It’s summer movie time and so that means studios are cranking out promo materials for their summer films. With the recent announcement that Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince is going to suffer a two-week delay between its initial theatrical release and its IMAX release, Warner Bros. has been working EXTRA hard, trying to fill those theater seats.

Today’s Harry Potter swag-grab-bag includes five new character posters for Half-Blood Prince; each one features different characters, posed in a manner that is supposed to give some clue as to their arch in the film. Check them out:

Malfoy is ready to play for team evil

Harry and Ginny Weasley in love

Ron Weasley is finally poking his chest out

Hermione looks concerned, as usual

Luna Lovegood promoting Harry Potter in IMAX 3D

Like the previous character posters for The Half-Blood Prince, I like how these new posters feature the characters we’ve come to know and love, while simultaneously providing little visual clues as to what we can expect from and for them in the next installment.

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince hits theaters on July 15, 2009. Let us know what you thought of the new posters.

Source: Latino Review