Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

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Harrison Ford Han Solo Star Wars Episode 7 Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

Star Wars fans had a lot of questions when it was first announced that Disney was set to purchase Lucasfilm – with the intention of producing an entirely new trilogy in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. However, one of the biggest questions surrounding the future of Star Wars is where the story would go in Episodes 7-9. Would the new films continue the narrative established in the original six installments and bring back fan-favorite actors (now 30 years older) to reprise their characters or would Lucasfilm clean the slate and center the trilogy around entirely new faces?

Now, we’re getting unofficial word that Harrison Ford has signed-on to reprise his role as Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode 7 – lending credence to hopes that the film will directly continue storylines from the prior trilogy – while introducing new characters too. Of course, if the rumor turns out to be true, it would likely mean that other high-profile casting announcements are also in the pipeline.

Now that director J.J. Abrams is officially helming Episode 7, Star Wars-related rumors and reports are at an all-time high. Joining the chorus of unconfirmed reports on the production, Latino Review took to the Fox News Latino airwaves and announced that, according to their sources, Harrison Ford has officially signed-on for a “significant” appearance as Han Solo in Episode 7. Not entirely a big surprise, given that Ford has previously stated he’d be open to returning – if the story would allow for it. When pressed for further information, Latino Review admitted that there scoop was limited to the signing of Han Solo and anything beyond the casting itself would purely be speculation at this point. Latino Review has a relatively successful record with their scoops – so there’s more than enough reason to believe that there’s at least some truth to the report.

Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars 7 Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

So what role will Han Solo play in Michael Arndt’s upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7 story? Assuming that use of the word “significant” was deliberate (and accurate), it’s safe to say that Harrison Ford won’t just appear in a flashback or be viewable shooting a Rodian (first) in the background of a future cantina scene. Where Lucasfilm intends to take the character down the line (for Episodes 8 and 9) is still up in the air but, for Episode 7, it’s pretty safe to say that Ford will have a central role – especially if the film deals in some way with Han Solo and Princess Leia’s children (Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo) as many have speculated.

A lot of fan-favorite Star Wars Extended Universe fiction centers around the Solo children – which, keep in mind, have Anakin Skywalker’s “Midichlorian Approved” bloodline running through their veins. Even if Episode 7 doesn’t directly follow any one specific Extended Universe storyline (i.e. possible female protagonist – aka Jaina), the young Solos could serve as a smart jumping off point for a new trilogy – not to mention provide an excuse for the return of other familiar faces: their mother, Leia (Carrie Fisher), Jedi Master Uncle Luke (Mark Hamill), and Wookie Uncle Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew).

Early reports of the Disney purchase indicated George Lucas sat down with Fisher and Hamill ahead of the final acquisition – mentioning the possibility of Episode 7, 8, and 9. This led many fans and industry insiders to speculate that he might have been putting out feelers to see if they’d be open to returning. As a result, the Han Solo rumor (and possible story implications) makes all the more sense.

Jaina Solo Star Wars Episode 7 Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo in ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′?

Of course, this isn’t the only Han Solo-related report that we’ve heard in the last few weeks. Disney has confirmed that in addition to the core trilogy event films, we’ll also be seeing regular standalone movies set in the Star Wars universe – with spin-offs possibly involving Boba Fett, Yoda, and a Seven Samurai-like Jedi movie from Zack Snyder. A Han Solo standalone film (a prequel) was also mentioned and has quickly become the most talked about option among fans who are eager to see the smuggler’s early days – or at the very least, see him make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

Harrison Ford in Star Wars: Episode 7 is a strong probability but Lucasfilm has yet to officially announce the casting. So, as with all unconfirmed reports, take this news with grain of salt for now.


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Star Wars Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Meh. It will never be the same again. The Star Wars we loved is gone for good. This is a cash cow being milked for all it’s worth by corporate suits with no soul. It’s like your high school sweetheart grew up and became a stripper.

    • and Empire and Jedi weren’t made to cash in from the success of the original?

      • No, genius. They were written by one guy as one story from one well of inspiration. These are being written by Hollywood hack screenwriters who hold nothing but money sacred.

        • Says you. And you are who exactly? That’s right nobody. The fans want it so the demand is there. Now the properties are at a place where they can be done instead of teased. Millions of fans are happy about this me included. Lawrence kasden and Michael ardant are anything but hack writers. I’ll be fine knowing people like you won’t be going.

