How The ‘Halo’ Movie Might Be Saved By ‘Forward Unto Dawn’

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Halo Movie Might Be Saved How The Halo Movie Might Be Saved By Forward Unto Dawn

For those who haven’t been keeping track of the on-again, off-again idea of a live-action Halo feature film, the new web series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn may seem to have come right out of left field. But make no mistake: Microsoft isn’t developing a live-action, 9o-minute film following the Master Chief, among other key characters, just to make the launch of Halo 4 this November that much more grandiose.

The truth is, the time has never been better to push a Halo movie from dream to reality, with recent developments in the realm of young adult novels – and, subsequently, the proven success of those adaptations. The respective fan bases may not see eye-to-eye on science-fiction, but a Halo feature film – if done correctly – may have The Hunger Games to thank.

It may come as somewhat of a surprise that one of the most well-known and universally praised game franchises is having trouble finding a Hollywood studio ready to adapt it to the screen, but the road has been anything but smooth up to this point. The cost of such an undertaking led Fox and Universal to partner together (not a recipe for avoiding speed bumps) in trying to get a Peter Jackson-produced Halo feature film bankrolled in 2010. Fans may still lament the loss of a Halo film produced by the mind behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and directed by District 9‘s Neill Blomkamp. With Blomkamp now onto the higher-budget Elysium, that film’s science fiction action will remain a strong example of what might have been (especially given some intriguing similarities to the Halo franchise).

Nevertheless, the expenses outweighed the potential in the eyes of both studios. After the legal and financial mess was settled, one studio seemed to still be interested in the obvious potential of a feature-film set within the video game universe already responsible for close to $2 billion in sales. That foolhardy company was none other than DreamWorks Studios, with Steven Spielberg, a self-professed fan of video game fiction implied as possible executive producer.

Halo Neill Blomkamp Pelican How The Halo Movie Might Be Saved By Forward Unto Dawn

A UNSC Pelican Dropship from Niell Blomkamp’s 2007 Test Short

Their solution for avoiding the mess of turning a video game into a feature film without a budget escalating out of control? Turn to the Halo novels for source material, not one of the existing games. The novels, written by American novelist Eric Nylund (well enough to earn a job at Microsoft Games Studios, we might add) made the New York Times Bestseller list their stomping grounds, exploring the details and personal stories of the warriors largely omitted from the action-heavy realm of the games.

The then-reported plan was to use the first novel, ‘Halo: The Fall of Reach’ as a launching point for a trilogy, carving out a separate space from the games – similar to the novels themselves. The only problem? The novel in question follows the Master Chief, John-117, and fellow Spartan IIs long before the alien war and iconic armor that many still see as the heart of what makes Halo popular. Did we mention the fact that these soldiers are kidnapped from their parents and thrust into combat from the age of six?

Touchy subject matter if there ever was, which inevitably raised some doubts about the mass appeal that a possible film adaptation would have. Of course, that was back in 2010, before Suzanne Collins and a book series known as The Hunger Games were on the tongues of anyone with a computer or Kindle. While movie-goers and readers the world over made a tale of teenage violence and will to survive against imposing authority a sales juggernaut, you can bet Microsoft was paying close attention. Not just to see how science-fiction was once again inching farther into the mainstream, but to what this could mean for their most profitable first-party IP.

Halo Reach Characters Screenshot How The Halo Movie Might Be Saved By Forward Unto Dawn

‘Halo: Reach’ – Bungie’s last game, based on the events detailed in the novel

To truly understand what an alien-shooting space marine has in common with teens being forced into brutal combat against a backdrop of war, insurrection, young romance and the essence of human identity, a little context is needed. First and foremost, these are the exact same subjects which lie at the very heart of Halo. Following a group of young planetary colonists hand-picked for genetic modification and military training, ‘The Fall of Reach’ tells the tale of John-117 and his fellow recruits as they make their way from age six, to age fifteen then adulthood, facing the arrival of the Covenant on humanity’s doorstep.

