Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

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halo movie 01 Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

Screen Rant readers have asked, and we have answered! Well, you didn’t specifically ask about the Halo movie, but we know you were curious.

We haven’t written much about development on the video game-based movie because there hasn’t been much concrete news, but here’s a “bring you up to speed” update on what’s going on with it.

For the non-gamers, Halo is a video game by Bungie and published by Microsoft – calling it “popular” would be an understatement. There have been three versions of the game, five novels, two graphic novels and various spin-off games and other products. I’ve been a Doom player and more recently, I’ve been a Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising addict. Seems to be a theme with me. Maybe I should try Halo!

Halo gamers are in anticipation of a rumored movie of their favorite game. But will it merit the anticipation that’s been created by the possibility or will it be another movie like DoomDoom was just “OK.” I didn’t dislike Doom… it had the requisite amount of bloodshed and I’m a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan, so I was OK with it.

But what about the movie, Halo? Or more precisely: Halo: The Fall of Reach?

LatinoReview broke the news back in April of this year that screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Gears of War, G.I. Joe) had written a spec screenplay for Halo. He did this because he was frustrated with the lack of progress on the project.  It’s been pitched or rumored previously, but no studio has bitten.

The term “spec screenplay,” is a screenplay that has been written for no money and is a speculative effort.

The script he put together is based on a character driven story focused on Master Chief 117. It covers from the time of his being kidnapped at the age of 6 and being trained by the USNC to become one of the elite: A Spartan Warrior. Basically, it’s a prequel to the first game.

Beattie’s spec script is based on the 2001 novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund, which I had happened to have read some time back.  It was a good read, but a depressing ending for me.

Beattie is a big Halo fan, and the effort he put forth was a fan’s labor of love. This could be a very good thing for the fans of Halo indeed, to have someone write a script who really knows the background of a franchise.

Other info I’ve come across is that Peter Jackson (The Hobbit, The Hobbit 2, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) is slated (or hoped) to be the executive producer.

There’s a projected release date of 2009, but no studio is biting.  Even with an existing spec script floating around.

OK, enough about the hopes and dreams. If on-again, off-again movie hopes were getting stagnant, Beattie is making sure the potential for the film continues to build. To do that, he’s had concept artist Kasra Farahani (Wolf Man, Hancock, Spiderman 3) draft up some concept images to complement his spec script and they look pretty dang neat.

These are mere screen shots of parts of some of the images and you can get a gander of all the other images in their full sized resolution over at LatinoReview.

Big super big thanks to LatinoReview for scoring these totally cool pics.

So what does everyone think? Will this finally get off the ground, or will it continue to just plod along as a pipe dream waiting to happen?

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  1. I am a huge HALO fan, I want to see a movie but I also want to see a well done movie. This isn’t DOOM we’re playing around with here…its HALO, and Hollywood as a tendency to screw well told stories up. So in a way I don’t want to see HALO tarnished by Hollywood. Another comment: Why would Hollywood hesitate on the making of this film? They seem to have no trouble deciding to produce crap like Babylon AD? I think Hollywood maybe out of touch with what the public now wants. This isn’t 2001 anymore. People need more than explosions every 2 seconds, we want STORY as well. I am convinced this is why Pixar movies and Harry Potter does so well. It’s STORY. How many explosions to you see in harry potter? I digress, HALO a movie? Sure… but let’s be very careful with this Gem.

  2. Well said, Tony Parker. The key is to develop the story of the film without deviating from the story-arc established by Bungie Studios. While it is regrettable that Hollywood has a terrible rep for destroying what could be fantastic video-game adaptations, there is still some hope. The fact that the games even exist in their present state is a testament to the creativity and story-telling ability of the authors of the games and the novels. If the film can nail the flavor of the games (no Master Chief face, if even possible for the sake of character-growth) with a story-progression like the novels (orbital engagements over worlds like Sigma Octanus IV and Reach), then the games/novels could be adapted effectively. This doesn’t even include an economical analysis; any studio WILL make money and lots of it with a franchise like Halo to staple their studio’s name to.

  3. My uncle works in hollywood, i could see if he can get some people together to make a halo movie.. they might not because of the economy dipping and how scarce money is now-a-days but i can try!!! its worth a shot.

  4. look this movie just has to be made its as simple as that. It will be one of those things people (and hollywood companies) will look back on as a massive mistake if it doesnt get made. i dnt see why companies arent on board wit making this movie. even if it flops (god help us) the box office sales from the first week alone would be absolutely astronomical there is mountains of cash to be made here.

