Halo Movie May Get Big Name Producer [Updated]

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halo movie 01 Halo Movie May Get Big Name Producer [Updated]

[UPDATE: Microsoft has declared (publicly at least) that Halo is still on hold. See bottom of the post for details.]

Back in October of 2008, we talked about Halo gamers anticipating a movie made based on their favorite game.

We also noted that Stuart Beattie wrote a spec script for Halo because he was frustrated by the lack of progress on the project.  (A spec script is a kind of pro bono task that someone writes but hasn’t been hired to do it.  A speculative type job)

Beattie (G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra) wrote the script as a character driven story based on a 6-year old boy who is kidnapped and trained by the USNC to become a Spartan Warrior.  It’s a prequel and based on the 2001 novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach.

I’ve read that book and it’s an awesome read.

So even though Beattie put together the script, no one has been really biting.  Studios have been leery of dropping money on a franchise that looks like it has promise but might not pan out.

halo movie 02 Halo Movie May Get Big Name Producer [Updated]

Now, the good news, exclusively from IESB, is that Steven Spielberg is in negotiations to produce the video game-based project.

Spielberg happens to be a huge gaming fan and has recently found himself stuck in the 15th level of BioShock.

Robert at IESB added that Spielberg has a great relationship with the owner of the film rights, Microsoft.  Not to mention he’s buddies with Bill Gates.

Halo is a video game by Bungie and published by Microsoft.  There have been three versions of the game, five novels, two graphic novels and various spin-off games and other products.

To me, this is completely awesome news.  But I must temper everyone’s enthusiasm.  Even though everything seems like puzzle pieces that will all fit together perfectly, Spielberg is in negotiations.  This isn’t a given…  yet.

If all goes well, then we benefit totally.  This is great news…

UPDATE: …Or is it? Video game website Kotaku got in touch with Microsoft recently, and the company that Gates built confirmed that Halo is still on hold. Here’s the quote:

We’re glad there’s still a lot of enthusiasm in the entertainment industry surrounding the idea of a Halo movie. That said, the Halo feature film remains on hold as we focus on projects like Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

Microsoft wouldn’t elaborate any more than that, so maybe they are trying to bring on a big name producer like Spielberg to get the ball rolling, maybe not. Time will tell for certain.

Source:  IESB, Images: Latino Review, HaloTheMovie.org

Update source: Kotaku

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  1. I wonde if Peter Jacksons Comments at Comic Con AboutHalo Inspired Spielberg to do this?
    You never know.

  2. “Wait a second, did you say Spielberg was stuck on the 15th level of Bioshock ???”

  3. Speaking of Bioshock, I’d much rather a Bioshock movie than a Halo movie. I find the game to be pretty boring to play, wonder how much more entertaining the movie will be to watch…

  4. this is friggin awesome news!
    spielberg is also supporting project NATAL for microsoft

    that spielberg is one tough act to follow

  5. Not to be a party pooper but we’ve seen big names attached to this movie for years now (Peter Jackson) and nothing came to fruition. I hope this is true.

    On another “party pooping” note, a good director is way more important than a good producer. If District 9 goes well, maybe Neil would be a good choice? What do you guys think ?

  6. Speilburg’s choices nower days seem to be weirder and more Speilburg box, I was always amused that Speilburgs name was on the Transformers brand.

  7. Englishgavs, one thing they all have in common, aliens. I think Spielberg is just fascinated with aliens and other worlds, even if it’s just alien robots, lol.

  8. Ill be honest i dont like the halo games at all, but u never know they could make for a good movie. I began to think this when peter jackson was set to produce…. i love both spielberg and peter jackson, and consider them among the greats, but just throwing this out there, if it falls thru with spielberg maybe idk, james cameron could pick up… i honestly hope this film never happens :)

  9. I think ‘District 9′ will be a sleepers hit. Neil Blomkamp would not be doing it again as he will look on other projects. He said he gave ‘Halo’ all his heart until the studio pull the plug(they wanted a known director), that is why District 9 was made. Peter Jackson funded the movie and let Neil decide what to do in the movie because it is his idea from his short film ‘Alive in Joburg’(can be seen on youtube).

    If Spielberg decided to Produce Halo, hope Peter Jackson could be the Director. Currently ‘S.S’is shooting the ‘Adventures of TinTin’ at Weta (a French comic, love it when I was a kid). I heard that Gore Verbinski is directing ‘Bioshock’.

