. Also I don’t want to see anymore characters die in july. I wish they could have made a 4 hour epic.


      • That was horrible to show but im glad they made it that real. With hermione parents

        • Yes and the score was PERFECT! The way hermiones pics fade away is just sad…

          • I tried to stay away from trailers but….like 1 minute before it started my girl says “man the scene with hermonie erasing her parents memory is gonna be sad.” since i had no clue i was thourghly up set but i think it saved me some tears being kinda prepared, whew.

            • LOL i knew about that scene months in advance ;)

    • totally agree with you! i cried forever when dobby died. i would’ve sat through a 4 hour epic. heck, i would’ve sat through a 10 hour epic!! harry potter rocks!!!

  8. Nothing to do with the movie. But that picture at the top looks remarkably like that promo image from the walking dead with Rick reaching towards the shotgun. Random thought of the day.

  9. I forgot to praise the animation earlier it was a great way to explain the deathly hallway to.someone like me who hasnt read the book.

    Was it just me or could you tell that parts were being done for the inevitable 3d conversion I think box did mention something in another thread

    • @Big D yeah my wife and I saw the film twice today and we both thought the same thing about the 3D edits. Overall I think this film was done really well and though a lot hit the cutting room floor, it is thus far the closest to the book in the series. With obvious liberties.

      • I SAW IT TWICE TOO!!!!!!!!!

        • Dam Ricky your gonna ave a heart attack once part 2 comes out if your this excited about this one I enjoyed it and you no your right about hbp I enjoyed it loads more last nite than the first time I saw it.

          I enjoyed miss watson in her red dress to ( sorry had to mention her lol )

          • OMG she was HOT in the kissing scene just WOW! LOVED IT!!!

            • Lol the napkins came out at that point then :)

              Got a question for you when the locket gets destroyed ron says there are only 3 left but they’ve only destroyed 3 so where’s the 7th one gonna come from I no harry is a horcrux so is he the missing one or did I miss something along the way as I’ve said before I’ve not read the book so it confused me a bit

              • Ok the horcruxes are:

                SPOILER ALERT!
                1.the diary (destroyed)
                2.the locket (destroyed)
                3.the ring (destroyed)
                4.the cup
                5.the diadem
                6.the snake
                7.And harry

                He only made six horcruxes and unintentonally made harry one,the part of his soul wouldve been a seventh “horcrux”

                • ohhhhhhh!! i forgot about the snake!! thanks for the reminder!!! :)

                  • Yeah, that is gonna be one of my favorite scenes. I can’t wait to see Neville get some real respect.

                    • wait… which scene???

                    • *SPOILER ALERT*

                      Neville becomes a total badass in Part 2 and destroys the final Horcrux. The snake Nagini after pulling the sword of Gryfindor from the Sorting Hat after a face off with Voldermort.

                      *END OF SPOILER ALERT*

                    • i think i’m gonna re-read the book before i go see part 2!! i forgot everything! i even asked a random person at the movie to tell me how HBP ended!!

                    • Kaitlyn yeah you need to re read it LOL. Harry had the chance to kill the snake in part 1 with that huge brick LMAO!

                    • Rickster Hallows!: i totally need to re-read it!! lol! it’s a long book! when it first came out, me and my mom had to share it so we would fight for it and steal it from each others rooms!! it was funny, but we got another copy!

                    • LOL kaitlyn :D

              • I don’t understand this either, because saying “3 to go” implies that they destroyed 4 of them.
                So that’s the diary, the ring, the locket…. and NAGINI?!? but wait, IN THE BOOKS Neville kills Nagini… so WHY DOES RON SAY 3 TO GO?!?

                Personally, I think its a mistake he really means “4 to go”.

                unless that scene in Bathida’s house is where Nagini dies, I guess we will have to see.

                • OK LET ME EXPLAIN WHY HE SAYS 3 TO GO:

                  the diary,locket and ring are destroyed. 3 horcruxes are destroyed. Now they must destroy 3 more: The snake,cup,and diadem. VOLDEMORT HAS THE SEVENTH PIECE OF HORCRUX IN HIS SOUL! Get it now? Voldemort is the seventh horcrux….Harry is an 8th horcrux.

                  • except that there are 7 horcruxes not 8.

                    • wait. nvm i got it.

