Harrison Ford Joins ‘Expendables 3′; Still Open to Returning for ‘Indiana Jones 5′

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indiana jones 5 harrison ford Harrison Ford Joins Expendables 3; Still Open to Returning for Indiana Jones 5

At 71 years old, Harrison Ford is staying relevant as an actor – by working on a combination of more artistically-satisfying films (see: 42) and commercially-friendly titles (see: Anchorman: The Legend Continues). The fan-favorite actor has even used his longtime public image as a curmudgeon to his advantage, during his two Hall H appearances at the International Comic-Con (see: the Q&A segment of the Ender’s Game panel in 2013).

Ford is all-but-confirmed to reprise one of his iconic roles in 2015 with Star Wars: Episode VII, where he is expected to return as the 70-something year old version of the (not scruffy) hotshot Han Solo. The actor has admitted that he’s still open to picking up his fedora and whip to reprise his other iconic role, should Indiana Jones 5 ever come to fruition – before that happens, though, it appears as though Ford will participate in a different movie (as an age-appropriate action hero): The Expendables 3.

It’s been almost exactly a year since we first heard that Ford was being targeted to appear in Expendables 3. Of course, it’s possible that Sylvester Stallone has been pushing to get the actor to join the Expendables franchise cast for a much longer period of time than that; either way, it appears that Sly has finally won Ford over (or worn him down, whatever works):

Stallone quickly followed that Twitter announcement with another Tweet comment, saying that “GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.” To be fair, we can’t be 100% certain that Sly was referring to Willis – though, if we’re being honest, chances are good that he was, considering just how close together he posted the comments. Not to mention, Willis hasn’t exactly been impressive of late, be it with his off-screen behavior or his most recent movie performances (see: A Good Day to Die Hard, G.I. Joe: RetaliationRed 2).

Anyway, moving on…

indiana jones kingdom crystal skull ford winstone Harrison Ford Joins Expendables 3; Still Open to Returning for Indiana Jones 5

Ford recently made the following comments about reprising as Dr. Henry Jones (Jr.) in Indiana Jones 5 (via The Telegraph):

“We’ve seen the character develop and grow over a period of time and it’s perfectly appropriate and okay for him to come back again with a great movie around him where he doesn’t necessarily have to kick as much ass. To me, what was interesting about the character was that he prevailed, that he had courage, that he had wit, that he had intelligence, that he was frightened and that he still managed to survive. That I can do.”

Despite the mixed general reception – and harsher reactions from hardcore fans – to Indiana Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Ford’s solid performance as an older, yet also wiser, more experienced, and even appropriately world-weary Indy Jones, is usually acknowledged to be one of the film’s strengths. It’s not so much Ford’s ability to play the character that has been questioned – rather, it’s whether or not George Lucas can devise a more focused story – in terms of narrative, interesting characters and themes – than the one that was realized on the screen with Crystal Skull.

Having said that: now that George Lucas claims he is done with blockbuster filmmaking – in combination with Disney having acquired some of the Indiana Jones rights back when it purchased Lucasfilm – is it possible that Lucas would be more willing to allow someone else to chronicle the continuing adventures of Ford’s globe-trotting archaeologist (similar to how Lucas is simply consulting on the next era in the Star Wars universe)?

enders game interview image Harrison Ford Joins Expendables 3; Still Open to Returning for Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield in ‘Ender’s Game’

Crystal Skull concludes on a note that – while not as satisfying for many a fan of the Indy character (no pun) as the ride-off into the sunset from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – doesn’t necessarily demand another installment, but it does leave the door open for a fifth movie (one without Shia LaBeouf as Indy’s son, no less). Nonetheless, the situation is more complicated now, as Paramount still owns some of the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise – meaning, Lucasfilm cannot plow full speed ahead ahead with new movies (even if the studio wanted to).

