Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web for you. Today you’ll find a life-size ED-209 replica from Robocop; Marvel and DC’s finest created in WWE 13; a Pug dressed as Batman; and Marvel butt wipes. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, WhatCulture has the 8 Greatest Ever Film Moments Featuring Pancakes.

Mouse Of Steel

The hero we all need.

For $25,000, You Can have Your Own Giant RoboCop Killing Machine

This is, as close as we can get in 2013 anyway, a real version of RoboCop’s famous ED-209. It’s reportedly an actual Hollywood prop, built for RoboCop 2, and stands ten-feet tall. All you’ll need is $25,000.

Look Familiar?

Loki lolz.

The Dark Knight Fetches

Batpug rules!

DfantasyCAWS Turns DC and Marvel Superheroes Into Wrestlers in WWE ’13

One gamer has taken to creating a bevy of pop culture characters for WWE ’13, the latest game in the franchise, chiefly being Marvel and DC superheroes! On his channel, there are many, many videos featuring his Marvel and DC Create- A-Wrestler’s. This video is a montage of Marvel vs. DC in the ring, and as both a wrestling and comic fan, it is quite entertaining, and gets better as the video goes on with the very creative CAWS he has created. From the Justice League, to the Avengers, to the X-Men, to Superman characters and more, this guy has really mastered the Create-A-Wrestler function in this version of the game! The video has nearly 7 million views already!

Marvel Butt Wipes

via @Gholson

Amazing Custom N64 Controller Looks Like An NES

This custom controller was designed by DeviantArtist Zoki64 as a commission for one of his customers.

Bikini Harlem Shake

Hot Girls Hot Things presents their take on the Harlem Shake… this time with BIKINIS!

What more could you ask for?

Ball State University Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake (Ryan Seacrest, Kendall & Kylie Jenner Edition)

Kendall and Kylie Jenner join Ryan and the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” staff for a new Harlem Shake video!

That’s all for today folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie related geekery.

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