Platinum Dunes Taking Over ‘Halloween’ Franchise

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halloween franchise platinum dunes Platinum Dunes Taking Over Halloween Franchise

Hot on the heels of the news that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes is developing a controversial rebooting of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series comes word that the company is taking control of yet another iconic slasher horror franchise. That’s right, the next Halloween movie looks to be released under the company’s supervision.

For those who haven’t been keeping track: Platinum Dunes was also responsible for the remakes/reboots of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Masscre, and The Hitcher – all of which have premiered in theaters over the past ten years to decent financial returns ( and generally weak critical reception).

BD Horror News says that Platinum Dunes is currently in talks to take over the Halloween series – which was actually given a “fresh start” just five years ago with macabre Heavy Metal icon/filmmaker Rob Zombie offering a new take on the tale of Michael Myers, befitting of the “torture porn” era of horror moviemaking. Director Patrick Lussier was previously set to take over helming duties from Zombie on the next installment in the series, a 3D threequel simply titled… well, Halloween 3D, as was to be scripted by Todd Farmer (who also co-wrote Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine remake).

Lussier and Farmer are reportedly no longer involved with the next Halloween movie, now that Platinum Dunes is involved. Similarly, the 3D angle is being thrown out – along with any other potential “gimmicks” – in favor of a traditional 2D movie (like the company’s previous horror series do-overs).

The studio’s “updated” iterations of well-established horror properties have tended to be handled by filmmakers with less experience. As a result, some of these rebooted horror projects have served as career jump-starters – for people ranging from directors Marcus Nispel (Conan the Barbarian) and Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) to actress Rooney Mara (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). As far as many moviegoers are concerned, though, that’s a thin silver lining at best – and a mixed blessing at worst.

Rooney Mara in A Nightmare on Elm Street Platinum Dunes Taking Over Halloween Franchise

Rooney Mara in the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' remake

Platinum Dunes co-heads Andrew Form and Brad Fuller (not Bay) tend to be directly involved with the company’s horror projects, and have a set model for how to reboot a classic slasher franchise (namely, make it “edgier,” more stylized, and amp up the body count/bloodiness). Expect Michael Myer’s next onscreen appearance to fit with that format.

So, if you’ve liked the company’s work to date, you should be okay with its version of a Halloween movie. As for everyone else: feel free to voice your dissenting opinions in the comments section.

Source: BD Horror News

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  1. Quick question ive been watching the halloween movies for a while love them all but 3 but 1 thing puzzles me what happened to Laurie strodes son after H2O we never seen him again after that answers please????

    • The Halloween movies do a terrible job of keeping up with the characters from previous films. Lourie Strode wasn’t even supposed to have a son. In Halloween 4 she had a daughter named Jamie who was also in the 5th movie. They make it clear that Micheal Myers is her uncle and Lourie is her mother, yet she completely disappeared from the series as well with no explanation.

      • Jamie didn’t disappear. She was brutally murdered on a barn thresher in Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers. Played by an older recast actress

  2. I so hope they make the next Halloween movie correctly. The last two in 2007 and 2010 were total trash. I am a massive Halloween fan, and the 1st two Halloween movies back in 1978 and the next one after that; that’s how a horror movie should be. I liked the Remakes to Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. I look forward to a GOOD, remake to Halloween.

    • I thought the first Halloween remake was great. I really enjoyed seeing michaels life as a kid, and enjoyed the entire scene when he killed everyone. I thought they did an amazing job.

  3. I would be really happy to see another made. I got kind of bored with the texas chainsaw remakes, but I think they could do a good job with Halloween. NO shaky camera footage please. I heard that’s a rumor for the new Friday. Most of everyone who comments hates that idea.

  4. Please please please PLEASE P-L-E-A-S-E keep the same score. John Carpenter’s theme is an indispensable character of its own, and no Michael Myers movie will be fit to script, produce, or watch without THAT score.

