Where’s My Halo Movie?

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halo movie release date Wheres My Halo Movie?

When I play an amazing video game with beautiful cinematics and an interesting or engaging story, I often think to myself that it would make for an amazing film. But I also think how much I dread Hollywood attempting to do so because there’s a 98% chance they’ll make a low-quality movie that doesn’t do the property justice.

This is sadly the current state of the video game movie genre. With awful films like Max Payne, Doom, Hitman and the more recent Resident Evil movies not living up to their names, it’s tough to get excited and easy to be worried about big studios taking our favorite games and damaging the franchise.

What would of been one of the biggest and most ambitious video game adaptations to date was of course, that of Halo, a movie to be based on the incredibly successful and critically adored franchise of sci-fi first person shooters by Bungie and Microsoft. Halo is one of those film properties in development hell, having almost seen the light of day a few years back when Peter Jackson brought in the at-the-time-unknown director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) to helm the feature.

Blomkamp showed off his skills with his amazing work on the Halo 3 video game marketing campaign, where he directed a live-action short which, while in a completely different style than the clean and colorful games, was harsh, gritty and realistic – a style he later utilized in District 9 which he and Jackson chose to work on after the Halo movie was canned by Fox and Universal due to budgetary concerns and fear that the video game movie may not perform at the box office. Blame the horrendous Doom movie.

Since then, we’ve – for better or worse – not heard of any serious movement in the Halo movie, despite the successful releases of several Halo games since then. Halo 3 had a spin-off in Halo 3: ODST, Microsoft released the Halo Wars strategy game and in less than two weeks the eagerly anticipated game of the year candidate Halo: Reach will hit shelves. With the money these games earn, the love from gamers and critics, and the success of tie-in merchandise, where is our Halo movie?

halo live action movie Wheres My Halo Movie?

At the MI6 Conference in San Francisco back in April, Content Manager Frank O’Connor of Microsoft Game Studios (previously the voice of Bungie Studios, developers of Halo) had the following to say about the Halo movie in a presentation titled “Extending Your Game Beyond the Package.”

“We’re going to make a movie when the time is right… We own the IP. If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic.”

When is the time right I wonder? The main trilogy of games is over and we’re getting a prequel story with Halo: Reach. The creators, Bungie Studios, have left Microsoft for a long-term deal with Activision-Blizzard to work on a new sci-fi franchise. And they frustrated Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp to the point where even if they were offered a chance at making the Halo movie again, they likely wouldn’t.

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  1. soooo let me get this right, a Halo Movie with no Master Chief?

    • ditto.

  2. Getting teased with the live action trailers for Halo 3, ODST and now Reach we can see how these movies could look and if the standards remained as such they would blow minds! The issue is as always that the public gets nervous about games translated into movies. Doom was an abomination, and the Resident Evil movies lack the substance to be taken seriously. With a Halo movie we’d need it to be gritty and with more characters then just the Master Chief and Cortana. Maybe Bungie are waiting to see how reach does to build on that aspect of the franchise to play on the team dynamics etc before introducing the Master Chief later.

  3. i’d rather them just not make it at ALL, not them, not hollywood, no one, leave it alone guys

  4. Casting would be interesting to say the least. Would any main stream actors want to take a role (assuming master chief is in it) in which their face would never be seen. Hmmmmmmm……

  5. How about basing the Halo movie off of that one book called The Fall of Reach, which is badass, and has plenty of badass sequels to it, well, the one’s by Eric Nylund that is. I really wish Frank O’Connor would have nothing to do with Halo. He’s screwed up enough stuff as it is.

  6. I’m glad they are tenuous with the Halo property. Every video game movie made to date is utter garbage. I want to see one done right for once!

    I also disagree with the remark of O’Connor, it’s bs , look at the sucess of comic book movies that are true to their origins.

    Video game movies have to keep true to their origins too; it’s the fan base accumlated that will come out and pay for the movie, but must also appeal to new comers while staying true to their fan base. If it’s all fanbase, you would get an awesome movie like Scott Pilgrim, but that doesn’t make alot of money :/

  7. as long as they dont let Uwe Boll anywhere NEAR the script, let alone sets, it might be OK, but really, it just needs to be left alone

  8. Theres nothink wrong with Max Payne all the rest i mean can one seriously have any confidence reading your article after you’ve already bashed good-to-great films , you have to understand where the Resident Evil films were goin there a cross between the games and a new take on the franchise and prehaps this was done to offer varity to the movie and not have almost everythink expected known , also Doom is good not great but good it was the screen play that lacked alittle and the script was alil boring but what do you expect with a 15 million dollar budget ..

    • Payne was a terrible film..

