‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1′ Review

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Review
Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw reviews Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

There are three types of people who are going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1: People who were diehard fans of the books; people who have been faithful fans of the movies; and finally, people who have seen some of the movies and know something about the books (at this point how could you not?), but have really only admired the Potterverse with a casual eye.

The first two types of people will very much enjoy Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – but that casual fan may not walk away with same sense of satisfaction from what is essentially half a story, chock-full of references and characters that could fill an entire page on Wikipedia.

The movie starts exactly where the last one left off: Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) has waged war on the world. The Ministry of Magic has been corrupted. Wizards and witches everywhere fear for their lives. Even “muggles” aren’t safe from The Dark Lord’s reign of terror. Dumbledore, the great protector, is dead, and every evil “Snatcher” or “Death Eater” in the wizarding world is trying to get their hands on Harry Potter.

Trapped under this growing shadow, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grit) quickly learn their childhood has come to an end. They are soldiers in a war now, no longer children in a school; sacrifices must be made and lives lost if they are going to defeat Voldemort. Harry has tasked himself with seeking out the remaining Horcruxes – magical talismans which contain shards of Voldemort’s soul – only he has no idea where to begin searching or even how to destroy the enchanted objects once he finds them.

Soon Harry and two best friends are on the run, hiding out in the countryside, desperately trying to come up with a plan to beat Voldemort – even as The Dark Lord himself is scrambling to locate an object of immense power that could turn the tide of battle in his favor.

Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows movie clip Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Review

Daniel Radcliffe in a scene from 'Deathly Hallows'

J.K. Rowling’s Deathly Hallows novel was a beast. We’re talking about one thick book. Warner Bros. could’ve “streamlined” the film into a bare-bones interpretation of the text, but for the fans (and the box office receipts) they decided to deliver the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga as the sweeping epic it was meant to be – to both the benefit and detriment of these final films.

David Yates has directed the last two Harry Potter movies (Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince), and all things considered, I would have to say that he’s outdone himself with this latest film. In my opinion, Deathly Hallows: Part 1 visually surpasses all the previous films in the Harry Potter franchise – yes, even Alfonso Cuarón’s fantastic third entry, The Prisoner of Azkaban.

The color schemes and tones of this film are very crisp, dark and vivid, and the cinematography I would go so far as to call gorgeous. The world of wizards looks vibrant and alive and yet is constantly shrouded in the darkness and shadow that is literally and figuratively descending upon it. Because this film pulls the main characters out of their usual year-at-wizard-school routine and stashes them in woodland settings, Yates even gets to bathe our visual palettes in rich earth tones – browns, dark greens, stone grays – colors that have been somewhat missing from other Harry Potter films.

deathly hallows emma watson Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Review

Emma Watson as Hermoine in a scene from 'Deathly Hallows'

However, there is another dimension of Yates’ direction of Deathly Hallows: Part 1 that will simultaneously impress some and bore others to tears: the quieter and more meditative portions of the film. Some people will say “the middle hour dragged,” and others will say “some of the best scenes were the slow ones,” it really does depend on what you came through that theater door to see. A large portion of this film involves Harry, Ron and Hermione literally sitting around in a magic tent sulking, worrying, and/or yelling at one another. If you consider yourself one of those movie goers who likes to see action, action, action, you will likely get bored by the abundance of static moments in this film.

What will make this two and a half-hour journey even harder for “action types” is that this film offers no real “payoff” to speak of. Over the course of the movie there are a lot of setups, some small developments, some big developments that won’t feel big (yet), and a couple of dramatic turns that will totally hit or miss, depending on your level of Potter fandom.

And speaking of fandom: unless you’re one of the book fans who has already memorized the entire Harry Potter chronology, or a movie fan who has recently watched all six films back-to-back, there are a lot of references, inferences and name drops in Deathly Hallows: Part 1 that could soar right over your head. The book was meant to tie up every plot line from six (thick) novels – even in a slimmed down movie there are a lot of plot points to remember. Potterphiles will enjoy the sight of familiar faces and the mention of familiar events and objects; everyone else may be left scratching their head.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Trailer 6 570x238 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Review

The cast all know this dance pretty well by now. The supporting players (such as Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes,  Helena Bonham Carter – even newcomer Bill Nighy) all turn in some wonderful ensemble character acting, but it’s the three central players – Radcliffe, Watson and Grint – who steal the show here. And it’s fortunate that they rise to the task, considering that most of the film revolves squarely around the three of them.