  5. Basically you need a few things to succeed.
    1. The right equipment – settings that allow digital effects (good example reign of fire, bad ex. the later Star wars movies).
    PLS dont go blue/green screen on all of it.
    2. MUSIC.
    The familiar music within the movie, from the games and trailers, a trailer with the breakin benjamin track is a given.
    3. Stick with the story – have small interludes with big scenes and then focus on the MC’s side of it (do at all costs not split the storyline anything like halo 2 – the game).
    4. Satisfy yourselves with one movie at a time, dont go doing a 3 hour mash of all three of them – start with the first part of the saga and see how it pays off.

    ***Small things that should be obvious to anyone:
    DO NOT SHOW MC’s face.
    Storyline should not start with MC’s training when he was small or some kinds of flashbacks – alot of movies have done this – exspect more of the audience and yourselves.
    The halo 3 E3 trailer was brilliant – still brings some chills up my spine – be inspired.
    Credits should be rolling over classic pvp gameplay matches (imo) – knit the game into the movie.

  6. Obviously they can’t show the master cheif’s face, that would take away that bit of mystery that makes him such a legendary figure

    As far as the money is concerned in making this movie, i dnt see why the studios wnt bite. The Halo games sold like wildfire, it was Halo: Combat Evolved that made the Xbox a major console it was that good, and Halo 3 sold a record breaking number of copies! Thats millions of people who invested roughly £30 – £40 in the game, so surely the film will pull in a major profit with its cinema and DVD release since it already has millions of fans worldwide.

    As the guy above me said, they could make three halo films (a trilogy!), based around the books and the games. They should have ample material to work from as if you read the books you’ll see that there are many other characters and events going on in the world of Halo besides the mastercheif and what takes place in the games.

    Halo isn’t just any old game, it has a truly breath-taking style and the music is incredible, if they can put these qualities into a film that relates accurately to the books and the gameplay, then i think the movie(s) would be a huge success!

  7. Ya know… everyone here believes we should never see the Master Chiefs face, but I’d be willing to bet a pretty penny (or an ugly penny) that will never happen. Star power is where it’s at in this face of entertainment and if they line up someone super popular to play the role, there will always be a reason to see their face.

    I’m not saying I want that… just that it is how it would pan out.

    more than likely, we’d see the actor, face, etc. when not in battle, but we’d be given the visual of a face screen in most battle scenes.

    Face it, every superhero movie, the hero finds a way or reason to pull his mask off. Has there been a superhero movie where they don’t?

    See? Sigh. If this project were to be, we’d have to accept certain allowances.

    … I’m just sayin’ …

  8. Halo would make a great movie, just look at how great the games are. Who needs production studios when you make as much money as microsoft does, they can just hire everybody and pay out of pocket and would never see any loss at all. Fans all over want the movie, so lets hurry up and get it.

  9. i agree with IAL almost entirely there are some obvious things that must or must not be done

    MC face
    the music HAS to be done by O’donnel there is no ifs or buts… breakng benjamin’s blow me away must also feature just coz it is a cult idol :)
    no story splitting !!!!!
    and lastly (i think it is mention sumwhere up the page..)
    The voice must be done by steve downes!!!!!!!! same goes with cortana and if possible, sgt johnson. all these voices are so iconic you could recognise them better than an old friends

  10. Tetris and Monopoly can get their own movies, but not this???

  11. There has got to be a movie…. when your waiting to play and your watching the clips… well, if they can do that why not make a movie. put all those clips together and you basically have a movie. but seriously the fall of reach should diffently be a movie.

  12. I think vin diesel should be an option to play the master chief…. what do people think

  13. The only reason studios aren’t biting is that they’re afraid of making another videogame-based movie that might not make big bucks, even though I think Halo will rake in a ton due to its popularity. You have to admit that lots of vidgame movies haven’t done too well on the silver screen, and it’s not because the graphics suck.

  14. I fully agree about that – catch 22?
    Because they arent sure they will get their investment back because the quality of the movie they lower the budget and voila they got exactly that – a poor movie.

    And yeah i wonder when companies will learn to use the fanbase – why do u think LOTR became the huge success it did? LOTR knit the fanbase to the product by keeping them involved (yeah yeah u need other things to ;D ).

  15. I quite agree, but when (or if) they show the master chiefs face, it’ll ruin it because when you play the game, you pretty much ARE him.

    Anyway, about the movie…

    I know there is a “relationship” with the Chief and Cortana, but does anyone think they will exploit that, or will they fall back to the possible relationship with him and Kelly-085??

