Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

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halo movie 01 Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

Screen Rant readers have asked, and we have answered! Well, you didn’t specifically ask about the Halo movie, but we know you were curious.

We haven’t written much about development on the video game-based movie because there hasn’t been much concrete news, but here’s a “bring you up to speed” update on what’s going on with it.

For the non-gamers, Halo is a video game by Bungie and published by Microsoft – calling it “popular” would be an understatement. There have been three versions of the game, five novels, two graphic novels and various spin-off games and other products. I’ve been a Doom player and more recently, I’ve been a Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising addict. Seems to be a theme with me. Maybe I should try Halo!

Halo gamers are in anticipation of a rumored movie of their favorite game. But will it merit the anticipation that’s been created by the possibility or will it be another movie like DoomDoom was just “OK.” I didn’t dislike Doom… it had the requisite amount of bloodshed and I’m a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan, so I was OK with it.

But what about the movie, Halo? Or more precisely: Halo: The Fall of Reach?

LatinoReview broke the news back in April of this year that screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Gears of War, G.I. Joe) had written a spec screenplay for Halo. He did this because he was frustrated with the lack of progress on the project.  It’s been pitched or rumored previously, but no studio has bitten.

The term “spec screenplay,” is a screenplay that has been written for no money and is a speculative effort.

The script he put together is based on a character driven story focused on Master Chief 117. It covers from the time of his being kidnapped at the age of 6 and being trained by the USNC to become one of the elite: A Spartan Warrior. Basically, it’s a prequel to the first game.

Beattie’s spec script is based on the 2001 novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund, which I had happened to have read some time back.  It was a good read, but a depressing ending for me.

Beattie is a big Halo fan, and the effort he put forth was a fan’s labor of love. This could be a very good thing for the fans of Halo indeed, to have someone write a script who really knows the background of a franchise.

Other info I’ve come across is that Peter Jackson (The Hobbit, The Hobbit 2, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) is slated (or hoped) to be the executive producer.

There’s a projected release date of 2009, but no studio is biting.  Even with an existing spec script floating around.

OK, enough about the hopes and dreams. If on-again, off-again movie hopes were getting stagnant, Beattie is making sure the potential for the film continues to build. To do that, he’s had concept artist Kasra Farahani (Wolf Man, Hancock, Spiderman 3) draft up some concept images to complement his spec script and they look pretty dang neat.

These are mere screen shots of parts of some of the images and you can get a gander of all the other images in their full sized resolution over at LatinoReview.

Big super big thanks to LatinoReview for scoring these totally cool pics.

So what does everyone think? Will this finally get off the ground, or will it continue to just plod along as a pipe dream waiting to happen?

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  1. Something else id like to bring up is people wanna see the conection or, wll relationship value wit corana, and kelly, but lets not forget linda….John had a huge thing for her when he did practicallyeverything to revive her and save her at that orbital space station. idk maybe minor but was a big deal and i can see the end of the first movie and after the credits John and Cortana finding her body in that tub in space….awesome

  2. first of all: they might value the relationship with the chief and cortana, even though him and linda were like best friends and they would do anything for each other, but that’s wat friends are for rit?? they would do ANYTHING for each other, even throw each other in front of flying bullets for the other.

    cant talk now, im in class!

  3. Well yes they are friends but is that how a relationship start

  4. Sorry….. Isn’t that how a relationship start

  5. And most movies have so much missing if they are based on books and games. If halo is the first one to have everything from the first book in it, it would be the longest movie ever….. honestly i would sit through it cause i am a loyal fan

  6. All of you guys got to be kidding me. Halo would most definately make a supurb movie but for all of you to think that any movie can have EVERYTHING from the original story is insane. Every movie created that is based on an already existing story is ALWAYS altered. This is done due to multiple reasons, most of all money and time. No matter how good a movie is made the fan base will never be happy because there will always be something that doesn’t fit the story or the individuals vision of what the movie should be. Why can’t you guys see that and just sit back and enjoy the movie for the greatness of the movie and not the integrity of a story that you already know will most definately be tweaked to fit the bigscreen?

