‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Will Be Rated-R for Gory Violence

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 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Will Be Rated R for Gory Violence

When plot details for the upcoming fairytale re-imagining/sequel Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters first emerged online last year, we were a bit surprised to learn that the film – which chronicles the witch-hunting exploits of a now-grown Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton) – would be a bloody and violent action/mystery film. Later on, when Arterton started saying in interviews that Witch Hunters would have a “Quentin Tarantino feel,” we were all a bit more curious to see what kind of film director (and co-writer) Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow) had put together.

Unfortunately, Paramount pushed back Hansel & Gretel from 2012 until early 2013, and since then, the movie has been somewhat off the radar in terms of interest. Today, we’re getting a reminder that this strange bird is still out there flapping, with official confirmation that Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters will indeed be a bloody, violent, R-Rated film.

Collider snagged exclusive word of the rating confirmation, after rumors of Paramount testing both PG-13 and R-rated versions of the film began to surface on the Internet. According to Collider, their sources refute the dual testing rumor, stating that both versions of Witch Hunters shown to test audiences were Rated R, which is how the studio supposedly plans to release the film. The only difference in the two cuts is said to have been the severity of the gore and violence – which could account for the mistaken impression about the rating.

Overall, the movie reportedly tested favorably, with audiences enjoying its off-kilter sense of humor and combination of solid action and graphic violence. Tarantino-esque, indeed. Right now, all we have is the previously-released image of Renner and Arterton in costume to share, but with the January release date on the horizon, trailers, posters and more promotional materials should start dropping soon – and don’t be surprised if they play up the film’s pulpy, violent nature (if these latest reports are to be believed).

 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Will Be Rated R for Gory Violence

(Note: This is NOT an official Photo from the film)

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is not something we’re expecting Oscar quality from. As with a lot of these fairytale and/or historical horror movie movie mashups, the title alone pretty much sets the tone for what the film will be. Those who understood that idea before heading in to see this summer’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter tended to walk out of the theater with smiles on their faces – while those who went in expecting anything else tended to walk away unsatisfied.

Watching two of fairytale lore’s most reputed near-victims as witch-slaying traumatized adults? Sure, could be a fun way to break up the doldrums of the winter season. And with Renner steadily raising his clout as an action star (see: Mission: Impossible 4, The Avengers, Bourne Legacy), Arterton being a pretty lovely leading lady, and a tried-and-true 3D premium, there’s already enough gas in the tank to carry this film to relative box office success – despite the restrictive nature of the rating, which will make it hard for the teen crowd to enjoy this slice of pulp in theaters.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters will be in theaters on January 11, 2013.

Source: Collider

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  1. normally, this would sound less appealling to me than AL:VH. but with both Jeremy Renner AND Gemma Arterton in it, I am accually looking forward to seeing it. Though i will wait for trailers and reviews before i make my decision for sure.

  2. About time someone stops catering to the juice box crowd and embraces the darker origins of these tales.


      • LOL!

      • So is Gemma Arterton!

      • I cannot refute that claim.

        (although they ARE getting ridiculously small)

      • Finally a R-rated movie. Tired of the studios catering to the teenage crowd. They have their Twilight crap! Just give them more of that and give us adults the good stuff!

        • I take offense at that!
          I’m a teenager and I hate Twilight… then again, I’m a guy and almost all guys hate Twilight so it probably doesn’t matter how old I am 😉

          I wants me some quality entertainment!

          • I second that. Twilight was crap, and this is coming from a teenage girl. We’re young, but most of us are smart enough to tell a decent movie from a bad one.

            • I hate twighlight also and I am also a teenage girl.

              • *Twilight


              • Finally I am not alone, I think twighlight should never existed, I am a girl teenager to ….

