Get Ready for ‘The Hangover Part 3′; Set to Conclude the Wolfpack Trilogy

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The Hangover 2 character banners Get Ready for The Hangover Part 3; Set to Conclude the Wolfpack Trilogy

We’re still more than a week away from the release of the highly-anticipated follow-up to Todd Phillips’ surprise hit, The Hangover. While trailers for the original film certainly hinted at a fun night at the theater (as a result of the Wolfpack’s disastrous night in Vegas), no one could have anticipated just how popular the comedy would be with mainstream moviegoers.

That is to say, no one but Phillips himself, who now (jokingly) claims that the Hangover films were envisioned as a trilogy. Despite the fact few people have even seen The Hangover Part 2 yet, fans of the franchise will be glad to know that the director fully intends for The Hangover Part 3 to make it to the big screen.

Phillips joked that while many fans may have expected The Hangover hijinks to have simply been a stand-alone film, the director “always” intended for the Wolfpack comedy epic to be extended into a full trilogy.

“If we were to do a third one, and quite honestly we really haven’t talked about it as we just finished the movie two weeks ago, this is the first time we’ve all been together in awhile. If we were to do a third one, if the audience, if the desire was there, I think we have a clear idea where that would head and it’s certainly not in the same template you’ve seen these movies and obviously we always envisioned it as a trilogy as you can imagine, the third would very much be a finale and an ending.”

It’s hard not to wonder how successful a third film would be. While the first film is no doubt a hilarious romp around Vegas with a number of lovable characters – the success of The Hangover was in large-part due to the movie’s unique structure and over-the-top gags. Early reactions to the first trailer for The Hangover Part 2 seemed to indicate that some fans were put-off by seeing Phillips rely on the same trick again.

As a result, it’s good to hear the director intends to alter the “template.” However, since the “hangover” mystery set-up is such an integral part of the franchise, Phillips will certainly have his work cut out for him – to find a new way to surprise audiences while keeping the film somewhat familiar.

According to Phillips, the location of the next film, along with many other details, are still very much up in the air.

“The most I could say about it and I haven’t discussed it with these actors is that it is not following that template but very much a new idea. As far as where it takes place… I’m very open like the Olympic committee to being pitched and presented cities… flown around with wine and women and bribed and then I will make my decision.”

hangover 2 teaser trailer Get Ready for The Hangover Part 3; Set to Conclude the Wolfpack Trilogy

Hopefully a fresh locale (and a lot of booze) will be just what Phillips and Co. need to conclude The Hangover trilogy in a satisfying and equally surprising way – especially since, according to the report, the director has no intention of creating a spin-off with any of The Hangover characters.

The Hangover Part 3 isn’t exactly an unwelcome idea but, given the been-there-done-that feel of Part 2‘s trailers – it’s hard not to be somewhat skeptical as to whether or not audiences will be as excited about a third film.

On a side note, if the drama in the third movie doesn’t center around Zach Galifianakis’ character Alan and his wedding/bachelor party-gone-wrong, it’ll be a definite missed opportunity.

Follow me on Twitter @benkendrick and let us know if you think The Hangover Part 3 talk is premature – as well as where you’d like to see the Wolfpack engage in another night of debauchery.

The Hangover Part 2 arrives in theaters on May 26th.

Source: Collider

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  1. Some say they are put off by the similarities between The Hangover’s part I and II, but I SAY they are saving the funniest parts for the actual movie and not ruining it by showing it all in the trailer, as so many comedies do. There is nothing I hate more than paying twelve bucks to see a movie only to find out that I saw all the best parts in the previews.

  2. Meh, the first was over-rated, and the second is just riding off the success of the first.

  3. Here’s a wild prediction: it will be exactly the same as Part 2, which is exactly the same as Part 1, which isn’t really very funny.

  4. Does EVERYTHING have to be a trilogy now-a-days??

    Anyway, the first one was OK. People just think it’s the funniest thing in the world because it has to do with drinking, and they’ve learned that in order to be cool you have to embrace everything to do with alcohol or drugs.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and has some pretty funny parts, but people make it out to be the funniest movie ever made or something crazy like that. Personally I liked Tropic Thunder a lot more…

    • Agreed. It was funny, but I can find several films hundred times funnier.

    • Are you serious?? Tropic Thunder wasn’t even close, when tom cruise is the best part of a comedy, you have a problem…that movie was so overproduced.

