Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

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halo movie 01 Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

Screen Rant readers have asked, and we have answered! Well, you didn’t specifically ask about the Halo movie, but we know you were curious.

We haven’t written much about development on the video game-based movie because there hasn’t been much concrete news, but here’s a “bring you up to speed” update on what’s going on with it.

For the non-gamers, Halo is a video game by Bungie and published by Microsoft – calling it “popular” would be an understatement. There have been three versions of the game, five novels, two graphic novels and various spin-off games and other products. I’ve been a Doom player and more recently, I’ve been a Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising addict. Seems to be a theme with me. Maybe I should try Halo!

Halo gamers are in anticipation of a rumored movie of their favorite game. But will it merit the anticipation that’s been created by the possibility or will it be another movie like DoomDoom was just “OK.” I didn’t dislike Doom… it had the requisite amount of bloodshed and I’m a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan, so I was OK with it.

But what about the movie, Halo? Or more precisely: Halo: The Fall of Reach?

LatinoReview broke the news back in April of this year that screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Gears of War, G.I. Joe) had written a spec screenplay for Halo. He did this because he was frustrated with the lack of progress on the project.  It’s been pitched or rumored previously, but no studio has bitten.

The term “spec screenplay,” is a screenplay that has been written for no money and is a speculative effort.

The script he put together is based on a character driven story focused on Master Chief 117. It covers from the time of his being kidnapped at the age of 6 and being trained by the USNC to become one of the elite: A Spartan Warrior. Basically, it’s a prequel to the first game.

Beattie’s spec script is based on the 2001 novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund, which I had happened to have read some time back.  It was a good read, but a depressing ending for me.

Beattie is a big Halo fan, and the effort he put forth was a fan’s labor of love. This could be a very good thing for the fans of Halo indeed, to have someone write a script who really knows the background of a franchise.

Other info I’ve come across is that Peter Jackson (The Hobbit, The Hobbit 2, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) is slated (or hoped) to be the executive producer.

There’s a projected release date of 2009, but no studio is biting.  Even with an existing spec script floating around.

OK, enough about the hopes and dreams. If on-again, off-again movie hopes were getting stagnant, Beattie is making sure the potential for the film continues to build. To do that, he’s had concept artist Kasra Farahani (Wolf Man, Hancock, Spiderman 3) draft up some concept images to complement his spec script and they look pretty dang neat.

These are mere screen shots of parts of some of the images and you can get a gander of all the other images in their full sized resolution over at LatinoReview.

Big super big thanks to LatinoReview for scoring these totally cool pics.

So what does everyone think? Will this finally get off the ground, or will it continue to just plod along as a pipe dream waiting to happen?

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  1. Well you see just how many sales the game got and keep in mind that: Who does the game appeal too? Only video game players, and not even all video game players but the people who play first person shooters. Thats a select few in the big scheme of things.

    A movie though… I mean who doesn’t watch movies. The audience for a movie could potentially be far larger that for the game simply because it can appeal to just about everyone. Not everyone can afford or is willing to buy an xbox but a movie is only about 15 bucks to watch.

  2. That is the beauty of HALO the game. 85% of my friends were non-gamers of any kind. By the time the 2nd halo was released they had all gone out and purchased an xbox, Preordered Halo 2 and owned their preferred xbox controller (usually type-S). Our night outs went from the pubs and clubs to drunken gatherings and link gaming. Once Halo Online Gaming was established I had friends that had never played before comin around just to give it a go and becoming regulars on our gaming nights. Heck even my 48 yr old Step father is addicted to Halo 1 & 2. Its is a game for all.

  3. Haha yeah I’m buying an x-box 360 just so I can get Halo 3. I’m a halo freak… no doubt about it

  4. first off, i disagree with everyone here, not to be rude and i apologize if i am being rude but i HIGHLY disagree. doom was a pretty good movie,maybe not oscar worthy but it was definitely fun and enjoyable and ive never even played the game! but thats just my opinion i know it was a flop but i liked it
    okay nuff said about that