          • Etrigan, Jak, and Cyborg6971… Great comments all around. This debate is the ‘core issue’ of what concerns me about the Disney acquisition and the announcement of post-quels (more so than say the standalone films). The more I watch them, the more I like the prequel trilogy. So much of the venom directed at them seems to come from fans who were disappointed based on expectations for what they wanted to see out of more ‘Star Wars movies’. Looking at the six films as a cohesive mythic arc they really are great cinema/literature (despite flaws in any/all of them). I’ve been a proud Jedi Mousketeer for years now so I was a huge fan of the acquisition and having Abrams, Kasden, and Ardent onboard only further reassure me. However, so much of the excitement around things like the possibility of the return of E IV-VI characters/actors seems to center on debate about what the fans hated about other installments and hope to see out of these movies in order for them to be considered good. I’m a Disneymaniac but I’m not an apologist for the profit-driven corporate machine that they’ve become. My greatest fear is that what is arguably one of the greatest myth systems of the past 2000 years (starting in the mind of a single myth-maker) is about to be sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed in the name of creating a “blockbuster” that will live up to fan demands. I’m one of those fans that has been expecting a nine film story arc since it was first hinted at back around the time of Empire. So long as they keep the ‘numbered’ installments going I hope that the film makers keep ‘the mythology’ in mind. After that I hope that there is no Star Wars X or XI etc. I’m fine with the stand alone films for fan favorites. If anything I think that those are the vehicles to pander to the demands of the ranting masses. However, I personally believe that the true promise of the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm lies in a future where stories are told in the galaxy far far away that have nothing to do with the Skywalker family.

            • I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been wanting the finalogy to come sooner rather than not at all. Ever since reading about the full scope in bantha tracks the old fan club letter. Lucas was dragging his feet for so long at least now we get something.

              • Bantha Tracks :-)* Nine films with only the droids remaining constant. I just hope that these three new films fulfill the original Lucas promise rather than trying to start something new and different for its own sake. If so, all of the castings of the E IV-VI primaries as their older selves (enabling another generational jump like between E III and E IV) makes perfect sense and this trilogy will be about “reestablishing order” and “passing on what they have learned” to a new generation thereby restarting the cycle that eventually leads the galaxy far far away to a world like that of Episode I which is ripe for its own breakdown and reset.

            • Don’t underestimate the true depth of disappointment in the prequels. Dismissing it as “people who are just upset that they weren’t like the original films” is not comprehending all of it.

              • I don’t underestimate the depth of disappointment in the prequel trilogy any more than I underestimate the power of the dark side… I just seek to redeem them by searching out the good in them. But I will admit that my original comments do somewhat oversimplify the situation.

                • Well said, man. – I seek to redeem them by searching out the good in them…I do the same in almost all movies I watch. I watch to enjoy, not to nit pick and look for every fault or missed expectation. It’s there in everything if you want it, or you can choose to find the positive. Too many focus on negative. I enjoy many more movies and things in life in general this way. Jar jar, wooden acting and etc are not enough to keep me from enjoying just watching the prequels

            • Sorry but Jar Jar, absolutely horrible actors such as Anakin and things like killing off the mystique of the force with midiclorians are the re4ason why many of the fans hate the prequels.

            • potentialKEN kisselman,
              I think Abrams is the right man for star wars (and the absolute wrong man for star trek, but that’s another debate). Meaning I agree with you. and it’s never too late to continue story lines, especially with original writers and actors, I agree there too. I will see it in the theater (and I rarely go to the movies-I have a projector in my room). In fact, I have never owned star wars movies until the blue ray 6 movies came out. I can’t say why, exactly, but I know that now is the right time. My only regret is that I bought now, meaning not so long before I bought these came the announcement of these new movies, which yes, of course, I will buy. I just wish I could own everything in one complete set without shedding out the bucks time and again.
              I’m sure everyone understands and those who don’t, well, so…

              anyway, you’ve expressed all my thoughts. I guess there is nothing more to say except I hope everything comes to fruition while I’m able to enjoy it.

          • You need both anger therapy and good manners training.

            • Look at you comment above. Your the one who needs some manners.

          • I agree with the OP – its all a cash grab now, the magic is gone and those foolish enough to think otherwise are delusional, the same kind of geniuses that keep buy re-released editions of the trilogy over and over again, Lucas knew he could milk you all forever and now Disney will do the same – CONGRATS!

            • Exactly. Lucas created Star Wars as a young man fascinated by Sci-fi and Japanese Samurai. That youthful romance and wonder is what created the magic. These new films will be created by cynical, calculating money men looking to milk a cash cow for all it’s worth.

              • @”These new films will be created by cynical, calculating money men looking to milk a cash cow for all it’s worth.”