The skill with which the potentially offensive material was executed in the book – and those that followed – meant the announcement of DreamWorks possibly adapting the novel to the big screen was met with immediate enthusiasm among fans, along with some confusion among the uninitiated. And yet, momentum has still been elusive.

So when Microsoft witnessed the sudden explosion of interest in a futuristic book series exploring child-on-child violence and military training, they had some serious questions to ask. It seems that rather than using the $660 million gross of The Hunger Games film as proof in studio negotiations, those at Microsoft decided to prove a point, and get things off the ground themselves. Enter Forward Unto Dawn.

Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Poster1 How The Halo Movie Might Be Saved By Forward Unto Dawn

Microsoft has never relaxed its stance that a Halo feature film or mini-series will eventually happen, on the condition that they had control over its quality and direction. If that meant self-financing – shouldering the costs in anticipation of the greater profits that would, let’s be honest, be as close to a guarantee as possible – Microsoft would foot the bill. Of course, having a sample of what a Halo film or series could ultimately achieve, and the direction Microsoft would be willing to allow a director or studio to take, would go a long ways farther than just promises.

Since major Hollywood studios continue to misunderstand why certain video game properties resonate with audiences over others (read: DOOM, BloodRayne) the developers themselves have begun stepping up. Microsoft may have scared off studios by demanding control over their property on the big screen (and who could blame them), but Hollywood’s track record was the exact reason that Assassin’s Creed publisher Ubisoft formed their own studio. And the decision is already paying off, with Michael Fassbender attached to appear in and produce the film.

Fans of Halo will already be aware of the company’s tendency to go all-out in advertising the more recent releases, garnering attention with their highly-polished live-action TV spots along with international accolades. While the shorter advertisements were required to focus on the atmosphere and action found in the game’s campaign, such a ‘style over substance’ approach wouldn’t fly for longer features – something Microsoft has shown they’re aware of. The visuals are impressive, but a two-hour long film based around nothing but gunfights and explosions wouldn’t be likely to attract any ambitious or well-respected directors (notice the lack of any Michael Bay reference).

Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Full Trailer 570x281 How The Halo Movie Might Be Saved By Forward Unto Dawn

If Microsoft and DreamWorks have hopes for a strong, compelling and critically-praised film that kicks off an entire franchise, a serious amount of story and talent will be required. But could a Halo film built on a morally troubling tale of lost youth be meshed with the pyrotechnics and action that fans would have every right to expect? There’s only one way to find out.

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  1. Great article. I’ve been patiently waiting for a Halo movie based on the novels for a LONG time, and adapting a movie based off of them would make so much sense.

    One little minor detail; in the article you mention that Bungie’s “Halo:Reach” follows the book “The Fall of Reach”. Most Halo fans who have read the novels will mention that Bungie totally through out canon when they made their last game. A beautiful game it was, but it definitely completely ignored what was already established, and it was actually 343i that has been embracing the novels into the games.

    • Thanks, Bigfoot. I’m of the same mind in thinking the novels are the way to go, so I hope Forward Unto Dawn is a sign of Microsoft feeling the same way.

      I applaud your minor detail catching, and was EXTREMELY careful how i worded that reference. I’d only ever say that the game ‘Reach’ was “based on the events of the novel,” where I personally feel that the action scenes (particularly defending the reactors, and clearing out the underground stronghold) would have made for more unique gameplay than what Bungie went with. Cool story, though. Love Jorge.

      • Honestly I loved how Bungie went out with a bang on REACH. Reach was and still is dispite Halo 4 my Favorite Halo game to date. Halo 4 has been a bit unsatisifying. I loved Halo 4: Forward unto dawn and if this is the route microsoft is going to go with there movie than i have nothing but high hopes for it. Especially if it is going to be released in 3D cant wait. And honestly if they go based off the novels even better. (TWO THUMBS WAY UP) And i can honestly say this as well im already missing bungie wish they would have continued making halo games.