If you couldn’t tell from seeing their faces plastered on billboards, TV ads and merchandise all over the world, these three young stars are now grown. Like their characters, we’ve watched Radcliffe, Watson and Grint sprout before our eyes – an amazing maturation that admittedly makes things a bit awkward in sections of Deathly Hallows. While these actors are now adults, free to explore more adult themes and situations, it’s hard not to look at them and still see the same kids you met way back in the first Potter film.

In fact, people are already talking about one scene created solely for the movie, in which Harry and Hermione try to break the monotony of loneliness and stress with an awkward, quasi-romantic dance party. I’m sure many other people will also be talking about a sexually suggestive scene near the end, in which one character is forced to face their darkest fear. Between an increased air of sexuality and dark moments of violence, torture and (oh yes) death, Deathly Hallows: Part 1 also represents a chapter of the Harry Potter saga that is probably too much for small kids to handle. Teenagers? Not so much. But small kids will definitely walk away a bit scathed.

deathly hallows trio Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Review

Harry, Hermoine and Ron in a scene from 'Deathly Hallows'

To their credit, Radcliffe, Watson and Grint have all developed into skilled actors, and Watson is especially good at filling the quiet moments of her performance with genuine and engaging drama. It’s certainly debatable, but I’d say that the actress actually steals the show from her two co-stars, who are equally good in their more adult roles.

While there is no “ending” to speak of, Deathly Hallows: Part 1 cuts off at a point where the stage is fully set for the epic showdown that will take place in Deathly Hallows: Part 2. That second half of the story should be a non-stop thrill ride – one that comes at the expense of a first half which is a lot of build up with little payoff. So long as you can accept the fact that you’re paying to see only half a story, then you should enjoy the many appetizers that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 serves.

Here’s a trailer for Deathly Hallows:

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Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. is it just me or is this a synopsis, not a review?

    • my mistake, my laptop stopped loading the rest of the page a thousand pardons mr outlaw

      • @ Cazitron

        Not your mistake – we were having some technical difficulties for a second there :-)

  2. Im OFF to see Deathly Hallows PART1!!! Woooo!! Hoooo!! Finally,FINALLY!!! I cant breathe,im shaking im excited as HELL!! Im going to see it TWICE today! Ok ok,im off guys this is the moment ive been waiting for a long time! :D 8-) :)

    • I’m not certain from your response; do you want to see this or not? :-P

      • OFCOURSE I DO! Hehehehe 8-)

  3. Great review! I hope i can see it tonight :)

  4. Nice review. Can’t wait to see the movie.

    Agreed, part one is a partial story, but you could say the same thing about any one one of the Lord of the Rings movies. Matrix Reloaded would have the same ring to it. At least they’re admitting that in the advertising and not fronting like it’s something that it’s not. But I agree, I can see why casual viewers may be dismayed by that.

    • Excellent review – very much reflects my own thoughts about the movie.

    • Despite having a partial story, each Lord of the Rings film stood out by themselves. They did not have to rely on the other films in order to be a good movie. Harry Potter on the other hand heavily relied on Part 2.

      • That’s true, however many casual moviegoers complained when the Fellowship of the Ring just kind of ended without any real conclusion to its story.

  5. exactly my feelings lol . I just loved the way they explained the missing scenes or the changes made in comparison to the book by simple dialogues . I personally hated the last three movies but this one was awesome .

  6. Well said Benji on Rings, despite the films being part of one trilogy each film had a completeness on their own. Not only that but each had a different tone, focus, direction and yet the quality always increased with each entry. No I haven’t seen the Potter films but from looking at clips, trailers etc everythin always look dark and misty,lots of grey clouds and flashing white lights. Put it this way, Deathy Hallows doesn’t look that distinctively different from Order of the Phoenix or Half Blood Prince. Just my opinion..