      Hangover wasn’t the funniest movie ever but it was a good comedy; although didnt need a sequel, it looks bad from the trailers


    • If you don’t enjoy a good drinking romp every now and then, The Hangover is not for you. But don’t tell us why we like it.

    • You have to be joking the Hangover is probably one of the 3 funniest movies of all time. Only somebody with a dry sense of humor would actually think it wasn’t. Box office doesn’t lie and it is to date one of the most successful comedies of all time! Hangover 2 and 3 will be the same those who come on here and claim otherwise are just kidding themselves.

      • Thank you Matt!!!!!!!! Seems like nowadays people want to appear so above the drinking with debauchery type movies that they trash it even when it WAS funny.

  5. I like how alot of people are contrarians here. They dont like the first film because it was so popular. You have to do better than “not funny” as a reason you hate a movie. I thought it was the best comedy of the year and definately top 10 of the decade (thats about as far as i’ll go though)

    The sequal may be the same set up but it’s hardly the same movie. New gags, new setting, new characters, new game.

    A third film would be welcomed. I’m thinking Alan should get a russian bride and the gang travel to Moscow.

    I know several films did it in the 80s but times have changed and how different the country is now could be very funny. (russian mafia)

    • Really? How many people here are saying the movie isn’t funny??

      And are we not allowed to have our own opinions for our own reasons? Can we have your permission? Please??


    • @”You have to do better than “not funny” as a reason you hate a movie.”

      So we can’t hate a COMEDY film for not being funny?

      • No, you have to say that it didn’t make you laugh… ;)

        • ok, i may have exagerated with that. I admit it.

          what i mean is that i’ve heard a lot of people say they didnt like the movie but i never found a reason why. Everyone says “its not funny” but then i ask them what about it wasn’t funny and they dont have an answer.

          did you find the situation cliche or unbelievable? Were the characters annoying? Was it predictable? did you not like the directing? What?

          i enjoy talking to people about movies and getting their perspective of it, and for some reason “The Hangover” has people divided right down the middle. People who didnt like it, just say so and dont want to explain why.

          It’s ok to not like a movie, theres quite a few popular movies that i cant stand, but i can give an explanation for why.

          can someone enlighten me as to why someone would not like this movie. (dont bother with the sequal, i completely understand that it looks like a rehash of the first)

          • I understand what your trying to say, alot of people just don’t let themselves like something that’s a mainstream hit. They seem to nitpick a film more and not enjoy it for what it is. To me Hangover was great and not just for the comedy aspect of it, just period! It was a fresh film and the characters, set up and vibe just all matched up great.

            • Or it’s just that people didn’t like the movie. Is that really soo hard to comprehend? People didn’t like Avatar or The Dark Knight, but it doesn’t mean they’re hating it just b/c it was popular. Transformers 2 was popular, and many people hated that movie.

              • You could stop arguing and answer what you didn’t find funny about it.
                Unless you can’t of course

                • Something tells me that he’s (or anyone else who didn’t find something funny) will say something along the lines of “the things that happened or did not happen did not make me laugh.”

                  I love when people ask for proof of a negative…

          • Uh, you realize you can’t really say why something wasn’t funny to you right? You can say why something WAS funny because something happened that made you laugh. If nothing happened and you didn’t laugh, are we supposed to give a hypothetical situation of what could have happened?? The most explanation one can give, is that something didn’t make them laugh, therefore it’s not funny to that person…

            But it’s funny that you think that people need to have to explain to you why they didn’t like a movie that you liked. Here’s the obvious answer: EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT OPINIONS! Sometimes people won’t like the same things as you, deal with it. If a comedy fails to make someone laugh, then that person will most likely dislike that movie. Sounds completely logical to me…

          • Haha, why do you care? Are you offended by people not liking a movie you like or something?

            • Exactly, thank you, geez, he’s getting so defensive about it like he directed the movie or something…

