‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Spoilers Discussion

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harry potter deathly hallows spoilers Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Deathly Hallows spoilers (and the ending) without concerns of ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.


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What do you think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Discuss away!

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  1. I have been thinking about it, and even tho we all wanted them to have certain scenes from the books ( and honestly since the split up this last book they should have been able to do this with the 4th, 5th, and 6th books too) there is no way we can have it in a 2 1/2 hour long movie while giving everything justice. Just like in the LOTR, Peter Jackson had too cut a lot of things but it worked, and worked well.

    My favorite Harry Potter movies are:
    Deathly Hallows Part 1
    Prisoner of Azkaban
    Order of the Phoenix
    Goblet of Fire
    Chamber of Secrets
    Sorcerer’s Stone

    I havent seen the Half Blood Prince yet…

    • Seth go see HBP! It explains stuff that ppl wont get in DH1 without it!

  2. I’m really surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that they changed completely the way that the death eaters identify the actual Harry on the chase at the beginning!

    It’s supposed to be due to his Expelliarmus and how it’s his trademarked spell… this is a major factor later on during the final battle! Instead they used a simple explanation like Hedwig, which has no logic, I mean now the death eaters know exactly the owl that Harry owns???

    This has been bugging me since I left the theater!

    • Fito dont let it bug you!

    • I agree! In the book, The Order warns Harry to not let Expelliarmus become his signature move. He’ll have to kill Voldemort, not disarm him. It has much more meaning in the book than the way the movie portayed that scene.

      • Exactly! They know that Harry will have to kill Voldemort, they know he’s not ready for it! This has you waiting way more for the final battle! To know if he’ll have the guts to go through with the kill!

        I wonder how they’ll get away with it now!

        • But in the films harrys signature spell is STUPEFY.

          • Wow! Ricky… I had no idea that stupefy was his signature move on the movies! Now I’m more confused as to how they’ll represent the final battle!

            I guess we’ll have to wait an see! I hope they man up Harry and have him use the unforgivable curse! :P

            I strongly doubt it though! They already removed his only attempt at doing so from OOTP :(

            • They wont fito..i think theyre just gonna have harry shoot a curse without us knowing what curse then it will connect to voldemorts,then you know what happens. Im hoping for some physical violence in part 2 :D

              • Wait…I thought his signature spell was Expelliarmus…not Stupefy…

                • Yes Expeliarmus in the books,Stupefy in the films…

                  • Oh ok, I must not be paying attention to what he says when he casts his spells lol

                    • LOL well yeah he uses stupefy alot.

                  • I suppose Harry’s used Stupefy a few times in both the books and movies, but Expelliarmus has always been his signature spell, and it is shown in the movies…if not as much as in the books. I don’t see why they wouldn’t have Harry using Expelliarmus for the scene where he kills Voldemort, I mean that was one of the main points of that scene is that even all the way to the end, Harry has still never used an unforgivable curse…the fact that he was able to kill Voldemort with only Expelliarmus while Voldemort used Avada Kedavra only emphasized the fact that, at risk of sounding cheesy, Harry has so much good in him and he’d never use an unforgivable curse…even if he did want Voldemort dead. Sorry if this was a little ranty, but I was just trying to make a point. :)

              • Let’s all hope you are wrong! They should at least have him otter some words when throwing that final spell!!!

                I’m sure we’ll all hear Voldemort’s AVADA KEDAVRAAA… so we need something in return from Harry!

                Right?? Right??? :P

                • Yes FITO Right! I hope he uses expelliarmus….

                  • Yeah hopefully they wont think we are stupid and make him say lumos instead…I would love to see a bloopers real of them having their duels

                    • LMAO! Ive alway wanted bloopers… *sigh*

                    • Why dont they have bloopers? Normally all movies have a blooper reel unless they stopped doing it here lately.

                    • im not sure.

                • He doesn’t even need to say any spell technically. The wand wont hurt him no matter what. He could stand there looking like a idiot and voldamort will still die, because the elder wand wont harm its owner i’m pretty sure at least…

            • No. In OOTP, Harry cast crucio on Bellatrix, but it didn’t do it because he didn’t mean it.

          • Ricktus Grin…

            I completely disagree with you on one major film point: Every time Harry casts an aggressive spell, it is “Expelliarmus”. That IS his signature in the films as well as the books. I’m surprised you made such an elementary perceptual error…you DO hold yourself up as the go-to guy for all things Potter…


            Hermione, on the other hand, seems to be fond of “Stupefy”.

            • No Archeon,He uses stupefy alot in OOTP,HBP,and DH.

              Expelliarmus was his signature spell in the earlier films but he rarely uses expelliarmus anymore…

              • Its “supposed” to be his signature spell, but he leaves it in the film….also remember most times when they cast expellarmus in the fils its the same effect as stupefy, most times they fall over and there wands dont really fly.

