‘Halloween 3D’ Finally Moving Forward?

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Halloween 3D Movie in Development Halloween 3D Finally Moving Forward?

It’s been almost five years since Rob Zombie’s critically ravaged sequel Halloween II hit theaters, and despite the mostly negative fan reaction, the film still made enough money to be profitable. Naturally, this led to a sequel almost immediately entering development. While Zombie quickly made it clear that he would under no circumstances return for the follow-up, this did nothing to deter the Weinsteins, who entered negotiations with My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer.

Since the Lussier/Farmer duo had just made a successful slasher film in the third dimension for Paramount, the Weinsteins decided to continue that trend with Michael Myers in the tentatively titled sequel Halloween 3D. However, the honeymoon didn’t last long, as production was shut down within a few months. Lussier and Farmer were let go from the project, and it appeared that Michael Myers might finally be deceased for good. Of course, as always, the boogeyman in the white William Shatner mask was merely hibernating, waiting for the best time to make a comeback.

According to a new report by Bloody Disgusting, The Weinstein Company is once again trying to get Halloween 3D made. Information is currently scarce, and no writer or director is attached to the project, at least not publicly. It is also unclear whether the potential new Halloween film would end up being a sequel to the Zombie films, a reboot/remake of the franchise, or an entry in the original series continuity. The only thing BD claims to know for sure is that Bob and Harvey are intent on bringing The Shape back to the big screen.

halloween franchise platinum dunes Halloween 3D Finally Moving Forward?

Whatever one’s opinion of the Rob Zombie films, there is very little question that the Halloween franchise still has legions of fans, with new viewers discovering the original film and its sequels every time the titular holiday rolls around. Much like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th  – the remakes of which were both somewhat successful, despite their lack of sequels – the Halloween name alone carries enough weight to virtually guarantee a return on the Weinstein’s investment.

The big question here from a fan perspective is just what path the story will end up taking. Will Halloween 3D follow the original plans and simply be a sequel to Zombie’s Halloween II? Judging by the widespread backlash to that film, going that route probably isn’t advisable. Could the new film be another remake of John Carpenter’s original classic? Considering the fact that many hardcore fans still curse Rob Zombie’s name over him having the gall to remake Halloween in the first place, it’s hard to imagine a director that would want the job.

Another option might be to take the Halloween H20 route, and simply pick up the original series’ continuity. Of course, that too presents a potential issue, in that Halloween: Resurrection killed off the franchise’s heroine Laurie Strode, and nobody wants to see Busta Rhymes spin-kick Michael Myers while shouting curse words again. So continuing the original continuity would require the invention of new characters for Michael to target, basically rebooting the franchise anyway.

Whichever option the Weinsteins choose, the Halloween die-hards will still likely flood theaters on opening day. Not because they’re gluttons for punishment, but because they really love the Michael Myers character, and want him to finally return to the level of respect they feel he deserves.


Halloween 3D has no release date currently.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. Weird, I was just looking up the plots to all of the other ones on Wikipedia 10 minutes ago. Weakest horror movie franchise IMO

    • At least Halloween never went so ridiculous as to have it’s slasher become a zombie from a lightning bolt. Michael Myers is the more realistic of slasher villains, and thus is more believable and thus scarier.

      • its not realistic to come back from dead

        • he never came back from the dead. Have you even seen the movies? You have no idea what you are talking about. Aside from NOES, Halloween is the best horror franchise

  2. I love the original Holloween franchise, well the ones with Jaime lee Curtis anyways (1,2, H20, R). Yes I even enjoy Resurrection. Call it a guilty pleasure. I was VERY disappointed with Rob Zombie’s remake and didn’t even check out the sequel.

    So I hope they go for a reboot instead of another sequel to Zombie’s pile of crap. It would be cool to see it set in the same continuity as the original series but that would make Michael like fifty some years old, which I guess COULD work, but it would be pushing it believability wise. Though when you are talking about a horror franchise where the killer survives 7 or so films I guess believability is pretty much thrown out the window so why not have it still set in the original continuity.

  3. I think it could work with the original continuity since Halloween 3-6 imo are considered not canon. I could care less if it’s a reboot or takes place after Zombie’s 2nd film. Not crazy about it being in 3d is all.

    • ummm… they are so considered canon. H4 and H5 are arguably the best sequels

  4. I didn’t mind Zombie’s Halloween movies. They were alright. Tyler Mane was scary as sh*t as Michael Myers and Zombie did a good job at making the kills look like real murders happening on screen. Michael Myers going to town on that nurse lady in Halloween II was intense.