    halo however i have played, i own halo 2 and 3 and ive played of halo:Combat evolved
    i agree with all of you about the studio problem. seriously, havent you seen transformers? no thats not based on a game but it shows that a movie with a HUGE budget is worth the risk.
    as long as its got a huge fan, base, good directors and atleast a good lead actor, then why not? my prediction is if this ACTUALLY DOES hit theatres, its gonna be an instant hit, no telling what to expect what the studios are goin to do but if comic books (ex::the dark knight) and popular childrens toys (transformers) can be a success as movies then why cant video games? sure there have been plenty of video game adaption flops (like bloodrayne and in the name of the king: a dungeon siege tale) but same thing goes for comic book movies (ex: the first hulk movie made by ang lee) so both genres had to go through a few flops before they had a hit. well maybe thats whats goin on here with halo
    doom was that flop video game movies had to go through and halo will be that big hit that finally comes out and breaks the barrier for video game adaptions and finally give us gamers something to cheer for!
    ofcourse, first we have to make sure its live action and has a good director! but so far the only problem we face is gettin the studios to give it a try, once we have them signed on it and they find a good director and producer we’re headed in the right direction!

  5. I don’t care how this gets done, it just needs to get done, period. This would be one of the greatest Live Action movies of all time. This thing would match The Dark Knight and probably even Titanic in the Box Office. I like the idea of Lions Gate doing this movie, that would really help them get even bigger.

  6. 1st; I don’t know why any studio is biting. It’s a great idea, and I think it would be better than basing it off of the first game(Not that the script wasn’t any good, it would just be too much CGI). 2nd; If Niel Blomkamp had any brains on how to make a Halo movie, he would make the script based off of Fall of Reach. I can believe some of the crap he’s done with Alex Garland’s Script!! He basically butchered it! What a idiot! Finally, Beattie has a great idea, and movie studios need to get their head out of their butts, and realize Beattie has a good idea that needs to get into production!!!

    There, I’m done! :)

  7. I’m happy as long as they decide not to go fromt he complete beginning – give us an inspiring intro (and yes skip all training or sentimental views from the past, been done thousands of times).

  8. James,

    I saw that a while back, but someone keeps updating the IMDB entry but there’s no real substance behind it most of the time… so don’t get your hopes up. It’s just someone adding the entry date.

    We need more concrete info before we here at ScreenRant get too excited.

    The latest concrete actual news was from October ’08 when this article was written.

    Just keep the hopes up folks… if we ever hear anything concrete, you’ll hear about it here on SR.

  9. Hey guys! everyone seems really worried about not showing the chiefs face but lets face it.. if they want to do it from the beggining, we’re gonna see his face. And i think more major people in the movie that almost need to be worried about more than the Chief, are people like johnson and cortana, mainly because of how they interact with the chief and how emotional their characters are.. well peace people i hope they get this movie goin soon and by the looks of the new Star Trek movie they should get those guys to help with the production and CGI!

  10. bunjie and microsoft both know how much a movie like this would rake in.. its a household name in america pretty much.. thus why i believe both sides are fightinh over licensing and all that mess. this is a good reason why its taking so long proving both companies know what a killing they would make from and long after the movie arises. too bad its most likely gonna be round 2016 when itll probably come out or so

  11. ok… just saw the star trek movie and im just a little pissed because 1: it was a freakin good movie… cgi’s are awesome. 2: made me wonder if they can get the money for the movie then how is getting money for the halo movie a problem.

    I mean serioulsy… why waste money makeing high school musical so easy?! why not focus on a humongus hit like halo! how are they so blind… don’t they know if they make halo a movie they will make a ton of money… isn’t that what they are after… the money?

  12. Alex…
    Three things you need to know about Hollywood and Halo.
    1) They specialize in origional ideas. If they are doing an adaption, it will usually suck.
    2) This goes double for video game movies. I don’t know why, but aparently they aren’t smart enough to make a game movie GOOD.
    3) Halo would be freakin’ expensive. Think about it. Not only would they havve to buy props for the marines and Spartans(which I might say, is NOT cheap), but they would need enough off a budget for locations, actors, and possibly cgi. That neing said, Star Trek would be a MUCH easier budget. Why? The only costumes they have are red and blue jackets and most of the movie was shot in “Space”. There really wasn’t much locations they had to shoot at because, well, they were on the ground like 11 times throughout the movie.

    On a side note, STAR TREK WAS AMAZING!!!! LOL!!!

  13. I agree with you but think about this… LOTR. CGI and look at all the weapons and locations etc. if they can spend money on 3 box office hits y not…. wtf i guess ur rite. lol

  14. so is the halo movie actually gonna start or is it gonna sputter off and die again?

