Where’s My Halo Movie?

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halo movie release date Wheres My Halo Movie?

When I play an amazing video game with beautiful cinematics and an interesting or engaging story, I often think to myself that it would make for an amazing film. But I also think how much I dread Hollywood attempting to do so because there’s a 98% chance they’ll make a low-quality movie that doesn’t do the property justice.

This is sadly the current state of the video game movie genre. With awful films like Max Payne, Doom, Hitman and the more recent Resident Evil movies not living up to their names, it’s tough to get excited and easy to be worried about big studios taking our favorite games and damaging the franchise.

What would of been one of the biggest and most ambitious video game adaptations to date was of course, that of Halo, a movie to be based on the incredibly successful and critically adored franchise of sci-fi first person shooters by Bungie and Microsoft. Halo is one of those film properties in development hell, having almost seen the light of day a few years back when Peter Jackson brought in the at-the-time-unknown director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) to helm the feature.

Blomkamp showed off his skills with his amazing work on the Halo 3 video game marketing campaign, where he directed a live-action short which, while in a completely different style than the clean and colorful games, was harsh, gritty and realistic – a style he later utilized in District 9 which he and Jackson chose to work on after the Halo movie was canned by Fox and Universal due to budgetary concerns and fear that the video game movie may not perform at the box office. Blame the horrendous Doom movie.

Since then, we’ve – for better or worse – not heard of any serious movement in the Halo movie, despite the successful releases of several Halo games since then. Halo 3 had a spin-off in Halo 3: ODST, Microsoft released the Halo Wars strategy game and in less than two weeks the eagerly anticipated game of the year candidate Halo: Reach will hit shelves. With the money these games earn, the love from gamers and critics, and the success of tie-in merchandise, where is our Halo movie?

halo live action movie Wheres My Halo Movie?

At the MI6 Conference in San Francisco back in April, Content Manager Frank O’Connor of Microsoft Game Studios (previously the voice of Bungie Studios, developers of Halo) had the following to say about the Halo movie in a presentation titled “Extending Your Game Beyond the Package.”

“We’re going to make a movie when the time is right… We own the IP. If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic.”

When is the time right I wonder? The main trilogy of games is over and we’re getting a prequel story with Halo: Reach. The creators, Bungie Studios, have left Microsoft for a long-term deal with Activision-Blizzard to work on a new sci-fi franchise. And they frustrated Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp to the point where even if they were offered a chance at making the Halo movie again, they likely wouldn’t.

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  1. Yeah Eddie most people that haven’t really invested the time into Halo, have no idea how rich the story is.

    Some people also don’t realise the actors that voice some of the characters in the game. Like Keith David, as the Arbiter or Ron Perlman as Lord Hood.

    • i always read the dredits and the end of the intruction manuals lol so i get who’s who

  2. credits* LOL

  3. @790 the halo games arent famous for their story, theyre famous for their multiplayer and pperfection iin the fps genre. but i do like the story though.
    and when you said bungie had many more games theyre going to make, they probably came up with the ideas and gave the ideas to the newly formed 343 studios thats part of microsoft that owns the halo franchise now. microsoft owns halo. bungie left microsoft. so 343 studios are gunna make the future halo games now, not bungie, but bungie prob still has a say in whats made.

    o and mass effect’s story kicks halo’s story’s butt!

    • I would dissagree. I think that Halo is quite famous for its story. The game play is outstanding but I dont think it would be nearly as popular as it is without a fantasitic story. It seems though that the movies when they are finaly made will have nothing to do with Master Chief or Cortana or any of the games they will simply be set in the Halo universe. Personlay I think this is a mistake but hey….. guess they know what they are doing.

  4. Ant’s isn’t Fallout3 one of those role playing type games?

    The kind where the action stops so you can pick out a line of dialog.
    I wish video game makers would put somewhere on the game box a description of what kind of game your getting. First person, 3rd person, role playing, etc???

    None of the games tell you, you have to read a review or look at the images and guess.

    • its like a cross between an FPS and RPG but is such an AWESOME game. but yea you pick out your choices basically, but the gunplay in it is just great, you get to even make your own weapons which is cool

      • I think the biggest perk to Fallout 3 is that, while the story is pretty tight and doesn’t allow for too much variation in conclusion, the events between point A and point B can be extremely different. For example, I accidentally ended a mission prematurely by getting in a firefight with an important character. The result is that two towns now have bounties on me and that people are more prone to attacking me in the wastes.

        It’s got some mild FPS aspects- though they are kind of unrealistic due to the RPG aspects of it- where you can shoot someone in the head repeatedly and it might not kill them. It makes up for this using a variety of extremely clever locations, guns, and situations. It does not grow boring, anyway.