              • Before you hide behind the “everyone has an opinion” excuse take this perspective in to thought. With your train of thought “liking” a movie or not is the same as saying what your favorite color is. There is no way to analyze which color is better but “art” can go through critical analysis to determine credibility/quality/etc. While subjective it still is academic. While “Art” is subjective there are still universal STANDARDS for creativity otherwise everything would automatically be artbitray. There are ways to measure quality that can become all but absolute with proper analysis. Opinions are powerful therefore when someone thinks someone’s “opinion” is baseless or lacks substance they have a right to question its credibility. Through debate the other persons opinion “may” even be proven WRONG!! (shocker I know) I don’t expect the common movie goer to have an expert knowledge on what makes film great. That is for the expert/critics. They are able to use their experiences/industry, sources/schooling to formulate an solid sometimes air tight view (therefore accurate)that I would trust more than some random person off the street. Just like you wouldn’t have your plumber do your taxes. They are pros within a respectful feild. no different in “art”. BUT, the avg. educated citizen should still have decent critical analysis skills. When you formulate an opinion that says “Hangover” wasn’t funny at all and didn’t laugh at all when there are experts saying its very very funny and most of the theater laughs numourous times then someone is WRONG….and likely can be PROVEN wrong through substantive assertions of their views. The person who says this years “best picture” winner was a horrible film could have thier analysis skills/intellect/understanding could come into question. Yes your entitled to your own opinion…at your own risk of course. When people formulate BAD/Wrong opinions in mass that can have negative consequences. WHY is it that Hollywood spits out so much junk w/sequels, remakes, and stuff with an overall lack of creativity. Well that is a result of people “liking” the mediocre therefore hollywood panders to that and becomes mediocre which is a HUGE detriment to the high quality movies and “art” in general. So in conclusion opinions do matter and YES I can be offended by someone who supports medocrity by “likeing” it!!! This also applies to other aspects of life too by the way this is not just about movies. Sorry this was long just trying to add a different perpective hope it helps your confusion on how someone would counter your precious “opinion”

                • Uh, after all your rant, the fact still remains, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just think about your cute little rant the next time you don’t like something that a bunch of people around you is in love with and you’re ridiculed for your opinion. Just hope that you do not accidentally let that line “it’s just my opinion” slip out of your lips, because you’d be contradicting yourself… Can’t have that…

      • It’s cause anybody who watched the hangover would find it funny. You are in the very,very small minority. I bet you and the people who don’t like the hangover either one love independent films which by the way most if not all suck! Or you are part of the whine and cheese crowd who think humor is only funny if it’s intelligent and full of whit. Which for the rest of us is boring as heck!

        • Or some just have different opinions on the movie than you. And who cares if we’re in the “minority”? It doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t find it all that funny.

  6. The reason people liked it so much was because it was original. It wasnt a reboot or anything like any other movie that was out at the movie. Not to mention it was hilarious

  7. Alan should get a wife from one of those websites where you can buy Russian wives. That would be awesome! Plus, there would be plenty of chances for very funny jokes!

  8. I am gonna go see it, wish hollywood was not as pretentious as its consumers are

  9. The final after the credits scene should show them all pukeing, dry heaving. Looking for water, Visine eh.

    Sam Jackson’s there with the evian, a tube of visine and a proposition to join the Avengers.

    Fricken yikes eh?

  10. Make it realistic – they drive drunk and wrap their vehicle around a tree doing 65. None of them was smart enough to wear a seat belt. The End. No chance for a Hangover 4… Oh, wait, you’ll just re-cast it with Patton Oswalt, Ashton Kutcher, and John Krasinski.

    $$$ > Art

  11. I’m sure part 3 will center around a funeral. One of the characters will die. They’ll drink too much to drown their sorrow and then the hilarity will ensue. I’m thinking a little Weekend at Bernie’s as they carry around their dead friend. Could be Doug.

    • haha, if that did happen it would be Doug. His largest role to date was playing a retard in Gigli

  12. I didn’t find it funny and to have to give a reason why you didn’t laugh is asinine. If you didn’t laugh at the jokes then that’s enough. People have different senses of humor and not everyone finds the same thing funny. If they did then every comedy would be successful.

  13. Comedy is subjective, David. There are no “experts”.

    • Well, apparently whatever he thinks must be true, so anyone who disagrees with him is “wrong.” :D

    • “Comedy is subjective, David. There are no ‘experts’.”

      Wow……did you really just say that???? You know what you’re right….comedy just thrives randomly. There are no experts because no one actually knows what they’re doing at all! It’s all just coincidence that determines success and how many people think you’re funny….how about you get off your high horse and admit that David made an excellent point.

  14. I’ll be seeing this tomorrow night – while I really enjoyed the first one, I’m going in neutral on this one because I’m not sure the same schtick will work a second time.


  15. I will watch it. I liked the first one, the second one was good because it delivered on my expectations of it not being as hilarious because it used the same template. Therefore I would watch the third because I KNOW that the third one would focus on Alan’s wedding – how would that NOT be hilarious?

