Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

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halo movie 01 Is There Any Progress On The Halo: Fall Of Reach Movie?

Screen Rant readers have asked, and we have answered! Well, you didn’t specifically ask about the Halo movie, but we know you were curious.

We haven’t written much about development on the video game-based movie because there hasn’t been much concrete news, but here’s a “bring you up to speed” update on what’s going on with it.

For the non-gamers, Halo is a video game by Bungie and published by Microsoft – calling it “popular” would be an understatement. There have been three versions of the game, five novels, two graphic novels and various spin-off games and other products. I’ve been a Doom player and more recently, I’ve been a Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising addict. Seems to be a theme with me. Maybe I should try Halo!

Halo gamers are in anticipation of a rumored movie of their favorite game. But will it merit the anticipation that’s been created by the possibility or will it be another movie like DoomDoom was just “OK.” I didn’t dislike Doom… it had the requisite amount of bloodshed and I’m a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan, so I was OK with it.

But what about the movie, Halo? Or more precisely: Halo: The Fall of Reach?

LatinoReview broke the news back in April of this year that screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Gears of War, G.I. Joe) had written a spec screenplay for Halo. He did this because he was frustrated with the lack of progress on the project.  It’s been pitched or rumored previously, but no studio has bitten.

The term “spec screenplay,” is a screenplay that has been written for no money and is a speculative effort.

The script he put together is based on a character driven story focused on Master Chief 117. It covers from the time of his being kidnapped at the age of 6 and being trained by the USNC to become one of the elite: A Spartan Warrior. Basically, it’s a prequel to the first game.

Beattie’s spec script is based on the 2001 novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund, which I had happened to have read some time back.  It was a good read, but a depressing ending for me.

Beattie is a big Halo fan, and the effort he put forth was a fan’s labor of love. This could be a very good thing for the fans of Halo indeed, to have someone write a script who really knows the background of a franchise.

Other info I’ve come across is that Peter Jackson (The Hobbit, The Hobbit 2, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) is slated (or hoped) to be the executive producer.

There’s a projected release date of 2009, but no studio is biting.  Even with an existing spec script floating around.

OK, enough about the hopes and dreams. If on-again, off-again movie hopes were getting stagnant, Beattie is making sure the potential for the film continues to build. To do that, he’s had concept artist Kasra Farahani (Wolf Man, Hancock, Spiderman 3) draft up some concept images to complement his spec script and they look pretty dang neat.

These are mere screen shots of parts of some of the images and you can get a gander of all the other images in their full sized resolution over at LatinoReview.

Big super big thanks to LatinoReview for scoring these totally cool pics.

So what does everyone think? Will this finally get off the ground, or will it continue to just plod along as a pipe dream waiting to happen?

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  1. I seriously wonder why no one is biting the idea. Halo has been a hugely successful franchise and bringing it to the big screen seems like it would be its next evolutionary step. Let’s just hope Uwe Boll doesn’t try and get involved!!!

  2. It’s confounding to me also.

    Studio Dudes: you have a worthy script writer putting out a spec script. How much easier can one make it?

    I think if no one bites, Stuart Beattie should go the route of Joss Whedon and make it himself. (Um, without the musical part that is.)

  3. I think everyone who has ever played the games is confused. Halo has millions of fans who play the games every day. 9 out of 10 of them would kill for a movie. That just means that millions of tickets to see the movie that are already sold. Plus if the plot follows the book well it would be an excellent movie compared to most of the junk in theaters now!!! If any studio passes this up they should have their head examined.

  4. I ahve been a Halo nerd sine the very first day I owned an xbox, Bruce you really should give it a shot. The multiplayer is amazing.

    As far as the movie goes, I suspect we are going to keep hearing a lot of talking and not much doing. It really doesnt make sense to me though, it is almost a 100% guarantee that it will make money, and lots of it.

  5. Halo? Is that some type of game? 8-)

    I’ve never played the game but I am a spacehead, so I would welcome a good sci-fi movie.

