Halloween 3D Dead…For Now

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michael myers disappointed Halloween 3D Dead...For Now

Deadline Hollywood‘s Nikke Finke broke the story yesterday that production on Halloween 3D has been shut down by the Weinstein company – a report that has been confirmed by several other horror film sites around the blogosphere.

The “official” explanation for the shutdown is that the powers that be (Harvey and his brother Bob Weinstein) felt that production on the second sequel to Rob Zombie’s two-part Halloween reboot was moving much too fast, with the first draft of the script having landed in their laps less than a week ago, and production on the film set to start in November, to wrap by January.

The tight shooting schedule was given the initial go ahead in order to both get Halloween 3D in theaters by next summer, and fit the schedule of the film’s director, Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3D), who is scheduled to direct the Nicolas Cage gear-head revenge flick, Drive Angry (3D), early next year. Finke reports that rumors are circling that recent Weinstein Company money woes were another factor in the shutdown decision, and that (amusingly enough) the flailing studio had key crew members all but ready to fly down to the Shreveport, Louisiana set to get the ball rolling. I understand the Weinstein’s trepidation: this is not a time to be gambling and Halloween II had such low returns ($32 million) that the studio is attempting to release the film on Halloween this year to try to make some extra dough.

Whatever the truth of the matter, Halloween 3D has officially stalled in the waters. The alleged plan is to make a second go at the film once the script has had a chance to be refined, and Lussier is finished with Drive Angry. Our friends over at JoBlo managed to get in touch with Lussier, who had the following quote to give:

All of us, Bob, Malek, Todd and myself were all on the same creative page. There was a very narrow window for us to move forward. That window closed for now. After Drive Angry, there’s a chance it’ll open again.

Note the way he says “there’s a CHANCE it’ll open again.” Yikes. In my experience, whenever a movie starts to stutter-step like this, it’s good not to get your hopes up. That way you won’t be TOO disappointed if (when???) the film ends up DOA for good.

halloween 2 header Halloween 3D Dead...For Now

I saw Halloween II twice in theaters, and I’m actually watching the unrated cut of Zombie’s Halloween reboot on DVD right now… and I have to say with 20/15 hindsight (better than 20/20!) that Zombie maybe got more hate than the flaws of those films warranted. He at least succeeded in exploring Michael Myers from a new and original direction, and I like the way he wrapped the entire story up in just two chapters – which actually work together pretty well when viewed in succession.

However, those have been unlucky enough to see it, know that the third chapter of the original Halloween series, entitled Season of the Witch, was a DISASTER (it didn’t even have Michael Myers in it!!!). [SPOILER!!!] And since Michael Myers was left pretty dead at the end of Zombie’s Halloween II, I have this nagging feeling that Halloween 3D could repeat history – if it ever makes it into production, that is.

We’ll keep you posted.

SIDE NOTE: Congrats to Nikki Finke for her name being dropped on Entourage this past week!

Sources: Deadline Hollywood & JoBlo,

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  1. Stay dead !!! This time !!!
    Lame franchise!

  2. Unlike some folks, Kofi, I would NOT MIND a remake of Season Of The Witch and, as corny as that film was, it had some some high points. Like the snakes coming out of the kiddie masks, and the jingle of The evil Silver Shamrock company….and I wasn’t unlucky when I saw it the first time, nor anytime after that. (But if it were remade, I would like to see the ghost witch that appeared on the original theatrical poster of Halloween III, that was the real jip)

    You gleefully point out that that chapter did not have Myers in it (it did, sort of. I know ‘Halloween’ playing on the boob tube doesn’t *really* count, but still…) but this was also the intent of John Carpenter and Debra Hill who oversaw the third film, as they wanted to do an anthology of horror films using the title of Halloween. It just so happens that Michael Myers became an icon and was forever linked. That’s all.

    And when Myers returned, although 4 had some high moments, only H20 stands out, because all the other Myers films were junk bins. I didn’t care a whole lot for Zombies revisions, but it kind of baffled me that he got such a beat down from the net community, some horror fans, etc, as if most of the Halloween series with the character are horror classics.

    The plug was pulled on Halloween 3-D because it did sound rushed, TWC is on shaky ground, and while I thought Lussier’s remake of My Bloody Valentine was impressive, that didn’t carry as much baggage. Do I think another Halloween might happen (even WITHOUT Myers)? Yes, I do. Just not now, and not with Lussier.

  3. Darren, H3,SOTW, was ambitious! I forgot that was John Carpenter reinventing the franchise,,, ah so long ago… I remember seeing that one in the theater.
    Never forget that Silver Shamrock commercial or the spider crawling out from that womans laser blasted mouth. ^
    My previous comment was aimed at the Michael Myers quadrophenia of films… Oh the shame.
    Little off topic but anyone that hasn’t seen “They Live” now is the perfect time to see the best John Carpenter film ever!
    “Just put on the glasses!”

