‘Hangover 3′ Headed to Tijuana and Back to Vegas?

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The Hangover 3 Tijuana Mexico Hangover 3 Headed to Tijuana and Back to Vegas?

Call it taking the long way around, but it seems as though the rumors that The Hangover 2 would be in Mexico were just a little bit too clairvoyant. Hangover 2 was set in Thailand – but The Hangover 3 will be in Mexico. Tijuana, to be exact.

However, it seems that Mexico will only be a pit stop: scroll down for the full scoop on where infamous Wolf Pack – Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis – could be headed on their next misadventure.

It has long been said that the Wolfpack will do a bit of party-hopping in their next installment. Bradley Cooper recently stated that the film would shoot in LA, while The Toronto Sun mentions the new Tijuana location. In addition to Mexico, the Sun also makes brief mention of Las Vegas, which (if true) would return the Wolfpack to the scene of their first crimes against partying.

Right now these reports are coming from “sources close to the film,” so they must be taken with the obligatory grain of salt. However, early on, word was that The Hangover 3 story would be different from its predecessors. Rumor went so far as to suggest that the story could involve – at one point or another – the Wolfpack having to break free of a mental institution where Alan (Galifianakis) ends up being committed. No idea if that will turn out to be the actual plot – but the ‘Pack being on the lamb could explain the Mexico location. A third Mike Tyson cameo could also explain a stop in Vegas. Just some theories.

The Hangover still Hangover 3 Headed to Tijuana and Back to Vegas?

Hell, the mere news that there will be different locations in the film is welcome news for those of us who weren’t very impressed with the repetitious nature of The Hangover 2. Some kind of variation of the formula is clearly needed, and it’ll be interesting to see what director Todd Philips comes up with. Be warned: we asked for something different, and there’s no telling how wild the curveball Phillips throws at us will be.

Source:  Toronto Sun (via The Film Stage)

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  1. this movie should have always been one and done, I dont see how they thought they could make these films a trilogy. Comedy film series rarely ever prosper.

    • Hangover 2 made over $250 million. They rarely ever prosper? you might want to check your facts on that one!

      • He’s talking about the quality of the film, not the box office performance.

        you might want to check your facts on that one!

        • He said “prosper.” That means financial success, not artistic success. (If he had meant the latter, he would/should’ve said something like “flourish.”)

          Might want to check your facts on that one!

          (And the studio is a business, designed to make money, not please critics. Who cares what a few reviewers/viewers think, if it’s wildly profitable? I thought II was better than the original myself, with the original highly overrated.)

      • Grossing a lot of money doesn’t stop a movie from being bad. Look at Avatar 😛

      • no they mad 10.4 billion dollors

    • The biggest tragedy is the fact that horrible movies make huge bank because people have proved that they will buy tickets for absolute slop. Check the MTV movie awards…

      • People also voted for obama. Some may again. The problem with freedom is that sometimes people make obviously stupid decisions. But it’s arguably still better than the alternative. (And film quality is far more subjective than objective political failure.)

    • “this movie should have always been one and done”


  2. I liked the first one I thought it was very well done. The second one on the other hand didn’t capture that moment the first one did it was the same as the first just A LOT more raunchy. Now if the third one seems to have the same concept I for one will not be seeing it. A lot of us here that blog on screen rant complain about remakes and sequels that are not done right but really we watch a movie that can not change the story JUST LOCATION

  3. I get a headache just thinking of another Hangover.

    • Haha! I like what you did there…

      • Cheers Kevin7!

  4. Hopefully in this one there will be more of Doug and something funny will happen to Bradley Cooper’s character.

  5. Oh no here we go agin.

  6. Enough already

  7. Hangover is awesome :) I’m with em all the way through Hangover 7

    • Yea brother, I’m with you. I could watch 2 hours of those 3 dopes sitting on a giraffe and love it.

  8. You know, there are screenwriters involved in making movies. It’s not just about waiting to see what the director comes up with next. Most times, the director is hired AFTER the screenplay has been written.