    • Ive seen alot of video game movies and Ive played a ton of the best titles.Max Payne and the RE movies are some of the worst video game movies(let alone films) I have ever seen in my life.Yes,the trailers for Max Payne were epic when first seen.But the end product honestly made me angry that I sat through it.The first RE was reasonable,but it wasnt good.The movies have only gotten worst after the first b/c they have strayed into B-movie territory mixing supernatural powers and zombie action.Dont get me wrong,I completely agree with you what you said about changing the storyline to make for a fresh experience.But that did not require the junk they threw into these films.As far as Doom goes,15 million dollars can go along way with the right director and production team.Doom was AWFUL.I really do want video game movies to be taken serious,b/c anybody on this thread thats a gamer knows the content we have as fans.Its very intelligent and exciting when done right.

  9. Keifer Sutherland was the top cast for Master Chief at one point. Neill Blomkamps trailer was amazing.

    Its clear that Bungie doesn’t want to cheapen the game with a poor film.
    Like Rob said there’s no going back from that kind of publicity.
    Personally I would rather play Halo the game, over seening a movie any day,,,

    I can’t wait for Halo-Reach and I bet well get another Halo game before a movie,,,

    • lol….consider Reach was Bungies last Halo game, i think you’re right. for me, it just needs to be left alone. im not a fan of Sutherland, he didnt inherit pops’ cool voice

  10. Anthony I have a friend of a friend that works at Bungie and from what I’ve heard they have Halo games planned out for the next 20 years. No kidding.

    This isn’t the last Halo game. Its a marketing ploy.

    • those lying punks lol. i had read somewhere that this was to be thier last lol…well maybe they’ll rectify Halo Wars then lol. i liked it well enough though, just wasnt what i thought, considering…

      • It’s Bungie’s last game, but seeing as how 343 Industries owns the rights to Halo, they can keep on making Halo games for the rest of their lives and even further. They’re going to milk this franchise so hard, it’s not even fair. :(

  11. Ant’s have you beaten Halo 3? If you watch the final scene its clear that the main character is coming back.

    I think Bungie is waiting for a new xbox gaming platform but it will happen.
    Trust me.

    • i have not finished it yet, Xbox suffered the ol’ RROD :(..i have the Legendary collectors edition lol, im that big of a nerd

  12. i dunno if microsoft will come out with a new platform anytime soon, they revamped the new version of the Xbox for thier new motion sensing games that will be coming out i think…

  13. I never really thought the halo games to have a good story.

    I’m not a fan of playing FPSs but I kind of enjoy watching people really good at them play one. However, I always thought the weakest part of halo was the story.

  14. Lol, Halo has one of the best gamer stories ever. You have to play the game to know that.
    But yeah I laughed when I read your comment.

    • well i liked it well enough too 790 :)

  15. Anthony,,, that’s why Halo is in limbo right now. They’re (Bungie) waiting, for the next big paradigm to break out in platforms. Meanwhile there working on the sequel to H3 as we speak. I’d say about 3 years from now your gonna see another Halo game.

    • yea but on a new platform?..why would microsoft retool the current xbox for the new motion sensing games they plan on supporting? personnaly, i dont like the whole motion sensing stuff, im better with regular controllers lol

  16. Yeah Ant’s I bought an Elite 360 and it only lasted a year and a half. It had overheating problems. At least the hard drive wasn’t damaged.

    I’m on my second 360 now (core model) and it works great!!!

    I’ve beaten all the Halo games on every difficulty setting.
    Legendary is my prefered Fire Fight setting on Halo ODST. I’ve also passed Fire Fight acheivement score of 200.000 on every level. 8-)

    • mine went kaput after almost five years, i have the 20 gig pro system lol. not sure if i wanna get it fixed, or get one of the new sleek black ones that just came out yet. i blame Fallout 3 for my xbox’s demise..i logged over 250 hours on that game alone without all the expacs yet. iunly wish that the helmet i got with my Halo 3 was real lol how cool would that have been

  17. Ant’s your referring to the Xbox “Slim”.
    Its not going to take over the 360 platform. Its more of a test to see if people want to go down that road. I don’t think it will catch on being that the hard drive isn’t compatable with the 360.
    Within say 5 years if mankind still walks the face of the planet, Bungie/MS will unvail a new Xbox design. I don’t know what it will contain but that’s just the way things go…
    Some form of Halo has always launched new Xbox platforms. Its a tradition withing Bungie and Microsoft. Halo will be back.

    • i hope so. i really dont like the idea of microsoft going all Wii-sh damnit, now i am jonsing for Fallout 3 :(

  18. Ant’s just go out and get the 360 Core model. Slap on your hard drive and its like a new machine.

    Forget repairing your old model. The new Core 360 are all upgraded anyway with better parts. If you waste the time and money to repair your 360 you’ll just have to repair some other prob, (Disc Drive) in a few months.

    Get a new model!!!

    And a virtual beer on me,,, ;-)

    • ahh ty. yeah, you make sense…no use in reparing when i can just get the core system

  19. You don’t have to play it to know if the story is good or bad. If you’ve watched it be played you can still know. I’ve seen it played from begining to end I’m no where near alone on this thought either. Most games I’ve played have a much better story. Still if you liked it fine I’m just saying it was one of the worst games story wise I’ve seen.