  2. The Halo webseries is out today! YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Hunger Games?! Are you ******* kidding me no I did not just read a comparison of Halo to that teen crap. Halo is a war film as simple as that, think Saving Private Ryan or Tears of The Sun set in the future and you have Halo done right. The concept is so simple you simply can not screw it up like other video games which doesn’t have a set story to begin with. Oh my lord Microsoft you are not doing this right out of every film in Hollywood Hunger Games? I am going to cry now cause I know there is no hope of a Halo film at all.

    • Are you at all familiar with the novels or fiction that I alluded to? Not that fans need to be, but the novel series works behind the scenes of much of the games’ action, meaning a film based on them would feature both. A film built on the narrative of a Halo game would be pretty slim, and really only appealing to….I don’t even know. People who want to see the game played out by someone else?

      I feel like that’s what DOOM tried to do in large parts, which most people simply laughed at.

    • Jersey, I don’t know if you are familiar with the plot of the Hunger Games trilogy, but it is also a war story.

  4. I gave up on a ‘Halo’ movie a long time ago…but I’ll probably check out this series.

  5. That just sounds horrible, a beloved action series that has a great mythos should go the route of some crappy teenage story. It’s not a love story, but the formation a family, a brotherhood if you will, and the enduring spirit of the human against all odds that should be brought to life.

    There are movies to better compare Halo to such as Saving Private Ryan; Soldier; The Dirty Dozen; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Star Wars; TERMINATOR, o my, I’m actually upset because of an article and I cannot write a coherent response.

    O yeah, teenage violence, please, Boyz in the Hood was way more “graphic” and “gritty” than the Hunger Game movie and the subject matter.

    This new Halo short has a different tone from the others released over the years. It’s not the kids, but the tone of the short.

    • Haha I’m sorry the article took the words out of your mouth, but keep in mind, the special effects, Master Chief, and the Covenant were refined too late to release a second trailer featuring them. When the series gets going, and the action is put front and center we’ll have a better idea of how 343 will balance character and action.

      For what it’s worth, I agree that the relationships between the Spartans, including Kelly and Linda, are interesting because of the lack of any developed romance. The bond between soldiers – and in this case, ones who have been raised as a family from childhood – is always something special to see done well on screen, and there’s no question that a Halo film based around story would include that. Then again, John does seem to love Linda, at least in some way. As fellow soldiers, that’s interesting for plenty of reasons that have nothing to do with ‘romance.’

      I do wonder when people say that Halo should continue in the tradition of other sci-fi, exactly what’s to be gained? We’ve seen space marines shooting aliens before, but the human element of Halo does seem to be what sets it apart. It’s the focus for 343 with the new trilogy, building it around ‘John,’ not ‘Master Chief.’ I think if a film went that same direction, there’d be a better chance of it carving out its own niche.

      • “I do wonder when people say that Halo should continue in the tradition of other sci-fi, exactly what’s to be gained? We’ve seen space marines shooting aliens before, but the human element of Halo does seem to be what sets it apart. It’s the focus for 343 with the new trilogy, building it around ‘John,’ not ‘Master Chief.’ I think if a film went that same direction, there’d be a better chance of it carving out its own niche.”

        I very much admire what was stated in this paragraph. I have always wanted to know who John is, not just as a soldier, but as a human being. I always wondered if he thinks about his family that he left so long ago, especially after all that has happened in the Halo trilogy. Is he battle weary similar to Solid Snake in MGS4? Just thinkg out loud.

        Also, thank you for your response.

          • I’m sure you’ve already played and beat Halo 4 but thats exactly what halo 4 was based around tho. Its a minor under the cortana John story but its also about John finding his inner human. As his taining from his child hood broke him of his humanity. Pretty much making him a robot. Not sure how else to explain it. But thats what cortana has been trying to teach John since halo combat evolved.

    • Jeez the story and mythos of halo isn’t that great. I would actually put the hunger games above it in terms of the quality of the characters and the actual story, which in halo are pretty much cut and paste from any war movie.

