Platinum Dunes Taking Over ‘Halloween’ Franchise

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halloween franchise platinum dunes Platinum Dunes Taking Over Halloween Franchise

Hot on the heels of the news that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes is developing a controversial rebooting of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series comes word that the company is taking control of yet another iconic slasher horror franchise. That’s right, the next Halloween movie looks to be released under the company’s supervision.

For those who haven’t been keeping track: Platinum Dunes was also responsible for the remakes/reboots of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Masscre, and The Hitcher – all of which have premiered in theaters over the past ten years to decent financial returns ( and generally weak critical reception).

BD Horror News says that Platinum Dunes is currently in talks to take over the Halloween series – which was actually given a “fresh start” just five years ago with macabre Heavy Metal icon/filmmaker Rob Zombie offering a new take on the tale of Michael Myers, befitting of the “torture porn” era of horror moviemaking. Director Patrick Lussier was previously set to take over helming duties from Zombie on the next installment in the series, a 3D threequel simply titled… well, Halloween 3D, as was to be scripted by Todd Farmer (who also co-wrote Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine remake).

Lussier and Farmer are reportedly no longer involved with the next Halloween movie, now that Platinum Dunes is involved. Similarly, the 3D angle is being thrown out – along with any other potential “gimmicks” – in favor of a traditional 2D movie (like the company’s previous horror series do-overs).

The studio’s “updated” iterations of well-established horror properties have tended to be handled by filmmakers with less experience. As a result, some of these rebooted horror projects have served as career jump-starters – for people ranging from directors Marcus Nispel (Conan the Barbarian) and Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) to actress Rooney Mara (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). As far as many moviegoers are concerned, though, that’s a thin silver lining at best – and a mixed blessing at worst.

Rooney Mara in A Nightmare on Elm Street Platinum Dunes Taking Over Halloween Franchise

Rooney Mara in the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' remake

Platinum Dunes co-heads Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (not Bay) tend to be directly involved with the company’s horror projects, and have a set model for how to reboot a classic slasher franchise (namely, make it “edgier,” more stylized, and amp up the body count/bloodiness). Expect Michael Myer’s next onscreen appearance to fit with that format.

So, if you’ve liked the company’s work to date, you should be okay with its version of a Halloween movie. As for everyone else: feel free to voice your dissenting opinions in the comments section.

Source: BD Horror News

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  1. Wow! I’m really looking forward to this…. (Sarcasm)

  2. Sure, why the hell not? It’s not like it could get any worse than Halloween (2007) (I haven’t seen the second one) right? Plus, I kinda enjoyed Friday the 13th.

    • Halloween (2007) was very good IMO. The second effort from Zombie just got too weird in the end but still a decent horror movie.

      • I also liked Zombie’s Halloween but the sequel was pretty bad.
        I’ve been saying for a while that I would like to see Zombie do a film that was written by someone else. His dialogue is awful. But visually his films are pretty good.

        • Rob is not the best at the scripting, but he does shoot the genre very well from a cinematography stand-point.

  3. Well, another on bites the dust, i loved the rob zombie remakes. This series is going to where fast and its a shame because i loved the Halloween series

  4. I think Michael Bay is a sleeper terrorist who was sent here to demoralize America by ruining our favorite movies. I’m onto you you sneaky bastard 8)

    • Im not into conspiracies, but I liked this one 😀

  5. So this will be a reboot of the remakes of a film series that went stale 30 years ago? God I love Hollywood and their complete and total lack of anything resembling an imagination.
    They’ve flogged this dead horse until there nothing left but notched bone.

    • But this one will be far more internal than the original films: This time, Michael will wear his mask out of shame for being in yet another rehash that should have ended with Halloween II.

    • Reboot of a reboot……Im all for reboots if done right but this is just stupid.

  6. Listen, I grew up loving the original slasher series of the 70’s & 80’s and I’ll admit for the most part the sequels got really bad but I wish Bay and Platinum Dunes would just find something else to do.
    Something Original.
    Not one of their “remakes” have gotten a sequel because they all have been terrible.
    Where’s the link that will tell me this is a Joke?
    I can’t find it. Screen Rant is starting a day after April Fools Day tradition right???

    • I think there was a Chainsaw sequel….Beginnings….it showed the birth of Leatherface

  7. Wow. This is going to be bad.

  8. When are they going to reboot Hollywood?

  9. Well since most of us(regretfully)went and saw Transformers Dark of Moon, we handed Micheal Bay the keys to the castle. Now this douche has free reign in Hollywood to tamper with anything and everything we hold dear. Had the Transformers trilogy failed this guy would have been out of business. We only have ourselves to blame. Trust.