    • I do enjoy Zombie’s remake version, but his sequel not so much. Though I’ll agree that scene with Micheal Myers and the nurse was indeed intense, brutal.

  5. They could bring Laurie back. All they did to her was have her fall to the ground, and we see her laying on the concrete. She could possibly survive that. It would be a miracle, but hey, they brought Michael Myers back after he got his g****** HEAD CHOPPED OFF!

    • That wasn’t Michael Myers though was it?

      • It was until it wasn’t

    • I agree completely. I believe laurie survived that stabbing and fall. And why they saying she fell on concrete? Could have been grass

    • that is soooo true and we still got lauries son john!!!! at the end of ressurection his eyes opened. it make a great movie to have him go after john. or jamies baby(from halloween 6). he still has two living relatives and those two can be his target. and a movie doesnt always have to be taken in the present. Just giving some possible thoughts :) i really hope they bring the original back. i’d be sooo grest if they did :)

  6. An H3 remake would be hilarious.

    happy happy halloween, silver shamrock

  7. They coulduse the original version they can have the story of lori strodes son from H20 searching for michael myers before he tries kill his great nephew (from curse of michael myers part 6, jamie’s baby).

  8. If they make it Michelle Myers then I might be slightly interested. Otherwise, write something new. You can never re-capture the brilliant beginning of John Carpenter imo. Chasing the Dragon.

    • We were chasing the dragon!
      We were searching everywhere,
      In the chase of the dragon!
      I sacrifice my blood,
      In the chase of the dragon!

  9. I grew up on the Halloween Movies and my favorite ones as a kid were the Original and part 4…I thought they could turn the franchise around after part 4 and then came a watchable part 5 and then a god awful conclusion to the Jamie storyline in part 6….I think if they reboot the original but have a story arc for a trilogy would be cool, and have the writer finish the Trilogy with the potential for further sequels.

    • I agree. Zombie recreated the franchise rather that repeating what already happened which would have been boring. If we saw the exact same movie, just remade, it would have been boring. So I prefer Zombie’s versions because they were different and more real.

  10. Reboot it and follow John Carpenter’s original vision: Michael Myers isn’t after his family, Laurie Strode is not his sister(or even is not present at all), he is a force of evil out to kill, perhaps to relive the magic of his first kill. Always stalking, finding a new “Judith” to kill along with all those she holds dear. And when he’s done, he does it again to a new young girl next Halloween.

  11. have it original continuity show more of Michael outside his murderous ways and have the son come back into it presumably not Josh Hartnett in the role but think its a solid start

  12. Will Paul Rudd reprise his role as Tommy Doyle? His best acting job, ever.

  13. The thing is that Zombie’s Halloween movies were about the gore and the killing when Carpenter’s classic is, dare I say, more of a psychological-horror film. The stalking, the incredible score, and the truly suspenseful scenes. They should follow the original format of Carpenter’s and they may, MAY have a close-enough sequel or remake.

  14. @Corey, you are not alone. My wife and I absolutely loved Zombie’s 2007 remake of Halloween. I also agree that there were some redeeming qualities to Rob Zombie’s H2, however, overall it was disappointing.
    What worked for Carpenter’s original was the lingering unseen and unknown. The true essence of the holiday of halloween, fear of what you cannot/do not see. The opposite of that I think is what worked for Zombie’s remake; a different look, showing much more of the character we’ve all come to associate with the mask so much more than Bill Shatner. I think the potential held for the next installment is limitless.

    @GrammarNazi, thank you so much for that comment, I’m glad I’m not the only one plagued by the pet peeve of the ‘could care less’ crowd.

  15. I haven’t seen Zombie’s Halloween sequel since its release so I don’t remember the exact plot details but even though it was bashed critically and by fans if there are threads open to continue that continuity I say go with that.

    It wouldn’t be the first time a franchise continued after a bad entry and rather than having to try to find a way to tie into the original series or a reboot altogether it might just be the easiest way to go.

  16. 3D is still a thing?

  17. I loved the Zombie movies….. They were different not just another version of the same movie with different characters…. The problem was the weinstiens not letting zombie do what he really wanted

  18. I loved Zombie’s Halloween films, especially part 2. Haters can hate, but at least it was different. Zombie did what he wanted to do, he made ‘his’ vision of Michael Myers. Also that film was brutal as hell! The original will always be there, so I don’t let remakes get me down. I watch them, I either like them or I don’t, simple as that. As for this ‘Halloween 3D’…bring it on!