                • That’s right Rob… lately on the movies you don’t even know what spell they cast. They just show the bad guys falling on their asses, it could be stupefy or expelliarmus or you name it!

                  I guess this could be a reason for not linking any signature spells on Harry on the film, they just don’t care about the spell he cast!

                  I just wish they keep in the movie them using the unforgivable curses and making it matter! That was real important on the final book. The feeling of using such EEEEVIL spells.

                  • that, and the fact that hermonie is the best at using non verbal spells. they have the students doing it and they really arent that good at it yet. The only ones they could probably cast at the time were stupefy and expellirmas.

                    • I wish they had left snapes lesson in HBP (nonverbal spells) But true they cast spells without saying them :(

          • No it’s not… they all use stupefy a lot in the films, but that doesn’t make it any of their signature spells.

    • In the book, Hedwig was in the cage on the floor of the sidecar under Harry’s legs and was killed when the bike rolled and Harry caught her cage before it fell. Personally, I liked the change in DH1, the movie. It portrayed the love Harry had for Hedwig by setting her free so as not to endanger her and reciprocally her love for him when she flew in to defend Harry…I’m just sayin’

      • I agree, I like that change.

  3. Check Out the cast for Part 2:
    I guess they’ll show some the things that Part 1 missed.

  4. Not having the Dudley/Dursley scene there was totally unforgiveable.

    It disclosed revelations and provided much needed closure to that storyline. Now it’s unfinished and jarring.

    It wouldn’t have even taken long to do!

    I loved the film, but just like the Sixth, it cut out the most important aspects.

    A shame.

    • Steve

      dont worry at least itll be a deleted scene on the blu ray…

      • You know this Ricky? Still, that’s just putting a plaster on a gaping wound – it really belongs in the movie. They had no reason to cut it at all.

        • I agree Steve. But oh well…whats done is done :(

          • It’s that mentality that allows the makers to get away with things like this – we need to send these people a message!

            (EVERYTHING BURNS!) – Couldn’t help myself lol.

            • Yes STEVE! WE MUST! LOL…nice phrase ;)

              • It belongs but think about it, compared to other scenes it wasnt as important (tho some people will make a case against that Harry/Hermione dance scene) but when making a movie if you are trying to keep in budget or time, or keep in time length or movie ratings, things will be cut that are important to the book but not so important that they will affect the flow of the story or the outcome. I would have liked to see it but I dont think it was that important to the movie.

                • Well the scene where hermione sees the snatchers wasnt that important,id rather see the dursley farewell,hey but thats just me..

                  • Precisely – and that scene IS important! It reveals why Harry went to the Dursley’s in the first place! If I remember correctly, it shows also that the Dursley’s didn’t hate him or were just afraid of him or something.

                    I can’t remember exactly, but it is a major point in that subpot – and is very important within the character of Harry!

                    • No it only showed that (mainly Dudley) had changed his views of Harry. The Hermionie/Snatcher scene i think is important as it introduces Greyback or whoever the werewolf is (and i think that is him, as it is in the book) and it rises the tension of them being on the run and being that close to being caught.

                    • I agree with Steve that it should have been left in the movie. It may not not be important to the final battle but it is important to Harry’s character development. Seth is right in saying it was mainly Dudley that ended up caring about Harry. Mrs. Dursley wanted to say something but didn’t and Mr. Dursley still didn’t trust Harry when they fled.

                    • I think they should have had Dudley say something, might get it in the deleted scenes section on the dvd, but in all for the movie format it doesnt fit.

                    • it will be in a deleted scene trust me ;) But it shouldnt have been cut.

                    • To Seth: The Hermione/Snatcher scene didn’t introduce Greyback, at least not in the movie. The snatcher wasn’t Greyback, he was another guy whose name was Scabior. In the movie anyway, Greyback appears briefly in the 6th movie, which is where he is introduced. But I agree that I would have liked to have the Harry/Dudley scene in there…even if it only showed how Dudley’s view towards Harry had changed, it’s importance lies in the fact that this shows the progression of the Dursley’s plotline…from the first book/movie where they basically hated Harry, to the last with this Harry/Dudley scene. I also would have liked the scene where they get caught by the snatchers to be like the actual book scene…in the book the snatchers only come because Harry says the word “Voldemort” (despite Ron’s attempt to stop him), which is “taboo” causing the snatchers to come. I suppose since they didn’t include that part, though, they had to include the Hermione/Snatcher scene just to introduce them and show that they were in the area.