  5. @Jmack,,, True,,,
    I guess it depends on if you like a role playing story in a game (Mass Effect) or a first person story in a game (Halo).
    Of course your going to get more of a story in a role playing game.

  6. Yeah that’s what I figured Anthony.

    I picked up “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic” and played it for about 5 minutes before I went looking for the reciept. Role playing games totally turn me off. I don’t mind playing a good 3rd person shooter, but to have the game slow down or even stop so I can’t tell some charater to “go over there!” totally kills the game for me. ;-)

    • LOL this one doesnt bother me at all, the focal point of the game is GUNS, shooting up baddies, and more GUNS, just with the element of RPG thrown in, to flesh out the story.

  7. who are you referring to dude

  8. Who said that?

  9. Oh my, where do I start…? How ’bout here:
    “Bungie must approve every detail of every product tie-in that hits the market. They have an extensive and growing “bible” of the Halo universe and they want the books, comics and merchandise all to follow this cannon. Variety points out that Bungie even has to approve the colors of military uniforms and armor on toys, and they provide the digital models of characters to McFarlane Toys who make the popular Halo action figure lines.”

    AND THAT is the biggest reason why there **is** no film, aside from the limited and overestimated fanbase. There is little room for adaptation. There is little room for a chosen director to have a take on the material, there is no actor who can act. There is no script written or can be written that can measure up to this. It may sit well with Bungiw, but if it does not suit the director’s wishes, the director walks, and perhaps a potential producer as well. It moves on to the next bunch of people. Rinse, wash, repeat. Think I’m kidding? You said it yourself, Rob:
    “Microsoft is still working off scripts by Garland, Stuart Beattie, D.B. Weiss and Josh Olson” Not one of these writers can “get it right”? Not up to Bungie’s standards or a possible director’s standards.

    One point of yours, Rob, however, I feel I need to challenge.

    “The budgetary concerns of several years ago, where the project cost was exceeding $135 million, are no longer insane numbers for a summer action blockbuster (hell, they spent $200 million on Prince of Persia)”

    The problem with your comment here, Rob, is simple. At the time Halo almost happened, Blomkamp was an unproven, first time director. Persia, helmed by Mike Newell, was not. That’s a huge difference, Rob. A studio was willing to go with a more seasoned director as opposed to a studio willing to roll the dice on an unproven one. (Not that it helped any – we all know the end result of Persia)

    By the way, you’re right in that Resident Evil’s films have strayed a bit from its video game roots, but I actually thought that *was* the best thing that franchise did. HALO should follow the leader. Either Master Cheif takes off his helmet, or MC is AWOL in the Halo film. It won’t happen. MC won’t take off the helmet (not on camera anyway) and the folks will want MC in the film. A faceless character with limited cinematic appeal.

    Let me get one thing clear: I am not opposed to a HALO film. One day I would love to see a well done movie that was based on, in whole or in part, a video game. (My guilty pleasure for Silent Hill has waned over the past five years) But as long as things remain at this neverending chessmatch, I would feel much better if a Halo film were not made at all.

    Not live-action anyway.

    • The plan for Blomkamp’s Halo movie doesn’t go with either of your MC theories. In their film, he was there but the movie was about the soldiers, experiencing the battle from their perspectives fighting alongside the legendary hero.

      As for the director’s point, you’re forgetting that Peter Jackson was there with him and would be the entire time. They dropped it not because of him – they LOVED the stuff he did and all the designs they still have put away at WETA – Doom, the other big name game movie failed BAD and combined with a large budget, they were very unsure. Look how well D-9 did. Halo would’ve been similar style, combined with brand name, insane marketing would’ve been massive – they do regret it.

      In modern pop culture, Halo is infinitely more popular and widespread than prince of persia – it’s a rather easy sell if they do it right.

  10. “Where’s My Halo Movie?”

    Who cares, Where’s My Super Max Movie? We haven’t heard but maybe a peep in a year!

    Or a Green Arrow origin movie that was suppose to be in development??

  11. @ Rob

    But usually when those involved with the video game film go with their own direction and don’t follow what worked about the story, style and character of the game – they fail. “If you did do a 100% faithful version, 999 times out of 1,000 it would be a mess,” says O’Connor, explaining their reasoning. I don’t agree.

    I find it curious Rob that you feel this strongly about video games not being adapted to screen faithfully and accurately according to the original source material but not so much when it comes to the dismal X-Men adaptations.

    Fox and Singer have gone off with their own direction, story, style and character and let’s not forget continuity in opposition to the books and whilst you believe that X-1 & X-2 are awesome movies in their own right, then shouldn’t you by the same token accept the changes with Halo?