      I also find it bizarre that you could compare halo (in terms of storytelling) to films such as star wars, the good the bad and the ugly etc. Those films actually have stories to tell, HALO DOES NOT. Its about a bunch of soldiers fighting a war. That’s the most common place and boring kind of setting you can choose in a sci-fi story. There nothing else under the hood.

      And the characters in halo? as one dimensional and soulless as you’ll ever see. In all fairness I have not read any of the books, but i feel that if you cant tell a very good story in a video game then you don’t have a very good story to tell period. Games with much better sci fi stories hardly need books to elaborate on the characters, or the setting because its all there already.

      If this article was about bioshock, half life, mass effect or any of the other sci-fi video games that are have far better tales to tell than halo then I would probably understand your plight but as it stands? I would have to strongly disagree with you.

      • if you simply judge the entire series from the game then yes, it can be a bit shallow at times. But the books add so much to the cannon and to the depth of the actual characters that to be able accurately judge the series as a whole they MUST be read. they’re pretty good too

        • Yup, what typhous said.

        • Fair point, but I didn’t have to read any books for mass effect, bioshock or half-life to be completely compelled by their stories.

          If you have to read a book to get more into the story of a game, then the story isn’t good enough.

          • Ebuka, I would have to disagree with your stance. I would think that any character that can be summed up in a video game has no depth. The halo world has so much depth to it that books are nearly a must to enhance the understanding of its entity. Games like Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Half-Life are great to play, but require little to understand them.

  6. Very good article! I couldn’t wait to see wait is on the next page! I’m going to check this first episode right now but first I want to write about something that actually “misses” for me in this article though I understand why… But that’s not the matter. What I want to say is, when you are talking about young (teenage) people becoming soldiers and fighting with each other and of course fighting against an alien invasion, you HAVE to talk about another novel/film which tell a story about just that! I know the film is now into production or post-production (pick the right answer), the story could seem more appropriate to compare with than Hunger Games but Hunger Games was already in cinemas and the film I am talking about is for the next year so you wasn’t oblige to write about it. But I thing that if Microsoft really want to know/see if such a story stand a Chance to be rentable, they will have to wait until “ENDER’S GAME” is out. If this film make the money everybody is expecting, the Halo movie based on the novel is going to the direct rival to it. Let’s hope it happens and both of them positively BLOW our minds! To finish I’ll say just that: I can’t wait!!

    • Great observation, Halo would definitely not be the first franchise to reap what Hunger Games has helped sow. Speaking strictly about the novel(izations) of the Halo universe, Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, Halo’s (Game?) are all working off the same ideas.

      Of course, Microsoft could go outside the box and tell a story like ‘Contact Harvest,’ when man first ran into aliens before Master Chief was a factor. There’s a chance that the superhero movies and science-fiction might battle it out over the next few years, but – sadly – Halo would probably generate more buzz than ‘Ender’s Game’ will among the masses. Based strictly on name recognition, to be clear.

      Ender’s Game is amazing.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Enders Game is amazing and although I would agree that Halo would generate more buzz, the film adaptation of Halo is still in purgatory, while Enders Game is being released next year. Can’t wait!

  7. Great article!

  8. 1] IF and ONLY IF the studio doesn’t RAPE the stories like was done to the awesome book, “Starship Troopers” [that was so NOT a campy crappy story like the movie] or the same for a non-scifi story “Point of Impact” by Mr. Stephen Hunter as in the abortion “Shooter’ w/ the card-board no-depth M. Wahlberg as a SNIPER?? [the book’s character resembled the REAL Sniper, Mr. Carlos Hathcock: tall, lean, and intense]. Both these INTENSE stories were destroyed the same way “Super Mario Brothers” movie was. They bore LITTLE resemblance to the original, tried to do something apart form REALITY. The FANS universally panned them as bad: because they were in fact bad… Those “Studio Execs” were drinking, doping, or just plain hateful OR stupid it seems. The PUBLIC voted the strongest way: by NOT spending their dollars.

