Early ‘Hangover 3′ Plot Details: The Wolfpack Really Goes Crazy

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Zach Galifianakis talks The Hangover 3 plot Early Hangover 3 Plot Details: The Wolfpack Really Goes Crazy

By this point, most people seemed to have stopped going on about how The Hangover Part II basically amounted to a lackluster replica of its predecessor – and are instead now expressing their hope that the inevitable Part III will bring something new to the comedy table.

Right before Part II hit theaters, director Tod Phillips began discussing his plans for The Hangover Part III to NOT be “in the same template” as the first two entries in the series. So exactly what shenanigans might The Wolfpack be up to that don’t involve getting outrageously drunk one night, only to wake up to a crisis the next morning as they try and piece together what craziness went down?

Hangover star Zach Galifiankis sat down recently for an interview with Rolling Stone, during the course of which he revealed some information about what Hangover 3 might entail. To quote:

According to what [Galifianakis has] heard, the plot [of 'Hangover 3'] ditches the format of the first two and focuses on his character escaping from a mental institution with help from the wolf pack.

The idea of Alan (Galifianakis) being committed in the third Hangover movie doesn’t exactly require a stretch of the imagination. The reason for breaking him out of a prison-like setting is anyone’s guess right now, but it would at least give Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and maybe even Doug (Justin Bartha) something new to do this next time around.

hangover 2 opens at number one Early Hangover 3 Plot Details: The Wolfpack Really Goes Crazy

Assuming this is the direction that Phillips and Hangover 3 screenwriter Craig Mazin are currently headed in with the threequel, it could go either way in terms of quality. On the one hand, it would provide Cooper, Helms, and Galifianakis an opportunity to stretch their comedy skills beyond their ability to react in a (theoretically) hilarious fashion to all the madness going on around them. However, the “prison escape” setup would presumably mean that the main Hangover trio won’t be able to play off one another for a good chunk of the new film, since Galifianakis would be separated from the others – and that has the potential to be either a good or bad thing.

Since we’re at a very early stage of development for the third Hangover movie, it’s easy to be optimistic that the next film will mix the action up more than Hangover 2 did. The problem is that “different” doesn’t immediately translate into “good” – especially when the premise in question sounds more than a bit like the contrived template for an episode of your average sitcom. Or an Ernest movie (see: Ernest Goes to Jail). Or a movie where Galifianakis has ALREADY played a weirdly funny mental patient (see: It’s Kind of a Funny Story).

The Hangover 2 tv spots Early Hangover 3 Plot Details: The Wolfpack Really Goes Crazy

"We're sequestered. And on top of that we can't even leave!"

Then again, the whole purpose of the “plot” in any Hangover picture is merely to set the stage for The Wolfpack’s wild antics – be they booze-fueled, chemical-enhanced, or the result of an attempt to “rescue” one of their own. So if you still loved Cooper, Helms, and Galifianakis’ respective characters in Hangover 2 as much as you did in the original, then it probably doesn’t matter too much to you what the “plot” of Part III is. So long as it’s both different AND funny.

So will the film actually go in this direction? Well, those with long memories will recall that it was Galifianakis who originally let slip that The Hangover II would be set in Thailand, way back in 2009. Director Todd Phillips then vehemently denied that rumor…until it was revealed that his denial was an outright lie. I say all that to say: it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we were witnessing history repeat itself.

Don’t be surprised if The Hangover Part III is scheduled for a Summer 2013 release date in the near future.

Source: Rolling Stone

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  1. A mi opinion hangover I no es tan buena como la parte dos. Yo la compre ayer y no me hizo tanta gracia. Espero que la tres sea mucho mejor.

  2. Will we be seeing. More of chow he is hilarious. I feel like he should be escaping. Out of jail on the 3rd one

  3. They should really put Peter Chao and he should be Chow’s long lost son, it’ll be hilarious cause they are both funny and Chinese!

  4. Were is the third hangover gonna be held

    • Nogales, Arizona but they are changing it to Tijuana setting.

  5. Hangover 3 will start filming tomorrow in Nogales, Arizona!! Come down here & see awesome Tijuana setting.

  6. I think they should do Allens wedding, Todd Phillips, if you ever read this, make Allen get some crazy hot girl like Megan fox to agree to marry him and he treats her like sh**,and then through out the movie the guys keep asking him where he got her, and allen acts as tho he is better then her.

    • I agree!
      I was thinking they were gonna have alans wedding, the other guys decide to get him back, and instead, they all go down.
      And bring the monkey ! More cho!

      Get Alan married!

  7. I love both HANGOVER films. I really wouldn’t care what they do because they are all hillarious.

  8. bring back iron mike!

  9. I has to stay the same I think it will be a mager mistake otherwise but if its the last one you do I hope not but if it is who what people think I guess

  10. Hangover III should be based in Europe. It doesn’t have to be for a wedding, maybe something else important like they received subpoenas to appear in an international court as witnesses in the trial of the drug dealer Chow.
    The Lone Wolfs Pack should then be taken out by Chow’s thugs in Amsterdam and shown “the best time they will never remember” only to awake the next day separated in different European cities (such as Paris, Madrid, Rome and Berlin) and with no money, wallet, ID or most importantly, memory of what happenned or how they got there.
    Then the premise will be that they each have to get to London to appear in court or face jail time themselves. All the while being tailed by Chow’s thugs trying to intercept and prevent them from showing up at court.
    The possibilities and situations are endless…
    Happy Hangover…

    • Read my comments below…You are in for a let-down.

  11. ken jeong is not a chinese but a korean

  12. I was told to watch the first as it was hilarious, it wasn’t. The second was even worse as I was made to suffer that. The third won’t be any different. There’s a ridiculous unfunny plot that leads to more ridiculous unfunny situations and then everyone lives happily ever after until the next time the same thing happens. Let’s not forget that we need to add Mike and his singing. I honestly can’t believe people found this whole thing to be funny in the slightest. I only wish I could end up with a hangover like they had so I can forget I ever watched any of these movies.

    • C’mon, “lighten up Francis”, why do you continue watching them? Have several Tequila shots and forget that you watched these movies.

  13. Let me help you all to save your money…Yes, there is no “hangover” in this movie. There is almost no drug or alcohol use and I don’t even think you see Chow’s butt, let alone anything else. Doug goes missing (AGAIN) but not because of any fun that was had and during the tracking down (which goes from beginning of movie to end…No unraveling of any mysteries) the “Puppy Pack” end up in Tijuana for about 5 minutes. I had some hope here, thinking there would have to be some tequila shots or a Donkey show, but nope…NOTHING. Maybe the worst part of this movie is how easily it could have all been done better. These films should get progressively crazier but in Part III it is obvious they won’t be making another film and are putting these married old men out to pasture. The best part of the film has to be knowing they won’t be making any more.

  14. This is most grotesque attempt at humor that has every been put on a screen. The actors, producers, director and every member involved in the making of this travesty should bury themselves in the holes they came from and never emerge again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hangover 1, wonderful and damn funny. Hangover 2, not as good as 1 but still damn funny. Hangover 3, not as good as Caddyshack 2 and damn depressing. I was really ready to see this movie. I took time off from work, I was really ready for a good laugh. That didn’t happen. I can’t remembor even laughing at all. It wasn’t a comedy but a very poor action movie, it wasn’t compelling or even interesting. by the end I really didn’t care. I was so dissapointed, I just wanted to leave. I know Todd did most of the writing on this but it missed the mark big time. I feel he needs to listen less to the critics and more to himself. Todd can write and direct. I’m sure he can come up with something. How bout Hangover meets Deliverence . This story and these characterscan’t go out this way.