Harrison Ford NOT In Talks For New ‘Blade Runner’ Movie [Updated]

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harrison ford blade runner sequel Harrison Ford NOT In Talks For New Blade Runner Movie [Updated]

Alcon Entertainment’s much-buzzed about new sci-fi project set in the Blade Runner universe – with director Ridley Scott onboard to captain the cinematic ship – has prompted a lot speculation, especially when it comes to the potential involvement (or lack thereof) of the original 1982 film’s star, Harrison Ford.

Even though Scott says the film is probably going to be a sequel of sorts, he’s also implied the project won’t be featuring any member of the original Blade Runner acting crew, including Ford. Producers Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove have echoed that statement, insisting this new movie is “a total reinvention” of the property, in terms of both narrative substance and casting.

Twitch, however, is now reporting that Ford has “entered into early talks” to join Scott’s second installment in the Blade Runner (would-be) franchise. While the site admits that the negotiations are very much preliminary and may not actually follow through, the mere proposal that Ford could be in line to reprise his role as former replicant bounty hunter Rick Deckard seems to imply this new film may not be a complete “reboot” after all.

Despite the previous denials by Scott and Alcon heads that Ford will figure into this new sci-fi venture, fans have been debating the legendary Hollywood action hero’s potential involvement for a while now. That’s in part due to the implications surrounding the return of Ford as the Deckard character, in a story that would have to be set decades after the original Blade Runner (to account for the actor’s aging).

To this day, film geeks are still debating whether or not Deckard is a human or, unwittingly, a replicant himself. The ambiguity surrounding that issue, as it is presented in Blade Runner – combined with contradictory claims made by people like Ford and Scott, over the years – has only kept the discussion alive and well, fueling folks on both sides of the debate to remain adamant about their position.

In other words, if Ford does reprise his role as Deckard in this new installment, that particular argument should at long last be settled. Of course, this is all assuming that the actor (who turns 70 this year) is in talks to bring that specific character back to cinematic life. For all we know right now, Ford could be in talks to simply make a cameo appearance in the new Blade Runner flick, as a shout-out to die-hard fans.

UPDATE: Kosove has now released the following statement on the matter (via Deadline):

“It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in ‘Blade Runner’. To be clear, what we are trying to do with Ridley now is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further from our minds at this moment.”

Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott on the original 'Blade Runner' set

Many moviegoers are waiting to see how Scott’s first return trip to a cinematic sci-fi universe he pioneered (ie. the Alien universe, in this summer’s Prometheus) turns out before they get either too excited or too pessimistic about the potential of a new Blade Runner flick. Should Prometheus turn out as well as many are hoping (or vice versa), it should only heighten (or reduce) interest in Scott’s next foray into the genre.

The dramatic metamorphosis that Prometheus underwent during pre-production is also reason enough to be skeptical about any preliminary tidbits (even in terms of casting) concerning this Blade Runner project. Things are clearly being shaped, so it’s best to not assume anything is set in stone just yet.

Scott’s continued habit of attaching himself to multiple films likewise casts doubt on the new Blade Runner film’s ability to make the 2014 release date that Johnson and Kosove previously suggested was on the table. So, again, best to just wait for more official information to be released about the project, before jumping to conclusions about what it is, who’s in it, AND when it will be released.

Source: Twitch

Update Source: Deadline

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  1. If he reprises his role as Deckard, i would be the happiest nerd alive.

  2. So he wasnt a replicant then….

    • I’ve watched the movie multiple times and fail to see how anyone could think he was a replicant…

      • Jeff,

        If you watch the director’s cut of the film there is something added at the end that leads the audience to believe that he might be a replicant.


        • Thanks Vic. I’m pretty sure I saw the director’s cut, but I will have to watch it again, since I may have missed the part to which you refer.

          • In the theatrical release Deckard should be a human, in the director’s cut he is definitely a replicant.
            He dreams of a unicorn (it’s in the theatrical release, but without a explanation) and this asian looking police officer folds origami unicorns(i don’t know his name).
            At the end of the director’s cut he finds one of them and realises he is a replicant with the memories of this police officer. So it is clear that he and Rachael only have a few years together.

            • If that is the evidence suggesting he is a replicant, it is not very convincing… Regardless, I’ll watch it again myself and see.

    • Hasn’t Ridley Scott said that he IS a replicant? And yes, there is something in the end of the director’s cut that suggests this. Back when it was released in theaters someone had to point it out to me and argue it a bit, so it’s not like a big waving banner.

  3. I wish Rutger Hauer would make a cameo since ‘Blade Runner’ meant so much to him but we know why he won’t. It would be nice if Olmos’ character would make an apperance as well..

    • Actually, if they follow some of the “Edge of Human” storyline, Rutger Hauer could make an appearance as one of the replicant builders who created a replicant in his image.

      Also, considering what they did to Jeff Bridges in the latest Tron, and Jessica Lange in AHS, they could take 20 years off Harrison Ford and make him a replicant still.

  4. If Ford is in the film he could not be Deckard.
    Ridley Scott is on record that Deckard is a replicant.

    • But the replicants had to programmed to die after a few years. The suggestion was that some of them weren’t. And there is the line about not knowing how long she’ll live, suggesting it could be either long, short, or unknown.