    2] They keep to the Halo Universe we all know and love; and yes, I suck, but I play the games.

    So, if Halo The Movie is as well done as the small live action teaser where we see [and NOT ONE WORD is spoken] young man become a Spartan, then I WILL BE THERE. Please God, PLEASE let smart heads prevail: have them hire Fan Boys/Girls as advisers -with a gag order – to oversee the story and the movie. Dear Baby Jebuz, take this wheel…

  9. Ok for a movie they need:
    Master Chief as the main character not some ODST characters. MC go’s into battle with a team of ODST/Marines a few of them die its all sad but the focus is on MC. I didn’t mind the Forward Unto Dawn but I hope after ep 2 MC will become the main character.
    Take the story from the Games, Halo 2 in particular not the books where it plays out like Halo Legends, 8 year olds kidnapped and forced to become soldiers.
    Covenant main enemy in first Halo movie, maybe end credit scene with the Flood.
    Arbiter a central character, bad guy in movie 1, good guy in the other 2 (like the games/Terminator franchise) and some good team work between the Arbiter and Master Chief.
    Cortana is a must.
    Some spaceship battles/fights. Pelican Vs Phantom, Banshee.
    All original voice actors from the games.
    Elites/Brutes NOT TO BE CGI LIKE IN AVENGERS – Chitari. People in suits looks 10x better.
    A director that that can do good action!
    Thats all I can think of at this point.

  10. Great article. Just worried that if Microsoft DOES do what you described in terms of marketing, it will end up too much like The Hunger Games.

    • That’s definitely a risk, but given just how treasured the Halo universe is to everyone at Microsoft and 343, it is REALLY hard to believe they wouldn’t have ‘doing justice to the source’ as the top, and practically only, priority.

  11. Personally, I think some flashbacks are fine, but I certainly don’t want a teen-oriented, no Halo ring story. That would be hugely disappointing. They won’t want to tell a story with no surprises, so a simple adaptation seems unlikely, and yet not giving the fans classic Halo landscapes and Forrunner vibes would seem foolish. Maybe the first film could be moodier, saving full war action for the sequels, a bit like Alien to Aliens, or Fellowship to Return of the King. Successful films could obviously lead to a Reach prequel, but starting with a story set before the Halos in a movie called Halo would be strange…I’m nervous that FU Dawn may let some of us down. Hope not!

    • Sorry josh but you can’t start a brand new halo film franchise half way through. Explain how the cheif became a spartan like in fall of reach at the end of the film show a small cutscene of the Halo ring and flood

  12. Very nice article and i agree with a lot of your points.

    But after seeing Forward Unto Dawn – i truly believe Halo has to go into the direction of a HBO or Showtime TV series telling the story of the Spartans and the other stories tied into the vast story Halo has to offer. Although a movie can be great – an HBO series would have much more character development and depth.

  13. I think it’s a smart move by Microsoft to wait until they get the money to make a Halo feature film their way. They know how much money it has made them and the potential Scrooge McDuck Vault loads off more money it could make. The solid thing about them is that it seems they also know how beloved this series is by its’ fans. Just based off of the bungie/343 transition and that the game quality didn’t lack during and after is incredible. From what I’ve seen of Halo 4 this has continued. It wise for Microsoft to pull a George Lucas and fund their own movie. I personally think Microsoft should start a Kickstarter to fund the movie, use social media to advertise and I say within a week, if not a day, they’d have enough money to make a movie their way. Fans would give millions of dollars without wanting more than the movie being released.

  14. Great article. I think to get the movie fans want to see Microsoft needs to do it on their own, maybe partner with a studio for distribution but that is it. The web series is amazing, I want more, to me it proves what can be done when control is retained by the people that know it best. Past video game movies have sucked because they get away from what the fans pull from. Basing the movie on Fall of Reach would be the best and given what they did with Chris Evans in Captain America it could be possible to have the same actor play Chief the entire movie. Again great article I never considered the correlation between Twilight, Hunger Games and Halo (still weird to say those three together).

