Platinum Dunes Taking Over ‘Halloween’ Franchise

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halloween franchise platinum dunes Platinum Dunes Taking Over Halloween Franchise

Hot on the heels of the news that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes is developing a controversial rebooting of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series comes word that the company is taking control of yet another iconic slasher horror franchise. That’s right, the next Halloween movie looks to be released under the company’s supervision.

For those who haven’t been keeping track: Platinum Dunes was also responsible for the remakes/reboots of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Masscre, and The Hitcher – all of which have premiered in theaters over the past ten years to decent financial returns ( and generally weak critical reception).

BD Horror News says that Platinum Dunes is currently in talks to take over the Halloween series – which was actually given a “fresh start” just five years ago with macabre Heavy Metal icon/filmmaker Rob Zombie offering a new take on the tale of Michael Myers, befitting of the “torture porn” era of horror moviemaking. Director Patrick Lussier was previously set to take over helming duties from Zombie on the next installment in the series, a 3D threequel simply titled… well, Halloween 3D, as was to be scripted by Todd Farmer (who also co-wrote Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine remake).

Lussier and Farmer are reportedly no longer involved with the next Halloween movie, now that Platinum Dunes is involved. Similarly, the 3D angle is being thrown out – along with any other potential “gimmicks” – in favor of a traditional 2D movie (like the company’s previous horror series do-overs).

The studio’s “updated” iterations of well-established horror properties have tended to be handled by filmmakers with less experience. As a result, some of these rebooted horror projects have served as career jump-starters – for people ranging from directors Marcus Nispel (Conan the Barbarian) and Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) to actress Rooney Mara (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). As far as many moviegoers are concerned, though, that’s a thin silver lining at best – and a mixed blessing at worst.

Rooney Mara in A Nightmare on Elm Street Platinum Dunes Taking Over Halloween Franchise

Rooney Mara in the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' remake

Platinum Dunes co-heads Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (not Bay) tend to be directly involved with the company’s horror projects, and have a set model for how to reboot a classic slasher franchise (namely, make it “edgier,” more stylized, and amp up the body count/bloodiness). Expect Michael Myer’s next onscreen appearance to fit with that format.

So, if you’ve liked the company’s work to date, you should be okay with its version of a Halloween movie. As for everyone else: feel free to voice your dissenting opinions in the comments section.


Source: BD Horror News

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  1. I think they should reboot Jamie Lloyds character from halloween 4and5 but only if its staring Danielle Harris which is the girl who originally played Jamie. I have always thought that her and Micheal coming face to face again wud be awesome. I know that in halloween 64and5 they suposably killed her character come on..the girl in H6 was like 30 yrs old when Jamie should have been 14 yrs old.

    • Ill go watch anything with Michael Myers in it but after Halloween 6 the curse of Michael Myers they have gotten worse and worse, when Donald Pleasence past away the Halloween movies went with him. Maybe someone like Michael Bay could make a good Halloween movie but i don’t think you throw this kinda movie at a up and comer i mean most Michael Myers fans are very critical of the way Halloween is directed and for good reason it’s truly an American horror classic!!

    • jamie died in halloween 6 the curse of micheal myers

    • I think that’s a pretty good idea…They could do this by rebooting Halloween 6…and scrapping the old H6 script. Also, I need to correct you on two points regarding Jamie Lloyd’s character and the actress who played Jamie Lloyd. J.C. Brandy was in her early 20s when she payed Jamie in H6. Jamie’s character is 15 years in H6 not 14. The girl in H6 was probably 21 or 22 years old…playing the part of a 15 year old. This info is for your future reference.
      In my opinion, i think that the owners of Halloween should go back to the original Halloween II (1981)and connect Halloween II to Halloween 4…Let’s fill in the gaps in the Halloween story line. Let’s replace Halloween III…with a part III that includes Michael Meyers…This is my Idea for a Halloween movie in which to fill in all the gaps missing from the Halloween story line…Ok, so what do you think of my movie idea.
      Sincerely, Jason Medeiros from Massachusetts

