Is Ridley Scott Producing A New ‘Halo’ Movie? [Updated]

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Director Neill Blomkamp may feel “lucky” about the cancellation of his and Peter Jackson’s in-development adaptation of Halo in hindsight, but for fans looking for a quality movie featuring the armored up, faceless Master Chief, there’s nothing lucky about it. After Halo was scrapped during pre-production, Blomkamp went on to craft his original film District 9 which quickly became box office smash on a relatively low budget, even earning four Oscar nominations, including one in the Best Picture category.

Rubbing more salt in the wound for the decision-makers behind the Halo mess, Blomkamp – who described himself to Fox as “genetically created to direct Halo” –  made his next project (Elysium) set in the future, featuring a space station and weaponry that looked and felt as if they were part of his Halo vision. Long story short, all these years later and Microsoft still doesn’t have a Halo film. But one might be coming.

The big news for Microsoft in 2013 is on the games front. They launched the long-awaited successor to the Xbox 360 video game console, the Xbox One, and there’s a Halo game coming out later this year for it. When first unveiling the Xbox One back in May 2013 however, Microsoft took the approach of focusing not so much on games, but home entertainment and part of their presentation involved them announcing a live-action Halo TV series. Building off of the success of the live-action Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn webseries, Microsoft hopes to create appealing exclusive content for Xbox TV and they’re working with Steven Spielberg to make it happen. The pairing makes sense considering it was Spielberg’s DreamWorks who were pushing to make Halo happen theatrically a few years back.

Halo 4 Movie Art Is Ridley Scott Producing A New Halo Movie? [Updated]

Still, nothing’s happened yet theatrically in the thirteen years since the original Halo debuted alongside the original Xbox in 2001 and in the time since, we’ve seen the property switch to a different developer and we’ve lived through three game console generations. Not all hope is lost though since seemingly out of nowhere the latest preview of Production Weekly (for January 16, 2014) namedropped “Untitled Halo Project.” Are they referring to the Halo series on Xbox One? Nope.

When questioned on Twitter, PW clarified that it’s separate from the Spielberg program:

“The HALO project is a live-action feature-length digital produced by Ridley Scott…”

Is the three-time Oscar nominated director who recently worked on Prometheus working on the long-awaited Halo film? PW added that there’s little information available at this point outside of confirming that Paul Scheuring, writer and producer of Prison Break, is penning the screenplay.

If accurate, and we don’t think Production Weekly is making this up, we’re very curious as to what the story of Halo feature film will follow. Will it embrace an origin story? Will it follow the original game(s) from Bungie Studios or take inspiration from the new games – beginning with Halo 4 - being developed by 343 Industries “Reclaimer Trilogy” (which has since been re-dubbed more of a “saga”). And the even bigger question is who will direct?

Halo 4 Wallpaper 1024x576 Is Ridley Scott Producing A New Halo Movie? [Updated]

For the first Halo film attempt, when Microsoft approached Hollywood without knowing the ins and outs of the business, two studios got involved (Fox and Universal) and Peter Jackson took on an expensive producer role which made it more appealing to go from a pricey A-list director to a relative unknown in Jackson’s then-apprentice Neill Blomkamp. Now that Blomkamp proved himself, will Microsoft – and whoever else is involved – go for a big name director? There’s certainly a lot of baggage with this project and high expectations to meet.

For more on the mysterious new Halo game coming to Xbox One later this year, head to our sister site Game Rant.


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In a statement to Eurogamer, Microsoft denied the existence of an in-development Halo film. We’re now curious as to where Production Weekly got the info…

“The Halo franchise encompasses many elements, including games, action figures, novels and more.

As always, we have many projects in the works that offer us the opportunity to bring in new audiences to the franchise, as we did in the past with Halo Legends and Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.

We plan to continue telling the Halo story through innovative channels, but there are no plans for a Halo motion picture at this time.”

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Sources: Game Rant, PW, Wired

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  1. it can Work…

  2. Only thing people don’t take into account, Halo is popular for its gameplay. Not story. Its story sucks.

    • You have to be kidding me. Its story sucks? Halo has one of the best storylines in all of gaming. I am NOT a fan of Halo 4, but the original trilogy with Reach, are fine examples of science fiction/fantasy.

      The gameplay is stellar, but the story is one of the most effective every written

    • Isn’t halo based on books? or were the books based on games? i don’t really know as i never really played the games but i am slightly familiar with the story and whatever i have seen(the live action web series), master chief looks cool to me… he is pretty much a superhero who should have comics to his name(don’t know if there are any halo comics?)

      i love tv series and i want a live action(high budget) tv series… it would be awesome i think…

      • The books came later and only 1 of them is based directly off a Halo game (The Flood, which recounts the first Halo game and is terribly written), the rest all flesh out the Halo verse with some surprisingly well written books (The Fall of Reach I find is a particularly good read).

    • Halo has always been a first person shooter, and FPS are a dime a dozen, other than the shields and more futuristic aspects the gameplay is no different than call of duty or any other FPS. Halos greatest asset is the epic storyline.

    • What?!?! Are you serious???

    • You are horribly incorrect,If you were in front of me and you said that,I would definetly knock you out.