    They too could be awesome movies in their own right.

    As some folks have said to me about comic book movies. “After all it’s just an adaptation; if you want the comic books go an read the comic books”

    Using the same analogy then – If people want the video game go and play the video game.

    Not having a go. Just curious as why there seems to be a double standard with your stance. :-)

    As you know I’m all for adaptations to be as faithful and as accurate to the original source material as possible so if this project ever goes ahead I would prefer a 100% faithful version.

    • Personaly I hated all the X-Men movies. They shouldnt be an “adaptation”. Movies should bring characters to life as they are not rape them on screen and turn them into whiny little shadows of the characters they are “adapted” from. The Thor movie is coming out soon and I am already disgusted. The first thing out of the directors mouth is that he wishes to “humanize Thor”. Directors and producers need to learn that franchises and characters with existing fan bases have those fan bases because we like what we have seen,read or played. Dont try to turn it into YOUR VISION of the franchise. Just freakin bring it to life on screen for us. It’s all we want.

      • I personally don’t like using the word ‘adaptation’, but it is so entrenched within the system it hard to get away from not using it.

        I made my feelings clear on the subject in dozens of posts over the last year. I think the word ‘transformation’ could better utilized.

        And before the (adapt) boys jump on their bandwagon, I’ve said many times before:

        Technically speaking the word “adaptation” means to: rework, revamp, to alter, to modify, to redesign, remodel, and reconstruct. So Fox will go ahead and continue to STUFF UP the X-Men because in their eyes it’s just an adaptation.

        This is why I personally loathe the use of the word by film studios and movie fanboys who like to excuse away the rampant misuse of creative license by studios such as Fox and Sony. At the end of the day a faithfully executed (adaptation) is achievable.

        We DON’T want to see a panel by panel reconstruction of a comic book. We want to see the characters from the comic books faithfully and accurately represented, not some counterfeit clone that carries the name but has no resemblance to the books.

        By all means give us a brand new stories but don’t screw with the aesthetics, continuity and characterizations.

        I just wish people would realize that we shouldn’t have to settle for films which in essence are only a vague representation of the source material and more of a studio adaptation.

        I really do believe transforming a comic book into a motion picture that faithfully respects the original source material can be done. “Hellboy”, “Sin City” and “Watchmen” are fine examples.

        There are some great studios, good writers and brilliant directors who are as passionate, dedicated, thoughtful and creative about their art as is their awareness for commercial success.

        I think we should have higher expectations because better and faithful representations of our beloved super heroes on cinema screens is achievable.

        • I am with you there. I dont even mind if they take a major plot from a comic or in this case a game and bring it to life. No I dont want to see a panel by panel direct recreation but I would like to feel as if the world and characters seemed to spring to life from the pages and the prevailing plot themes adhered to. I think in the case of the Halo movies however I would realy like to see the games themselves used to make the movie. No I dont want to see the cut scenes perfectly coppied or anything like that but perhaps they could make some of the more powerful scenes could carry the same feel and perhaps some of the dialogue through to it’s counterpart scene. As an example I loved in the Transformers movie when Prime and Megatron faced off for the first time I loved the nostalgic line “At the end of this day, one shall stand one shall fall.”

  12. The simple fact is this; there is no way any movie version of a great game, whether it be Halo or Mass Effect, that it will do the game justice. So here’s the thing, just don’t bother.

    Halo will never work as a movie, the main character wears a helmet at all times, and every superhero movie goes to great pains to show under the mask these days.

    As incredibly cinematic as Halo is, a cinema version would simply ruin it.

    Halo Reach is going to be the last game, let it go out on a high, end the franchise there. No more games, no movie.

    • True that. I’m with you on this one.

      Resident Evil, Doom and the lot of those movies, failed at the box office. Now Bioshock is in the making, Castlevania movie as well, the ‘Saw” director is directing the Castlevania movie. Maybe if Hollywood let in the original game creators, writers in on the scripts, look and feel of these movies. Then maybe they wouldn’t suck so bad.

          • old man, good job on getting the numbers, i just have to laugh everyrime i hear someone say that those movies didnt profit.

        • Of course I meant critically. Come on! How many explosions do you nee and to fancy it all up and make it a 3D movie. Yes, it is sad.


  13. halo = overrated version of unreal tournament. Halo movie could be ok, but meh

    • Although Halo actually had a story.