                    • ALEX
                      Here are the horcruxes:


                      Voldemort has the SEVENTH piece attached to his soul. But he unintentionally made harry a horcrux when he tried to kill him.

                      so all these things must die in order for voldemort to die.

                    • The Seven Horcruxes:
                      1. The Diary of Tom Riddle – Destroyed
                      2. The Gaunt Ring – Destroyed
                      3. Slytherin’s Locket – Destroyed
                      4. Hufflepuff’s Goblet
                      5. Ravenclaws’ DiademĀ 
                      6. NaginiĀ (Snake)
                      7. Harry Potter (Unintentional)

                    • By destroying all of the Horcruxes, Voldemort becomes mortal.

                • It’s because at this point no one knows that Harry is a horcrux

                  • Yes, but all through out the movie the Trio kept saying that there are 7 horcruxes and they don’t know what they are. I remember them talking about the horcruxes and how they knew there were 7, repeatedly they said they were looking for 7. Yes, they don’t know Harry is a Horcrux, but they knew there are 7. It was mentioned in the movie. That’s why the counting part on Ron was confusing.

                    • Really? I have to go watch it again cause i didnt hear them say 7 I thought they where looking for the 6 known ones, but then again my hearing is bad so i could have missed it.

                    • theyre looking for six,because ron says “weve destroyed 3,3 more to go”

                    • voldemort split his soul into seven pieces. the part voldemort has is counted as one of those pieces, however, he is not a horcrux. Harry is a horcrux, which makes seven horcruxes, but ron thinks they are only looking for six, because the last piece of soul they would have to destroy would be voldemort. they do not yet know that harry is in fact a horcrux.

                    • i hope they explain well why hes a horcrux. maybe they show his parents death in a flashback!

  10. They let bella loose which is what i was waiting for. As horrible a person as she is she is very skilled and they let her crazy fully come out. I was hurt by what she did to hermonie and i pray that they have hermonie finish her instead of molly. I know its in the book but that is a one sided fight and really unbelievable

    • Rob i never thought about hermione killing bella i dont think hermione would do that! But if it happened i wouldnt mind at all.

    • @ rob: I really couldn’t stand Helena Bonham-Carter in this movie. I was so glad when she was cast back in “Prisoner of Azkaban” but lately her over-acting is over-reaching. We know that Bellatrix is effing crazy. She doesn’t have to expound upon that fact scene after scene after scene.

      I think it makes her appear cavalier in front of Voldemort and that doesn’t sit right with the aura he presents.

      • I agree she overdoes it alot, but i thought she was just gonna use the crucartis curse, not the whole mudblood scene.

        • @ rob: I know what you mean. The ‘mudblood’ on her forearm looked like Harry’s hand when he had to write ‘I must not tell lies.’ He didn’t scream in pain. We needed to hear Bellatrix say ‘CRUCIO’ to really understand why Hermione was screaming like she did.

    • No way. Molly killing Bella is one thing they really can’t change. That fight scene is truly one of my favorite parts of this book. Molly stepping from the crowd “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU b****!” I think Rickly Hallows and myself will stand up and cheer. I don’t think we will be the only ones either. Julie Walters has been magnificent in this series. She is a character that I think really has hit her mark from the word go. She is so sweet and loving but can turn to a towering rage in an instant. She deserves retribution.

      • i’ll cheer with you… where ever i am when i see it!!! :)

        • lol yes ill cheer just you wait ;) i hope she says b**** this aint no kiddy movie! :D

          • lol ‘this aint no kiddie movie’ hello no its not. RATED R PLEASE

            • that wont hppen. never lol

  11. Great movie! These movies have an exeptional cast, especially Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. I can’t wait to see part 2! The only problem I had was that it wasn’t in 3D. Normally, I don’t care much for 3D films but I do think ‘The Deathly Hallows’ Part 1 would have been great as 3D.

    • 3D is a crappy little gimmick. Will never waste my money for 3d

      • i partially agree with you. did you see avatar in 3D? it was amazing! because of all the advanced technology we have today, it felt like you were actually there! and the storyline was really good. but did you see order of the phoenix in 3D? it was pathetic. they only had, like, 5 minutes of 3D, for which you payed an extra 5 dollars to see. it was still a good movie though.

    • it was in 3D at an imax theater.