There are other issues that need to be settled, where it concerns the prospects of Indiana Jones 5 happening (example: will or won’t Steven Spielberg return as director?). In the meantime, though, we can look forward to other fun projects with Ford in the future – including, his part to play in Stallone’s third round of craggy-faced badasses uniting together onscreen (along with some younger pupils who need schooling in the art of kicking butt and taking names in an action movie).

Are you more excited to see The Expendables 3, now that Ford has joined the cast? Do you still want to see Ford don his fedora one more time for Indiana Jones 5? Let us know in the comments section.


The Expendables 3 opens in U.S. theaters on August 15th, 2014. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you posted on any updates concerning Indiana Jones 5.

Source: Sylvester Stallone, The Telegraph

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  1. Nice, another iconic actor in Expendables.

    As for Indy….I didn’t mind the alien stuff, my only problem with Indy 4 was Shia LeBeouf’s terrible acting (as usual) taking away my enjoyment of the movie. Hard to enjoy something when one of the cast is someone so annoying, you wish you could just reach into the screen and punch them repeatedly.

    • haha, +1, couldn’t agree more. Although I thought the overall story and script were awful, not to mention those unforgivable cartoon scenes (swinging monkeys, indestructible fridges, driving off cliff edges etc etc) nothing ruined this movie more for me than Shia Lebeouf. What a truly unlikeable guy. His acting is so bad that you just end up hating any character he actually plays just as much as the actor himself

    • If disney had the Indiana Jones franchise rights (as they should after purchasing Lucasarts) how soon will they push for a reboot do you think? My money is before 2020. If they can be that aggressive with Star Wars in the sense that they want to pump out movies every year (ala Marvel), and with rumored talk of making prequel Han Solo movies etc, just can’t see them sitting on a goldmine that is the Indy franchise and doing nothing with it. If tomb raider news of a movie picks up more.. I’m almost certain they’ll announce something for Indy. Competing studios tend to do that. Think about this.. If they were to do a Han Solo “early years” movie.. They could use the same actor for Indy.. Some nice synchronicity.

  2. Just seen that youtube video linked in the article and man, Bruce was being a dick for no reason at all there.

    • Ehh, I dunno. We don’t know what happened before the cameras started rolling, and these press junkets have got to suck. Sitting in those chairs while reporter after reporter comes in and asks the exact same questions all day long.

      That being said, he could also have just been being a prick for no reason. Who knows.

      • Well that’s the thing, when the cameras are rolling, you shake off anything that may come across as unprofessional, that’s just the thing to do. Otherwise, they don’t have to shill your product and that leads to no sales and no more money.

        I’ve been around people being interviewed and doing autograph sessions and meet and greet type events and know instantly when someone’s annoyed, when someone’s tired or jet lagged and when someone’s being a dick just looking at their body language and Bruce is definitely the latter here.

        I still like him as a person and an actor but that behaviour is completely unnecessary.

      • Hes being payed millions to sit in that chair all day long. Youd think he could suck it up and be professional.

    • Simply stunned at the gall of Bruce Willisin the interview. Maybe Mary Louise Parker just shut him down in the hotel room before the interview.

  3. Indiana Jones FIVE???

    No. Harrison, please don’t go there. Just don’t.

    Wasn’t “Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls” enough punishment?

    In my book, there’s only ONE Indiana Jones flick. You can’t get better than “Raiders Of The Lost Ark.” That’s it.

    Genuinely one of the greatest movies EVER. Right next to Ridley Scott’s “Alien.”

    • I would’ve agreed until The Last Crusade came out. That one’s my fave of the Indy movies.

      • That’s cool. I know most fans like the first 3 Indy flicks. Most seem to prefer “Last Crusade” over “Temple Of Doom.”

        I’ve seen them all. But the only one that matters to me is “Raiders.”

        Here’s a prediction: In another ten or twenty years there WILL be another series of Indian Jones movies. Indy will be recast and will carry on , much like the James Bond flicks.

        Hey, you don’t have to be a Nostradamus….

        • Haha, that’s true.

          I think, for me, the Holy Grail seemed much more interesting a relic (but not by much compared to the Ark of the Covenant), plus Sir Sean Connery.

