Harry Potter FX Supervisor Talks ‘Good’ 3D for ‘Deathly Hallows Part 2′

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harry potter fx supervisor talks very good 3d in deathly hallows part 2 Harry Potter FX Supervisor Talks Good 3D for Deathly Hallows Part 2

One of the most refreshing things about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was the filmmakers’ decision to not upconvert the film to 3D. And, if hard box office numbers are anything to go by, it didn’t seem to hurt the film’s reception one iota.

Alas, we were not so lucky with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which has gone through that post-conversion 3D process and will probably be released in more 3D theaters than 2D. Still, there’s hope yet for a quality 3D experience, as Harry Potter Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Burke recently praised the final film’s 3D.

When asked about creating the visual effects for Part 2, Burke said, (courtesy of Hero Complex):

We were past the wire, actually. We really pushed it right way to the end of any possible time on this one. We had the big conversion to 3D as well, and that sort of added a massive complication. So yeah, we’ve used every second we possibly could.

Speaking of the upconverted 3D, he said:

I think it’s good, actually. I think people are going to be really pleased. I know everyone’s a little nervous and skeptical of 3D these days, but the work has been done very, very well. We’ve done over 200 shots in 3D and in the visual effects as well, because so much of it is CG, so the results are very, very good. I think everyone’s going to be really impressed with it, actually.

Nearly ten years later, it’s hard to remember just how poor the special effects were in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. For a movie that had immense monetary backing from Warner Bros., top-notch production values in every other category, and one of the best casts in the history of fantasy adaptations, there seemed to be little concern for how the more fantastical elements came across onscreen. Trolls, centaurs, broomstick-flying wizards – all of it looked terrible, in terms of CGI.

One year later, that all changed with The Chamber of Secrets, a film with special effects that continue to hold up to this day (and will likely hold up in perpetuity). Dobby the House-Elf, the giant snake, broomstick-flying wizards – all of it looked exceedingly realistic and awesomely impressive. Sure, The Two Towers may have won the Best Visual Effects Oscar in 2002, badly-rendered wargs and all, but Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets deserved to.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets dobby the house elf Harry Potter FX Supervisor Talks Good 3D for Deathly Hallows Part 2

The point is, Tim Burke, the man responsible for the massive leap in quality for Harry Potter’s special effects between the first and the second film – and the continued quality ever since - knows what he’s talking about when it comes to this sort of thing. That said, he’s also an employee of Warner Bros. who specifically worked on the film he’s praising, so his word on the issue isn’t exactly unbiased.

Regardless, Warner Bros. has had the time – and they certainly have the money – to craft some serviceable, if not quality, 3D for the final Harry Potter film. This won’t be Clash of the Titans or The Last Airbender. But that doesn’t mean that this particular Screen Rant writer is going to pay the extra five dollars (or whatever) to see either serviceable or quality upconverted 3D.






Lastly, Burke also discussed the final scene in the film at King’s Cross – which had to be reshot – wherein Harry, Ron, and Hermione are older and sending their own children off to Hogwarts:

Oh, yeah, they actually had to re-shoot that. I’d even forgotten about that already. Because they were re-shooting it, they couldn’t go to King’s Cross, where it was staged. So they shot it with green screen, and we had to put King’s Cross in. So that was a surprise. I’d forgotten it all. And then they did some sort of makeup for the aging. But then at the very end, after the audience screening, they asked us to start enhancing it to make the kids seem older. So that was another surprise. See, you just forget these things. I think it’s called therapy. You just try and blank them.







How do you feel about the final Harry Potter film being released in 3D? Will you be watching it in 2D or 3D, if you have your druthers? Let us know in the comments.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 hits theaters July 15th, 2011.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. Well, they sure do know how to get my money. I’ll be seeing it in 3D b/c all the midnight shows around here are in 3D. But I will also see it in 2D, because I have yet to only watch these movies once in the theater. ;)

  2. Not fired up about the 3D….totally fired up about Harry Potter.

    • Totally. Agree. I think they should just leave it alone! But i cannot describe how excited i am for this movie!!

  3. IMAX 3D all the way

  4. They always say the 3D is going to be better and it never is.

  5. I am there for 2D on day 1. If I hear a majority say the 3D is good I will catch it on my second watch.

  6. Does anyone know if they will offer HP7 in IMAX 2D or just IMAX 3D?

  7. 2D all the way. I think 3D is a bad Gimmick unless a movie is actually shot for it, but as long as people will pay extra for it, why not? Can’t blame people for taking advantage of suckers.