  15. Here’s the deal;
    If DISTICT 9 is a sucess, then Niel Blomkamp and Peter Jackson MIGHT take another shot at Halo. But, if Niel Blomkamp did as bad a job with the first movie as I think he did, I don’t want him to try again. Get some good director that keeps thier stuff faithful, like Micheal Bay or Zack Snyder. Forget Niel Blomkamp who decided not only to make Master Chief a supporting character, but TAKE AWAY HIS ARMOR!!!

  16. Anthony:

    Is that an opinion, or do you have a source about Peter Jackson taking another shot?

  17. Nope, it’s just my professional opinion. I just hope Niel Blomkamp doesn’t come back. He’s a good director, he just sucked at Halo.

  18. hey i’ve got Halo 3 but i’ve been looking for Halo 2 and havn’t been able to find it in shops. any suggestions??
    oh and by the way Halo 3 is awesome!!!

  19. I myself look to Amazon or Ebay for things… but I’ve also got some pretty rigid rules on how to do commerce on Ebay.

    Check bins at Game Stop or other computer game stores.

    It’s out there…

  20. would a petition to get the halo movie going work?? Why is peter jackson ignoring the fact the halo is one of the biggest games out there. it has a plot already set for a movie! or they can use the books just like harry potter

  21. I’d rather see a strong director who listens to the fans stand his ground for full decision rights regarding the creation than a weak director making a dime a dousin movie out of it.

  22. If this movie ever get’s out, I’ll be first in line at my theatre

  23. I’ve been a fan of Halo since the first game. However when I heard about the novel I thought well let me check this out. I am normally not a read. I’ve been the wait until the movie comes out kind of guy. I could not put the book down. It wasn’t even about the game I was playing but the origin of the main character. If the movie was based off the game Halo:Combat Evolved it will be a wasted effort by who ever makes the film. Bad business if you ask me. To cripple a possible Star Wars type Epic movie franchise before it gets off the ground. Star Wars got away with it because fans read the books back then. You can’t pull an episode 2 without and episode 1 now a days. Its cinematic suicide.
    Halo: The Fall of Reach has all the material and answers the only question that the games* do not. *(Games that broke box office combined records in 24hrs). Who is Spartan 117? Once the a Fall of Reach movie is created now the writers can get the Quadrilogy rolling. Spartan 117 is still alive according to the end of Halo 3. Makes perfect sense for another Game/Movie trilogy. Get with the program Hollywood. If you are going to surpass literature in detail and quality stop being arrogant and innovate. You can’t do movies the same way you did in the 80′s. The mass of the populace now knows about the whole “Terminator loophole”* that never gets answered in any of the films. That is why it doesn’t do so well in the box office no matter how flashy you make it. “How did Skynet start up if John Connors father is from the future in the first place?”. Movies are fantasy but its the details that make us walk away satisfied. You don’t feel sexually satisfied with if you don’t finish or get that one position you enjoy so much.

  24. Im just going to randomly put it out there
    Im a big Halo fan, ever since i played Halo: Combat Evolved, iv loved it ever since. Although im not to familar with whos a good director or whos bad, i think James Cameron should direct the movie, or at least co direct it. The Avatar moive he directed is (i think) one of the biggest movies out there, it was my favoret anyway. In my apinoin if he were to direct the halo movie it would be very Very good. Espesialy in 3D.

    • And personaly if i was to pick an actor to play the part of Master Chief, i would pick Vin Diesel, His acting in The Chronicals of Riddick was awesome, and would be, i think, perfict for the part as Master Chief

  25. i tthought they could not shot the halo movies because it cost so much money well i guess im wrong but if they do shot the movie i will be very happy!!! :)

  26. all the HALO games are very great i like them very much!!! :) :]

  27. Im a cod fan on ps3 & i have a xbox 360 & I LOVE THE HALO’S. But if they make a movie, it’ll cost over 60 million by a big company like hollywood. Thats why they turned them dowm, it costed to much! I just no that they are making the halo movie, but not by hollywood. i know they have 2 cast crew since Apl. I know that hellboy is one of them. this movie halo, i hope its a sussessful movie. i highly doub’t it but i hope it will be the #1 top movie in the nation.