      • unreal tournament also had a story as well, the main focus was on the tournament though

          • Firstly I’ll compare them because that was what the first Crap-lo was being compared to when it first came out, secondly it doesn’t take much except going to some game developer conferences or finding out about beta testing games, or even just reading the history of the Bungie company online to know that Microsoft bank rolled halo exclusively for X-box so that Bungie did not have to worry about different parameters for PCs to deal with, there’s no points for the oh I knew about it before it was console exclusive statement, would it mean much to you if I had stated that i’ve actually met the bungie team at the 2008 GDC conference in San Fran and talked to them about the conception of Halo blah and blah? Also I dont agree with the movie experience with interactivity bit because that puts Halo on the same level as a Disney DVD and Dragon’s lair with a point and click feature where u control limited amount of movement and predetermined scenes were loaded depending on what narrative the player chose or if the character died. The only games that are close to an interactive movie are Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy people need to realize they are using the video games are interactive movies bit incorrectly because their are very few that are actually interactive movies like the ones stated above. As some one stated it was mainly the overrated multiplayer that won over the masses. The story is as standard as most other sci fi shooters on the market. Could a Halo movie work, maybe, but will the movie be good because it is actually good or because rabid Halo fan boys already have a preconceived notion that anything Halo is automatically good…?

  14. @SIN187UM, isn’t “Unreal Tournament” a 3rd person shooter?

    • UT had a bland story, IF that

    • @ 790

      No Sir it is not. Gears of War has an over the Shoulder cam that can be some what considered 3rd person, but the whole UT franchise is First person unless you are in a specific vehicle. There are mods and mutators out for UT that can put the camera in 3rd person if some one desires.

  15. Example of a movie that was not like the book in slight details

    starship troopers…great movie but one of the main love interests dizzy flores was actually a man in the book who was killed early on.
    the reason i bring this up is because halo is just like starship troopers in the sense where they should change things like that to make it a better movie and appeal to a wider audience but not hollywoodize it.

    I think its a very smart move they are not fast tracking it because again looking at the success of the first starship troopers movie when they made the next two they went straight to DVD because they rushed the production.

    does anyone else think that the starship troopers comparison is accurate?

    • Third Starship Troopers movies was pretty good but the second one was unwatchable to me.

  16. also i think the story of halo is very interesting and makes it very movie worthy in fact the first halo game is when movie production was originally being talked about and was the reason that people were so interested in the game because the idea of a RING based world was so inviting and such an original concept. multiplayer had nothing to do with the games initial success because most people didnt even know about system link game play yet.

  17. The Starship Trooper films have evolved into political anti-war, anti-police state movies.
    Halo is more like Aliens then Starship Troopers. (Imo)

    • ive only seen the first one 790

  18. The 3rd Starship Trooper film was pretty interesting in that they nailed the future police state socity.

    It was similar nod to the dystopian society in RoboCop.
    Overall the film was pretty outragous, but deffinity ambitious. They even depicted an obama type religuos fanatic leader. Once he went nuts, a Hilery Clinton character was brought in. 8-)

  19. FML I think they should wait because you usually get a disappointing movie when hollywood takes over. I mean DBZ was an utter failure I wanted to backhand the director and story writer, they usually miss elements such as characters looking like the actual one. Last Air Bender, no offense to Dev Patel but he looks nothing like Zuko and I reckon thats a load of faeces. The guy who played Yamcha was whack. Then in the Tekken movie they don’t even have Hworang, Jins rival in the movie the fools. So I say this precautious method of thinking will pay off. Although I do want this movie to come out XD

    • Jin has many rivals they didn’t need it to be Hwaorang, using Kazuya or heicha Mishima works fine as that is who Tekken centers around mainly, the Mishima Clan

  20. I say make the movie as an origin story for John-117, the Spartan II program, and the war with the Covenant instead of taking it into another story. I love the Halo Universe but the Halo movie has to have Master Chief in it. And for the whole, he doesn’t talk argument, if you read the books he does talk. Im writing my own script for this movie and I’m thinkin about sending it to Microsoft and Bungie…but they probably wont take it.

  21. Im just talking in general, as most people i talk to say a Halo movie cant be made cause he doesnt talk so i was just putting it in their as a dont bring that argument up thing…sorry for any confusion.