    • its not suppose to the whole point of the past 2 movies was to give people the knowledge that dark times are coming

  7. It is an awesome movie. You are right about the name dropping and hints. It would be awkward in places for someone who has only seen the movies. You know what though, THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE MESSED UP THE LAST COUPLE OF MOVIES!! IF THEY WOULD HAVE STUCK TO THE STORY INSTEAD OF ADDING A BUNCH OF CRAP THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY THEN YOU WOULD KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!!! Alfonso Caron may have made a movie that was awesome visually but the story was horrible. I credit that as the 2nd worst Harry Potter film. The first was the Half Blood Prince. A lot of the name dropping and hints in this movie is due to Yates cutting parts out just to add stupid stuff in. Such as trading the final fight scene at Hogwarts for the Burning of the Burrow. Now that I have gotten that out of my system. This movie is fantastic. I think one thing that makes it so great is that I don’t have to put up with Michael Gambon in this one. He was a huge part of the HP movies and has ruined every one since Richard Harris died. He has stated in the past that he has worked hard at making that character his own. I didn’t pay to see Michael Gambon. I paid to see Albus Dumbledore. He said that he had never read the books. How can you play a character if you don’t even know who you are supposed to be playing. Alan Rickman said that he has never read the books either but I am pretty sure that Rowling had him in mind when she wrote that character. I read the first 4 books before the first movie came out and he is who I pictured to play Snape. So, I will quit ranting now and say you have to go see this movie. I am extremely picky and I thought it was awesome.

    • They haven’t screwed up. You just have unrealistic expectations. Grow up and learn that cinema does not equal book.

  8. Thanks for the review but sadly I’m such a die hard fan that everyone can say this sucks but I’ll still see it LOLOL! This is actually the lowest reviews I’ve read. I’ve only read reviews that have given it an A. 3.5 stars is on the low scale

  9. can not wait to see this!! im going to see it in imax with my brother max maybe wednesday

  10. I agree with GreaterTater about yates not doing a good job on the half blood prince. In the book there was an absolutely epic battle at hogwarts (much like there is in the 7th book) right near the end. Also I partially agree about Michael Gambon as dumbledore. Thats interesting that he didn’t read the books I always thought his portrayal of dumbledore was a little off. Dumbledore in my mind was very “chill” and chose his words carefully. He didn’t get nervous or scared or even show much emotion for that matter. Richard Harris was an absolutely perfect dumbledore i almost think Gambon showed a little too much emotion if you know what i mean. Anyways ill be seeing this pretty soon im glad to hear all the positive praise. I know ppl are saying it dragged in the middle of the movie but if you read the books there is a LOT of downtime in between the big set pieces. There is a lot of doubt in the three main characters minds as they are trying to figure out how to find the horcruxes. To me honestly these are some of the best moments in the books and really show how these characters have grown. This isn’t the little harry potter that we used to know. I’m glad that yates was able to convey that sense of desparity that these characters were going thru. thanks for the review Kofi it was great as always :)

    • I wouldve loved the battle *sigh*

    • No. Yates did a fantasic job with HBP. And are you that stupid that you blame the director for cuts/changes/additions? Clearly you are, as you don’t know that it’s the SCREENWRITER’s job to adapt the novel and then the directors and producers debate about the script.

  11. I wish they could have made one epic film or can do them as a dvd box set. I enjoyed the movie along with the others, although I never read the books.

  12. I HATE the it was split, and would have prefered to have a 5 hour film. The film rocked regardless.

  13. Overall I really enjoyed the movie, it has a runtime of about 145mins but I went into the theatre and it felt like the movie was about 20min long. I would encourage anyone who enjoys the Harry Potter series to not hesitate, and go watch this movie and not wait until it finally releases on DVD. Overall rating 9/10

  14. You forgot the fourth type the kind that would rather do some very uncomfortable things with Sand paper than see the movie, but are being dragged to it by a significant other.

    • *sigh* i take it you didnt like it :(

    • HAHAHA Daniel, I am in the same boat as you are, but I do wanna see it, i just dont like being hammered about when my GF and I are gonna go. She’s starting the nagging thing if you know what I mean.

      @DSB…wasn’t very good by your standards then?

  15. I wasn’t impressed at all. I’m a huge fan, the editing was hack and slash, the directing was tonally all over the place, the effects weren’t consistent.
    The acting was great though.

