Where’s My Halo Movie?

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halo movie release date Wheres My Halo Movie?

When I play an amazing video game with beautiful cinematics and an interesting or engaging story, I often think to myself that it would make for an amazing film. But I also think how much I dread Hollywood attempting to do so because there’s a 98% chance they’ll make a low-quality movie that doesn’t do the property justice.

This is sadly the current state of the video game movie genre. With awful films like Max Payne, Doom, Hitman and the more recent Resident Evil movies not living up to their names, it’s tough to get excited and easy to be worried about big studios taking our favorite games and damaging the franchise.

What would of been one of the biggest and most ambitious video game adaptations to date was of course, that of Halo, a movie to be based on the incredibly successful and critically adored franchise of sci-fi first person shooters by Bungie and Microsoft. Halo is one of those film properties in development hell, having almost seen the light of day a few years back when Peter Jackson brought in the at-the-time-unknown director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) to helm the feature.

Blomkamp showed off his skills with his amazing work on the Halo 3 video game marketing campaign, where he directed a live-action short which, while in a completely different style than the clean and colorful games, was harsh, gritty and realistic – a style he later utilized in District 9 which he and Jackson chose to work on after the Halo movie was canned by Fox and Universal due to budgetary concerns and fear that the video game movie may not perform at the box office. Blame the horrendous Doom movie.

Since then, we’ve – for better or worse – not heard of any serious movement in the Halo movie, despite the successful releases of several Halo games since then. Halo 3 had a spin-off in Halo 3: ODST, Microsoft released the Halo Wars strategy game and in less than two weeks the eagerly anticipated game of the year candidate Halo: Reach will hit shelves. With the money these games earn, the love from gamers and critics, and the success of tie-in merchandise, where is our Halo movie?

halo live action movie Wheres My Halo Movie?

At the MI6 Conference in San Francisco back in April, Content Manager Frank O’Connor of Microsoft Game Studios (previously the voice of Bungie Studios, developers of Halo) had the following to say about the Halo movie in a presentation titled “Extending Your Game Beyond the Package.”

“We’re going to make a movie when the time is right… We own the IP. If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic.”

When is the time right I wonder? The main trilogy of games is over and we’re getting a prequel story with Halo: Reach. The creators, Bungie Studios, have left Microsoft for a long-term deal with Activision-Blizzard to work on a new sci-fi franchise. And they frustrated Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp to the point where even if they were offered a chance at making the Halo movie again, they likely wouldn’t.

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  1. AIDYs, yeah again for the second time, I ask what Halo game you are playing?

    Sheesh !!!

    • Halo Reach! You know, since we are talking about Halo games–I have to say that I did not care for ODST much, but it served its purpose.

      For your information, I am like, sleepy…it is 2.20 in the am! I just keep hitting F5!


  2. @AIDYs, ah ok, yeah get some sleep.
    I’m currently playing Reach myself, and I’m in the second level somewhere. I just activated a anti-aircraft turret, and gained the rank of Corporal.
    I’ve learned I get the most out of Halo when I play it on the Legendary setting.
    I will go back on Heroic and scoop up whatever datalogs I missed or randon achiements later.

    I’m in no mood to fly through this game. It will prob take me a month or two to beat the legendary campaign.
    And that’s where I get my moneys worth. Not to mention the endless Firefight battles I will enjoy from this game.

    Reach is a total 10 out of 10!

  3. I remember watching some of the DVD extras on the Halo 2 SE disc. I vividly remember a lot of the developers saying the reason the game was so popular was that they had managed to create about 30 seconds of really fun game play, and replicate it over and over in a way that would keep people coming back. I think that lends more credence to the argument that the “success” of Halo is driven far more on the game play and multi-player aspect than the story.

    Halo 1 had a very vanilla story. It would be really hard not to make a movie that comes off as a Starship Troopers copycat. The only characters that can emote are the AI, supporting marines and the Spark. The main arc for 2-3 could be passable as a basic plot. But again, its hard to really invest in or care about a character that cannot show or evoke any emotion. I would imagine that a movie that solely follows the MC Spartan would be like a movie following the T-800 with no focus on Sarah or John Connor.

    I agree that any Halo movie should be based on one of the book plot lines (Fall of Reach, imo) or a fresh story set in the Halo Universe.

    I think the real problem with adapting an VG like Halo is that it already feels really cinematic. Adapting books or graphic novels into film is like adding a 3rd dimension to the story. VG game play and kinematics now (especially Reach) are nearly on par with films already as a medium for storytelling. And yeah, it seems silly to spend 2x the money to make it when you can create a game, and then milk DLC until you crank out the sequel.