  22. Here are my thoughts on what could work for a Halo movie:
    Be consistent with game. Everybody will be expecting it to be so. At the same time, let them correct a few little things here and there that were not quite right in the original games.(can anyone who has fired weapons extensively, or done so with gauntlets on, accept the pistol grips on the SMG, Sniper Rifle, etc.?)
    Have it written by someone who KNOWS SF. I will not go to see a movie when I have seen some idiot directing it say on a TV interview “Oh, I didn’t know any thing about it going in, but I think that left me free to do what I thought would be good.” The results of this sort of thing are, at best, infuriating and insulting.
    Let the writers aned director go BEYOND the existing canon. Bring in new characters and plot; give them some room to work in. Perhaps the best approach would not be ‘The Halo Movie’, but ‘a movie set in the Halo universe’. Look how good the stories set in Larry Nivens’ Man/Kzin Wars series are. Niven could never have written those stories himself, as he states, but others could, and did. Some of them are breath taking, in my opinion. Perhaps this approach could yeild good results with Halo.
    DO NOT throw in big CG filled scenes just because it can be done. Yes, you do want some awesome CG, but that should not be the focal point (or the entire point) of the movie. Make it a good story, not just a merchandising venue, either. Ultimately, great films are about people, and a good Halo movie will have to be so.
    So there is my rant. I do not for one second think that it will make any difference, but I got it off my chest. Good luck to you all.

    • I hope so bad they dont actualy make a movie without following the exploits of MC. We fell in love with the Halo universe through those characters. Without MC Cortana and the like its just another scifi universe and not so dissimilar mind you to the Space Marines from the second alien movie.

  23. Your Halo movie is waiting in the production line behind masterpieces like “Austin Powers 4″, “Anchorman 2″, “Saw 42″, and “Why did I also get married again to a mad black woman in jail too”?

    • HA!

    • I am sure that you are right about that; they will probably get around to ‘Austin Powers 7′ before anyone with a real desire to do an outstanding Halo movie gets an OK to do so. But one can dream, and gently try to urge things in the right direction. But this has to be kept in perspective. There is, yes IS, life out there outside Halo. And I am willing to wait to see a good movie made, rather than another ST1. (“the standard by which all badness is judged”, if I remember my Big Bang episodes correctly.(Of course, the beauty of websites like this is, there are bound to be half a dozen people willing to correct me. Right, guys?)) But seriously, folks, it is remarkably awkward to combine pure shoot-em-up and real drama. As I indicated before, an outstanding movie will have to go substantially beyond a rehash of the game, and this will require a certain flexibility of mind. Both in the people who make the movie and in the people who will ultimately pay for it at the box office. So why not start up a bandwagon and tell the studio “we will happily pay the staggering price to see a movie which is actually worth watching, but we will do our damnedest to visit early ruin upon one which is not. And bear in mind that if by some miracle is actually IS good, you can probably milk us for admission to see the sequel.” (There is probably a more diplomatic way to put that, but I enjoy its pithiness.) So, who do we send these missives to? Bungie? Microsoft? Tell me, and I will start the ball rolling, if ever so gently.

      • Ba-zinga

  24. me and my friends love the resident evil movies lol :)

  25. I think when you look at the numbers from Halo Reach, it would be detrimental to the franchise at this point to make a film.
    There’s clearly no need to spend say 150mil+ on a movie when you can spend 70mil on a game, and make over 200mil in 48 hours,,,

    The game is too profitable to risk with a film. I bet you won’t see a Halo film for at least 8 years.

    And as long as they keep improving each game, game by game that’s just fine with me. I would prefer they really never make Halo into a film. 8-)

  26. @790

    Halo Reach is the last in the series.


  27. @AIDYs, really?

    If I had a money machine called Halo and it just crapped out 200million dollars do you really think I would turn it off and throw it away,,,

    How old are you?

    Bungie has a reputation for saying that this is the last Halo game. They have been sticking to that claim since Halo2,,,

    But yeah, really, Bungie has always deflected new games. Its just some kind of office policy. It doesn’t matter who’s now producing the Halo Franchise, the games will continue forever.

    Like I’ve said before here on SR, I know a guy, who knows a guy that works /worked for Bungie and they “already” have developers working on future Halo games.

    Cheers everyone!

    • You just made my day a little brighter when your friend, of a friend *leaked* that there is another Halo game in the works!

      *squeals like a fan girl*

      For your information, my age is none of your bizzness :D

      Honestly, I do not wish for a Halo movie to be made. I prefer the game above all else. I think a movie would ruin, well, it may not be a waste of time because fans of the game would flock to theaters to see it. May be a good movie, or meh. But, dollars add up.

      If they do make it, I hope it won’t be in 3D.


  28. There working on Halo “games” not a’ game. :-)

    Let’s not forget Halo3, ended not only with a cliff hanger, it left off on a totally new area of space.

    Expect a totally new enemy next time. Maybe a variation of the Covenant, maybe not,,,, 8-)

    • Games!?! :3

      Awww…I haven’t finished the campaign yet, so no spoilers!

  29. AIDYs, what campaign are you still playing?

    • Still going solo, heroic. Was there for the multiplayer Beta but not yet for the game. I really hope to be done with it later today sometime.