  9. Great. More racism and unfunny humor.

    • Racism? God, I hate the world we live in. Mel Brooks would’ve never made it if his “hay day” was now.

      • Easy Mr. (Liberal) PC.

  10. What’s with the racism remark. They made a sequel bc the 1st 1 made a ton of $$$. This is why we are talking a 3rd 1 now. Don’t take what they do or say personally it’s just a movie.

  11. ugh.
    hangover isnt a movie that needs any sequels. and its not just about need, with each new hangover film made, the novelty of the first one diminishes.

    • It’s business man. Doesn’t matter how junky these movies get, mindless frat boys and braindead college girls will flock to them. The first one was a decent surprise, but the second should have been the end of it. The fact that the 2nd made oodles of money just means the sequels will keep on coming.

  12. Im on board LOL!

  13. Im excited for part 3! Ill take the wolfpack neday

  14. Alan’s on his computer in his bedroom thinking he’s about to record his reaction to the latest variation of Two Girls, One Cup (because, you know, doing these things is how he passes his time when he’s not rolling with the pack).

    He’s already seen YouTube light up like the fourth of July with viral reaction shots of people being grossed out, so he’s excited to search the video out on the internet and watch it as it’s obviously built quite a reputation based on the various other reactions posted. He finally finds it, gets the camera set to record and eagerly watches… but we, the audience, never see.

    He’s shocked, alright – only it’s not what he expected at all. It’s found footage of the wolfpack from their original stint in Las Vegas. And it’s BAD. So bad, nobody remembers it – yet it’s been manifesting itself in each of the character’s behaviors ever since. It didn’t come from any of their cameras, so evidently there was another member of the wolfpack who lost their camera.

    Afraid its discovery will lead to the demise of his wolfpack, Alan embarks on a journey to stop the proliferation of the video on the internet… leading him back to Las Vegas where the domain of the site hosting the video is registered and in search of the other pack-member.

    Believing Alan’s gone MIA and fearing for his safety, the rest of the wolfpack take it upon themselves to find him. Their starting point: Alan’s reaction video found on his computer (but of course they don’t investigate WHAT it was to). After tracing him to Las Vegas, they find themselves thrown BACK into inexplicable circumstances that apparently everyone else is aware of BUT them.

    Will Alan be able to save the wolfpack before they find out what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there?

  15. They should make one where they come to the land down under, that would be funny. But they should watch out for those drop bears =p

  16. Stew: the garden of meditation?
    Alan: no he said he`s farting cause of his medication….I get that

    • Alan is hilarious, my six pack came back after laughing

  17. Is “on the lamb” meant to be a pun? It is on the lam…

  18. woah woah woah!! When did everyone get so picky and analytical?! did the movie make you laugh?? Yes. that was the aim, nah wasn’t as funny as the 1st but still take nothing away from it! if the 2nd had been the 1st and the 1st never created everyone would rave how hilarious it was! Enjoy the 3rd, don’t analyse it :)

  19. I though second one was much better. I didn’t think the first was as funny.

  20. Woooo Hoooo… Tijuana here we come.. Can’t wait to watch it..

  21. I think the idea of the first and second movie were good they were both good cant wait for 3

    • I’m with you, both Hangovers were great. I guess all the haters watched part 2 because they hated part 1, right?! Part 3 can be in Cuba, Rio, no matter where it is it will be funny. And that’s why we watch. “If you can’t handle the heat – stay out of the kitchen.”

  22. if they are going to do it breaking alan out of a mental institution they shud keep the same idea them getting druged and thats were they find him

  23. CLASSIC!!!!

  24. f*** yeah tj coco bongo

  25. I think the hangover III is going to be shot in Madalena ( Portugal)

  26. They actually filmed in Nogales Az with them stating in the movie that it was Tijuana mexico, Nogales is border of Nogales Sonora Mexico, we saw them only in arizona
    they never crossed to mexico

  27. They just finished shooting In Nogales, az about 3 days ago and were here for maybe a week