                No offence, but most, if not all movies are made by “cynical, calculating money men/women”. just saying.

                • ghost,
                  just agreeing too. but hey, sometimes things work out. I’m pretty happy this is happening. I just hope it really does.

              • Etrigan, people like you clearly don’t get that people always want to make money. If you owned Star Wars, you would do the same exact thing if it means more money. So stop being a whiner and don’t watch the movies if you don’t it to make money.

          • Cyborg6971 you are really rude !
            How can you call him a Nobody ? He is somebody and he has a right to offer his opinion ! And to that he has even a point and is right !

            He is one of the fans,same as here since my childhood.
            Could say the same “Who are you to tell as who we are ?”
            A nobody as well ?

            We are all somebody and we all share and care about this,thats why we came here and comment !

            Wish you a nice day,and please get some manners and don’t talk down on people!


            • Not everyone is special so stop acting like all opinions matter.

        • ESB and ROTJ weren’t written by one man. They had other “hack screenwriters” (Kasdan )writing the bulk of them moreso than Lucas. That’s why they are better.(at least ESB) And the fact that he didn’t direct them.

          He got lucky with the first one. Although it did have a great build up, but the rest was very basic. The designers, artists, special effect artists, modelmakers and film score helped elevate “Star Wars” to being more than it really was. Lucas got very lucky, and was shrewd enough to get total merchandising rights.

          • He didn’t even write the first one all on his own. He’s the only credited screenwriter, but I can assure you, if it wasn’t for Lucas having some talented friends (Coppola, Spielberg, his ex-wife Maria) the script for Star Wars would have been just as nonsensical as the prequel trilogy was.

            Here are some well-documented rejected ideas from early drafts on “The Star Wars”. Han Solo was originally a goofy green-skinned alien. Luke was originally a dwarf. C-3PO was originally a sleazy car-salesman-like character. Lucas really wanted to save the Death Star for the sequel, which left early drafts of the script without a central conflict other than “Save the princess.” Early drafts were described by Coppola and Spielberg as “incoherent” and “confusing.” Those of you who are intrigued by this should check out “The Secret History of Star Wars”. Most (if not all) of this is covered in that book.

            I’m not trying to under-value Lucas’s contributions to his own film. Obviously the movie would not be what it is without him. But Lucas didn’t lose his talent over the twenty years between films. He just went from working as a key part of a talented team, to working alone.

        • The original trilogy is not gone. You can dust off your old video cassettes and watch them any time you like.

    • I agree, SW is burned out. It’s not like Star Trek, which relates more to us and can keep on going. It’s like trying to keep Lord of the Rings going.

      • How is Star Wars burned out? It still makes billions of dollars every year.

    • Scotch

  2. somethin tells me he will be old and cranky.
    I think they should stay away from the old cast unless they are just cameos.

  3. So does this mean chewbacca is back??? *HHHUUUURRRR*

    • if hes not dead in this film then wookies are immortal.

  4. Awesome news!! Disney is absolutely doing things right. These new films are going to be amazing!! Star Wars is in good hands with Disney. I can’t wait!!

  5. So Shia Lebouf will play his and Leia’s son? Hehe.

    • No he will play Chewbacca ! The King of Apes !

    • Hope grumpy old man Han is better than grumpy old man Indy.

  6. Would be great news to have him and the others on board !
    Its like a family reunion after so many years …just awesome !

    But reading Lucasfilm all the time,its Disney ! And Disney…can really be a scary thought in connection with star wars !

    • Disney are a much better partner than many other companies and angry fanboys.

  7. Fantastic news. A significantly condensed version of the nine part Legacy Force saga should be the basis for Episodes VII-IX.

  8. Can SR look into your spam filter? I am having comments blocked and getting a message they are spam. Frustrating.

    • I actually don’t see any comments from your handle in the spam or pending comments.

      Is this a regular thing or just today? Might be a glitch – especially since this comment thread posted correctly.

      • It’s the second time this has happened. I take the time to wrote a long comment, and when I click submit, I get the error message saying ‘Your comment looks like spam and has been rejected’ or something like that. And it is very frustrating because the comment is lost completely, and even the back button doesn’t work.

        You need to tweak something in your filter. the comments didn’t even have URL links or anything that could be remotely considered to be spam. Maybe it just filters out comments longer than a certain word limit?

  9. I hope he isn’t in this. JJ Abrams should start fresh with new characters, and ignore the Skywalker storyline. Or at least have a Skywalker that isn’t Luke or Anakin, but maybe a descendant.