  2. I am waiting for Halloween 3D.

  3. I am waiting for Halloween 3D.

  4. I may do a Honk for Hillary in front of Halloween 3D.

  5. Stop trying to beat the first original Halloween. It can’t be done, all the others just suck period.

    • Hello, Please don’t knock down the original Halloween II (1981)…
      To me, the sequel to the original Halloween is slightly better…because it leaves no room for boring and Halloween II (1981)is more interesting and thrilling. Both movies are great but the original H2 has more thrills…especially inside Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Especially when Michael breaks through the Hospital doors. And stabbing the nurse in the back with a surgical hook lifting her off the floor and hitting the security guard in the head with a hammer…
      How can you call a direct sequel to the original Halloween crap…The original H2 was made quite well…Most of the kills are quite original..What’s not to like about Halloween II (1981)…a direct sequel to the original.
      Sincerely, Jason Medeiros from Massachusetts

  6. People are just trapped in nostalgia. Nobody here would watch the original Halloween over the remake you’re all just b.s-Ing the original is just to corny, slow, and bad effects and acting.

    • wow, what are you… 12? remake is crap, and that is a fact.

      • my comment was directed @ jordan, btw.

  7. Don’t get me wrong back in the day it was the original movie that got me hooked to the series but the continuation and remake has only made me love it more (except resurrection and H20. I didn’t like those at all I kinda didn’t like 6 either.) but don’t say “stop trying to beat the original” they’re not. They wouldn’t even have to try with today’s acting and effects there’s no competition, so just be happy they remade something we loved by adding another film. Rob Zombie was the perfect guy for this. All the actors were perfect and acted like today’s society. Unlike the originals were we got 30 year olds playing as teens and horrible acting with little blood&scare.

    • The original 1978 Halloween had something most horror fans all complain about these days, and that is atmosphere. It didn’t need all the Hollywood special effects, great acting, etc. The reason no one likes remakes is because they over complicate with all this new technology. Horror fans love simple, and that is the reason almost all Hollywood horror gets bagged on so much these days. They try to overcompensate with gore, more bodies, blood, and effects.. And it really is just a simple formula which Carpenter brilliantly captured with the original Halloween. Zombie couldn’t recapture the vibe and neither will Michael Bay. Having said that.. I will enjoy whatever comes forth whether it is as great as the original or not, because I am a Halloween fan!

  8. Micheal as a kid in original:stabs sister without looking at her, stands outside derping with his parents. No story or anything. and escapes easily out of asylum.

    Micheal as a kid in the remake:gives a whole story reasonable reasons and build the story amazingly from there it was perfect story writing makes me wish the original had at least tried a little harder instead

    • Ugh….I don’t even know where to begin….

    • I’m pretty sure the reason they didn’t do that much of a back story on Michael is because originally they weren’t going to make a Halloween 2. I believe that they wanted to do different stories based around the Halloween Holiday. Why give a back story if they were just going to leave that story and idea all together. Just a thought. Halloween is still an amazingly iconic movie and will stay that way sorry guys!

    • please never watch another film again… EVER! you are obviously ignorant and should go live in the woods and quit bothering people.

  9. Halloween is one of the most iconic movies ever made! I wish when they were making the originals movies, 1 through 8, the writers would have paid more attention to detail. It sucked that the third movie had nothing to do with any of the others. It was a disappointment that after 4, 5 and 6 Jamie Lloyd was ignored. It was also disconcerting that between H2O and Resurrection nothing was said of John, Laurie’s son. If the writers would have kept continuity between scripts it would have been a better series. Maybe with Platinum Dunes taking over they can do a series that will pay attention to details not just within the movies, but between each movie.