  12. Finally they actually took time to really explain the main plot, The Deathly Hallows, unlike in HBP where they BARELY mentioned anything regarding Snape being the Prince. I had to keep reminding and explaining certain key things to my friend, as she is just a casual HP fan, through out the movie, which did slightly distract me…Ms. Watson has a very great career ahead of her :D

    • Yes the HBP plot wasnt that great. The tale of the three brothers though was GREAT!

      • They can make up for the lackluster HBP plot by REALLY explaining Snape’s story in Part 2, I assume you know what I’m talking about, as I do not wish to spoil anything for the viewers who havent read teh books…

        • I hope they do.

          • They MUST. Or i will be sverely dissapointed.

  13. Awesome movie. The only problems I had were the same with the book. The camping scenes dragged on and the whole Harry and Hermione dance scene was completely unnecessary, just made people think that Harry was digging Hermione and created an awkward love triangle. Other then that, it was great.

    ps: had to hold back the tears for Dobby :(

    • LOL dont hold back the tears LET IT OUT!

      And the dance was sweet,i liked it…

    • i liked the dance scene. it was just trying to show how they had that one bit of comfort while they are out there risking their lives for the entire world. in the book, you are able to read that and feel it, but in a movie, it is a hard thing to convey

  14. I agree Rick, the dance scene was something sweet and fun during a really depressing time. And it was also sweet to me because you can just see how much Radcliffe and Watson care for one another, I saw true friendship. Acting together for them is almost over after ten yrs :(

    • Yes Geeg that is very sad indeed :( When DH2 comes out im going to see them all back to back….amazing Films they are.

      • haha me too Rick. It will defiantly be a HP marathon for me. And when its all over and I no longer have anything to look forward to I plan on going to Universal Studios, buy me a butter beer :) and I will also reread the books as a remembrance.

        • Thats amazing!

          Long Live Harry Potter!

        • I think they should show the very first premiere at universal studios. How amazing would that be.

          • universal in california we need a wwohp in cali!

  15. no spoiler alert intended, but this is the best movie i’ve seen in a while. 20 billion times better then twilight. i’m a harry potter jiunkie so, that’s a good sign for us harry potter freaks :). the only thing i didn’t like was the ending. i can’t believe the showed us dobby getting killed then dead dumbldore. i cried for like 20 minutes after the movie ended. :(

  16. The two best parts of this movie, in my opinion, are:
    1. The scene where Voldemort is meeting with the Death Eaters at Malfoy Mansion. The scene follows the book closely, exept it left out some small details.
    2. The scene where Luna’s dad is explaining what the Deathly Hallows are and Hermione reads the story of the 3 brothers.

    • yeah, those two parts were seriously amazing! i loved the animation on the tale of the three brothers so much, it was fantastic!

      • I was very impressed with the animated story. I have to admit, at first I thought that it would just be Hermione reading the story, but I was wrong! I was very impressed with Part One, I can’t wait to see Part 2.

        • i can not wait until the second half! i guess i will have to go see the first half again and again until it is out of theaters. i am sickeningly obsessed. i can not wait until i get the ultimate edition dvds i won from screen rant! i wont put those down for AT LEAST six months….haha

          • same here!! lol!! :)

            • lucky girls ;)

              • ill let you borrow em! haha…or ill take a picture and let you look at them! you should have won the other one! i have never won anything in my life! i am going crazy waiting for them!

                • like i said i go to victorville frequently LOL :D

                  But hey,its all good. You are as much a fan as iam so you and kaitlyn deserved them,im happy for you two. And yeah ive never won anything as well :( ill win something oneday or another….hopefully ;)

                  • ha ha yeah, i saw that! we can have a harry potter share day or something haha.

                    • CANT WAIT LOL 8-)

  17. Just saw it earlier today and I am amazed. Now I have to see the HBP and Part 2 lol. I agree with everyone that the animation scene was awesome and the main three did great acting. But I think people complaining that things were cut out I.e. Harry and lupin’s scene all I have too say is… Wait for part 2 too see if he moved them over there. Cause I had to reread the book again when I got back and if you look the movie is split in the middle of the book with parts of some of the chapters switched around. So it could be in the next, just saying.
    Isn’t there a scene at the end which will be in part 2 where as Harry goes off to fight voldermort he sees the dead like his parents, Sirius, moody, twilight guy, etc…does this mean that so said traitor (twilight guy) will be back? I haven’t finished reading it again so I could be wrong but if I’m not…well what will happen?