  4. the first halloween reboot was good,but h2 went overboard with the violence. however, if they do make a h3 m.m should stay dead,and his sister should pick up where h2 left off.

  5. I love this.Michael will always be a chiller no matter what.
    I am a horror fan.I have watched Halloween from the begining
    I hope to see much more…Michael cant die we no that.Hes a beast.

  6. I would like to see a proper Halloween 3 made with Michael Myers because we never got a real 3rd installment which involved him and with some of the aspects that Rob has created with the first 2 has given it more of a driven story but…the white horse thing needs to be dropped. I know Sheri will most probably not reprise her role as Deborah if Rob isn’t going to be involved.

    Either way, in the original Halloween series and the reboot…Laurie ends up in a psychiatric hospital :/

  7. Personally, I am probably the only person on earth who loved every movie (for the exception of Season of the Withces of course) of the original series. If you aske me, they shouldnt have done the whole “reboot” thing, especially not by the violence/gore/blood obssesed Zombie. Both movies were way overdone in that department, especiallly the 2nd movie. Instead I would have loved a sequel to Resurrection. True, the whole webcast storyline was comparable to Jason X and was completely off the deep end. But the opening and ending was awesome, and i would have loved to see what would have happened after Michael escaped form the morgue. Its a shame they abandoned the original series. Even if they do continue this reboot, they should go back to Halloween 6 and the whole Thorn concept. It just seems like two different series. I mean, in the first series i was given one story about Michael. Now, Im given a whole different story and explanation as to why michael is what he is. Its just so contradicting.

  8. I’d like a return to basics if and when they get a Halloween 3 in production.
    Zombie’s remake was average at best and the sequel showed him up as a bad writer. With the remake he had a story to follow in the original so it was almost impossible to fail. It was always going to do well at the box office because it was a remake of a classic movie.
    With H2, there was just nothing there that we hadnt seen countless times before ( minus white horse )and it was a pointless movie, much like many of the original sequels.
    They need to stop trying to explain Myers (Zombies films, original series from 5,6 and even 8) or give him motives, write some decent characters who the audience might want to root for and have some suspense and a half decent storyline.

  9. ROB ZOMBIE was a HORRIBLE director who didnt know how to direct! Hes making Michael Myers look bad. We need a director,like john carpenter,to come back and show us what halloweens really got to offer. If you idiots knew anything about Halloween ..youd know what a REAL fan felt. WATCH ALL his series then give me your opinion on how rob zombie did! I mean, did you watch HALLOWEEN 2 the remake! what the hell was that?! COMMON MAN give us fans what were looking for !
    signing off..MM’s wife

  10. Oh yeah like a needed another installment. I am glad Halloween III was withoput Myers. He bores me to distraction and I have no desire to ever see another crappy sequel to this awful cash cow ever again.

  11. Oh yeah like a needed another installment. I am glad Halloween III was withoput Myers. He bores me to distraction and I have no desire to ever see another crappy sequel to this awful cash cow ever again.

  12. Oh yeah like a needed another installment. I am glad Halloween III was withoput Myers. He bores me to distraction and I have no desire to ever see another crappy sequel to this awful cash cow ever again.

  13. I think that certain posters don’t have a clue, what Halloween really means, but, this is the young, Generation X or Y or any other, that really haven’t a clue how to make a real horror film or Horror film series. Michael Myers is Halloween, not his sister(talk about a lame idea), yeah, all 5ft of Laurie is going to be real scary there! NOT! Although I was one of the original posters that hated the entire idea of rebooting(another thing I hate about the younger Gen x& yers), this rebooting thing, this is just the Bastardization of the Original movies and shouldn’t be allowed. And, Zombie fitted that bill to a tee, with his retelling of the Original John Carpenter Classic, Halloween. But, I would rather watch a hundred Zombie Halloween Michael Myers retelling, than just one retelling of Halloween III. That’s what these younger viewers forget, Halloween is all about Michael Myers, and nobody else. Being I’m one of the Original Fans of the Halloween series, and was there on opening night, October 25, 1978, long before these younger viewers that haven’t a clue were even born, so it’s my age of Auience that the Halloween Franchsie should be geared to and NOT for anybody that wasn’t even born when the Original movies aired! These younger viewers shouldn’t have a say into the Halloween franchise, or for that matter, any other old franchise they want to reboot, let them come up with their own idea for a horror/Sci-Fi franchise, and when they do, I woun’t say a word on how it should be made or remade for that matter!

  14. Halloween 3D will make a profit if it is made. Do you not want to make any money?