    And agreeing to IAL about the budget, they may have no choice but to keep the budget big or all of the gamers (including me) will form a riot because of a sucky Halo movie. When they start lowering the budget, then it will start to become of less and less quality, then less and less people will want to see it..

    Somebody with a big name needs to accept these offers. They got more money than others, why not SPEND some of it?

    Theyre afraid to, thats why. They dont know if its gonna rock or suck.

    I rest my case. Maybe. XD

  16. oops totally forgot

    They should really do all of the games together,and part of the books like the training part and the stuff that happened right after the Chief blew up the ring.

    Just sayin

  17. OOOOO and the flood should DEFINITLEY be added in the movie

    i dont know why im forgetting all this stuff…

  18. Keep on returning here, probably because i like playing with the idea of a movie based on the trilogy.

    A few comments on EMY’s triple-post.
    “I know there is a “relationship” with the Chief and Cortana, but does anyone think they will exploit that, or will they fall back to the possible relationship with him and Kelly-085??”

    I hope they will stay true to the game(‘s) and make this a Sci-Fi action / Drama wo making it the standard “unlikely hero meets girl, conquers impossible odd’s – gets girl -the end” movie.

    I hope they squeeze what they can from the joint effort that MC and Cortana produce – aka not making MC some kind invurnable hero that does everything on his own – show the rough sides, and yes with that i also mean “gore it up” – a bit anyway. IF you dont get to see any effort from MC along the plotline the huge scenes wont matter as much (wo bad u dont appriciate good).

    Emy check out a few of the BIG trilogies out there – imagine if LOTR (its basically a description for anyone “how to” make a succesful trilogy with a pre-written storyline) had been compressed into ONE movie.
    -I’ve made this point before but ppl who are argueing for one movie out of any trilogy should really think it over, would they seriosuly like the finished product?
    Aswell as if the audience see it as a serious try to make a movie if you begin with getting rid around 2/3 of the plot…

  19. I think they should have Casper Van Dien play the chief.. with the disk jockey that did his voice to do the voice over.

  20. I see ur point, and i agree with you IAL, although i hate being wrong, ill admit it.

    And LOTR would be REALLY boring if it was compressed into one movie. I thought it was boring from the start. XD

  21. Ya umm… I dont think they can film the movie right now because of the U.S. crises right now (depression), which is also slowly affecting other countries too. If you think about it what are the chances of people going to the movies when over 11 millions of people have been laid off from their jobs. Of course I would love to see the movie come out to theater, but I just think they are caustiously looking at the economies crises right and probably pulled back the movie production farther until Obama some how finds the solution to this problem. PS: I LOOK FOWARD TO HALO 3 ODST! and the film crew of transformers & iron man should join together and make the halo film.

  22. Vizard, you do realise Halo has been around longer then 3-5 month’s right?

    I agree about that it’ll probably take even longer to get this project going for “them” now with the “crises”.
    [Wondering off point for the rest of the post, if u dont want to read my socialistic propaganda - which i admittingly and without any doubts support - skip the rest]

    I call it what it is – the rich wanting to become even richer (losses are put on the public sector whilst gains go directly to the mid upper/top classes of society as it is now, there isnt even any proper responibilites for the people who has —-ed up – except $$$ bonuses – which must hurt). When u privatise things that are needed to furfill basic human rights within the society you agree to class segregation – which is bad imo.

  23. that is true about a game becoming a movie but i truely believe that halo is so much more. it just depends on who decides to take the lead for making the movie… and when that person, hopefully a well known and popular director, takes the lead other famous people will follow. hopefully that happens.

  24. Profitable – look up these ones, or post numbers (not random ones ;D):
    Tomb Raider (either)
    Resident Evil (1)

    Atleast i enjoyed the two last mentioned, i know im hardly alone about that.
    But YES most do fail horribly, its been discussed further up.

    The problem with games like Halo and GoW (gears of war) is that they have alot of “classic” lines in them – there is a big chance that atleast a few of them will find their way to the movie and a bad director will —- them up real bad.
    Some of the comments are too classic to not have in the movies though (for GoW this will be a huge issue, where top one liners are availible in mass), and used right comments/moments that might risk being cheesy can end up great.

    With all respect to the books – the games has a much broader audience – i belive u must emphasize the sci-fi and action part on behalf of the drama, that not saying u should leave it out though.
    But making a mash with 50% drama and 50% physical plot line isnt a receipe for success when it comes to Halo imo,
    remember that they will (most likely) NOT make a movie longer then 3 & 1/2 hours.

  25. Sorry i kinda rambled on in my last comment.

    “one thousand appoligies.”