    • For your information some people actually like watching movies in 3D, and enjoy doing so. Don’t call ppl suckers just because they dont have the same taste as you. But, wish ppl would stop crying about 3D. Its not going anywhereee anytime soon, and you HAVE A CHOICE! stop acting like its the only format to watch a movie in.

      • I think you’re missing the point – I love watching films which have been filmed in 3D, or cartoons converted to 3D and think it can make films more enjoyable and involving. However, every live action film i’ve seen which has been converted to 3D in post production has been terrible, with actors looking like cardboard cutouts,and blurry backgrounds made up of two or three obvious layers. Anyone who saw the shoddy 3D versions of Clash of the Titans or Alice in Wonderland will understand what I mean. Hopefully this film will be an exception but i’m wary of spending the extra cash to find out.

        • Oh, and being dragged to Green Lantern in 3D recently didn’t help..

  8. 3D for sure!!!

  9. imax 3d!!

  10. 2D of course, all though I am curious as to whether or not WB will be releasing several 3D bright prints for this movie like what Paramount did for Transformers 3. God knows this movie needs that.

  11. Im seeing it in 2D first then Imax 3D later on…. But im seeing it in 2D many times lol.

    • I was actually looking around to see what you would say and was surprised to see your comment at the bottom lol

      • Bradley yesterday I worked 10 hours at the cinema for transformers 3 so its not my fault I couldnt comment LOL 8-)

        • You mean you don’t have a spell that can duplicate yourself? :-D

  12. Well, he certainly is a superior visual effects supervisor compared to the ones on Harry Potter 1, Watchmen, Superman Returns, and most recently the horrid Green Lantern (who so happens to be one of the main ones on Harry Potter1). All of these are WB films. I hope WB realizes who their real talents are and which visual effects houses get the best work from the best artists in the industry.

  13. Wish they had stuck with 2D but I’ll still watch it, hopefully the 3D ain’t Clash of the Titans bad.

    And since when where the wargs in the Two Towers badly rendered?

    • Since the movie came out, in my opinion.

  14. If it was good 3D it whould be filmed in 3D!

  15. I see absolutely no reason for 3D – it’s a gimmick and adds nothing to the film. In fact, the 3D films I have seen appear to be much darker and the 3D is distracting. Regular 2D was fine for all the other HP films, so that is how I will see it. What a waste.

  16. Having watched it in 3D yesterday I can say that the 3D conversion is really bad
    The actors are all fine as most of the action is too, but the details just don’t work

    things are blurred in alot of places and there are several scenes in the Forbidden Forest where it looks like there are 3 floors to the forest, and it’s certainly no smoke effect

    Only go and see this in 2D

  17. As much as I didn’t mind the 3D I found it hard on my eyes. Going from light scenes to dark back to light. I also found I couldn’t see everything I probably should have seen in 2D…
    Sooo I think I’ll be sticking with 2D over 3D.
    Those are my thoughts…

  18. Honestly, the 3d in this film was TERRIBLE. I dont enjoy 3d in general, but this one seemed way worse than others that are shot in full 3d instead of converted. Dark movies like this just dont seem to look nearly as good as something bright like avatar.

  19. I will see it in 3D tonight. I figure we will be watching it as soon as it is out on blue ray plus our theatre does not charge more for 3D. I’m not expecting much out of the 3D for enhancements other than the fighting scenes.

  20. Harry Potter had a ten year run. This movie was simply amazing with its story lines to the magic of Hollywood. As you watch each movie your simply coming back for more. Can Hollywood make a new series that is going to be just as good as Harry Potter or this is the end? I like these kind of action adventure films out of the reality movies. Maybe these actors might end up in other movies together or not. I wish the cast and crew a many thanks on a job well done!!

  21. Alot of the green screen in harry potter 5 was amongst the worst I’ve ever seen.e.g,the scene where the characters are walkng across the bridge.,the background through the ‘windows’ doesn’t even look finished.Everything had a green outline and it was obvious all their money was slung into making the finale photorealistic. The older potter movies just look cartoony,not cheap like potter 5 did.,which in my eyes is the crime.
    Question.,WHY?……I’m aware potter 3 didn’t do too well but can’t believe complacancy set in after voldermorts return….surely not!