  19. Michael Myers rules….

  20. anything past the 5th movie, not including part 3 “season of the witch” is horrible.

    • But Season of the Witch is by far the worst.

  21. My take on the original franchise:

    1: Awesome
    2: Decent
    3: Doesn’t count, and it’s awful
    4: Decent
    5: Okay
    6: Dreadful
    7(H20): Brilliant
    8: Okay, guilty pleasure

    I absolutely despise the Zombie remakes.

  22. The problem I have with the zombie remakes are: He explains Michael Myers backstory to much, which takes away all of his fearsome things. He may be a giant in the movies, but he is no longer the evil. You know everything of him, which make you sympathies with him. And the things about Michael who used to be scary, are now not scary at all. And second: He talks?! Michael myers doesn’t talk (again a scary thing of his). But then in, especially zombies Halloween2, he growls and even sais “DIE” to loomis. And then yea Loomis, isn’t the doctor who puts the fear in the audience by warning everyone about the danger Michael is. Instead he makes profit of him. These are the main important things why Zombie didn’t manage to succesly remake the movies. Sure it has a lot of gore, and probably it’s very good for a modern horror movie, but the basic Halloween story isn’t to much in it…

  23. Well for me i find nothing wrong with Rob Zombies vision of Halloween as a matter of fact I thank him for taking the job to begin with because lets face it if someone else took over the remake like oh idk Michael Bay then we could of had another A Nightmare On Elm Street remake. Also I liked just how much depth was in Robs remake and to make its Sequel not like the original in the 80’s congrats Mr Zombie. I give you a 10 out of 10 because im not JADED like the rest of the fanbase. Now with Halloween 3D it would be dumb not to fallow the sequel after Rob Zombie Halloween 2 not saying they should pick up right after the second one left off but with hollywood magic im sure they could come up with something. I HATE the idea of remaking a film that was already remade 5 years ago give it 20 and ill understand not 5 thats just dumb. As far as picking up where H20 left off eh you could do that but since its been a while since H20 came out and the remake and its sequel have already came into play it only makes sense to continue after the remake not H20

  24. I read a comment on another blog that suggested the new Halloween should be a direct sequel to the original 1981 Halloween 2, thus giving the fans the Halloween 3 we never got in the 80’s. Texas Chainsaw 3D did this last year and it was a success. The movie can begin directly after the hospital scene where Michael is blown up and then show how he survived afterwards. It can show scenes from the original H2 with Jaime Lee Curtis to tie the films, then the movie can take place in that time period (1978) or flash forward to present day. They can even have Michael’s nephew John going after Michael to avenge his mother’s death…assuming Laurie Strode is actually dead.

  25. I am currently in production of Halloween 3D. My love interest in the film is Francois Sagat. There will be an anal sex scene with him. We both get killed! Francois has the oddest feet!

  26. I am a huge horror movie fanatic as well as can be considered a critic and I am a very big fan of the Halloween franchise. Rob Zombie did infact do a superb job on his vision of the Halloween theme and characters. I especially liked how he added Danielle Harris, who was in Halloween 4 and 5 as another character at a younger age, as well as a very experienced horror actress, Dee Wallace Stone from great old favorites such as Cujo, Critters and The Howling…the new Halloween was very well acted and directed, but I cannot say the same for the sequel. Halloween II should of been continued in the hospital like the original instead of adding so much more story to the movie. The first twenty minutes of it are the greatest of the movie and does in fact line up with the orgional Halloween II, but in fact goes a whole other route, therefore misleading the Micheal Myers character.

    Now, it is to my attention that the first 2 Halloween movies made with John Carpenter, Debra Hill and Rick Rosenthal are superb and I think could of been actually put together as one movie because Halloween III Season of the witch shouldnt have been made at all.

    If there is another Halloween movie it needs to answer some the most important questions of the franchise since Halloween Resurrection: What happened to Jamie Lloyd’s baby from Halloween: Curse of Micheal Myers and Laurie Strodes son from H20? The origional idea is for Micheal Myers to destroy his family and those two are still left , in my opinion leaving Micheal with unfinished buisness and is where they need to start the new Halloween movie and it may be possible to introduce a new Doctor Loomis character to the franchise to discover the secret to stopping him.

  27. They could continue the franchise with all people who visit The Meyers House on a dare end up being targeted or marked for death by Meyers. Since he’s The Boogeyman and supposedly all knowing he would know them by name and face if it were even 10 people who visited his house in the same span of time.