          • Watch ‘em cast Sia LeBouf as Indy in the reboot. lol

            • Now, that would be cruel.

              On the other hand, he IS Indy’s son….

    • Ford had nothing to do that “Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull” was a bad and wierd movie. It was Lucas pushing the aliean idea on Spielberg. So blaim them both for even going with the idea. In my book there are 3 awsome movies and those are the first 3 movies of indiana jones. I only liked the last movie because of Ford and his acting.

      • But you couldn’t mention the crystal skulls without the alien link since that’s been the popular theory surrounding them for decades and they couldn’t use a Muslim relic for fear of being seen as blasphemous.

    • Its not finshed, because it makes contact with the image like Indiaan warefields and Alien humans and Hindisystem and New Coverments also i think that he must do it because there is still alien stuff on the noord pole maybe he must go to the zuidpole and is going underground to russia and comback in mexico out of the kristal rocks fyting with the indiaans about gold issues.

      • PUMA TANK and Flying Drones coming out of de zuidpole hit latino amerika cille and going again undergrond labyrint on the way to hollow earth where he meet old indiaans and incas living together with the snakes but the snakes are german english and russian so its possible to conect it with the alien predetor for a moment from the earth into space landing on the seventh planet Niburro of the Hindi legend return with the staf of gold to close al of the ports of arround the eart by timemachine meet syvester stallone and he finshed a big alien and send him back to his mothership together with de Indians because we are not reading for 2030.

  4. Needs the paycheck after he’s honorably killed off in Episode 8 as Han.

    • Han & Leia. That would make a great vengence story arc for the new trilogy.

    • I have a suspicion Han won’t make it past the 7th episode.

  5. This is just great. Made my day. :)

    For indy 5, I’m in if the story is good and if they stop the dumb humor of the 4th.

  6. Wow, that interview with Bruce was uncomfortable to watch, maybe he was just tired lol. Oh well, its a shame hes out, but Harrison Ford! Oh yeah!

  7. Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford for Expendables a real plus. This has been a real dream of mine for years after watching their films back to back and finding out the roles they were both considered including the Die Hard role which went to Bruce Willis and the Jim Garrison role in JFK and the Eliot Ness role in the Untouchables which went to Kevin Costner and of course they both worked with Austrailian director Peter Weir twice. Both good 80s and 90s action stars for Expendables 3. Hope they do great and have screen time together including a conversation. Shame about Bruce Willis. Hope he does a good film with Stallone and Schwarzenegger similar to Expendables or a film with Mickey Rourke. Bruce should have done die hard 5 better by fighting with the writer and director about the script. He should be more like arnold and sly when it comes to old franchises started in the 80s.

  8. well, there’s your president in EX3

  9. Can’t we all get along and watch temple of doom with our shirts off?

    • Kali Ma…. Kali Ma….

  10. Yeeeeeaaaaah. Glad he is joining the Expendables 3 cast and hope he makes another Indiana Jones movie, Love them all…except Temple of Doom.

  11. I’m a massive fan of indiana jones – the first three are my top three movies of all time. And while indy 4 was one of the most crushing disappointments I still enjoy it on some level.

    Harrison is also my favourite actor – BUT – here’s this for an idea; Chris Pratt for an indy reboot?

  12. The contract terms for all these actors who usually get big
    paydays on their own are obviously something quite different for this.
    This is a film you have to agree to do more for just wanting to be part of it.

    • I’m surprised by this announcement, just as I was surprised by Mel Gibson joining the cast. I guess like Deniro, some of these aging actors just get to a point where they’ve done it all, so they probably figure why not have some fun and work with people whom they have never worked with before? As concerns another Indiana Jones, that series should have stayed a trilogy, and I thought it ended exceptionally with Last Crusade. If they want to make amends for the fourth film, though, perhaps they should try…just keep Lucas away from it!!!

      • Maybe they should get Robert Rodriguez to direct. Seems like it’d be right up his alley.