  6. John “Kahless” Taylor@

    Halo: Combat Evolved was an amazing game all around, story wise, gameplay, multiplayer = all great. I definitely recommend you play it too, Bruce. it’s a awesome piece of Action/Sci-Fi/Horror, not to mention the music in the game is awesome as well. I’m fearful of a movie because the chief is the Armor, they never show his face. the voice of the Chief can’t be replaced either. they would have to have a stunt guy and Steve Downes doing the voice, which would be incredibly easy since they never have to show his face.

  7. If the movie never happens for some unknown reason of short sightedness (Did I just say that?), grab the book. It’s a good read.

  8. I wonder if he realizes that Master Chief is a woman. If he goes with the prequel of the story.

  9. I would absolutely love a Halo movie. It would be awesome!

  10. Well, lets see. First “DOOM” hasn’t even made its production cost back yet. So you’re right off the bat, climbing uphill using it as some model for success. Then you have to negotiate for the rights to the book. Then you have to negotiate to buy the script, and hope the book guy isn’t so heavily invested in the book that he wants to tweak the script. Tweak the script yourself to eliminate the downer ending. Oh, did I mention the books author, might, have something to say about the script…

    Do the initials N.I.H. mean anything to you? :(

    Ah-hem.. Not Invented Here. Easier, more promising pickings will be sought.
    The script writer should team up with the book writer as the next logical step. Unless, that’s already happened or the exclusive film rights are secure.

    Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic here, but don’t hold your breath..

  11. Well said old man. A nice, grounded, reality based observation. And no, I’m not. (Holding my breath.)

  12. A Halo Movie would almost be guaranteed to be the biggest box office seller of all time. And DVD sales would probably follow. Its already the top game seller of all time. Any studio would profit regardless of how much money they invested in a Halo Movie.

  13. I want to be very optimistic about the movie but i think the reason studios aren’t biting is because of the cost to build some of the equipment, i “heard” that the warthog took almost 1 million dollars to build…im not saying it’s true bt thats what ive heard..i just hope its not an animated movie

  14. So yeah, I think the problem is that if the studio makes the movie and it does end up like doom, because almost half to a three quarters of the people are not going to go see it if the first quarter think that it is the worst thing ever, then they kind of find themselves in a giant pit that kind of is going to eat them slowly. Although I also think that they would use Bungie and Eric Nylund, because they are so into the “Other Aspects” portion of Halo. So on the one hand we could have like “Oh-my-god-I-think-I-just-wet-myself” or we will have a “Go into the Sahara Desert and bury this thing 100 yards into the ground and pour concrete for 20 yards, antrhax for another, and radioactive waste on the top and cover it back up.”

    Sorry I am like really passionate about it ever since I heard the idea back in like 2006.

  15. My oppinion as to why no one is biting is one word……Money……Everything in the business of making movies is based on money(unfortunately). It will take alot of money to make the Halo movie and movie production studios dont want to throw alot of money at something that they’re not sure if its going to make alot of money at the boxoffice. The failure of the movie Doom at the boxoffice and Peter Jackson’s huge budget for the first attempt at making the Halo movie has scared movie prodution studios away from making the movie. But now they have approved the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie and Max Payne movie which has just hit theaters, so that just makes me question even more why Halo has still not been approved to be made.

  16. We’ll never know, until we find out!

  17. Jeff i like your rant, some people are more passionate then others which is a good thing. your passionate about it and don’t want the movie “to get hurt” in a sense, you(and me, and probably all the other Halo fanatics) want it to be the best movie ever. i heard that the movie isnt set out for another 2 years because they have hardly started filming, but hey thats 2 more years to make it better!

  18. I think someone should beat down the door at Lion’s Gate…I mean if they could take rejected Universal movie productions, for example Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, then i think they could handle a Halo movie.