  16. I started reading the books in elementary school, and stopped reading the books in elementary school. I was a huge fan of them, but somehow I just lost track of them after the first 2. It’s a shame because this one looks amazing. One of these days I’ll get around to making myself read this series and see all the films because I love me some Helena Bonham Carter!

  17. I give you credit, Kofi, for being brave enough to write a review of this film. I have a hard time saying this was a bad or a good movie knowing it’s only partially done. I am a “movie only” Potter fan, so I don’t know how this meshed with the book and if it ended at a good point to break the film up, seemed to though. To me it very much had an “Empire Strikes Back” feel at the end, not quite complete but you know it’s leading you somewhere good. I am looking forward to next summer to see this all “payoff” because it does take it’s time developing the story.

  18. Thank god I won tickets off the radio paying for that would of been awful.

    That was a horrible experience I regret taking her lol that’s a sacrafice I will not make again I wish I could have that time back j could of played Fallout some more. I don’t think i went more than five minutes with out rolling my eyes how do people watch this?

    Got my first tattoo today and it was less painful than sitting through this movie.

    • Shut up!! Why did you go to see it if you thought you might hate it. And why did you post that on this page. No one wants to hear about how much YOU disliked it. That’s your problem, not ours. This is basically a Harry Potter fan page, and you just crapped all over it. Not cool.

      • CPTNKRK meet Daniel f. He does that.

        • IDC what other ppl think I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS EPIC FILM!

          • You are preprogrammed to love every second of this film, it’s written in your DNA. I’m a huge Potter fan but I would give the film more than 3/5 and thats generous.

            • You would give it MORE than?

              I give it a 9/10 :D

              • I meant to say wouldn’t. I WOULDN’T, give it more than 3/5. I was disappointed with a lot of things Rick, if you loved it, that’s fair enough. I would say this however; there is always the possibility that you wanted to love it so much that you forgave all faults.

                There’s nothing wrong with that, when you have great expectations, no one wants to see them dashed.

                • As i liked all the previous ones DSB how does this one stand up to all the others? I’m gonna see it next weekend, I wanna wait for the crowds to die off a bit. My GF is getting really anxious though haha.

                  • I’m not sure what you’ll think, because you haven’t read the book I think you might be a bit confused at times, it might work better when watched as one film together.
                    It’s ok if you’re a fan I suppose, but it is probably my second least favourite.

                • Well of course Ricky would like it. There was no way he wasn’t going to. Haha. Like you said, he programmed himself to like, no, LOVE it ;)

                  • FOOPHER OFCOURSE! :D there were some flaws but overall it was EPIC!

      • Lets be painfully clear here, “This is basically a Harry Potter fan page,” is not the case.
        This isn’t a Harry Potter fan page. If someone saw the film and didn’t like it, I would have thought a thread about a review of the film would be the ideal place to lodge such a grievance…. So, ya know, calm down.

    • Daniel,

      If you were a first time commenter and I saw your comment I would have deleted as obvious flame-bait.


      • Color me shocked Vic. I’m more than willing that sometimes my comments can be a bit harsh, but I see nothing wrong with this post. It was just my honest feeling on the film that I watched. I’ve seen people say far worse about film and you never questioned it. In fact I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you step in when some one bashed a film it’s not like I insulted the fans.

        Is it possible Vic that your a fan of Harry Potter and your just having a fan reaction rather than a moderator reaction?

        • So saying “how do people watch this?” Isn’t insulting the fans to you?

        • Daniel f,

          No, I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve stated before that while I enjoy them well enough while watching, when they’re over I quickly forget the details. But your comment stating this movie was a painful experience and eye-rolling seemed to be flame-bait to me, yes.

          You make it sound like this was “The Happening” or some other horrendously awful film, and that’s so off kilter that I can only take it as an attempt to poke fans with a stick to see if they’ll take the bait.


          • Daniel i think that comment was a bit offensive. I mean even the film id hate the most,i wouldnt say that stuff i mean come on man!