    • I disagree… the Skywalker storyline is the essence of Star Wars… they are after all… the Midichlorian Chosen Ones.

      I think it’s fine they have some continuity between the 2nd Trilogy and this one, so old fans and new fans alike have something to look forward to.

      And to be clear, I hated that whole midichlorian immaculate conception concept… should have went all the way and just named him Jesus Anakin Skywalker… bleh.

      • I agree with you Nerd. These movies need to pick up where Jedi left off. The entire saga has been based around the Skywalkers and such.

      • How dare you even mention that midichlorian nonsense. That space fungus was an awful idea. (^-^)

    • A Kyle Katarn stand alone film would be awesome.

  10. Awesome!! I can’t wait to see the falcon return to the big screen :D

    • +1. I hope it is the first ship we see after the opening credits role

    • Oooh, the thought of the Millennium Falcon returning never even crossed my mind till you mentioned it!
      It’ll be amazing to see it again, and with the higher production values, it should be epic!

      • (Not that the original version wasn’t epic though. You know what I meant ;))

        • Except that it’ll be all CG, and millions of fans will cry out that it’s not some model being green screened (despite it looking 10X better).

    • Haha good one Jeff.

    • Two Leias for the price of one.

  11. I hope the new star wars does not turn into a circlejerk of cameos and such of old cast members.

  12. Has everyone forgotten that Marvel is owned by Disney and they have been responsible for the best blockbusters since Star Wars ? And that Lucasfilm is in control of this trilogy ? And that JJ Abrams revived a dead franchise in Star Trek ? I don’ t think things could be going any better than they are right now !!!!

    • Blockbuster =/= good movie. I watched The Avengers and wasn’t impressed. It certainly didn’t live up to the magic of the comic books that inspired them. Nice afternoon popcorn entertainment, that’s all.

      • Agree about blockbusters =/= good movies. The prime achievement of the Avengers was that Joss Whedon managed to juggle everything and still arrive at an entertaining, enjoyable end product. And that it was.

        I love the fact that Marvel is giving us so much action on the screen, but I don’t think that they’ve given us “the best blockbusters since Star Wars.”

      • Jeez what is wrong with watching entertainment? Sounds like you don’t like to have fun.

  13. If Harrison Ford does rear his iconic head in the next Star Wars film, he had better show up as the Han from the first two films, and not the “mailing it in” ham from Return of the Jedi.

  14. I just hope they bring back my favorite character of all time…Jar Jar Binks >:)

    • What are you brainless?!

    • They are either kidding or like 8 so give them a break.

  15. Han Luke and Leia have to at least be in Episode VII so that Luke can train his niece and nephew and set up the Jedi Academy per Yoda’s dying wish – “Pass on what you have learned”. then the story can focus on the new Jedi and let Han Luke and Leia fade out of the series.


  17. Sweet. Maybe they’ll use your Battleship theory from the podcast Ben and it will be old Han Solo and other grizzled pilot veterans taking on a Death Star 3 or something.

  18. “and Wookie Uncle Chewbacca “???????


    I the continuity is good, & I love Ford, but after his last few outings, can the guy still bring it? I’m thinking it’s going to depend on the rolls they give him. If its central (think Crystal Skulls), forget it. The bomb changed my whole perception of Indy. But if it’s background stuff, he might do well. As much as I love the guy, he can’t carry a movie any more.

    I think J.J. is smart enough to see this, and will act wisely here with Ford. Star Wars is in good hands at Disney, and I look forward to many many new movies, for many many years.

    • Maybe Ford/Hammill/Fisher will appear in a similar capacity to Leonard Nimoy in the last Star Trek film. That would work, but also fuel fan paranoia about JJ bringing the two franchises into essentially the same working model.

    • Thats because he wanted Han to die in Empire

    • Thats because he wanted Han to die in Empire.

  19. I really hope Disney takes the same approach to the Star Wars sequels as Marvel does with it’s movies. You don’t need to just throw out the expanded universe whole-cloth. Instead, you take what works, throw out what doesn’t, and use what you took to craft a new, better story. I’m honestly not that big a fan of most of the EU, but I dunno, it’d come across as incredibly arrogant on Michael Arndt’s part if he thinks he can do a better job than 20 years worth of authors and comic-book writers did.

    Take Jaina, for example. She’s probably the only EU character I legitimately like, and it’d be a shame to see her written out of existence. That said, I’m not nearly as big a fan of Jacen or Anakin (Solo). They even had the audacity to make Jacen go darkside. If I was Arndt, I’d bring in Jaina, but probably leave out Jacen and definitely leave out Anakin.