    • OK, in the chapter the only people that that come back are his parents, Lupin, and Sirius.
      Robert Pattinson and Moody are not in it.

      • Thank you, as I had said I could be wrong as I havent read the books in a long time. Getting it confused with a scene in the Goblet of Fire.

        • GUYS LMAO!

          his name is CEDRIC DIGGORY!

          • lol Thats his name, thank you. All i could think of was the Traitor.

            • @ Seth the bigfoot: I think you might be thinking of Gellert Grindlewald. I would never use the word traitor to describe Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen from “The Twilight Saga” movies).

              However I would use it to describe young Grindlewald who was played by Jamie Campbell Bower, who also portrays Caius in “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon.”

              If it’s not Grindlewald, is there a reason you think Cedric Diggory is a traitor?

              • lol Sorry about the confusion but not the character but the actor, as he went from a good series to the series that shall not be named.

  18. any time a book is adapted into a movie, they are going to have to leave certain things out, and die hard fans of the book are going to be disappointed. however, i would get the most angered when they would add stupid plot ruining additions, such as when ginny took harry into the room of requirement, instead of harry going in there himself, because that is an extremely important part of the story! with all of that said, i definitely am disappointed in deathly hallows, but that is only because they can not make it into a 10 or 15 hour long film. there is no way they would be able to fit everything i want to see in it, but they did not take out very important details like they have before, and it was a fantastic movie. just felt like getting that off my chest. :)

    • I have to agree, adding things were true fans are like ‘what?’ is not good. They have a big enough fanatic fan base not to try and appeal to the masses and keep to the script. p.s not sure how long it will be but they only have a few chapters and at least 2 hours so keeping fingers crossed.

      • yeah. i know that they are going to change things, but it is so stupid that they take the core of the plot and eff it up! i am just wondering if ginny is going to say, oh i saw that diadem when i hid your book! and ginny saves the day. that will be so disappointing.

        • Christi COME ON,there will never be a 15 hour long adaptation film LOL. The film was great! the best HP film yet. To me. It had action,romance,comedy,horror and suspense. IT WAS AMAZING! Plus Dh book is my favorite!

          • haha i know duh. im just saying obviously i am always going to be disappointed because they cant include every single little detail, but this one WAS the best one, i loved it so much. i have never walked out of the theater filling that fulfilled. i thought every single scene was great, including the camping scenes! i wish they would have been longer! Deathly Hallows has to be my favorite book too, although it is extremely hard to choose

            • Yeah its very hard to choose,i love them all.

              my only problems with the film:

              No hogwarts scenes
              Not much snape
              No dursleys departing
              Torture needed CRUCIO
              No explanation of the mirror (could be in part 2) Or the TABOO word.

              Everything else was PERFECT!

              • well rick they kinda f’ed up the taboo part because they knew about snatchers before ron left. kinda weak.

              • i was so upset about the taboo! and the crucio! argh! i went in knowing there wouldn’t be any hogwarts so i was prepared for that.

                • I wasnt. They filmed a scene in the end where snape lets voldemort into hogwarts and it was cut >:(

  19. I think some fans may be let down because of the lack of the Grindlewald, Gregorvich, and the Elder Wand explanation. I am hoping they explain it in full in part 2 otherwise no fans will be just as confused as they were while watching part 1. Also the scenes involving Dumbledore’s past will possibly be explained in part 2 when Harry meets Aberfroth, (Headmaster’s brother)There are only 260 or so pages left for the final adaptation so they should have enough time (longer than 2 hours and 20 minutes i hope) to fit everything in .

    • They should be able to fit everything in, including the scene of Harry talking to Lupin about being a father as every one is complaining about. If they dont fit everything in, they wasted two films to show this book.

      • Im sure thats in,lupins son teddy was cast for the epilogue. Trust me all that stuff will be explained :D

        • lol well I’m trusting you Rickster, but na i have faith in the film makers unlike others.

          • It better be in,or ill be really pissed. I want to see a baby not just teddy in the epilogue..