  15. I love halo, almost as much as I love marzipan, good thing Christmas is comin I get to eat tons of that shiz! I want a halizzle movizzle!!!

  16. I don’t think there is anything wrong with showing any kind of “romance” etc between John/Linda etc, but too much will just make people PO’d. The mythos and the story are very expansive with all of the different races of the Covenant, the history of the forerunners etc etc but there is a way to start off at The Fall of Reach and move forward and still fill people that don’t know WTF is going on, where the Spartans came from why the war is happening…it’s called making sure the story/script is written correctly and able to be portrayed to film. Look at what Peter Jackson did at the beginning of The Fellowship of The Ring…He (and the writers) were able to explain enough of the who’s, what’s, and Why’s of the history to be able to jump ahead into the near future without degrading the story for die hard fans and still keeping people that are experiencing Tolkien’s world for the first time. There are a good bit of characters to follow besides Chief for the whole movie(s). Halsey, Keyes, Johnson, Arbiter, ODSTs etc. In a movie like this you have to show the human struggle of the war, and unfortunately you can’t do that just following Spartans/Chief the entire time. As long as this is written and portrayed correctly, it can be done right to bring in a diverse viewership of people.

  17. It’d be great for a series of films – like stretching from before Reach to Halo 4, something like: Harvest, Reach, Pillar of Autumn, Forward Unto Dawn, Infinity and then onto H5, H6 etc.

  18. I for one can’t wait to see a live action movie forward unto dawn was a big tease and I’m looking forward to seeing something bigger

  19. The story for Halo is great and told in the video games.

    The forerunners were a advanced race before man that were attacked by these creatures called the flood throughout the universe so the forerunners made 7 giant rings that were all a piece of a super weapon that would wipe out the flood, and unfortunately themselves, from the galaxy. So knowing they were doomed, the created new species of life (man, alien, animals, ect.) before they died. The weapon was fired and man began. Now, the covenant think that if they activate all 7 rings of halo, it will take them on a great journey. Little do they know it is a super weapon to destroy all life. It’s up to master chief (John) to stop them before its too late.

    Say what you want, I think it’s one of the best stories for a game, and I’ve only read one halo book. If you do that story alone, gamers everywhere would rejoice.

    • well put John..

      Combat Evolved be the perfect movie

  20. Thank god they have finally made something, and, from what I’ve seen in the first two episodes its very good. Please let there be a follow up movie!!

  21. If there is any romance whatsoever or teenage actors in the Halo film, i will not even waste my time. That’s honestly the worst idea i have ever heard in my life. Yes, you can re-work the story and add more plot and details, but romance and teens do NOT FIT anywhere in the Halo saga; that just undermines the whole premise. It’s a giant sci-fi epic filled with mystery, grief and action that spans across the galaxy and tells multiple tales; some that can be told perfectly, and some that cannot. Either way, if they make the movie soon, the best way is to start it off with Reach, showing what happens before it falls, and then continue the film following the Pillar of Autumn. Then, in the film, have more interaction with Cortana and Chief as they talk and explore this strange Ring-world, delving into their backgrounds and conversations about Halo, the Covenant and their slow learning of who made the ring; Forerunners. Now i can see only a select few writers and directors tackling such a huge film, and i have to say, one director/writer can and could be Christopher Nolan. Yeah, he hasn’t done any major, hard SF work, but his gritty, realistic and pure sense of filmmaking could create the perfect, epic Halo film

