New ‘Deathly Hallows’ Featurette & Images; Split Point Confirmed

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harry potter deathly hallows harry voldemort New Deathly Hallows Featurette & Images; Split Point Confirmed

New images from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows were recently revealed to compliment this week’s release of a two-minute featurette. Fans were also given confirmation on the location of the “split” in the films.

The Deathly Hallows is the seventh, and final instillation in author JK Rowling’s wildly successful book series. Warner Bros. famously chose to split the book into two movies; ostensibly due to the length and scope of the story. One can imagine they might also be motivated by a desire to squeeze the last bit of juice from the golden egg that is this franchise.

However, fans are only too happy to have two additional Potter films to look forward to. As a bona fide boy wizard lover (does that sound wrong?) I can be counted amongst those more than willing to make two trips to the Cineplex for The Deathly Hallows.



EW has announced that the “split point” in the film is  “at about Chapter 24 of the book, with Voldemort gaining possession of the Elder Wand, one of the three Deathly Hallows that allow the bearer to conquer death.”  Those of us who have read the book can attest that this is a fantastic cliffhanger moment in the story.


NEW DEATHLY HALLOWS IMAGES & FEATURETTE did Potter fans the favor of scanning these images from the magazine and uploading them online. The images depict some of the key moments in the story: Harry’s goodbyes to those he loves (Ginny and Hedwig) and his struggle to succeed in a battle that is, as Daniel Radcliffe attests, “much bigger than any one of them.

My hope for the film series has always been that they would mature along with the kids, as that is the path the book series took. The films have certainly done so and if these images are to believed these final two films are worthy depictions of Harry’s assent into manhood.

The featurette explores the emotional trajectory of the films three central characters Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and of course, Harry Potter. It also provides fans with some engaging glimpses of the final films.  Check it out:

What do you think of the images, featurette and location of the film split?

Are you looking forward to the final Potter films?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I soars into theaters on November 19th – Part II on July 15, 2011.

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Sources:  EW, via Collider and SpolierTV

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  1. Not happy about this being in 3D.

    I wish they had split 4,5,6 into two films as well.

    I have to say, I hated Half Blood Prince, it was the first time the films massively missed the point of the book, the title was HHP and we got a throwaway line at the end about Snape.
    Yet they felt the need to add loads of stuff that wasnt in the book in favour of exorcising crucial story elements. Plus the directing style was way off, the sense of magic completely lost, so its a shame the same director is back.

    • You only find out about Snape at the end of the book as well. “The Half-Blood Prince” is a great title for the book but is a sub-plot at best. I felt it was a bit of a throwaway at the end of the book too.

      I have to disagree with the magical element being lost. I’m currently rereading the series and literally just finished “The Half-Blood Prince.” The story line is getting to the point where it’s not about the magic – – it’s about the relationships. You have to find the strength in you before you can use the magic to do what needs to be done.

      That being said, I’m also rewatching the movies once I finish the book and am back at “The Order of the Phoenix” there (I don’t like to see Gary Oldman go). Clearly a project for the weekend being movie five and six. Maybe I’m forgetting the feel of “The Half-Blood Prince” the movie.

      • Yes but the HBP is central to the story in the book, its important to Harry, and all the flashbacks from the book that were not in the film. All the stuff with his parents and Snape, Voldermorts family, should have been in the film.

        • I agree with you there. For being so important to Harry there should’ve been more to the reveal of the Half-Blood Prince: in both formats. I don’t like the way the book or the movie presented it.

          I definitely agree with the flashbacks. If it’s so important for Harry to know than it’s important for the audience to know as well. I really started liking and hating the movies after “The Prisoner of Azkaban.” The acting got better and the story lines they presented were strong but so many of the sub-plots were lost that the books and the movies are can be two completely separate series.

          • I also agree with everyone here on the flashbacks. I have been explaining to my own children for years now that if you look deeper into the storyline, the books have never really been solely about Harry and his friends. The sub plot of Snape is critical in the final book. JKR has said that herself. It’s critical in understanding scenes containing patronus’, its critical in the final revelation with Snape in the Shrieking Shack (sorry spoiler there) it helps Harry understand just why Snape never was the bad guy. ultimately, it helps us to understand just what made Voldemort who he is. The flashbacks will be equally as important in the final movies. The discussions between Harry and castle ghosts can’t be lost either. There is too much filling in the stories that has been lost in the movies in the name of better FX. Don’t get me wrong, they make for a great movie, but if you miss the point the story was trying to make, your not left with much. There was also a lot of missing insights into the turmoil that Malfoy went through in Book 6. Loosing those flashbacks and snipits of his conflicted personality between being good and bad, aids in understanding just why Harry saves him and his family in the end.

  2. Well Sam, they aren’t shooting the movie in 3D, just converting it. And if you aren’t happy about the movie being in 3D then don’t go see it in 3D.

    • Thats not really an option though, I wanted to see Clash Of The Titans in 2D but couldnt find anywhere that wasnt showing it in 3D. I dont know any cinemas near me that show 3D films in 2D anymore

      • I never had the problem where I have HAD to see a movie in 3-D but I will drive half-way across the state to see this in 2-D. I don’t care. This movie will not be ruined for me due to Hollywood’s greed.

        • I live in London, all the cinemas show 3D films in 3D only.

          • damn sam, i feel for ya buddy, thats gotta suck.