    • Ha, you’re joking right? As “Chicago guy” said, Halo has one of the best stories in all of entertainment media! Which other games (besides probably Mass Effect) have such an expansive universe that has spawned 11 novels, graphic novels, webseries, short films, short stories and 7 games?
      Once you start to learn about the Forerunners, and the Precursors before them, and the Covenant and their reasons for the war, and all the characters and planets we have and the technology and the fact it all seems so believable to have happened and to happen in the future, is just so captivating. It certainly is better than “oh, Russians are attacking the US, it’s WW3!” as with seemingly every COD game.

      • Could not have been better said that this right here ladies and gentleman.

    • Its late for a Halo movie, didn’t you read that bungie has stopped with the halo project and there focusing on there latest project Destiny which is gona have more effects on it.

  3. Like WoW I think it’s several years too late to really cash in.
    Personally, I don’t think the Halo games are the standouts they once were.

  4. Except that the story (at least for the first three games & REACH) was a great epic sci-fi story and frankly, we’ve had a dearth of poor sci-fi of late and so I think the time is ripe to exploit the sci-fi opportunities.

  5. I would love to see a movie based on reach

  6. Just let them stand as video games in their own medium. Make something original!

    • Unfortunately Hollywood isn’t known for its originality.

  7. Im all for a Halo game with visuals like Prometheus.

  8. Ridley Scott gave us the fantastic crap known as Prometheus. Excuse me if I’m not very excited.

    • The story was crap and convoluted because it was trying too hard to thread in and out of a decades-old series plot. Which from what I hear was absolutely amazing. So Prometheus is hardly the defining movie of Ridley Scott’s career.

      Also, Ridley Scott is not directing or writing – only producing. So even with the influence that he has, there will be several people preventing any Prometheus-shaped blusters. If they could just get Neil Blomkampf to direct and keep the writer from trying to incorporate any agendas into there, then it can work out just fine.

      • Agree with you almost 100%. Elysium was visually stunning and Bloomkampf is the perfect match and probably the only person in Hollywood I could imagine right now for the vision of ground-combat/sci-fi feel needed for a great Halo movie but I do think Bloomkampf slipped a little in Elysium towards the later half into generic territory. Just felt like he spent all his energy in the beginning and ran out of magic/ideas for the second half of originality. I love Peter Jackson but he isn’t perfect either and I think combining both of their talent in one movie would be monumental. Peter Jackson knows how to develop characters and story into a saga but Bloomkampf is better with visions of combat. Now the 2 talents combined on Halo just wow!

  9. The MC is one of the biggest badasses in all of gaming. I just want a movie where the MC kicks the s*** out of somebody, cant be that hard.

  10. My kid would love this; he’s a big Halo fan. I would even watch it.

  11. Would love to see a halo story based on the library.

  12. I heard Gilermo del toro was able to choose whatever story he wanted to produce next. I think that would be a good fit.

  13. If they can do this, they can do one of Tomb Raider based off the Reboot. I’d go see both if done well.

  14. If they can make a Guardians of The Galaxy movie and an Ant-Man movie why in the hell isn’t there a live action realistic seriously toned StarCraft or Halo movie not made yet?????
    Someone please tell me why!!!
    Give me the Director’s chair and I will put out one of the most stunning visually and graphic StarCraft movies you could ever imagine. The shift is in full swing Batman started the trend in Hollywood now its time to make everything into an adult only based saga. Screw the kids

  15. Definitely see the trend shifting toward giant monster movies for the next 2-7 years though. Cloverfield peaked everyone’s interest and jumpstarted JJ Abrams big movie budget career. Pacific Rim followed up as a success overseas. Godzilla looks like it is headed down the right direction (realistically). Definitely see Godzilla opening the floodgates to monster movie galore in the next few years if it becomes a financial success. Definitely expecting a prequel or sequel to Pacific Rim, probably a Cloverfield 2 and 2 more Godzilla made movies at least if Godzilla is a go!!
    Anyone else see the shift happening?

  16. Did no see Forward Unto Dawn that was a bad @$$ series am I right the story is awesome I dont care what anybody thinks … but if they did make a live action series like that agian I would buy it and watch it thousands of times … and for a point halo did have a bad @$$ story line I am not a fan of halo 4 but the story is why I bought it and alot ppl did the same and books did come before the games not games before books…. Halo :CE (Combat Evolved) came out in Nov 2001 the first halo book Oct 2001 which is Fall of Reach read the books than play the games it better that way I think

  17. Halo 4 I thought was amazing another would be great!! And as for the story line it may not be like the games BUT its good for people who don’t play the games its bringing new people in

  18. 1. Halo is one of the best story lines in video game history. Starship Troopers (and others) influenced the story. Different types of giant insects and some even shooting plasma, later evolved to it being the covenant which also had different types of aliens with the same goal of annihilating the Human race. Any connection anyone? Just add awesome characters like Master chief, other Spartans, and ODST’s and better technology- and presto. You got an award winning story.

    2. If there is any movie out there that I would pay 100x top$ price to see, it would be a Halo Movie starting with Reach- then Halo Evolution, Halo 2, Halo 3 to continue the story like it is. Going a little big I know but hey- would be cool. Halo 4 was a good story but it just kinda seemed to go on a different track, but I think it would still be a great movie as well. And Avatar was a good movie but I still would have preferred Halo.

    3. TV series would be just freakin mind blowing too. and YES Halo Forward Unto Dawn is a Bad @$$ show, kinda quenched my thirst for a Halo movie but I’m sure I can speak for a lot of people when I say “Hope it does happen soon”

  19. Why the heck was he wearing that robe thing if he still had his suite of armor on?

  20. Please make this movie!!!!!!