    Anyway just meant to make a quick comment i’ll leave you to the article.

  20. The back story of Halo has spawned several novels Daniel. Even if you don’t like the game/story your in the minority. Halo’s story is part of the reason the game is a huge success. 8-)

    • 790.i never got ODST…any good, i heard it was bad

  21. Rob [Keyes],

    Your wrong on there being no good game to movie transitions and box office success proves this, namely with the RESIDENT EVIL series, all of which have made profits. You may not like any of these films but that does not mean there have not been any successful instances of the video game genre in movies.

    You also are wrong in saying you don’t agree with the comment that you can’t do a pure %100 transition from game to the big screeen. Not wrong about that being your take but wrong that this is a rule for making this kind of film.

    The most successful and best loved game series of all time could be made into a movie with a translation that is %100 faithful but the end result will be something less then what it could have and should have been. The game and its movie equivalent are playing not only to 2 different groups (even though there are many persons in both) but2 different medias. One is interactive and the other is passive. What works in one does not necessarily work well or even at all in the other and so you can’t do a pure %100 conversion from game to film and end up withe the best possible movie version of a game.

    • BlueCollarCritic

      Box office success does NOT equal a “good game to movie transition.”


  22. Straying from the story and plotline hasn’t worked for videogame movies in general, so i’d be worried that Halo would just succumb to videogame movie syndrome, where it just falls flat on it’s face; compromises are made to appeal to a wide demographic and becomes ‘space marine movie’ with the words Halo slapped on it.

    On a side note, I have to mention that all of those Resi movies make bank, and each sequel has outperformed the previous movie at the box office. I’m willing to bet Resi 3D continues the trend.

    Anyway, if PoP cost $200m to make, and brought in a surprising $330m, well done for them. There’s no reason a cheaper halo film wouldn’t bring in more than that.

    I’d be surprised if this film gets made, I thought it was canned altogether when the execs weren’t willing to spend the projected budget, just like other video game adaptions.

    • If a particular videogame has a really strong story, why not just rip it off and make that story into a videogame? The Halo fans will enjoy seeing their story up on the big screen, and other patrons will enjoy a great story.

      Nobody’s really done it (in any videogame adaption i’ve seen) so it’d be worth a go.

      (For example) Resident Evil 4′s storyline (the videogame) is superior than RE Apocalypse storyline. Why not just make a film from Halo 1′s (or Halo 1 & 2) story arc?

      • Amen to that. I had my fingers crossed that they would take a huge jump away from the resident evil movie line and just make a brand new flick directly from the RE4 storyline. The game was FANTASTIC, way more in depth, dramatic and interesting then ANY RE movie that they’ve made so far.

        I think making a film from the Halo 1 and 2 story would be a good idea

        if it aint broke
        don’t fix it.

  23. halo strong story? i lol at that

    halo is like the ID4 of story telling.

    • That’s our director!! Roland Emmerich!!!
      Make that 2012 director an offer….and…what’s that?

      Oh, you hate most of his films too… :)

  24. I personally think that the problems with most of these movies come from the inability to let go of the playable parts of the games (one person taking down an entire force of who-knows-what). If they would focus more on the entire concept, rather than on Master Chief or an elite group of Spartans, the movie could have a POSSIBILITY of succeeeding.

  25. If they do make this it should be based on the fall of reach novel, or at least the first half of it. Tell the story of how the Spartan project came to life. A shady government organization stealing children, replacing them with hastily made clones, which died shortly there-after, and the brutal training they go through, as well as their first few missions. They were originally trained to fight rebels who refused to join the earth alliance (not the real name) when humans began to colonize distant planets and stop a civil war. This would intro all the main characters: dr. Halsey, capt. Keyes, the Spartans, sgt. Johnson, etc…and in doing so help humanize the super soldier Spartans.

  26. Thanks for the update, Rob!

    I agree with you, it shouldn’t be rushed and it’s great that Halo and Metal Gear producers/publishers are protecting their brand. As much as we want a great movie, I’m willing to wait. Then again, after all this waiting and strategic planning, they had better make a damn good movie!


  27. has no one read the books? The books are all different from the game but they are amazing! Personally, i always thought bungie never made a game based on the books was because they were saving it for the movie… and audiences would be too tired of the same storyline if they were in the game anyway (it would just be the game but in live-action).

  28. ‘Halo Legends’ made me even more anxious to see a feature film. Maybe they should make it CG animated like it was in the last story in ‘Halo Legends’.

  29. I loved ODST, Anthony. But if you didn’t finish H3, then maybe its not for you. Personally if I was in the middle of Halo 3 and my 360 crapped out, I would run out that day and get a new one.

    I’ve found that folks either love Halo or hate Halo.

    • well,i love it, im gonna take your suggestion and just get the core system, maybe not put so much hours on Fallout 3, but it lasted a lot lobger than most and a lot longer than i expected. when i get a new one, its back to Halo 3.