    Disney is probably against the idea, but I think Jaina would make a good protagonist for the new trilogy. While Star Wars has always been a “boys franchise”, the movies really need a strong female character in them. Leia and Padme are both of the close-but-no-cigar variety. Jaina’s a pilot, and a Jedi, and so her relationship with her uncle Luke, who should be her mentor, just works. And I’m kind of against Luke having a whole Jedi Order under his belt. I want to see no more than three lightsabers in this next movie: Luke’s, Jaina’s (or whoever is the lead), and the villain’s (because it’s not Star Wars without a third act saber battle). I don’t want the new trilogy littered with Jedi the same way the prequel trilogy was, even if it makes sense for Luke to try and train as many Jedi as he can.

    Chewbacca, being as long-lived as he is (and NOT having been crushed under a planet), would move his life-debt away from Han to Jaina, and sort of be her protector, even if she doesn’t really need it. Then 3PO and R2-D2 find themselves pulled along for another adventure, as well. You round out the team with a male character, probably a new one, to act as the dashing rogue and eventual love interest, and maybe, just maybe, work in another new alien for the kids, and you’ve got your new cast all worked out.

    As for Han and Leia, they need to be high-ranking leaders in the New Republic, and not be involved in any real action. I can buy an Old Luke going around swinging his lightsaber, because there’s so many examples of old Jedi who can still handle themselves in a fight. But I can’t really buy a 70 year old Han Solo running around with a blaster shooting Stormtroopers.

    • A lot of the EU authors are hacks.

  20. Knowing abram’s hr’ll make solo sacrifice himself to safe his kid or something.

  21. Star Wars has sucked for over 30 years
    All the prequels sucked
    The trilogy enhanced sucked
    And well over half of Return of the Jedi sucked
    I really hope they make this right

    • You didn’t like the Ewoks? do you even have a heart?

  22. You mean there will be no Anakin whining about sand and how it gets into everything?

    • Drew,
      Anakin is really George Costanza?

  23. Yeah you know it’s funny as much as we love Star Wars and love its greatness it really honestly has not been good at all for more than 30 years since Empire

    • The break down is this:

      Episode 1: (+10%) (-90%)
      Episode 2: (+60%) (-40%)
      Episode 3: (+80%) (-20%)
      Episode 4: (+100%)
      Episode 5: (+110%)
      Episode 6: (+70%) (-30)

      The plus is at @ a 371 average
      The minus is @ a 157 average

      Sure I’m drunk, yes I live with my mother, and no I am not a magician but the numbers don’t lie. And yes, this math makes no sense however I disprove your angst & doubt with a swift rift at your commentary that Star Wars has sucked for 30 years. It has never sucked.

      If you will excuse me I plan on finishing this bottle of Jim Bean and will proceed to bang this BBW I am having over tonight.

      Good day to you sir…

      • Hahahaha!

      • Being 42 years old and one of those rare beings who saw the original Star Wars in the theater in 1977, it really bothers me when someone announces Star Wars has sucked for however many years. I read Timothy Zahn’s trilogy in 1991 and was excited there was finally new (and great) Star Wars stories. I drove with a friend to the first Star Wars Celebration in Denver before the prequels. I stood in line with my dad to get advance tickets to Episode One, even though it wasn’t really necessary.
        Oh, and I LIKED the prequels! If you ask me to choose, then I will always go with the original trilogy as my favorite. I’m not someone who likes anything that is Star Wars (the holiday special from 1978 is pretty horrible, but it IS fun to see how awful it is) but I would agree that Star Wars has never sucked!

    • I guess Star Wars sucks because it still makes billions of dollars *rolls eyes*

  24. I’ll give it a chance, if it new cast or the original cast with new additions, I think it will be fun and fresh J.J. Abrams is a good director and story teller, so I think it will be fine…

  25. I so so hope the whole original cast returns. Without all of them I know the kick start of the new Star Wars era will suck.

    I hope to hell it knocks Avatar and Titanic off the charts for good. Screw those films.

    May the dorks be with you…

  26. I just remember how old Harrison looked in the last horrible Indiana Jones. I think he’s great, but having an old Han Solo stumbling around with a cane isn’t what I want to see. I’d rather remember him for the young swashbuckling rogue he always was. It may sound great on the surface but having him show up in Episode 7 would be a bad idea. What if they end up killing him off? I hope they don’t obviously, but they could. No one wants to see that either.

  27. isn’t Ford getting kind of geriatric these days?