            • I agree, I think what they will do with the whole arguement part is that since they are at Bill and Fluer’s house at the end of part 1, the beginning of part 2 Lupin will come in say he is a father, show a pic of his kid, ask harry to go with him, harry tells him no to go back to his kid. Then later we will see Teddy as a kid at the end, thats MO.

              • Yeah thats totally possible. I mean the battle is gonna be huge,so they wont explain many stuff…i hope they can.

                • They should i reread the book again and there is a good amount of stuff that they to cover before they get to the Battle of Hogwarts.

                  • Like
                    Talking to the goblin
                    Planning what to do next
                    Breaking into Gringotts

  20. Did they ever mention, in the movie, that Tonks (Lupin’s wife) is the niece of Bellatrix? I think they left that part out, I do hope we get to see some of the things they missed explained in Part 2. Part 1 was still very good movie though.

    • i really don’t think they say it outright, but i know they mention sirius being related to narcissa and bellatrix, and they say sirius is related to tonks….it’s just like something you have to pick up.

      • Yes they dont say it,but in the family tree in grimauld place from OOTP you see them connected and all….

  21. too much “shaky cam”…other then that thought it was great…was not hard to tell that it was susposed to be in 3D, as a fan of 3D i would have loved to have seen this in 3D…who knows, maybe we will get a 3D release sometime…

    • We will i assure you ;)

  22. I thought that the movie was pretty good. At this point if your going to go in to these movies without knowing any of the story then you will be completely lost, because the movie assumes that we all are very familiar with the HP world. I myself, like many people, feel that the woods scenes were dragged out- we got the pint the first 15 minutes that they are alone with no help and starting to go crazy because of the horcrux…some of this could have been left out. Also the whole Harry/Hermione moment (they totally did have one)should have not been included. Furthermore the image that came out of the horcrux of Harry/Hermione kissing newd was over the top. Other than that I thought the movie was pretty good but still not the best. Id rank the movies as follows:

    1-Order of the Phoenix
    2-Prizoner of Azkaban
    3-Goblet of Fire
    4-Deathly Hallows Part 1
    5-Chamber of Secrets
    6-Half Blood Prince
    7-Sorceror’s Stone

  23. Here’s my list of the best Harry Potter films:
    1. Deathly Hallows (Both Parts – assuming part 2 will be as good or better than part 1)
    2. Order of The Phoenix
    3. Prisoner of Azkaban
    4. Goblet of Fire
    5. Half-Blood Prince
    6. Chamber of Secrets
    7. Sorcerer’s Stone

  24. I dont agree that the woods was draggeg out. In the book they were there longer than anywhere, like months. It would be kinda borning for them to portray it lik it was but for those of us who complain that they take too much out, you want your frosting without the cake. As someone said eariler about Ginny becoming the hero thats possible because I think they force her to be involved and try and make her a star so that is possible she’ll find the diadem(hope not)

  25. Heres my list:


  26. Loved the movie.

    However, I am not really sure how they got away from the use of the Invisibility Cloak – because of it’s significance to the story overall.

    • You know, I wondered the same thing. Is the cloak from the Three Brothers story the same one that Harry has used in the films?


      • it will explain it in the second movie!

        • well, it better explain it in the second movie. ill tell you if you really want me to. haha

          • LOL christi!

            vic i can explain it allas well 8-)

      • Vic

        No there are few invisibility cloaks,so it my or my not be but there are others indeed,they are rare.

        The cloak MUST be used in part 2,theres a scene where it is a MUST.

        • thats wrong rickster! i am disappointed in you! haha

          • what do u mean im wrong! there are certainly more cloaks out there its not just that one…

            • not like the peverell cloak! all of them have concealment charms or something that wear off with time! the peverell cloak is the only one that doesn’t

              • I KNOW! but there are others,but not like that one…in HBP the film,luna uses a spell to remove the cloak and that was a huge mistake,since spells have no effects on the cloak.

                • and bathilda(nagini) can see them through the cloak in godrics hollow

                • @ Rickster Hallows! If the film producers neglected to include the fact that Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs were Lupin, Pettigrew, Sirius, and James Potter and that they all wrote the Maurderer’s Map, or the Society to Promote Elfish Welfare, or Neville visiting his parents at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, then I doubt they care that Luna swished and flicked Harry’s cloak off of him.

