Harrison Ford & Karen Allen Talk Indiana Jones 5

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harrison indiana jones Harrison Ford & Karen Allen Talk Indiana Jones 5

Despite the mixed critical reception for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the film made more than enough money ($786 million worldwide) to warrant immediate talk of a sequel. Up to this point, however, we haven’t heard anything definitive about the movie, besides the usual “we’re working on it” talk.

While in France recently for the Deauville Film Festival, Harrison Ford added to this “maybe yes, maybe no” trend when he spoke with Le Figaro magazine on the possibility of donning the fedora and whip for Indiana Jones 5. According to Ford, it all depends on the script.

“The story for the new Indiana Jones is in the process of taking form…Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.”

Karen Allen, who plays Indy’s longtime love Marion Ravenwood, seemed somewhat more assured during a panel discussion at Dragon Con in Atlanta. In the video below, which comes our way courtesy of /Film, Allen says that Indy 5 will come out in the summer of 2012.

While Allen’s remarks are a bit suspect (to what “official announcement” is she referring?), it is interesting to hear that production might begin as soon as 2011. I wonder just how far along the actual script is.

At 67 years young, Harrison Ford still makes a pretty convincing action hero. Nevertheless, I just can’t imagine what a fifth Indy movie would look like (and this is coming from someone who actually liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). One possibility is to have Shia LaBeouf’s character, Mutt Williams, step out from the stubbled shadow of his famous father. Unfortunately, the end of Crystal Skull (Indy snatching his hat away from Mutt as he walks out of the church) seemed to dismiss this possibility outright. Plus, while LaBeouf’s value in Hollywood is sky high thanks to Transformers, I have a feeling that hardcore Indy fans will be reticent to see the torch passed just yet

What do you think about the news on Indy 5? If there were a sequel, would you like to see it focus on Indy or Mutt?

Source: /Film and FOX News

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  1. I want a grown-up Shortround.

  2. “and George is actively at work.”


    lol, I second for a grown up short round.

    • yes!

  3. what the hell are you talking about screenrant, indy 5 was good, it didn’t screw up

  4. Well they finally found a McGuffin good for them. It isn’t Noah’s ark is it? :) Maybe its Indiana’s retirement nest egg. 8-0

  5. I couldn’t care less whether Indy5 is about Mutt, Indy or My Pet Goat. Indy4 was a total piece of crap and as much as I’d love to see more of Karen Allen, I won’t be giving up my $10.50 to see a sequel.

  6. Indy AND Mutt… I really loved their dynamic in the KotCS and I really hope they do make another one…

  7. I enjoyed the last film but this headline sounds like a threat to me.

  8. I am all for another Indy movie! I am so not ready for the torch to be passed to Mutt yet, but it would be cool if there is a bit of mentoring going on. You know, the whole father showing his kid the ropes thing.

  9. I hope they come up with a good story and I wish them luck.

  10. I hope that Mutt is killed off.

  11. I hated the Mutt character, i wanted to punch him in his smug face while watching Indy 4

  12. YES! I HATE Shia Labeouf. I was so pissed when I found out he was going to be in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. If another Indy movie is made please leave that peon out of it will ya Spielberg? Him and transformers are the worst ever!

    • agreed

  13. I think they found a pretty good formula in Indy 4 that I would like see repeated. There was a great chemistry between Harrison and Shia. And no matter what the “real” fans think of Shia, it’s quite clear that he makes it easier for them to sell the product at this point.

    They obviously won’t repeat the alien story, which will make a lot of people happy. But I think they easily could put more focus back on Indy, since he is the main character, and Mutt is just a side-kick. There is a lot that Indy could have done in Indy 4 that was left for Mutt, and that is ok in one movie. To establish the character. But I think it has to be changed back in the next one. Indy has to be the coolest guy on the show, or it won’t work.

    I personally think they also should go in a more realistic direction next time, like in Temple Of Doom. Something that ends up with a real fight at the end. The only let-down in Indy IV, for me, was the fact that there was nobody to fight at the end. Indy didn’t save the day, ’cause there wasn’t a day to save. But it was kind of the same way in no. 1 and 3 too. The supernatural aspect took over and killed the bad guys itself.

  14. I was very surprised to see that many people disliked Indy 4. I actually thought it was pretty good but I will say thet there were many, many far-fetched and ridiculous scenes. Shia swinging with the monkeys, Harrison escaping a nuclear explosion in a fridge, and several over the top fight scenes. I mean some of that stuff did look cool but even I was like this is over the top. But take that out an dthe story was actually very good and I definately felt the Indy vibe in the film.
    Taking that into consideration, I DONT think they should make another Indy film, or at least if they do, leave out Harrison.
    I liked the way the last one ended, much like in the last Crusdae where we saw an end to Indy’s young life, in Crystal Skull we see a beginning and an end to Indy’s old life. He finds out that he has a kid, he reunites with his former love, he gets promoted to Ass dean at his university, and he gets married at the very end. To me all this seems like closure, Indy’s story is done and told, move on. Harrison, Lucas, and Spielberg def have the money so I dont know why tyhey want to ruin this franchise.
    The ONLY thing that MAY be plausible is a spinoff flick with Mutt Williams with Ford making a cameo appearance. Other than taht I dont see this being a good idea

  15. Mutt and Shortround, adventure duo, guided by old Indie. It will be like Johnny quest for the new era.

  16. Anyone who enjoyed Indy 4 doesn’t actually like Indiana Jones.

    Watch the first 3 masterpieces, filled with excitement, adventure, humor and lots of fun…

    Then watch the new one… filled with CG gophers and monkeys that have the same hairstyle as Shia.

    You can’t watch this piece of garbage and call it an Indiana Jones movie. Just don’t.

  17. I liked Indy 4 I just hated that labaeof whatever guy. I don’t understand his career. Why do people actually like him. His acting is horrible and he looks like that type of character I would love to punch in the face everytime I see him.

    And what chemistry are you people seeing between him and Harrison Ford? Because honestly all I see is Harrison Ford trying his darndest to coverup the bad acting of labeof in Indy 4.

  18. We need more Indy. Good entertainment for the entire family. So human, so funny, so elegant. No more rude beasts.

  19. temple was set before raiders…V can come before IV, and have a single Indy with his dad still alive 😀

  20. Why does everybody seem to think that Mutt and Marion returns in indy 5? No other Indy flick up until KOTCS has reprised characters. I would leave Marion in some subplot and let Indy go on one last adventure alone.

    And this time let him save people by risking his own life as he used to do instead of always giving in to threats and helping the enemy.

  21. ok, are we the only sane people left on earth?????????? Mutt sux-short round will make the best movie