    • Clearly Jordan doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The original Halloween is a classic. It’s still way scarier than the Rob Zombie remake.
      What are you talking about ……with today’s acting and effects. Today’s acting isn’t that great and Halloween is not a movie that needs Star Trek like effects (heck Michael only wears the Captain Kirk mask but he’s not gonna kill anybody from a spaceship or something like that)

      And come on Rob Zombie was the perfect guy for the remake??? Like Jordan he doesn’t get it at all.
      Trying to make Michael Myers human was his biggest mistake, with a crappy boohoo I had a bad childhood so I tortured small animals back in the days and now I’m a bad guy script, we’ve seen hundred’s times before.

      The brilliance of the John Carpenter original, besides his direction for the movie, was in the fact that Michael Myers was pure evil, an unstoppable inhuman shape, not just a another psychopathic bum like in the remakes

  10. I think the only reasonable thing you can do now with a new movie is to have Michael kill all those who crossed his path in Haddonfield, including Tommy, Kara, Danny, that character Freddie that Busta Rhymes played, and then move on to someplace else and start killing indiscriminately as an unstoppable and uncontrollable force.

    • I’m 100% with you and in my opinion they should stick with the back story of this Mickael Myers and not the one from Rob Zombie. I don’t like the story with the kid that has bean bullied and decided to kill everybody, there’s no mystery in that. The old Mickael was just purely evil.

  11. at the end of halloween h20 when his sister L.strode cut off his head,,it wasnt him it was the ambulance driver…thats why there was a new onw after that one where mike myers found her and killed her then ,,we think he did i dont know,,,now we are wandering if there are going to be another after that one,,,

  12. Stupid

  13. Rob zombie ruined the franchise with his 2 horrible remakes glad to hear someone else is taking over the new one!!!!

  14. There is no explanation for michael myers except he’s pure evil!.( the boogyman) trying to understand him ia something the audience should try to do in there mind! That’s what makes a good horror film. The fact that he looks normal but isn’t, due to strength and driving force to kill in a relentless inhumanly fashion, coupled with the idea that he’ll never die! He’ll just wait for one halloween night to come for you! who will survive that night? Should be the only question!

  15. Time to get back to the basics! The human side of michael died along time ago. He is the shape, pure evil on two legs! No conscience, no compromise.
    The only thing that resembles is the(shape) of a man! Always around, lurking in the shadows of darkness until its to late for his victims! Inhumanly strong, baffling intelligence under the circumstances of being raised in a asylum. unstoppable, and always appears to be on the scene but unseen! Thats some scary sh..! Lets not forget that theme music. Whoever does the next movie do it right and give the true fans what we been waiting on, something that will make us wonder is he here, ( looking towards the dark)

  16. What ever happened to John Tate (Josh Harnett’S Character)?
    He should return and continue the story, as did in previous sequels..
    Halloween is the only Horror movie that continues with a story line..
    Keep it that way

  17. They never killed Laurie Strodes sons character Played by Josh Hartnett. So it would best if Michael and him meet again.

  18. Except we now know that was NOT Michael Myers head being chopped off but an unlucky paramedic who got his larynx crushed and then HE was with Laurie at the end of H20 and Michael literally walked away. This was explained in what actually the final Halloween pre Rob Zombie, entitled Halloween: Resurrection

  19. i just hope they don’t make Michael myers utterly tall and big and lanky like zombies film. that’s not how he was depicted in the original. They need to make him 5ft10 to 6ft tall atlest. keep him in the shadows until he strikes and util the middle and ending of movie. his face should not be shown to he audience, that ruined it most, and yes you do see his face once in the original movie, but robs killed it when they explained to much of his background, you didn’t know that s*** in the original! weather curiousity got him or not, it wasn’t the best take on the franchise.. i hope since this is a reboot, they make it Like the original, but it is a remake, so add a new cast but make them younh and intergetic like the original cast. lorry strode will not be in this i think her character has a sacred part in the original that’s what made it an original to. they need a new name(s) for the character(s) and Michael needs to be quick,stealth,superhuman but doesn’t physically show it(like in rob zombies) gives myer’s a more intimitdating character. yes it should take place where the original one did, yes it should have atleast 5 main characters and have 1 main protagonist which would be someone like the sam loomis that would be cool, but totally new realm of same concept. idk.. i just hope it does well, ive enjoyed all of the other platinum dunes productins so i really have faith this one wil be along those lines of satisfaction

    • Bro Tyler mane 6’9″ 295 lb. I think he’s big enough, and he was a pro wrestler.