    • I never saw a Transformers movie, so i only have all of you to blame

  10. Next related article to this will read:

    “Michael Bay says no stabbings in new ‘Halloween’ movie and responds to fan outcry with statement: CHILL OUT, Bro…Just trust me on this, it’s gunna be AWESOME!!”

  11. Carpenter’s Halloween ended with II and so did Zombie’s. We went through to that one Halloween movie where the guy with the same tattoo as Michael busts him out of jail and the movie goes off. Were they part of a cult. It never made sense. In my world there is just Halloween I & II…

    • Your NOT correct Wes. Carpenter did III as well. I liked it. Since Carpenter didn’t want to continue with Mikey, he wanted it to be a series about things that happen on Halloween. Unfortunately, it bombed. Mustafaa Akaad dropped Carpenter and brought back Mikey. In reflection, it would have been better.

  12. I try to think of Rob Zombie’s Halloween as completely separate from the originals. It wasn’t a remake but a new take on Myers. That being said, it was a decent movie.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another reboot. It will be awful most likely but that will not stop them from making it.

    I also liked how you described modern horror as “torture porn.” Very accurate IMO.

    • Really? You’ve never heard the term “torture porn” before? Good grief. It’s not like this article invented the term.

      • yea… sorry that my slight lack of knowledge affected you so much that you had to post about it. My bad

  13. Taylor Latner is mike myers.

  14. Taylor Latner is mike myers. And Nick Cage is Dr.lomis.

    • You mean Loomis?

  15. Well Imo They Should Just Stop -.-
    Halloween (2007) & (2009) Were Okay, But Halloween 3D ?
    Well I Was A Bit Hesitant.. Now I’m S**tting Bricks ‘Cause It
    Might Be Released By Platnium Dunes /:
    Friday The 13th (2009)
    A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)
    Weren’t The BEST But They Tried, I Guess ?
    The Amityville Horror (2005)
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Were Excellent To Me :):)
    Well Idk, I Just Hope Scout Taylor-Compton Returns As Laurie 😀

    • You forgot the Hitcher and the Unborn….

  16. ive seen the jamie lee curtis Halloweens, Halloween, Halloween II, H20, and Halloween: Resurrection and ived liked them all. Halloween (2007) was stupid. wasnt scary. didnt have the suspense that the others had. so this is actually good news to me. reboot it again. and a proper reboot, not the stupid animal killing frankenstien giant that was rob zombies.

    • Zombies vision just plain stunk. I hated the whole trailer-trash version of the family schtick. I’ll take Carpenters anyday! How can you say you liked them all (original series)??? The one with the stupid rapper, Tyra Banks(?) and the “reality” show inside the Meyers house? Terrible Direction, Acting and story. Absolute worst (moreso than Zombies)!

      • idk there is just something about resurrection that i like. i guess call it a guilty pleasure. i just found it suspenseful.

        • I thought Resurrection had a lame story, cheesy acting, and laughably bad scenes, BUT, visually, there were some great Michael Myers moments. Also, I thought it was just so sad to see them wipe out the ending of H20 at the beginning of Resurrection. I thought that ending, and in fact the whole H20, was excellent.

  17. As a huge fan of the original Halloween series, and every other horror franchise. They destroyed the image of Micheal Myers, he’s not a brute like Jason, he’s suppose to be a silent killer. Stealth with a gory kill, not kicking down doors and killing anything left and right

  18. Dumb Da Dumb Dumb Dummmmb…Why don’t they just keep going with the Omen film they remade a few years ago.That was actually pretty good.Or why not go back to the Saw franchise? Jigsaw was doing his work years in hand before the start of the original film.They can simply go back and show everything he went through & did before actually becoming jigsaw instead of all the flashbacks.That sounds good enough if your a saw fan like i was until after Saw 3 where it just became ridiculous.

  19. Stupid.

  20. What’s next, Phantasm,Re-Animator, Wishmaster, come on Hollywood at least dig deeper for your re-hashed ideas……

    • At least the original Phantasm was made back in 1979 so a reboot of that franchise may not be a bad idea.Im still waiting for news on the Hellraiser reboot they talked about a couple years ago.That would be off the charts if they did that correctly,with the special effects they have now & a top notch story to go with it.And forget Wishmaster i say remake Candyman in the next few years.

      • I’m sure they will get to all of them eventually. And special effects aside I don’t see them elevating these movies anywhere beyond where they already are. Most of these movies were cult movies that got popular over the years thanks to cable and home video. All of them were not cinematic masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, but they were at least honest about what they were. It was dark, scary, and done on the cheap (for their time).