  7. Jim C please read through the whole thread if you generalise on posted opinions.
    This is also a discussion ABOUT the movie, not an announcementboard for the creators of it – discussion is what is supposed to be here for.
    As of saving the storyline (for the game – think u mean the books but well go anyway), look to LOTR for that – how successful would it have been without the help of the fanbase and a good director staying with the storyline in the extent he could.
    Dedicated fans exspect greatness, this project has about the same potential as LOTR did and definatly more then 2 of 3 of the Star Wars follow-ups.

  8. Thank you IAL for pointing out LOTR. Yes they were long but look at the fact that they were freaking awesome. all followed the story line only missing a few side stories

  9. I realize that LOTR did very well even though the movies were very long (I loved them by the way). In this case I believe that the cost of making the movie that long considering the amount of CGI that will surely be needed is what the kicker is. I like everyone else am a die hard Halo nut and want this movie to be perfect, and yes I do believe that fanbase inputs are a great tool for any movie with a cult following like this one. I am only saying that this movie, in the eyes of hollywood, is already destined to fail simply because it is a video game movie. I my eyes I think that if done well with a good script, great director, and the right budget it can be phenominal! The problem is is that no matter how close it gets to the story line there will be complaints from the majority of the fanbase. This is more than likely a big reason why the new script is based before the games since there is already a visual adaptation of the part of the timeline.


  11. Seriously people if its done right halo could take over the world, the merchandise possibilites are endless, look at how buzz lightyear dolls came out after the film, they were everywhere,

    now obviously not everyone is gonna go and buy a gun as a result of watching the film……

    but if its done right it could be huge!!

    i swear if i win the lottery…….

  12. take over the world…. maybe but definitaly the U.S…. and toyko.

  13. I agree strongly with many of the points here, namely the fact that this would rape at the box offices provided they at least made it even decent, not even having to actually shoot for an out of the park flick, and that it should progress with the prequel for starters before moving to the game storyline so that neophytes to the series will have a background story rather than being tossed into the mix.

    The one point I am not in compliance with however, is the Master Chief’s face. While an object of mystery, and a complete enigma in the game, in the prequel he is described several times without his helmet, and doesn’t even recieve the MJOLNIR armour until about three quarters of the way through. While showing the face of John may not appeal to the game-only fans, the Haloverse fans will love it, sort of how Vader in the latter years was THE helmet, but in the prequels, he was displayed as Anikan Skywalker. (God, didn’t realize how nerdy that sounded.)

    Going from the man behind the helmet to the completion of project SPARTAN would serve as a dramatic display of the transition from John, Blue Team Leader to Master Chief, SPARTAN-117, the last of his kind. (Alotting the fact that there are Linda, Fred, and Kelly, the Spartan III’s, Tom and Lucy of Alpha, and then team Sabre and Katana of the Beta Spartan III’s.

    That being said, I would actually go to the theatre and support this movie rather than pirating it. That’s saying a lot too. I really hope this comes out.

  14. Oh, if I could get the BR55HB SR ‘Battle Rifle’ shown in the Arms Race clip, or the SRS 99D AM Sniper Rifle with the Oracle scope, I would have a nerdgasm.

    The Spiker in the Live Action Belief commercial for Halo 3 was also pretty damn cool.

  15. I think we are in a agreement with the fact that there needs to be a freakin movie made. I personally think everything is there to make this movie!!!!! God damn all the people that are hindering this movie. do they not realize the money they could get!!??? You would think they could have spotted this allready??? I think there should be a convention where all the fans can put their input.

  16. Your point would be infinitely more convincing if it weren’t for the three or more question marks or exclamation marks after nearly every sentence.