            • LOL, I remember when you saw the expendables, you bashed it EVERY chance you had man. I like all the HP films too, i got mixed reviews from friends/family members about this one. I wont ask your opinion as I can see it is a bit on the bias side, and I expected as much ricky :) To me, thats just Damiel being Daniel about any bad movie he has seen. I’ve seen him on here say a lot worse about movies that he didn’t like.

              • LOL I didnt bash it that much i thought it was overhyped etc,but i didnt say i rolled my eyes and all that crap.

                • You actually said it sucked every time you talked about it LOL. No worries there bud. :)

                  • Yes because to me it sucked. BUT i also said good stuff about it…

                    • LOL ok “whatevs” :)

                    • LOL ;)

            • Thats kind of sad Ricky. I’ve seen far worse on this site toward alot of films and I’ve actually seen you insult films openly on here many times so your comment is actually a blatant lie, but no worries.

              Still Ricky I like you usually man, but you need thicker skin if your insulted that I don’t like a movie. I never insulted you once just a movie.

              Anthony insults my all time fave movie all the time I don’t throw a fit or get offended.

              • LOL it goes back and forth, I mean jus because someone doesn’t like a movies and someone else does it doesn’t make it a bad film, just differnet tastes. I watched Percy Jackson tonight, and i liked it a lot, was it a good film, maybe not, but I enjoyed it.

                • Well,daniel you know how much i LOVE the series,and it hurts me when ppl say stuff like that. Just like if someone bashed batman how would you feel then??

                  • I’ve seen Daniel shut people up here about Batman, LOL

                    • LOL i cant imagine it….

                  • Meh I’d be bothered, but I wouldn’t be personally offended by it I’d just think they have bad taste no big.

                    I’m not going to censor my self when it comes to Harry simply because your a fan.

                    Don’t tell me if I paid attention or read the books i’d like it. This may be a shock, but not everyone likes the same things Ricky I’d tell you the reasons why I don’t like it and never could, but I wouldn’t want to personally offend you because apparently Daniel Radcliff lives under your bed or something. I have my reasons why I hate Harry Potter and think the films are awful. I happen to love my gf so I took her to see it, and I tend to comment on films that i’ve seen and I wasn’t going to pretend I liked it for you so I gave my honest opinion. I enjoyed Percy Jackson, but I saw you say worse about it than I did about Harry Potter yet I didn’t throw a fit. Then again I’m an adult.

                    • “Then again im an adult”

                      I see so that shouldnt be offending at all?? Saying im NOT an adult and a mere child? Dont say thats not what you meant do not lie! Anyways,I know ppl dont like the same things and thats good. BUT i think i know why you DONT like it. Could it be perhaps for religious purposes? Ah i dont care just do what you want im done. Like what you want watevs,just dont flame-bait…

                    • Actually Ricky it has nothing to do with god or anything like that I’m actually atheist I don’t believe in god so magic doesn’t bother me.

                • Anthony I liked Percy Jackson as well wasn’t great, but leaps and bounds better than Clash of the Titans which was suppose to be for adults.

                  • I dont know if i should argue with that…*sigh* ill just let it be. ;)

          • Umm actually no there shouldn’t be anyone on earth who considers it an insult. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with people who like or watch it I simply said that I don’t understand how they do. I didn’t call them a bad name for it or even insult their intelligence I simply expressed that I don’t get it. There is nothing insulting about that at all it goes against the definition of an insult.

              • They probably aren’t the types of books he reads, much less the type of movies he watches, he did it for his GF.

                • I know. Thats exactly why he will never truly understand me.

                  • Best thing you can do is just not get him to try dude, I dont know how else to say it.

                    • i wont waste my time :D but thank god youre reading them ants,i know me telling you makes you NOT read them but LOL that makes me crack up :D

                    • I catch enough hell from my GF to hear it from you….

                    • your GF is COOL! :)

                • Anthony My GF is a fan, but even she didn’t really enjoy this movie. She said it felt like nothing really happened in the entire film it was just a build up to the next film. The ending felt more like it should of been followed by a “Next Week ON Harry Potter” Than it was an actual end of a movie. Just don’t get your hopes up to much. I’m not saying take my word for it cause I think they all suck, but she liked all the other films and thought this was the worst by far just because nothing happened really. Mostly it’s Harry and the gang runs from monster looking dude for 2 and a half hours. She kept asking me what time it was and how long it was suppose to be.