    • That’s a definite Must!!

  5. My question is, why does Halloween need to be remade? It was a CLASSIC for a reaason! Not to mention, at the end of Halloween Resurection they show Michael Myers still living so why not just continue the original series? I’m a die hard fan of this franchise and terrible remakes (rob zombie) seriously irritate me. And in response to a comment from the article… please no continuation from Season of the Witch. That should have never been made haha

  6. As a fan of the 1970s- mid 90s slasher genre, I am not more than marginally impressed with platinum dune remakes. I did however enjoy the most recent texas chainsaw. I also felt that the Friday the 13th reboot was worth watching. I just feel that the Halloween franchise shouldn’t be molested with the teenage cliché’s that platinum dunes have incorporated into much of their dialogue, with the exclusion of the recent tcm. I thought that their Friday only worked because the character development in the original franchise was so shallow. Plus they capitalized on the gore factor, which is paramount to a Friday fan. My favorites remain 1,2,4,5,6. My hope is that they remake john carpenters masterpiece with the plot following 1, or 1 and 2. (That could work) with the brutality of 6 meets the rob zombie films, and the campiness of part 4. That would be my dream remake. What do you guys think?

  7. I actually like Rob Zombie’s two remakes more than I did any of the sequels to the original. Zombie and Mayne’s version of Michael was a hulking monster and a legit psychopath. That was scarier to me than the “shape” or “pure evil” of the original. The original film is still the best.

    • These people who don’t like Zombie’s version, I can’t understand why not b/c he made Halloween the best horror movies EVER

  8. Was not a fan of Rob Zombie’s remake of the first two movies. In my opinion he literally “slashed” then in the half, then destroyed it completely. You cannot remake these movies. The movies are a classic for a reason and to touch a classic then try to revitalize it and turn it upside down DOES NOT WORK. The remakes were horrible. Stop trying to remake these movies and carry on the series. Start with Lori’s son and his family being attacked and go from there. And for God sakes DO NOT MAKE IT IN 3D. Not everything needs to be in 3D. The last decent Halloween movie that came out was Halloween H2O. The next movie that came out after that was the “reality tv” one where they were in the old Meyer’s house was s***. Every remake is normally a piece of s***. Just like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th all done by this company that is taking over Halloween franchise and going to remake the movie…..Stop touching classics and destroying them.

  9. I’m not holding my breath for a decent Halloween movie. Hasn’t been one since Halloween: H20. As for the Rob Zombie remakes…total trash. He took away ALL of the mystique that made Michael Myers…MICHAEL MYERS. And in doing so, he left us with just another average movie killer.

  10. Well I for one am totally game for this. I am a die hard Halloween fan the classic Halloweens. My favorites are Halloween 1, 4, 5 , 6 and 7. I like part 2 but and hate part 8 (what the heck was that crap)? I like what Platinum Dunes does with it’s movies. I loved the Texas Chainsaw Remakes and the last Friday the 13th really made me like Jason because the original movies were just ok. Rob Zombie completely ruined the Halloween Franchise and Michael Myers. Myers was 6 when he killed his sister not 10 he was not a chubby kid who the kids made fun and bullied he was a kid from a normal home but just psycho like many families had. Michael did not talk or speak a word in Rob Zombie’s Halloween he has Michael speaking. I couldn’t even finish watching part 2 of his version because that’s how atrocious it was.

    Platinum Dunes should follow after part 6. Show us what happened to Dr. Loomis I realize he has passed so maybe explain it a bit more in detail and I’d like to know what comes of Jamie’s son Steven. He is kin that Michael can go after.

  11. Why would you take duties from Rob Zombie, he made Halloween better than Friday the 13th. This is an embarrassment plain and simple

  12. dont even bother making the new halloween unless micheal is like h20 cause it will be a disgrace to all real halloween fans if you make it like rz micheal l will never watch it and you can go to hell