                  I really think that Steve Kloves only read the book he was currently writing the screenplay for and not the whole series at once. You’d think he’d never heard that one seemingly small scene can affect the plot later down the road.

                  I’m terrified by how much wand lore they’ve kept out of “Part 2.” It’s a great part of the story but not something that can really be shown… just told.

                  • Well,IMO cuaron has done the best job in the series hes an amazing director. But i undeerstand i think kloves DID do that LOL,he shouldve read them all at the same time,instead of reading one book then writing the script..

                    • I agree Cuaron did an amazing job, but Yates is catching up to him with Part 1.

                    • Yes,but cuaron would do much better. ;)

                • i know, but you said they weren’t sure if that was the cloak they were talking about in the deathly hallows…..BUT…well you know the answer.

                  • Yes i do,i was confused but i got it now ;)

                    • haha ok good! i think you might be the one other person that is just as obsessed with harry potter as i am.

                    • LOL yes agreed!!!

                    • not agreed, I am obsessed just as much i think lol

                    • Im going to say Im getting there, cause lately all i can read or watch is Harry Potter lol

                    • ROB CHRISTI AND SETH

                      JOIN HARRYPOTTERFORUM.com

                      WERE ALL WILD ABOUT HARRY LOL ;)

                    • haha rickly, rickster, whatever, i will totally join the forum. i make people so mad cause all i do is talk about harry potter, so i might as well join as many hp forums as i can so i know someone shares my excitement!

                    • CHRISTI

                      THATS AMAZING HPF is the best forum guaranteed. Let me know what username you use so i can tell the administrator to accept you right away!

                    • HPF name is madbella…im in christi you wont be disappointed.

                    • ROB THATS GREAT!! WELCOME ABOARD! Ill make a thread….LOL

                    • lol alright rickster, I’ll do that. I’ll tell you my username on the open thread

                    • ok i joined! my username is christiwk!

                    • Hey christi i asked admin to accept you ;)

                      Seth tell me your username HERE i cant find where you put it on the open discussion LOL.

      • @ Vic: In the book it’s thought to be the same. I think it’s Ron who makes mention of spells and potions that can camouflage you but they always were off in the end. Harry’s cloak has never torn or lost it’s magic.

        I think that point was attempted to be brought across by a meaningful look shared between the three as Xenophilius Lovegood draws out the Deathly Hallows into the shape of his pendant.

      • i didnt understand that either i mean its kinda obvious it was the invisiblity cloak harrys father gave him, the sorcers stone from the first movie and then dumble dores wand. and its crazy how dumbledore knew all this would happen

        • it’s actually not the sorcerer’s stone!

  27. Vic if you ever get achance,read the books,they are fantastic,i assure you :D

    • Ricky,

      I’m probably going to buy the series for my daughter for Christmas. :)


      • Yes VIC thats the best gift! Go YOU!! :D

  28. My film list is as follows:

    • ROB! POA why is the wayyy down there may i ask??

      • you know alot of people put it near the top, but it just was in the middle the whole way thru for me.i think i may like it more than ss but that was the 1st so i couldn’t put it last. we needed a favorite book list of the series, the movies has alot of if and ands about choosing those

  29. Why is Dobby not wearing awesomely mismatched clothing in this movie? After “The Chamber of Secrets” whenever we see Dobby again, he’s supposed to be all decked out in Muggle clothing since he doesn’t have to wear the dirty pillow-case.

    It didn’t even have the Hogwarts seal on it, which would’ve been a nice touch since they were dropping other seemingly dead story-lines in this movie all over the place. All Dobby got were a pair of Velcro trainers?

    Just another lost story-line in the long line of book-to-movie-conversions.

    • Thats a minor detail. WHAT I WANTED WAS A HOGWARTS SCENE!

      • @ Rickster Hallows! While I understand you have a great love of Harry Potter, please don’t tell me that what I have a problem with is a minor detail. I consider it to be a pretty big character flaw of Dobby that he continues to wear the attire of a slave when he has been freed.

        Plus, I don’t understand what my disagreement about Dobby’s wardrobe has to do with you wanting a Hogwarts scene. Dobby never appears in Hogwarts in the final book so I don’t know how your comment relates to mine.

        • Well i was talking about stuff we both wanted to see. You want that for dobby and i wanted a scene for hogwarts.