                  You seem more like a moderate fan like my GF so I don’t think it will be much better for you. Seems mostly that it’s loved by the hardcore potter fans who would love anything with the name attached to it.

                  I think the directed was pretty decent though if it was a different story that had nothing to do with Harry Potter I might enjoy some of his work.

                  • Um,Harrys searching for the horcruxes. Thats the main PLOT lol :D

                  • I’ll read the books, my taste in reading is very vast. Hell, two of my favorite authors, Barker and King wrote stories for kids at some point, and they were really good books. Barker: The Thief of Always. King: The Eyes of the Dragon. Both excellant reads.

            • well i guess we have a different definition of the word insult then.

              if you didnt mean it too, it did come off as condescending, at least to me it did

              • Ben that’s hardly my problem that you don’t know what an insult is.

                  • yes everyones different lol ;)

                    • lol yup :) cant wait to see this wednesday lol im going to the imax :D

                      i know what happens but it looks awesome lol

                    • LOL ben,ive never been to imax before so i must go soon :D

                    • change of plans…going friday or saturday now :( but now seeing it in imax with my church youth group :D

          • Meh vic I’m just trashing a film I didn’t like it happens on here all the time I’m not the only person who does this and this isn’t even the worst example of it happening either. People have said far worse about other movies on this site so I fail to see how it’s an issue here. It seems that either it’s simply because it’s me saying it that you jump on it or because i’m saying it about Harry Potter. As I said I’m not the only person who insults films on here in fact I’ve seen you insult films as well and this is no where near the worst thing ever said about a film on Screen rant. Look at just about any movie discussion there is usually another poster saying something just as bad or even worse. Look at it when people talk about Wolverine or Ghost Rider hell look at how people talk about Spiderman now. I imagine that people who liked Wolverine hate it when they see some one bash Wolverine, but no one steps in and tells them they crossed some sort of line.

            Maybe to you it wasn’t just as bad as The Happening, but to me it was pretty darn close.

            • Daniel,Vic cant be here 24/7 he misses most comments. He tries to handle these things. And ive seen him step in as well,many times its not just you man….

  19. Saw it last night and as one of those casual observers, did not feel unsatisfied. Eagerly waiting the conclusiong but it set up so much for the end. Good flick and left me waiting more.

    • LOL yes ofcourse WE WANT MORE DAMMT!

      • That’s what Part 2 will be for. Watch your mouth Ricky! What would your mother say?!? :D

        • HAHA if i said something very naughty they would delete the comment thankfully i havent :D

  20. Call me lazy but I was just going through Chapter 23 “Malfoy’s Manor’ When I stumbled on this page , Its good to know that this was the End of Part 1.

    Still to see what David Yates made out of it. Loved his work as always :)

    and yeah Nice Teasing review :)

  21. I think I will wait until I can see both parts on cable back to back.
    That way I wont see half a story.

  22. If there is ever a chance to see parts 1 and 2 back to back in a theatre, I might do that,
    But I am not jazzed about seeing them seperately .

    • Did you do that with the Lord of the Rings movies as well? That must have been a long viewing party if you watched the whole nine hour epic straight through…

      • Well,i know how you feel thats how i felt with OOTP the first time i saw it.

  23. well i loved the movie. but i also am a die hard fan. my dad on the other hand fell asleep and drowned out the movie with his snoring…. :(

    • yes tyler my dad did as well and i payed for his entrance ugh. Oh well,my mom liked it,she said it was good :D

  24. I very much enjoyed the film and thought its quieter moments were beautifully done. I loved the action scenes when they happened, though they were a tad bit hyper-kinetic. Also, I thought the split-point was perfect, because it sets up Part II with a great deal of anticipatory suspense. I look forward to seeing the film at least once more and am looking even more forward to seeing Part II.

    Oh, and just to throw this in…The “Green Lantern” trailer was fantastic.

    • PART 2 will be the best HP film ever.