            • Its not the 3D I mind so much its the price! It cost upwards of £15 to see a film which is in 3D, which is $22!

              • its just a way for the bigwigs in hollywood to stick it to people.

          • I’m really sorry. That’s a b****!

        • I’m not understanding why people dont want to see films in 3-D. Sure we haven’t reached the pinnacle of 3-D tech but from what i have seen with the recent 3-D films we are well on our way to some truly awe inspiring films. Maybe it’s the fact that people just dont like change or maybe most of you dont like wearing the glasses. Whats the problem all i ever hear is i dont like it.

          • I think it works best with animated movies as those elements are more prone to 3-D manipulation.

            I does nothing to draw me into the story – – if anything it takes me out of it because I become distracted by something coming at me from a 2-D image. If I want to see something in 3-D I’ll open my eyes to the world around me or go see a play.

            Unless those dementors are flying all around the theatre I’m not seeing this movie in 3-D. I’m not paying more for an experience that is lessened for me: not enhanced.

            And yes… I don’t like wearing the glasses. 😉

            • I actually wear glasses, so I can see, so wearing 3D glasses over them is not only annoying its just difficult.

              • Really? I wear glasses too and i don’t find that a hassle, then again I’ve only seen 3 3D films.

  3. I’m beyond excited for this. I found myself rereading the series when on vacation for the first time since I read “The Deathly Hallows.”

    Even if people are just trying to squeeze money out of this movie – – I don’t get that feeling at all. I was 11 years old when the first book came out and had just turned 13 by the time “The Sorcerer’s Stone” hit theatres. I’ve love the year and a half – two year gap between movies so the actors can grow and we don’t OD on all things Harry Potter.

    Plus I think if they really wanted to squeeze the money they would’ve put at least a year between Part I and Part II. I think it’s only 7 or 8 months. Which shows that they have respect for the audience (hint, hint Summit Entertainment).

  4. @michael jon axl

    You cant work out why we all dont like 3D? How many 3D films have you seen that worked perfectly and enhanced the film? The answer is always going to be Avatar, and possibly Toy Story 3. And the reason for this, because they were animated and not set in the real world, with real locations.

    3D isnt being used to advance the medium of cinema, its there to exploit the cinema goer by making the prices astronomical and to stop piracy.

    Films like Clash Of The Titans and Alice In Wonderland, and any of the dozens of upcoming films, were converted to 3D, just Harry Potter, they will not look good. They will look rubbish and gimmicky.

    The only way 3D works is if the films were in fact SHOT in 3D, after convertion process looks cheap and is simply a cash to ONE 3D film that did really, really well.

    Maybe thats why we dont like 3D!

      • side note..i think its time i read the HP books lol

        • You should read the books, from Prisoner of Azkhaban onward they are excellent.

          • the’ve always been on my radar, just havent had too much time, been reading other things. guess its time i dust em off the bookshelf

          • That being said there are a lot of clues pertaining to the end of the series in Book 2: “The Chamber of Secrets.” But my personal favorite is “The Prisoner of Azkaban.”

    • I must agree with you there Doc. I am getting so tired of almost every movie coming out in 3D these days. I think Hollywood should be very selective as to what is filmed in 3D and or, just stop 3D for a while and let the fad die down. Because you’re right, if I go see a 2D version of the same movie it’s going to be gimmicky and not look right. There’s going to be stuff flying at the screen and again it’s going to look like crap. I say let 3D die again!

      Go back to 2D, as long as the movie is shot and directed well and not fake looking then I’ll be happy. Plus here where I live to see a 3D film it’s about $20 just to get in, then if you want sometihng from the snak bar you’d better go get a loan! So yes I do agree with you, if it’s done well it’s worth seeing in 3D BUT if the movie is converted then it’s… to barrow a word, rubbish!

      lastly, I have read all the HP books and seen the movies thus far and I am more happy with the books cause in my opnion they cut ALOT out from each one.

      • movie adaptations of books will always be less appealing than the books…example: Simon Birch…”based loosely off of A Prayer For Owen Meaney by John Irving” i think thats how the credits went. i cant remember for sure though

        • Loosely Based it what it should’ve said for “The Bourne Identity.” I have never disliked a movie so much on a first viewing than I did that movie after haven taken the time to read the book before hand.

  5. yea i hate wearing the glasses it makes the movie so much darker, HP is dark most of the time so the glasses would make it insanely dark. It only works for animated movies bc they are so colorfull.

  6. Ooh, can’t wait, I just finished watching Half Blood Prince. Didn’t see the movies when they were out, so rented them all and watched them in order. I think I liked The Goblet of Fire the most…

    And Ron is a freakin’ idiot, why does he look for girls so much when he has that cute little number chasing after him??? Man I feel like such a girl for even paying attention to the love stories, but seriously, Ron is a moron…

  7. Yeah I don’t know anyone seeing it in 3D. My friends and I all said, “We didn’t see the first 6 movies in 3D, were not seeing the final 2 in it”.

    • Dude. Excellent point.

  8. i get why people hate 3d. but in reality, i split 3d 3 ways. theres post conversion 3d which always inevitably sucks.

    then theres regular 3d which is just like what 3d is like, things popping out at you and giving you a headache. which i dont like, maybe in animated movies its ok but…..

    then theres the type of 3d that was in movies like avatar where its more like depth and seamlessly blended in throughout the entire movie. which is awesome for me. what do you guys think