  4. They need James Cameron to direct this, that would make it sure fire hit, no questions, so long as the script is good

  5. I don’t agree that much with the argument of not making a movie 100% faithful to the main plot of the Halo Saga, i’ve been misleaded to the theaters by titles as Prince of Persia, Resident evil, Street Fighter (yeah, i saw that Chun li based trashy low budget film and i tolerate even more Van Damme’s 90’s version), Final Fantasy (which i still consider the most acceptable movie based on a video game’s concept and that its just because final fantasy has never had a main story), Tomb raider (from which i never expected nothing really), Doom (the most regrettable one of them all), DOA (shouldn’t be mentioned at all), Silent Hill (i do regret this one) and Tekken (which i never even saw at the billboard). Halo deserves to be true to the main plot and deserves to be based on a story that might link one part to the other cuz if it turns out to be a script brought out of nowhere and fans like us don’t know or relate to or already love, then it might become another fiasco added to the big list of failed movies that don’t respect the first argument that make ppl love those stories, the continuity and consistency that make a saga a Great Saga, maybe even bigger than Star Wars. For an instance, ODST’s plot could be an example of what an excellent halo movie script would have been, a prequel like reach or even further behind like when the spartan program began or the most obvious way to go… the beginning of the covenant invasion, anything like this might hit really hard in theaters. We’ve already seen that we don’t need Spartan-117 to be the star (Spartan-312, The Rookie, Keyes or Sgt. Johnson himself, maybe even a new character in a vital time and place of the story) Anywho, that’s just my humble opinion. Thx

  6. Screenplay for Peter Jackson’s Halo Trailer Leaked!!!

    Fans be warned: Spoiler Alert!

    After a long and hard wait by fans and movie goers alike, Peter Jackson has finally signed on to direct possibly one of the biggest franchises of all time… the Halo Saga. He plans to not only make it true to the video games, but he also promises some big surprises, including shooting all 9 movies at 60 frames per second in Imax 3D.

    That’s right. Nine movies. The heavy weight film director has already signed on with some big name actors, under Sony Pictures to direct one of the biggest franchises of all time.

    “It is a big responsibility to hone the Halo franchise, and the fans deserve a world and ethos that is every bit as big and as fantastical as what we have all come to expect.”
    – Peter Jackson

    Sounds Like Peter is on the right track to delivering the goods. This years upcoming “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy under his belt, it’s no question that the studios would choose him over other directors in the field of epic worlds. But what else do we know about the world of Halo?

    Evidently, the official trailer titled “Halo: The Saga Begins” was leaked online, but was pulled out within just 6 hours. Evidently, the trailer got out without the studio’s consent, and lawsuits are being filed. What ever the case may be, we found ourselves scouring the earth for the trailer, and finally we found something. The script! Leveled out in full detail of the trailer for Halo: The Saga Begins.

    Spoiler Alert!!

    The Following Script includes MAJOR Plot points, big name actors, and release date.

    Don’t say you have not been warned!

    In Blackness.

    Open Credits:

    Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    Fade To:

    From Peter Jackson, Director of the Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit Trilogy.

    The world will end. Not in darkness. But in light.

    Open To:

    White light gleams in on the planet. Distorting the atmosphere in a burning fire.

    Cut To:

    Fire, explosions. Then a flash.

    Cut To:

    We stand at the battle ground of a massive planetary war. Guns blazing, space crafts jolting away from us.


    Cut to Darkness:

    Soft breathing. Cortana speaks:


    Cut To:

    Master chief walks out in the midst of a winter daze. Clasping his hand to a rock as he pulls himself in the winter abyss.

    Electric guitar music plays the theme song of Halo.

    Cut To:

    In a sweeping view of the Holy Temple, an alter at the top of a mountain with thousands of covenant creatures in a crowd below, cheering. A human woman is being lead to the gallows by the covenant. The crowd goes wild. The covenant Lord lifts his hands with a sword.

    Then darkness…

    Cut to:

    In the covenant ship, The arbiter rises to his masters.
    The rise of men will fall. You will take your place as our protector, our leader….. Arbiter.

    Yes. My master.

    Cut To:

    Master Chief walks toward the star ship about to take off.

    Welcome home son. This is where you belong.

    Cut To:

    Star ships flight over a massive battle on earth. Master chief is holding the hand of a half bloodied solder.

    Cut To:

    Arbiter walks to a window in a massive covenant space ship.

    Space ships and explosions fly and loose control.

    Master chief walks to a mirror reflection of the Arbiter from the human space ship.

    We see master chief looking at the earth being destroyed below.

    This war… ends here.

    This war… has only just begun.

    A big, massive, gain’t space ship bursts into master chiefs giant ship. Master chief is holding on, while oxygen is sucked out into the vortex. Sparks and explosions tare the ship apart.

    Then darkness….


    “Morgan Freeman”

    Clip of Sergeant Johnson smoking a cigar.

    Fade To Titles:

    “Mila Kunis”

    Fade to Character:

    Cortana looking at Master chief in despair.

    Fade To Titles:

    “Anthony Hopkins”

    Fade to Character:

    We see him turn around with full CGI facial and motion capture as the High arch.

    Fade to Titles:

    “Liam Neeson”

    Fade to Character:

    The arbiter stands up in glory of a crowd, revealing his facial expression of hate and tears.


    Fade to Titles:

    “Chris Hemsworth”

    Fade to Character:

    Master chief takes his helmet off in a silhouette of a massive explosion.

    He takes his helmet off as Master chief behind huge epic explosions in a space ship.

    Then we instantly cut to darkness.

    Fade to Titles:


    We fade out, then fade to new titles:

    “The Saga Begins.”

    Fade out, then fade to…..

    “December, 2018”

    Fade out, and fade to:

    “In Imax 3D”.

    (Disclaimer: This entire article is fake.)