  25. I have to say, being a huge HP fan from the start, I absolutely loved this movie. One has to remember that this part of the story is a kind of calm before the storm event. It’s the inhale before the final plunge into the epic that will be Part 2. That being said, this movie is more suspense than anything, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It really captured the idea that all these characters are on an impending doom starting from the very first scenes, and building all the way up till the end of the movie. If you want action, go see part 2, there will be plenty of it.

    Yates has really taken the gripes about the previous two films and tidied them up for this one. My number one complaint about Yates in the past was, as dumb as it sounds, his humor. Movies 5 and 6 both had terrible, corny, overdone attempts at humor that alienated the characters and took away from the actual story, but with this movie, there is a much better balance of humor, that to me, didn’t feel overdone or blatantly obvious.

    Yates also had a nasty habit of adding scenes that were meant to enhance some kind of character relationship (i.e. the burning burrow scene in HP6) but always seemed to fall short in establishing what they were meant to. In this film, I felt the scenes that were added, actually did help add to the characters, or the suspense, or the emotion of it all.
    In the previous two movies, I couldn’t hate Yates just because even with all the things that made me cringe, there were scenes that were done so well that it would make me temporarily forget the other terrible ones. Scenes like Dumbledore’s duel with Voldemort in HP5 and both the bathroom scene with Draco and the black lake in HP6 are scenes that were beautifully done. At least in my opinion. But anyway, the point I’m making with this was that in HP7 Part 1, there were SO many of those scenes that were done really well. (That horcrux scene blew my effing mind.)

    Also, as an added bounus, the three main character’s acting is SO much better. Thank god.

    Of course no film made from a book is perfect, I have gripes about this movie as anyone else, but the good outways the bad to the extent of where I feel it would be pointless to put down my gripes.

    Also, I really don’t care if people who have never read the books are confused, that’s their problem. If you’re gonna complain about being confused and yet not take the time out of your day to read the actual story, frankly, your opinion isn’t worth it to me.

    This is the best movie in the series by far. Columbus did a great job introducing the characters and the magic of the HP world, but I would agree, after him it was time for these movies to take a darker turn. Cuaron accomplished this in HP3, unfortunately, that is my least favorite book and so I cannot thoroughly enjoy that movie. Newell was terrible, the only part of HP4 that I liked was the graveyard scene. When I first saw HP5 I thought it was refreshing that Yates stuck so closely to the book, which he might’ve strayed away from in HP6, but none the less, the fifth book is my favorite, therefore, YES, I actually enjoyed the 5th movie. HP6 had some improvements from HP5, but still, after seeing HP7 Part 1, I have to say I am thrilled with how Yates handled it and am anxiously awaiting Part 2.

  26. Honestly, TA, i can’t come up with as much to say about it. It was too awesome. I will say this, I was highly pleased with the films scope. And I think, if the rest of the series was done like this, the world would be a better place.

    Or, at least, the graveyard in Goblet of Fire wouldn’t have looked like the model town from Beetlejuice.

    • Ha, agreed. This movie definitely had a sense of general epicness that all the others were missing.

      • General epicness is right. And to be honest, I’m actually surprised by the number of negative reviews I’ve been seeing, many critics stating that, “they didn’t understand the plot,” or “the story dragged in the middle.” My favorite though, by far, are the critics that said they couldn’t understand the dialogue. Because of their accents.

        Yep. They actually said that.

        • Wow. Just. Wow, lol, I don’t even know what to do with that. And yeah, I basically have ditched critics by now. After I read about Roger Ebert loving Avatar and bashing Howl’s Moving Castle, I was just like “Yep. I’m done.” Like I said, if you can’t take the time to read the books, your opinions aren’t worth it, cause duh you’re not going to enjoy it as much who have made HP a part of our lives.

        • There was certainly some epic moments but I found myself unsatisfied and bored in the end.

          • Well I LOVED IT,ive seen it 4 times,i love it each time more and more….

          • I 100% agree with that. Visually it was fantastic but it was also a bit boring.

  27. I felt this movie shouldn’t have followed the books as much as it did. The key moments could have been done in 20 minutes and added to Part 2 to form one complete movie with less wait-time or drawn out scenes.

    I felt bored during a lot of Part 1.

    • What’s interesting is that most of the naysayers complain the films are too different from the books.

      • ROB

        in what scenes were you bored??