  19. Good Point Billy O.

  20. I think if District 9 (ie the Neill Blomkamp directed Peter Jackson produced sci-fi that lots of people thought was a Halo cover-up) does as well as they are hoping (Sony has said it could be a “event tentpole” and they’ve already started the viral marketing), then the studios might have more confidence in picking up Halo. Then again when Blomkamp was attached to Halo originally he was concerned about the character of Master Chief and especially the fact that you never see his face, so he may not even be interested anymore. Then again, this spec script you’re talking about sounds like it probably has a lot more back story/character development opportunities that might attract him. Personally, I think he has got the potential to make a kick-ass Halo movie if he does end up doing it. Halo: Landfall and his short Alive in Joburg were both cool. Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see how District 9 does.

  21. Really I don’t care who does it, but hopefully it will be a big name company and also “TECHNICALLY” you will see Master Chief’s face. Once again that all depends on how they do the script and if they follow the story right (it is based on Halo: Fall of Reach book right?).

    Also I thought it would be funny if on the DVD [if it ever makes that far] it have a special Xbox 360 Halo 3 map of like the different “sets”. That would be funny and awesome.

  22. the thing is, it has to stay true to the game(s), probably a little more than the book, because, well everyone loves halo for halo. the book will still be very important for background story, char de$velop. etc. The movie will have to be an incredibly good portion of action though and master chief will surely have to be the main character. Seriously, die hards of halo have played the game enough to beleive they are master chief when the contoller is in hand. HIS FACE CANNOT BE REVEALED!!! i think that would go against halo. its one of those we shall never know things. besides it would ruin it. The story couldnt focus solely on chief though. there are other major characters in the game and evidently in halo(2 and 3) the do get split up and have different stories.
    what timeframe is the moie going to take? Pre halo, halo 1, the whole trilogy?

  23. I believe pre-Halo 1, but I saw another artists drawing for the movie

    So from these concepts it looks like from Fall of Reach to part way into Halo: CE. Which includes the training of the kids into Spartans, but also they didn’t get the MJOLNIR armor until half-way to three quarters of Fall of Reach. So there is a “HIGH CHANCE” of seeing John’s face, but also of the other Spartans…which begs the question, who are they going to cast as the Spartans like Kelly-087, Samuel-034, and John-117?

  24. This movie would be awesome! I think it would be a great add to the books and games. Im all for it!

  25. if this went through correctly, and was done with quality like the resident evil series of movies (VERY MUCH UNLIKE DOOM), this movie would be a hit! i personally think it would have a much larger crowd than any star wars movie. they need to get the guys who did ironman to produce/direct it, they did an exceptional job i thought.

  26. A halo movie would be bigger then the dark knight. True it would be costly but it would pay off at the box office. I don’t see why no one will invest in it.

  27. I think that anyone who doesn’t KNOW that a Halo movie would make LOADS of money is insane. I’ve always been a hardcore Halo freak…since the very beginning… Participated in tourneys, waited overnight for the games, and even hit up Wal-mart to get the cardboard display sets… The number of people who play Halo is LITERALLY not countable. Personally I think they should have the ENTIRE Transformers crew handle the movie, and even though the books are good…I think (concidering it’s a game move) the script should follow the game storyline. Yes…add some prequel bits… But, as a Halo fanatic, I’d rather see a movie the runs the games story lines instead of the books storylines…again…we ARE talking about a game…

  28. To be honest I think the only reason nobody has taken the idea and run with it is because of the fact that if it sux we as gamers will give them hell for it. So whoever decides to make the halo movie better have some pimp graphics like in the 2000 Godzilla movie and follow the book. I dont really care if they show his face. If they want to start at the beginning thats fine with me just as long as they plan on making all of them. That and they better pull some A listers from the cast. I dont want to see some idiot fumble through the dialogue of master chief. U do it right or u go home.

  29. Yeah, the only things I can see why hollywood would have to change to the Halo games is give the Master Chief more lines, cause he doesn’t really talk in the games and also might have to take out some sections of the game -even thought it would get confusing as hell

    Another problem -which I think needs to be a requirment before you make a movie game- is that the actors/writers/producers/etc. might not of played the game and will change something and make it more hollywood than the game [i.e. Bloodrayne & Doom -god rest their souls-]

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