  17. Thank You but my next thing is that there should be a fan that should start a convention or sumthing because it only takes one to start a movement.

  18. The problem is funding, and the fact that you probably need both parts concent to set it up, not to talk about the online commercial to get people involved.
    And after you have done the intial one u still got one or more continents to get response from.

  19. well as most of us have stated the idea of a halo movie is awsome and if they keep it close to the book yes it would be killer…but most games turned into movies weather it be based off the book or not ends up in the trash line up real quick…not all of them but enough to kill the odds alot,

    as for funding…as fars as ive seen and read on many different sites microsoft has said that this movie will happen even if they have to fund it themselfs, this was stated after fox and univisal had a dispute over funding for the movie and then later decided to both drop production for it.

  20. on another note, they have made alot of props for the movie including a live warthog..i have seen the crew of bungie testing it in a video on youtube and it looks freaken sweet

  21. After witnessing the release of this movie be pushed back I believe up to 6 yrs now, I feel I’ve come to the conclusion of this: Yes, a live action film will cost a great sum of money and with such a huge fan base, if it does not succeed, if it is not done justice, then that producer, studio, and/or director, but not limited to, will have inevitably signed their own death warrants. In short, I feel it would be the end of them. I am a Halo fanatic and I approve this message.

  22. Folks, I know there are many out there who watch Battlestar and also play the Microsoft game franchise ‘Halo’ so I figured I’d put it out there and see what the thoughts are of a Sci Fi series based on the Halo game and book series.

    If you’ve ever looked you’ll see the idea of a Halo movie has been floated around for the last few years and apparently Microsoft had started the process but due to a mediocre script and a breakdown in discussions with the studios it was essentially stillborn.

    There continues to be a strong interest in the movie but as time goes on the possibility grows smaller. Even the screen writer Stuart Beattie has written a script on his own and is attempting to drive interest but it seems that there has been no further progress in getting the movie made.

    With all that said it seems the story would lend itself beautifully to a scifi series especially if it is produced and directed in the same way as Battlestar. It would immediately bring several million Halo fans with it but the real beauty is that the story stands on it’s own. If you’ve read the books you will know exactly what I mean. From my perspective I would love to see the movie made but I actually think the TV series would make more sense. Given the scale of the story from Johns Kidnapping as a child to the arrival of the covenant and beyond I doubt a major portion of the timeline could be told in one movie.

    So, in short, I’d like to see Ron Moore, David Eick, Stuart Beattie and the executives at Microsoft and SciFi meet and just discuss the possibility and potential for the series.

  23. I like ths thought of the time that it would bring to the table, but as far as i know there hasn’t been a similar Sci-Fi series done so far (Halo is explosive, and should be kept that way imo). I also dislike the idea on basing it on the books – the possible intoduction into the plot with him being trained has just been done too many times – i think that the core and it’s plot would actually suffer from being adapted from the books somewhat.

    However if there would be another option – have the series made from the books and the movie from the games that would be the ultimate solution.

  24. Yes The movie should be based on the first book but there are so many problems that are keeping from happening…. if you have seen the street fighter commercial than in my personal opinion why can’t halo be done.

  25. ^these dudes commented on a scifi movie on Valentines Day…oh man.

  26. I completely agree with the majority of you guys in the “why” is no one getting on with a halo movie project. Of course I really don’t know anything about what it takes to produce a movie so i cant really judge, except that the motives for making this film are all there. There is no doubt that a Halo movie will be successful, Doom has never had as much going for it as the Halo series does. Simply the fact that there is a deep and complex history written for the Halo storyline, books written about it, and the sheer size of its popularity gives it an edge on Doom. I personally am such a huge fan of Halo that I would consider it heresy to not watch and then purchase this movie, even if it isn’t done well. And its not just me. I know loads of other Halo freaks that would jump to do the same. The only trick that I see would be to roughly follow Nylund’s story and to not try to put a face to Master Chief. Get Steve Downes on the voice and make the visual quality equal or superior to the Halo 3 visuals and you have yourself a movie. Easy enough.