        The people who did those movies were outsiders for the most part and made those films without studio support most of the time because nobody wanted to gamble on them. Now that it’s a fad these new guys are re-hashing the work because they don’t even have the balls to do something that might suck on their own. I just hope the original creators are getting a check out of these films…

  21. Uuugh. Platinum Dunes is one of the worst film studios – and all of their reboots/remakes are lackluster at best. Can anyone honestly say any of these PD films would have spawned a franchise if they weren’t already name-branded. Also, I will never forgive PD for absolutely desecrating the Nightmare series – not only was the reboot one of the worst films I have ever seen (up there with Reign of Fire, Transformers, and Catwoman), but it ripped whole scenes from the original and made them less convincing (watch the Freddy face through the wall in both versions and you will lauuuuugh at the remake so much). So, needless to say, Carpenter’s Halloween – my favorite and the second-best slasher of all time (Psycho being the best) – being remade by PD kinda ruins my day.

    Also, I am sick of people flocking to these movies. Generic unexciting PD films like Friday the 13th and the TCM reboots make solid bank despite not having any memorable characters or kills, whereas modern classics like Drag Me to Hell and the Descent are ignored and/or completely unreleased (See: Trick R Treat). People better see Cabin in the Woods this month rather than stockpiling more cash for the awful Michael Bay.

  22. Also – just checked to make sure this wasn’t an April Fools Joke – sadly, it isnt.

  23. As much as I hate Bay, he can only improve what Rob Zombie turned into a heap of trash. Zombie turned Michael into a mopey, emo momma’s boy! At least now that Halloween is under Platinum Dunes’ roof, we can have the ultimate horror movie smackdown in Jason vs Michael vs Freddy vs Leatherface!

    But to be serious, I’ve always wanted a Jason vs Michael movie. They need to make one. Now.

    • Micheal Myers vs Leatherface is more likely to happen instead.

      • I think not, since Leatherface is from the 70’s, and the new Halloween will be in modern day, so Leatherface would be in his 60’s or 70’s if he ever met Michael.

    • So Michael, should I take it you want a Halloween movie with Myers spouting inane one-liners and setting explosive traps for his prey?

      • Of course not. Besides, Michael Bay is not directing this upcoming Halloween movie, but in all likelihood will produce it. Notice how I said that I hate Michael Bay? I think Michael Myers needs to return the the silent stalker that he is, not the grunting brute from Zombie’s films.

  24. The Halloween franchise needs to rebooted again, Rob Zombie’s movies were awful. Platinum Dunes should just remake the first movie again and go on from there.

  25. 2015… Michael Bay reboots “It’s a Wonderful Life!”

  26. i have ideas that could tie all the original story lines together. rather have part 9 than another restart. oh well, i will watch it anyway.
    i still want friday the 13th part 9 also – should pick up after part 6

  27. people crying about zombies original remake are completely ignorant and know nothing about true slasher/horror hybrid movies. he not only created tension in the violent kill scenes but there was a creepy factor to myers as he literally slaughtered everyone that got in his way, plus tyler mane played a really grim myer, who literally towered over everyone else and was able to out power even the biggest road block in his way (the big trucker dude in the toilet).

    the 2nd one had potential but on the whole sucked, partly due to the stupid white witch segments and the over the top violence (a rare negative for me), the whole lorie trying to get her life back but being traumatized by that night was pretty cool but didn’t play out as smoothly as one would hope.

    platinum dunes did good with the chainsaw massacre remake and sequel, keeping it both creepy and violent (all practical effect btw) same with the friday 13th remake, that was pure insane in the violence department (though it suffered from some continuity errors).

    all in all i have faith that they’ll get it right, as long as the a** that did the elm street reboot doesn’t get involved it should be ok.

    • I liked the first Zombie film and how he explored Michael’s mask fetish

  28. Loved the original from 1978, hated Rob zombie’s version(nothing against him as I count Devil’s Rejects as one of my favorite horror films) but I dare say this sounds terrible and all good film fans know that Micheal Bay cannot be trusted.

  29. I’ve posted about Bay/PD before. This guy is the “antichrist of Hollywood”, churning out one s*** movie after another. Yet his movies make money. Like obscene amounts of money. Using PD he churns out mid budget horrors that regularly triple their prod budget in takings. Unsophisticated 16-24 yr old males take the bait – like I did with umpteen s*** horror films when I was that age. They are a market being savvily exploited by a man with no artistic merit or concern for classic horrors, whose only interest is the profit margin.
    Say what you like about Rupert Murdoch, but at least Fox and it’s subs make some quality films each year.