        • HEY! i hate twillight and im a teen. twillight can burn for all i care. a slow painful burn that makes it wish it never existed and once it finally dies it will feel nothing but release. mwahahaha

  3. l am like the biggest Gemma Arterton fan ever. Really can’t wait for this to come out. Sounds like it’ll be different from most of these re-imagined fairy tale films

  4. I don’t know…the witch looks a little campy to me…

    • That witch isnt an official photo

    • hard to tell if youre being sarcastic over the internet, but if you arent, that pic is not for the film.

  5. where is that pic of the witch from???? It scares the hell out of me

  6. Studio is probably just hoping Renner’s stock is higher when they release this. If the movie is decent it would help, otherwise this could end up like Van Helsing.

    • Damn man am I the only one who liked VH????

      • Van Helsing was probably a let down to many people who felt the premise could have been handled better. They tried to make it like the Mummy movies and it really didn’t work for the material.

    • whats wrong with van hellsing? dude dont insult one of my favorite movies! i loved that movie.

  7. haha this will be awesome

  8. I’m actually really looking forward to this movie.
    Good cast and an interesting premise – it has potential.

  9. i hope that the witch will look like the demonwitch from -evil dead 1,now that would be creepy as hell.

  10. I’ve had about 20 chances to see a screening of this movie over the past year but never pulled the trigger. Usually the movie screening previews suck so I didn’t want to waste my time with it. Now that i know its not that bad maybe I’ll check it out next time they show it in my neighborhood.

  11. I’m now slightly more interested in seeing this movie. It’s about time they stopped toning it down for that ‘all important’ PG13 rating.

  12. Movies that get moved to January releases often deter me, but the cast is descent enough and it sounds intriguing so we’ll see what the trailer shows.

  13. Why does it have to be R to be good? I do not think that makes a movie better. I won’t see it because my belief discourages the graphic imagery of an R movie. I thought it sounded like a good story idea, awe well, cest le vie.

    • making it R doesnt necessarily make it a better movie. it depends on the subject matter. like expendables for example, cant have a throughback action film that doesnt feel like a hard action film. It needs to be R in order to portray its subject matter successfully. If expendables was pg13, the action would be watered down and wouldnt be as good as it could be, even with a great scrip and cast.

    • i halfway understand the R rating. but i still wish it wasnt. i love those movies but i cant watch them till im seventeen. i am going to watch this movie later.

  14. I know people complained earlier about Twilight’s last 2 movies about whether it should be R or PG-13 and how some like myself felt there should be a rating BETWEEN the two. HOWEVER, if there is a GREAT example of a movie that should have a rating between PG-13 or R, IT HAS TO BE THIS MOVIE!! I heard this movie is bloody and gory, but shouldn’t be classified as R because it is not excessive. I saw the Red Band trailer and I don’t think it should be R. It’s not entirely gory. If the MPAA had a rating PG-13 or R to cancel out both arguments, say like, the return of the M rating, but this time M meaning 15 years and over, then I would encourage for this rating to return for THIS reason. FORGET TWILIGHT!! A movie like Hansel and Gretel should be given that kind of controversy.

  15. I understand that this is pure fiction, but given all of the bad press we witches get, and the past we’ve had with persecution and killing, I really have to worry that this film isn’t revamping some serious negativity against us. I do hope that these series of films agains witches doesn’t incite some nut to come after us. we are peaceful natural cycle followers. Vowed to do as we will but harm none. The with in Hansel and Gretel was based on a Crone Witch legent called Baba Yaga, popular in the Easter European countries, and nothing really to do with Wicca and Witchcraft in general. If this was a Muslim being hunted, or a Fundemental Christian, or a Jew, it would be horrifying to people. But because it’s a withc = fairytale with real gunsand venom towards us, it’s OK. Shame, and peace my brothers and sisters.

  16. so I guess no rave reviews… I’m sorry for you guys. it takes a lot of money and time and effort to make a movie, and I know you tried your best. No we didn’t put a hex on you. 😉 We just believe in Karma…….. BB

  17. That movie was SO AMAZING