‘Halo’ Digital Feature Moving Forward; Ridley Scott Producing

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Halo 4 Master Chief falling Halo Digital Feature Moving Forward; Ridley Scott Producing

Our Rob Keyes’ dreams of a Halo movie have been on the verge of coming true for years now, without anything ever managing to make it beyond the development stage. All that could be about to change, though: the hugely popular video game franchise is getting adapted into a TV series, with Steven Spielberg as executive producer, and a recent rumor claimed that Ridley Scott is set to produce a Halo digital feature film.

At the time, Microsoft denied the existence of the movie, saying that although the company has “many projects in the works” there were “no plans for a Halo motion picture.” Based on the latest news, however, the rumor was either remarkably prophetic or Microsoft was telling a bit of a fib.

TheWrap has confirmed that the Halo film is in development, with Scott producing and Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Falling Skies) set to direct. The film is being co-produced by three studios: 343 Industries, Xbox Entertainment Studios and Scott Free Productions. There isn’t a script yet but apparently Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring is the top pick for screenwriter.

Halo 4 Movie Art 570x294 Halo Digital Feature Moving Forward; Ridley Scott Producing

Whereas many video game movies try to recreate stories already told in the original games, the Halo feature will will follow a different path, according to an individual familiar with the project. The protagonist is not Master Chief, but is instead a different surgically-enhanced soldier who may or may not get to actually show his face. Like the games, the movie will be set in the 26th century.

Although the Halo TV series and the feature film are two separate projects, they have a common link (aside from Halo, obviously): Mimica-Gezzan has frequently collaborated with Spielberg and worked as a first assistant director on many of his projects, including Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan and Minority Report.

Neill Blomkamp was originally set to direct a live-action Halo movie, but when it eventually got cancelled he made District 9 instead. This might be why District 9‘s plot felt so much like that of a video game, with the protagonist gaining new abilities and unlocking better weapons as the story progressed. A recent rumor suggested that Blomkamp may direct the pilot episode of the Halo TV series, so perhaps he’ll get to live the dream yet.


We’ll keep you updated on Halo as the project develops.

Source: TheWrap

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  1. A Halo TV series? Great, about time something moved forwards on something somewhere. My son is a HALO fan, so he will be pleased by the news. A feature film? Also good news, especially if Ridley Scott is involved. I like alot of his work (granted, a few things he’s been involved with have missed the mark, but overall he has a pretty reliable track-record. Just one example among many of good projects: Alien, the first movie in the series). The only concern I have is why no Master Chief? What is the purpose in that?

    • The reason for no Master Chief is because they would have to dumb down the story of the games to fit into a 2 (maybe 3) hour movie. That is a lot of content cut and gutted. Fans would be pissed, critics would say plot holes, and gamers would say the movie destroyed what made Master Chief special. An original story, they can do whatever they want but still be in the Halo Universe. And come on, Master Chief would make some sort of appearance. Watch Halo Forward onto Dawn on Netflix. An original story, but Master Chief still made a appearance.

      • Not only that, but making a movie that is basically a retelling of a video game is stupid. If people want the original content, play the game. I’d like to see Master Chief in a movie, but won’t be terribly upset if he isn’t. They could always put him in another Halo movie if the first is successful.

        • I think the reason behind that is they certainly would go for a known actor to attract the masses to the theatre, and they would need to show a face… Master Chief has been designed so that most people can see themselves in him, and the easiest way to do that is to never show his face at all. Which is not really good when you want an established actor to play the part.

          • If the story is good enough and the character written well, audiences should never care whether or not they see a known face, something studios tend to forget.

            Dave Prowse never showed his face as Darth Vader but was still memorable as an imposing figure.

            Judge Dredd is still massively popular yet has never had his face shown in the 40 years of comic book existence.

  2. A Halo movie without Master Chief is no Halo movie at all. The games themselves have such a cinematic story as it is, why not tell that using all the techniques of modern moviemaking? Unless this other Spartan is Noble Six, and they’re starting the series with the Fall of Reach before transitioning into the events of Halo, which would be the only acceptable way to leave MC out of the movie.

    • That is just like saying Halo 3 odst is not a real installment of the video game. Even then the rumor said he’s not the lead. Not he’s not in it.

      I always believed if we are to make a great movie based off a video game. The movie needs to be a standalone story yet be true to the lore and not throw out anything that happened in the video game up to the point where the movie takes place. Halo: Foward onto dawn did that and it worked perfectly for them.

      • ODST was the weakest installment of the franchise, though (no, Halo Wars doesn’t count). A straight adaptation, augmented with greater characterization and backstory, would be simply amazing.

        • ODST is definitely the worst of the bunch and just felt unnecessary, but I still bought and played it upon its release.

          Regarding your other statement…no, not a straight adaptation. Seriously, what is the point of that? If you want that, play the games.

          • My point is not rather or not odst was good or not. My point is saying “A halo movie with out master chief is no halo movie at all” is like saying “odst is not a halo installment in the video games because master chief was not in it” As long as it’s true to the lore and does not neglect the halo time line. It’s still a halo movie.

            • And my point was that the game with the least relevance to the Master Chief’s story was the worst of the franchise. Reach was the lead-up to the MC’s story, Forward Unto Dawn incorporated him, ODST was mostly irrelevant (though still enjoyable enough to play, to respond to Aaron). It’s the Master Chief’s story (and the top-notch multiplayer, let’s be real), not the Halo lore, that made those games so insanely successful.

              To respond more fully to Aaron, that’s an argument that could be made regarding any adaptation of anything. If we followed that logic, though, we’d never have seen The Lord of the Rings, The Magnificent Seven, the BBC’s Sherlock, True Grit, 3:10 to Yuma, The Ten Commandments, just about any superhero story (The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, any Superman movie, Arrow or Smallville) or Gone With the Wind. Quality film adaptations (for movies or television) can and do bring something new to an already-compelling story. The Arthurian legend has been written and rewritten since the A.D. 900s, and we still get new versions of it even now.

      • You are spot in in your second paragraph and goes along with what I posted above. I don’t want to see a remake of the video games. I have played that story so many times already, so I don’t need to see it again. Forward Unto Dawn was so well made and it just gave us a glimpse of what a Halo film can look like. I really hope they take that route.

        • That’s why I argued to the death years ago on a Gears Of War message board that if they were to make a movie (this was before Gears 3 released), I’d want a story set during the events of the games but never show any of the game’s characters because people would complain that the actors don’t resemble or portray the characters they know and love, plus it would be nice to have additional stories and not just rehash the game plots.

    • Why not start Halo at the very beginning at the planet Harvest?

      Make it an origin story for both the war and the Spartans. (Spartan IIs got the upgrade at roughly the same time Harvest was attacked)

      We don’t see the Halos, but we start learning about the Forerunners and start figuring out the motives of the Covenant suddenly starting this genocide. In hindsight, the Halos are actually just an added layer to mythos of Forerunners that the UNSC and Covenant discovered later.

      If you think we can’t do it without instant-recognize icons, then your trying hard enough to find the deeper themes the HALO universe has and can offer to the big screen.

  3. Not sure about their choice to use someone other than MC. I guess his story has been told already, but I think it was his story – and not the story of the Halo universe – that drew me to the franchise.

  4. I’m okay with their exclusion of Master Chief. While he is a good character, I would like to see more aspects of the Halo universe addressed through the eyes of other people.

  5. Your only concern is no Master Chief?

    Did you not see what this man did to the Alien franchise? He converted the whole thing into a statement on Christianity, including alien serpents in the forest.

    It was a horrifying and completely pointless and needless turn for the franchise. It was disgusting.