    • did you read the article or even bother to look into the production of PD horror remakes ? bay has nothing to do with them (not alot anyways) and fyi the remakes have established a way more intense and horrific tone compared to their 80’s counter parts, e.g jason doesn’t just appear everywhere like he did in the original series, he has underground tunnels built across the whole camp, he chases his victims giving him an even more menacing feel.

      these movies make a decent amount b/c people like me are curious to see what direction they take the characters not b/c young teens get hard over this stuff (the movies have all been rated ma or R in australia ruling out kids from watching them).

      • @Jwalka


        Bay co-owns Platinum Dunes (which is itself named after a student film of his). You are just plain ill informed if you believe Bay has nothing to do with a company and it’s products that generate over 500 Bn Dollars in revenue over 10 years!! Of course I’ve read the article and of course i’ve done my research.
        For YOUR information reviews, although subjective, can be informed by intellectual analysis of form, historicity, artistic merit and so forth. Not one of PD’s reboots/remakes are a patch on the classic oroginals.
        The movies make a shedload because of deliberate marketing of well known product to a targeted male audience. Kids watch these films just as I did when I was 14. You wanna defend PD, Bay and their product? Fine. Just don’t expect to be taken seriously.

        • Just as an aside it’s worth comparing the talents (or in Bay’s case the lack thereof) of Michael Bay and Ridley Scott.
          Both got their start in advertising, both continue to make adverts and indeed own their own ad companies.
          Their start in advertising influenced their movies. In Bay’s case this can be seen in “Armaggedon” which has scenes resembling a coke commercial. In Scott’s case this can be seen in “Blade Runner” with the dim blue lighting affect he popularised in the 80’s.
          That is where the similarities end. Although Bay has better box office his movies belie any maturity as a film maker, whereas Scott just gets better with age.
          Scott will forever be remembered in history as a fine film director. Bay wouldn’t even make a top 1000 list. Bay is talented – at marketing and production.

        • @highlander – that is a 100% correct assesment of the Bay = a cinematic antichrist argument – I am glad that I am not the only one who vocally opposes Bay and what he stands for in the movie industry. I stopped feeding the “Bay” machine after Transformers 1 and NOES remake (which is one of cinema’s all time worst films). It kills me every time a PD horror film makes big bucks with little effort.

          One thing Bay excels at, is recognizing a beloved property and acquiring it. I give him all the credit for recognizing that Transformers – with modern FX – could be done well AND appeal to a market when nobody else in Hollywood would touch the property. Now he has his grubby paws on the Turtles – another property hollywood has mangled since the live action films. As for PD – as much as I hate them, it did recognize that there was a hunger to see these horror legends on screen with a legit budget and pseudo-legit actors.

          That is where his talent ends though, because it is clear that Bay just doen’t get WHY these properties are beloved. He devolved all the Transformers to one-liner spitting dialogue machines, and didn’t at all understand what made Freddy or Jason tick (I mean, he threw in Jason’s mom, the hockey mask, and the baghead mask for no other reason than they happened to be in the prior films). He disrespects properties, basically cr*ps all over the fans, and still, mystifyingly, makes a boatload of money. I am really distressed to see Eastman supporting his reenvisioning of the Turtles.

          @Jwalka – on one point you are plain wrong, on another, I couldn’t disagree more. On the wrong point – Bay was very PUBLICLY involved with NOES, TCM and Friday PD productions, google his name with any of those films and you will see him quoted extensively. Especially on NOES – the director turned down the project three times because of Bay’s interference over the creative process.

          As for my disagreement – there was NOTHING memorable about reboot Jason (I admit Im not a fan of the original series either). The fear of these classic reboots was that there was an intruder always watching you – observing your most intimate moments and in your own home/living quarters. I don’t hate the “tunnels” but it takes away much of the mystique (and doesn’t even make sense in that PD universe – how can Jason be so industrious as to create a tunnel system but still be a borderline idiot who can be fooled by simple mimicry by the victims?). I don’t mind Jason running and so on and so forth, but it takes away the sense of inevitability to the doom of his character – which to me, was the scariest part of these slashers. But, to each their own when it comes to what is “scary.”

          • Not that I could add much to that, but for me it comes down to Bay just being a one-note director himself. I can’t say I have ever paid to see any of his movies in a theater, and after Bad Boys 1 and the Rock I think you could say you have seen all of his movies.He still directs movies like they are music videos and the main difference now compared to when he started is that he has CGI to play with in addition to pyro.

            The fact is Bay has managed to make so, that is all that matters in Hollywood. Thing is when and if he hits a streak of bad luck even his so-called supporters will turn on him. Just ask Ratner about how far and fast one can fall…