  5. I felt that the film didn’t live up to its potential. This is mainly due to a lack of character development throughout the series. Dobby’s death didn’t have anywhere near the impact it had in the books, because his character had utterly disappeared from the film series with only awkward cameos. The series has never been good at handling death scenes, with the exception of Cedric Diggory’s death.
    This whole series has mostly been a train wreck with flecks of its potential interspersed throughout. This is probably because the multitude of directorial changes throughout, who’ve changed the tone of the series with each installment, giving the films absolutely no stability.
    The highlights of the movie were the scenes without Harry, Ron, or Hermione as the only people in the scene. This trio has worked well throughout the series, but often felt stilted and fake throughout the Deathly Hallows.
    Then again, my poor experience with this film was probably due to the multitudes of Harry Potter freaks, who were unnecessarily loud and obnoxious.

    • LMAO dobbys death was the saddest in the series so far.

    • Larry, on the contrary, whilst I agree itwas a bad move not having im in many of the films, it’s not to DH1 detriment.

      Not having him there so long, and then returning was a joy! And then his subsequent death not long after is where the drama lies (providing you don’t know the spoilers of course!)

  6. i just got back from seeing it, and wow this was terrific, so many nice little touches, like hermione wiping her parents minds and harry and nagini fighting in harry’s old room.
    i thought the part where the locket showed harry and hermione naked, making out was rediculous though, that was the one thing i have a complaint about (i even thought the pace was fine) but the nudity was absolutely un-needed.
    LOVED George’s “Morning” with a toothbrush sticking out of his…gap. Dobby’s death was sad but his dialogue should have ended at “harry…potter” we could see his life was better since CoS because he was frickin hilarious

    • @cazitron
      I loved george’s morning comment too!! The twins are always hilarious, almost everything they saw makes me laugh. Besides the twins not letting me down in HP7 I thought everyone had very funny comments throughout the movie. which was another main reason why HP7 is my fav movie :)

      • Wait till u see part 2… :(

        • i know :(
          im an avid HP fan. I have read all books and was there for midnight HP7 book premier :)

      • @cazitron

        The nudity served to portray “earthly” and naturalistic connotations, increasing the fear in Ron’s mind that perhaps Harry and Hermione were the ones that always belonged together.

        It was a nice touch – and looked great! ;)

        • It looked CGI but it was still HOT! LOL…

          • Yep CGI Emma was HOT HOT HOT. But i dont understand why people are bashing that scene when the book says that he sees that happening…and they were nude but you couldnt see anything so…

            • Well in the book it never mentions they were nude its just assumed.

              • Well yeah but think about it what would make you mad, seeing your best friend and the girl you like kiss or seeing them kiss and be nude which could lead to other things? I dont think it was over doing it.

                • Both would make me mad LOL but the nude one would get me even more pissed.

                  • See? Thats why I think it was a good choice, it puts more emotion into the scene for Ron. lol

                    Oh and I’m trying to think up a username for that forum, is there a limit for how long the names can be? lol

                    • No limit Seth. Choose wisely u cant change it afterwrds…

                    • Alright cause I’m thinkin about siging up usin this one: He_who_shalt_not_be_named_until_the_sequel

                    • Try it seth!!!!!!

    • I thought the whole Harry/Hermione thing made that scene even more powerful, as the whole point of it was to show Ron’s deepest fears. It wasn’t totally necessary, but I thought it was quite a good addition.

  7. the cloak that harry has IS the cloak from the tale of the 3 brothers.

  8. To say the most I loved it..I have of course read the books back to back…and I will say that I am pretty obsessed (: I think that the movie was so good because it really stuck to the book…which I really did enjoy…I think that people who haven’t read the books and go into the movie should expect not to understand bits…because thats just the way it is…the movie goes off the book, and in reading books you get a true in depth understanding!
    My favourites parts were The 7 potters..even though it could have gone for longer..It was epic! And I just loved loved the Three brother story scene! It was so creative and just really good to watch..so different (:
    In ranking on the movies I would say that they are all brilliant in their own way so I can’t pick a favourite (:

  9. I love how it turns out (spoilers ahead, I assume people have read the book) that the cloak mentioned, which is the god of all invisibility cloaks that can fool even death, is harry’s cloak but…
    In the last film draco dispels the invisibility on the cloak with a simple spell? It doesn’t happen in the books and I thought at the time wtf? that’s what happens if you add random crap it might turn out to be ridiculous and fill the story will plot holes

    • Sometimes I swear the screenwriters don’t read the book until they are writing the actual movie. Another thing that irritated me is when Ginny took harry to hide the half blood prince’s potion book, because Harry remembers seeing the lost diadem in there in the last half of dh. Are they just going to have Ginny remember seeing it? I don’t like it!!!! It seems like a small detail but I think it’s important that Harry finds it, it is afterall, his story.