  13. Whats all this “Kingdom of the Magic Skulls” movie people are talking about??????????

    Isn’t there only 3 Indiana Jones films?? Yes,, Yes there is, now lets all leave it at that.

    • That’s the way to think of it !! Heheh…..

    • Can’t we just get along and watch young Indiana Jones with just our socks on :’(

  14. lol give me a break is this a joke because what in the world harrison ford will do on expendables 3 anyway lol!!!!!!

    • President or CIA Spook, same sorta thing as Willis

      • I see him as Church’s boss and think Stallone will write in a jab at Willis via Ford’s character.

  15. There needs to be one more Indy just so we can say, no no, only watch the odd numbered ones the even numbered are cursed.

  16. Wow…I just watched the Bruce Willis interview contained in that link. Is he really that arrogant, or did he just have a migraine or something at the time?

  17. oh no

    just confirm to mel gibson I don’t ask anything else

    • ?

  18. Shatner or fail

    • YES!

  19. At some point Sly needs to tell Ford, “Get the hell off of my plane!”

  20. So Willis is a bad person now that he did ONE bad interview out of the HUNDREDS he probably had to do that week alone. Neither Stallone or any star can be the first to cast stones since they have all done it at one time or another.

    Personally I dont see what Ford brings to the Franchise. There are many more action stars who would be better in the movie. Hell I would rather see Sho Kosugi in the movie after seeing him again in Ninja Assassins a few years ago.

  21. Ford will make a fine addition to the Expendables between him and Mel Gibson its all ready sounding more awesome Is it confirmed that Willis is out of Expendables 3 I’ll be a bit bummed if he’s I always felt his presence completed the ensemble of 80s action heroes for the movie I’m sure ford will be fun to watch in it he almost always is. I doubt they’ll make an indie five but I also doubted they’d make a star wars 7 I won’t be suprised if they hold back on another indie film because since the last one wasn’t as well received as the others they may not want to push they’re luck by making another one, but who knows another star wars was a big risk

    • Didn’t Willis make only one action movie in the eighties? It is Die Hard though …

  22. I remember the post from screenrant 11 month’s ago about lerner seeking to cast Ford in expendables 3. Frankly, I didn’t think that there was a snowball’s chance in hell that Ford would agree to appear in the movie. I was wrong. I’m glad that I was. I am looking forward to him being in the movie.

  23. I just watched the Bruce Willis interview. I felt really awkward just watching the train wreck. From the beginning, I could tell from BW’s facial expression that he had zero interest in being interviewed. It’s really a shame that for that interview, he did not conduct himself in a professional manner. Usually, Bruce isn’t like that. I felt bad for the interviewer. It really seemed like he legitimately liked the movie, and I am sure that he was amped that he met BW. But, BW never warmed up to him. I also find it ironic how BW talked about the importance about treating people nicely, yet he didn’t treat the interviewer nicely at all.

  24. I have a bad feeling about this…

  25. My favorite actor. I enjoy anything he’s in. Glad to see him finally in a film with Mel Gibson.

  26. Watch the link bruce and Mary were both acting the same now tell me u work all the time ur tired are u all cheerful and want to talk about ur job coplaine all u want ur still watching his movies.

  27. I’m just a guy who reads stories about movies cuz I’m a fan of movies….
    but even I know Lucas said the sale of Lucasfilm and his “retirement”
    wouldnt stand in the way of there being a 5th Indy film. Jeez, if ur gonna
    pay people to write stories make sure they know what they’re talking

  28. Raiders and Crusade joint best (I edge Crusade due to the Connery Effect)

    Temple = Not bad, some classic moments but not a classic film

    Indy 4 = not a good film, not even an okay film [shudder]

    Indy 5 = The search for Raljex/Deep Heat (America/England)
    Indy 5 = The quest for the obsidian Zimmer frame

    Harrison, I think you one of the better actors to grace the silver screen, not bad for a carpenter but age tells, be Henry Jones Junior but leave the bullwhip and stay on campus.

    A seeker of antiquities is a young man’s game (but not Shia please lord not Shia)