  21. Rob Zombie’s movies were great, it gave him more a character then just killing. The originals were great too, in the end; it’s only a horror movie.

  22. I’d like to point out that in the original series, Michael didn’t have a name until the 2nd or 4th movie. Or that him and strode were related. Til that point all you had him named as was “The Shape”, and I guess by the beginning of the movie you could deduce that his name was Michael. But that’s not really obvious either. I just love the mystery of the first movie. John Carpenter is a genius. I think the only thing Rob Zombie did right was casting Tyler Mane (fricken huge) and remastering the original theme song to sound creepier.

  23. Spot on! I think Rob Zombie ruined that movie. Halloween still raises the hair on the back of my neck, it didn’t need all the swearing and sex and gore, it wasn’t meant to be a gore-fest Hellraiser or Hostel. Yes there was some over-acting and some bad acting, you don’t notice it as much these days when there are so many special effects thrown about but the camera work on the original was pretty special. Halloween is timeless.

  24. I love all the Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween films even (gasp) H2O ! It’s the music especially that scares the mince out of me, just like the Omen, the soundtrack is so powerfull, l genuinely think they are all great films. I don’t rate the 3rd or any of the Rob Zombie films, l find them too predictable, l know there’s going to be dirty sex, gore and swearing, l’m no prude but there’s no atmosphere of dread (for me anyway)whereas in the originals when Michael suddenly appears behind the washing on the line or the hedge then suddenly disappears – always elicits a sharp intake of breath -l love it :-D

  25. Not to happy about this. THe company that’s taking over did a horrible job with Friday the 13th,Nightmare on Elm street and all the other horrible remakes.So I think it’s time to put Michael to rest

    • i thought friday the 13th was awesome … for nightmare on elm street it was kinda weird not seeing robert england as freddy but overall it was pretty good

  26. I think they should make a movie that involves with jamies baby from halloween 6 the curse of michael myers

  27. Me personally, I’ve been a die hard fan of the Halloween movies since I was young. All the movies that included Michael were great with the exceptions of some remakes which I felt they tried too hard too explain Michael and also showed his human side and face too much. This guy is suppose too be the definition of evil, one part about the original two was that no one really new why Michael was killing he was just mad and outraged. He’s cunning enough too elude death as showed in H20 which was okay, he as supernatural strength and shows no emotion as he’s killing, white pal face with black spaces for his eyes now this is evil, its scary. No one can understand what true evil is, but if someone should do a remake take it back too Halloween 2, that was one of the main reasons besides getting shots I hated going too the hospital, plus this guy walked straight out of fire. Also no 3D, it’s too much 2D is plain, simple, and scary.

  28. Im interested in seeing which direction they take Michael. Obviously, the producers/directors wanna know, “well, what do the fans want?”. Id love to see Michael go in a completely new direction as well as a sequal to Resurrection. Which ever way these guys decide to go I will be all for it. TO THE PPL WHO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE HALLOWEEN FRANCHISE: Id watch & pay every dime I have to see Micheal Myers. Thank u guys for all the hard work u guys put into the projects. I trust they will do whats best for the fans & the franchise :)

  29. I feel the story line should pick up with the last 2 last decendents of Michael. Josh Hartnett character John Tate and Jamie’s baby son. Also Danny Strode had a connection with Michael and the Druid member, and his mother Kara Strode along with Tommy Doyle were still alive. So there are many ways to put new twists but at the same time continue with the original story line by not rebooting the entire franchise. Thats my take but will watch whatever Halloween movie that comes out.

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