  10. DISTRICT 9 could very well hit it out of the ballpark WAN.

    I’ve seen the movie and it rocks big time!

    And sure, there are a few great directors out there that can make this rock big time!

  11. Not sure about halo on the big screen. Video games to the theaters usually bomb but no game has ever really had a great director or producer.

  12. Big name producers mean nothing. Like EnglishGavz said, Spielberg was exec. producer on Transformers, and look how that turned out.

    I do think we need a big name like Spielber or Jackson to make a video game movie (in the director’s chair) to finally get the studios to realize these can actually be good movies if they tried harder.

  13. Thanks for the info WAN, I did not know that.

    But like Bruce said, if District 9 succeeds financially (I already read a few reviews that praise it to no end), maybe they can work out a deal? I sure hope so.

  14. I hate the state that Hollywood is in now and even though I hate to admit it, I have to agree on the notion that studios are worried about taking a risk on a highly ambitious project. I’m not gonna go into the video-game-movies-suck nonsense because it’s already been said but the fact that Speilberg is in negotiations with the Halo movie somewhat gave me a slight grain of hope that alls well will ends well. At the moment, I’m looking forward to District 9 and the animated Halo movie being released next year so I’m not holding my breath until further news on the project surfaces. I’ll try to keep the faith.


  15. The main problem that comes to my mind here is that to me, it seems like Spielberg has just been funding a lot of films lately and not involving himself too much. Back when he produced say, The Goonies or Back to the Future, maybe even a tad with something newer like Men in Black, you could feel his touch, whereas today he has funded a lot of stuff with a prime example being Transformers where I can’t see his input in any way, shape or form. I hope him possibly being put on as an exec producer or what have you turns out to be a lot more hands-on for him and isn’t just another case of noticing a profitable property and funding it to make some cash.

  16. No no no, Personally I think Mr Spielberg has lost his touch.

    Its all about the director! He needs to get Neil Blomkamp or Peter Jackson to direct.


  17. There are so many much better games with much better stories that should get a movie that don’t… Well, I guess that’s ok since most video games made into movies are not that great anyhow, so no need to butcher some perfectly good games with mediocre movies… I hope this turns out well, although I really don’t see myself seeing it since I’m not at all a fan of the game.

  18. Now finally a project that has a story Spielberg can turn into gold. In comparisson to Transformers I mean. I hope he directs himself, or that him and Beattie makes a co-lab. I’ll cry if they sign some crazy visual effect-horny director that oversees the core story of the plot. Of course I wouldn’t mind WETA effects in the movie, but man Halo is such more than just effects. It’s an alternate universe.

  19. Odly enough, I can see Spielberg ask Michael Bay to direct this film.
    Halo: The Fall of Reach
    A Michael Bay Film.

    Has a nice ring to it, eh?

  20. Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson, both working on the same project, ummmm………wow!!

  21. Saw this the other day on IGN. Though I dont care for crap-lo, the movie should be interesting with these two in their respective positions

  22. IMPORTANT- should be in this article for halo fans.

    They released a live action real people short film involving a team trying to recover the chief. basically an intro to halo 3. Parts of the short where mainly there to give people the awe of seeing weapons vehicles and enemies in real life. but its done very well and provides a true war time feel.

    AND, im suprised NO ONE on this site is talking about James camerons NEXT movie battle angel (where the main character is supposed to be entirely cgi surrounded by a live cast). with all the buzz (and i guess personal eyes on proof), why isnt this next film being talked about at all. if what ive heard about angel is correct, well theres your whole who plays master chief issue done and dead.

  23. sorry, i meant from what people have been saying about AVATAR and how the buzz just might be justified. left that part out ^^

  24. @ rich

    You dont have to be a halo fan to be involved in the article. I do like spielberg and jackson’s work so stow it.

  25. Omg I can’t wait I really hope they do this it would be so damn cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The statement from Microsoft DOES NOT DENY anyone’s else’s ideas or efforts that might be headed in the direction of making a movie.

    To be honest, I think MS is just being pragmatic so they’re not on the hook in case things fall through the cracks.

    Sources are saying things are looking pretty good still.

    -The Bruce

  27. Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp are no longer interested in this film because they worked long and hard on it for 5 months and then it was put on hold. The live action footage was from them. Now if they wanted it to look good they should have let them take the reins and be creative and run with it.