  22. Screw that go back to when the halos where made the would be awesome

  23. I want a Halo movie to be made. I want alien action figure and vehicle toys to be made.

  24. Is there going to to be a second halo 4 forward unto dawn movie?!?!?! I have to know this!!!!!!!!

  25. The story of a far advanced specie or Forerunner (Halo) has already been conceived and that movie is called Prometheus. The aforementioned movie brought in 100milion in sales and it focuses specifically on the Forerunner concept. The elements of childhood anguish coupled with military like obligation has already been uniquely displayed on the big screen (The Hunger Games). We have seen elements of war in movies like Black Hawk Down, Act of Valor, and Saving Private R.; however, Halo offers a unique opportunity to embrace these three aforementioned elements consolidated into one film. Haplessly, the problem isn’t finding the right story to tell, but more so, the budget to support all of the elements therein. What’s more is that Halo offers a unique opportunity to explore youth, war, and the apparent obsession with a physical creator. The problem is simply that there are too many variables to get wrong in a Halo movie. After reading the books and watching the 90 feature one can surly appreciate the enormity of the previously presented task. The fact is bringing aliens of the ‘Halo world’ to the ‘big-screen’ will be a financial nightmare. Microsoft I am sure understands this…as seen in the 2010 Halo movie failure. Thus, if any movie is to be produced it will inevitably lack consistency and resemblance for that matter to: Contact Harvest, Fall of Reach, or even the latest Halo 4. Lastly, an epic journey is one that “dispends disbelief”…the magic is undoubtedly in the Master Chief. However, bringing this magic to the theaters for an unfamiliar audience will be extremely difficult. This article has done a scholarly job of presenting The Hunger G. as a comparative platform for Halo and rightfully so! Any Halo film will satisfy fans, but will focus on generating monetary returns for its ‘stakeholders’ specifically!

  26. I watched the movie it was amazing!!! Every moment left me wondering what could happen next. I know a lot about the halo franchise reading all the books and playing all the games, also my uncle Rick Ryan was lead producer of the first game so grew up on it. After hearing about a movie i and everyone i know couldn’t stop thinking about it. Although it had been canceled later that same year. So after this movie came out i was unbelievably shocked. I feel it was a masterpiece and i thank Microsoft for doing this, as for making more movies i personally feel it would be the best decision they could ever make… the world has seen just about everything now but the long awaited halo movie franchise and i for one can’t wait to see if they make more :) thanks for reading

  27. I would like to say that i recently watched the full length feature Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and, to say the least, I have never seen such a well made movie (based off of a novel or Game) and i truely think that if they made the games and novels together to make a series of movies, then we would have a movie series that may be bigger than Star Wars and (dare i say it) Lord Of The Rings. As the director of Halo 4:FUD said in the behind the scenes and as many fellow gamers can agree,it doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore gamer or someone who has never touched a video game, everyone has heard of Halo at one point. It is by far one of the biggest video games in the industry and I applaud every Halo game I have ever touched for each one goes with the true story of Halo, the developers of Bungie and 343 go through great lengths to make sure each matter and aspect of the game ties together and the books by Eric Nylund also absorb right into the storyline of Halo. In my opinion Halo is not just a video game; Halo is a whole different world, a place where teens, young adults, and even children get to visit this world of wonders and beauties. I know that any gamer who has played any Halo at one point was struck in awe at the scenery and story of the game, as you play you find terminals that give even deeper depth of what is truely going one, and you find youself wondering. What is the Covenant’s real goal or purpose? Where did 117 come from? Who are the Forerunners and what happened to them? What is the purpose of the Halo’s? As you go along the story you become more interested. I myself went and started to read the books by Nylund, I’m currently on the 2nd book Ghost Of Onyx, and I have never been so deep in the story of the game, It changes from a Single Spartan shooting through Alien Bad Guys to a man who has literally been trained his whole to do one thing, follow orders and kill. So in conclusion of this young fans feelings towards Halo, I think a movie is by far the next best thing for this series and will build a wider fan base. I also feel that we, the players and lovers of Halo, are ready for the next step forward for Halo but, I know with or without this movie it is only the beginning of a future filled with Halo because Spartans never die.

  28. I would love to see more halo movies! Foward unto dawn is by far the best movie I have seen in a long time.