  16. Seriously have to bring the audience to Alan and the crazy woman he intends to marry

  17. I would love to see a third hangover maybe in italy would be nice or france somewhere

  18. ****SPOILERS*****

    It good. But not great. The fact that it was so predictable was a shame in my opinion. It was obvious the whole way through that Alan had drugged everyone again and I was just waiting for Chow to jump out of the ice box. It was hilarious when he jumped out of the trunk of the car in part one but they are milking it a bit now.

    However it was still a funny film and I would go to see the Third one if it was made. It would HAVE to be Alan’s wedding, though. Amsterdam is one of the obvious settings, maybe Alan marrys a whore?

    Also, Id like to see more of Doug, we haven’t really seen any of him in either film.

  19. Luved Handover 2!!!!

    Can realet a bit more as I was in Thailand and recall all the fun (Some drunken some sober) I had while there. Especially Soi cowboy District. (And no Lady boys)

    It’s druken humour some of it cheesy but it made me and my friends laugh and this movie acomplished it!

  20. hangoverr 1 + 2 are both hilarious.
    a third one should deffinatly be made!

  21. Part 3: Alan’s wedding is disrupted when his bride is kidnapped by Chang, looking for revenge (and a payoff from Alan’s family).

    Part III would be more of a ‘Mission: Impossible’-style flick, with The Wolfpack on an ACTUAL rescue mission for once, and would have a lot more action.

    The twist: Not having the courage to get into espionage on their own, the boys decide they must “unleash the demons” on the bad guys…by drugging themselves willingly. Once “blacked out” their wild sides take over and they wouldn’t care about facing certain deadly situations you find in your average spy flick…they’d be too wasted to care.

    The film would be refreshing because this time we would actually SEE them out of control and out of their minds – it would be a fresh spin on the characters’ personalities (Stu as a hell-raiser instead of a meek geek) and it would give the actors something new to do.

    BOOM – story credit: Kofi Outlaw

    • That would definitely be worth watching.

    • Hahaha.. Id actually bloody watch this ^^.
      Good thinkin man.

  22. It should be done in Argentina. It a great place to do the crazy thing they done but worse!!! Ive been there in vacation and it was as if i were in the movie.

  23. Have part 3 be in new orleans during mardi gras. Have it revolve around a 40th birthday party for Alan, before the birthday party, Phil, Doug, and Stu take him to New Orleans to get him some action and have a good time. Then they wake up the next morning with a alligator in the bathroom, a dog under their bed, they find out they broke Chow out of police custody while he was being transported there, Stu’s nose broken, Alan gets married, and above all, their car is missing. Have Doug be with them this time too. Also there wanted by the New Orleans police because of them breaking Chow out.

    • that would be pretty good but i think it would pretty funny if they ended up in the florida keys and took on devau street

  24. hmm it should be in Tokyo Japan and if 3 is the finale then they are retarded because he will lose some major money if doesn’t make it up to part 5 at least I’m really not ready to give the Hangover up yet.

  25. Both movie were funny,,,loved both of it

  26. Here’s a better idea for part 3, Alan is about to have a 40th birthday, and his family is throwing him a big birthday bash. So before then, Phil, Stu, and Doug decide to take Alan to New Orleans for a pre-birthday night out. When they wake up the next morning, there in a jail cell, Phil has a black eye, Doug has his ear pierced, Stu wakes up with a grill in his teeth, they find a dead body in the trunk of there car. And on top of all that, they find out that Alan is in a mental institution. So it’s up to Phil, Stu, and Doug to piece up the puzzles of the forgotten night to find out how Alan ended up in the mental institution and get him out.

  27. I liked Hangover 1. Hangover 2 went way beyond expectations. It was hilarious. I hope in the 3rd they do Alan’s wedding, but I hope they have a crazy chic that it kinda centers she goes missing after the boys wild night out or she and her crazy posse go looking for them. Hats off to a very successful and entertaining group of movies!

  28. I would love to see a 3rd hangover. These are by far my favorite movies. Mad props to everyone who was a part of them.

  29. Well I loved The Hangover! Thought it was hilarious. So much going on, you never knew what was around the corner. Leslie Chow is the most bizarre, hysterical character, he was great! Can’t you just see the third? Chow gets out of prison in the opening scene and his equally crazy, bizarre wife goes to pick him up–maybe they have funny kids too–I like the idea of Alan having a mail-order bride, that would be perfect! Although the first film was funny, the second one just had its moments. Hopefully the third, if there is one, will be even better.