    As for all of you people that have never played Halo, I dont care if your not video game people, and I dont care if you have lives. Play the game! Its amazing, each version has been revolutionary for its time, and I still haven’t found its match. I’m biased of course but there is a reason for that.

    And yes CByo your a big man, I’m very impressed…

  27. My Apologies in advance for the length of this post but I love Halo that much I couldn’t stop typing and I don’t want to multi-post so here goes.

    Simply put HALO is the “Star Wars” of our generation with a stronger following than that of the Star Trek caliber.
    It is a historical game that turned the tides on a somewhat stagnant market. NO title “Raised the FPS/RPG/MMO Bar” all in one hit quite like it or possibly ever will.

    Halo is without a doubt the greatest gaming feat of our time and nothing can take that from Halo.

    As such the Halo Movie is deserving of the next logical step being Blockbuster movie Status.

    So here are my personal opinions on what “could” be done to make the movie less of a let down for investors and fans alike.

    Major Plot Points only for the 1st movie:

    1-> MC is faceless.
    This is the most important factor of the Halo franchise.
    You are the MC, the last Spartan Soldier. Make him a StuntMan as above mentioned with the same voice over artist and simple lines. Anyone thats been through the stuff he has doesn’t need to talk alot.

    2->ODST soldiers are the Plot Characters. The main character being the one that survives all the movie missions (assuming the movie is legendary difficulty).

    This will give the MC a certain level of depth by constantly going to extreme measures to save his trusted front line friendship.
    The Main ODST can form friendships and romance within his squad and a romance if necessary. Meanwhile we as an audience get to go through that experience of love and loss with him (for non gamer chicks). Great war movies are about friendships formed and lost and lets be real now. This has the possibility of being the greatest war trilogy of all time.

    3->Movie is set around game based missions but not solely around the MC’s singular effect on the Haloverse.

    A good “example only” movie starter would be the second mission in Combat Evolved where he looks for survivors. This would be where he meets the Main ODST who would then follow him throughout the rest of that mission. Upon extraction going seperate ways only to meet up again. Then jumping to the next missions etc.

    This way we are always starting off missions with the ODST so we can feel the suspense of waiting for when the MC comes into the mix again when all other hope is lost.

    Achieving the lack of need for the MC to have a Major verbal role in the movie. Just the action hero role which is all I really want to see anyhow.

    Imagine a small ODST squad outnumbered 20:1 and pinned down with all hopes lost when out pops the MC.
    He then proceeds to shred the s*#t out of the covenant forces (with ODST help of course) in a nail bitingly intense suspense driven set of battle scenes.

    4-> MC must have the weaponry skills and battle field tactics displayed by the best killing sprees seen within the multi player online content.

    Possibly accomplished by posting movie similar battle scenarios online.

    Then by having top ranked gamers attempt the mission/event online where the best scoring completions are recorded and cataloged.
    This could be an efficient and cost effective way of implementing the perfect battle scenes for the movie.

    This is my suggestion for the movie.

    It will keep the actors/producers/investors happy by giving them a bit more freedom within the plot line and face time for the main actors.

    But even more importantly it will keep us the gamers happy by providing us with the intense covenant slaughtering battle scenes in HD that we so sorely crave without destroying any of the major MC storyline or the expected level of skill required by the MC during intense battles.

    Thank you for your time and sorry if I have bored you but I have been waiting intently for this movie since it was rumored to be in making.

    lol… a teabagging would be a good laugh too but would probably be classed as inappropriate.

  28. I just had to say this. If they aren’t biting for this its kind of stupid i dont mean to offened anyone but this game is real good of they make a movie out of it they are gonna make alot of money of this movie. i know a lot people that would go and see this movie. Just the halo game made a lot of sells but that is just my opinion they are gonna lose a lot of money passing up this deal.