      • I know but replicants do not age like humans.
        There would live on in their present state.

        • Oh, I was assuming that they age.

  5. Remember that time a beloved film franchise was resurrected and they got Harrison Ford back and it was a terrible idea?

    This is still a terrible idea.

    • yeah, but we don’t have george lucas to screw this up. but i honestly don’t care. blade runner was over-rated imo.

  6. I’m torn about this. More than any actor of memory Ford just seems to be mailing it in since Indy 4.
    I’m not saying he was ever a truly great actor but he always seemed to be just right for each role. Lately though, I usually have 1 of 2 reactions to him being cast in a film,
    1. Why did he say yes to that?
    2. Isn’t he to old for this kind of role?
    And then sure enough when I’m watching all I see is a half hearted, mumble filled performance.
    Now, I have to sit and smack myself in the head because 13 year old Kevin is furious that I just ripped his boy hood hero…

    • Let’s face it, Ford has been mailing it in since Air Force One or Patriot Games.

    • No need to smack yourself Kevin7. You are not alone.
      Ford was a hero of my youth too and for the longest
      time he was the coolest guy and my favorite actor.

      There are a lot of reasons but Ford is no longer either.

    • You could add Deniro to the list of actors now “mailing” it in. I don’t know why more of them can’t age gracefully, like Clint Eastwood, Anthony Hopkins, or Michael Caine.

    • I hear ya. Ford has been playing his Regarding Henry character in every movie he’s been in for the last 20 years.

  7. Yea Harrison Ford is finished,he’s only still acting for the money and plus i find him very arrogant in interviews, has he once even thanked his fans for helping him be as successful as he is?He acts like he never even done Star Wars plus he didn’t want to go to comic con to meet his die hard fans.It was Jon Favreau who forced him to be there for the Cowboys&Aliens premeire.

  8. It would be nice to have some continuity between the films, with Ford as the lead actor in both, but I seem to recall him saying that he absolutely hated making the movie and would never do it again…

  9. FORD should play the REAL Tyrell..
    The old man who created everything, including the NEXUS 7 in his own image..
    But hey – I’m crazy.

  10. Deckard is human not a replicant. So bring Ford on if this thing has to get made.

    • False!

      • True! See my post down below to understand.

  11. Anyone have the White Dragon cut of Blade Runner? Its hard to find :(

    That said, maybe Deckard is the evolution of a replicant, hence why both “yes and no” applies..?

  12. The origami unicorn doesn’t symbolize that Deckard is a Replicant. It symbolizes that Rachael doesn’t have that much time like his dream with the unicorn – hence him understanding what the Asian dude (sercretly a replicant) ment by- “It’s too bad she won’t live! But then again, who does?”

    Her life is short, like a dream, by happenstance the Asian guy made an origami of a unicorn – the same animal in Deckards dream – which made Deckard realize what he meant.

    In no way is Deckard a Replicant, there is nothing to support the idea. Just because the cop happens to make an origami figure of something he has been dreaming of doesnt mean he is a replicant. Thats like saying you dreamt of having a dog and the next day someone gives you a dog, does that mean your a replicant? NO. The only thing that Origami unicorn is there for is to help Deckard realize that her life is like a dream – you dont know when it will end so enjoy it for the time being.

    • The director said Deckard was a replicant. ’nuff said.

      • Where did the director say that? Can you point to an existing independent article out there that quotes him directly on the matter? Just curious.

        • The Director did say that in an interview, after he had said for awhile that he isnt. Also Ford, the writers, producers, and the author of the book said he was human (tho the writer or produce said he wanted to make it that you dont know for sure) so, nuff said back to ya.

          He aint a replicant.

          • I never thought so, but apparently, some people here do.

            • I never did either, I just dont understand how this idea can come about when the movie doesnt have any solid proof to support it.

              • Nor do I. This discussion is actually the first time I ever heard of it, and if people are basing it off of the origami unicorn thing, I still don’t know how the connection was ever made. Seems like a real stretch, and I have never heard/read a direct quote from the director purporting that he was a replicant.

                • I havent heard the interview, but I have read it and he does saay that but it makes no sense. And even then it was an interview years after the fact so I really dont see any weight behind it.

                  • Maybe after hearing the idea from some fan, the director thought it was interesting, so he incorporated it as his own. Who knows? All I can say is that, after multiple viewings, I would have never imagined that Ford was a replicant. I’ll watch it again, but I highly doubt my thinking will change…

    • What? “by happenstance”? I don’t think so.

      Ridley had said it in an Interview on my “special edition Blu-Ray”, and I heard it when the Director’s Cut was released. It’s the whole reason why it was released by ridley, because he never liked this corny, crappy “he is a human and they drive happily thru the wood” – Happy End, and the voiceover, which all was wanted by the studio.
      He Had a much more sinister version in mind, with no happy end.
      Why would they cut that scene (where he finds that origami unicorn)in the theatrical version, when he is in both versions a human.

      BTW – is there anyone who has read the book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” on which the movie is based on? I wonder what he is there.