‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Halle Berry Says Storm is ‘Integral’ But Won’t Fly or Fight

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storm X Men: Days of Future Past: Halle Berry Says Storm is Integral But Wont Fly or Fight

Fox is poised to launch a combined X-Men movie universe with next year’s Days of Future Past (which follows this summer’s The Wolverine). Early on, Hugh Jackman teased that the film would unite the cast of the original X-Men trilogy with the stars of X-Men: First Class, and little by little, actors have been confirmed to appear (or not appear) in Days of Future Past.

One of the most recent additions was Oscar winner Halle Berry, who played the weather-controlling mutant Storm in the first three films. However, since that statement, Berry has announced that she is expecting her second child, raising the question of if her pregnancy would mean she’d have to back out of X-Men duty.

According to the BBC, the answer to that question is a resounding “No.” Here’s what Berry herself said:

“One thing is for sure, with another baby on the way mama cannot take time off.”

Berry added that the production would have to shoot around her forming baby bump and that the importance of her role would remain intact – even if her actions might be a bit less “badass”:

“Storm probably won’t be as badass as she was going to be because we won’t be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that. She’ll be different than we originally planned her to be but I still think she’ll be an integral part of this new X-Men movie.”

halle berry1 X Men: Days of Future Past: Halle Berry Says Storm is Integral But Wont Fly or Fight

While it’s a bit disappointing that Storm’s physicality in Days of Future Past may be limited, the advantage here is that her character is powerful enough to still pose a threat to her enemies without exerting a lot of muscle. After all, the character could easily hurl a lightning strike or summon a hurricane to take down enemies. Assuming that she plays a significant enough role in the film to engage in battle, it sounds as though Singer will just be adjusting some of her action beats – not whittling down her screen time. After all, X-Men: The Last Stand ended with Storm taking over Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and her appearance in the time-bending plot of Days of Future Past is a necessary element for uniting the two series.

Are you glad that Storm is still going to factor into Days of Future Past, despite the fact that she won’t be taking flight? Let us know in the comments section below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters July 14, 2014.

Source: BBC [via CBM]

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  1. Question:

    Has every thought this way about Halle Berry’s Strom since the first X-Men, or is it a more recent occurence because she’s been a string of flops that been throwing her off her acting game?

    • it is like this as long as i can remember, she is bad, no one likes her, well almost no one…

      • She can’t act worth ISH!!! Just a Pretty Face who does nothing for Storm who is an Omega Level Mutant, Wolverine iasnt even considered at an Omega Level

        • I liked her in Things We Lost in the Fire. But she should really stick to drama.

          • See what I mean, i never heard of that movie. She just needs to go away

  2. Ororo Munroe (Storm) was an African Princess, lived in Egypt, orphaned, became a thief, and worshipped as an incarnation of a Goddess. Her mother was an African Priestess/Sorceress. She was always portrayed as tall and graceful with high cheekbones.

    She always had an exotic accent as well (in my mind at least).

    Halle Berry played her like she was a Pennsylvania hair dresser who suddenly got weather powers. meh…

  3. Halle Berry isn’t a bad actress by far but honestly the way they wrote Storm was terrible considering how intelligent and strong her comic book and cartoon counterparts were and that’s not Berry’s fought she was paid to say that very lame and often pointless line “You what happens to a toad when struck by lighting” and she was directed to say it that way it’s not her fault I feel even tho Berry herself won’t be “flying” we’ll that my friends is where the loveliness that is GCI and Stunt Double comes in!!! Lol

    • OK, i will accept that she isnt a bad actress, but she isnt a very good one. And it is the fault of Singer and those responsible for making the firt 3 movies all about wolverine. Look how weak they made Cyclops appear!!

    • So true i hope she doe fight she is like my favorit xmen girl !! And i wanna see her get in the battle and actually make and patray her character like how she is supposed to be wich is a strong mutants and awsome by the way:))))

    • I hated her role in part 1 because they made her so weak. It was Halle Berry that made that role a lot better if you noticed in part 2 and 3. Halle took the time to read up on Storm and came back to Bryan and told him that Storm is a very powerful/important character and doesn’t make lame lines such as “You know what happens to a toad when struck by lightning….”

  4. I see the Banhammer has fallen again.

  5. Halle Berry has not shown that she can make Storm as powerful as storm can be. An Omega Level Mutant, She has not shown that power on screen. And what happened to showing her lose control, because she is a fraid of closed dark spaces
    Halley is Garbage and I can think of 3 better actresses to play the role 10 times better
    1. Angela Bassett
    2. Sanaa Lathon
    3. Gabrielle Union

      • I dont think my comments are ignorant. It’s amazing what people say to people that they dont have to face and are way outside of arm’s reach. I haven’t shown you ignorance.

        Storm isn’t a young X-man, she has some age on her, but if you want to see Storm portrayed in all of her Essence, Angela Bassett is the way to go. If you want a young pretty face, who can barely act, go with options 2 and 3

    • ummm…. Storm is not an omega level mutant….

    • I can guarantee you none of those actresses will change the outcome of the things you’re wanting improved for Storm in the films. The reason is pretty simple, the power lies with the directors, writers, and producers. All Halle does is pick up the script and follows it(which is exactly what those other actresses would be doing if they were cast). You are definitely being ignorant as Longshanks pointed out.

  6. I hate when characters are recast but Halle has done such a bad storm in my opinion and after this just get her out and find someone more fitting

  7. I think Zoe Saldana or Sophie Okonedo would do a good job in the role. I know Sophie is older but she doesn’t look it.

    • I will keep choosing Angela Bassett, despite her age. She doesnt look 53, and I thought she was an Omega Level Mutant based on uncredible sources.

      Storm is second in Command behind Cyclops and has been on many occasions Team Leader. I Stand corrected on the Omega Level Mutant comment, I thought she was. My Bad

      Back to Angela Bassett, my chioce for her is because she brings what I feel is a Powerful Presence to the character of Storm and in my mind is fitting.
      I dont think in any of Hall’s roles, she has demonstrated the ability to command and or be followed. Storm has defeated Cyclops on a few occasions for leadership of the Team. Storm did not join the X-men in her teens, therefore already having character issues, before dealing with the likes of the Brood and her Relationships with Forge and the Black Panther. Halle Berry lacks conviction in her roles and if not Angela Bassett and DEFINITELY NOT Zoe saldana, i could see Gabrielle Union (who at best is a Pretty Face) or Sanaa Lathon who has shown that she can at least fight a little (AVP), but i’m sure some of you may disagree with that option as well, she is kind of Older.

  8. If she cant do the role… why is she here? They’re obviously surprised by the whole ‘pregnancy’ because they originally planned flying and fighting and a ‘storm’ who doesn’t fly would suck. Only way I can see them do it is if it’s a flashback from future Xavier or a video feed from future Xavier showing them the possible future where Storm is killed.

    • She’s there becuase for some reason, she’s an oscar winner, and just a pretty face. She does absolutely nothing for Storm’s character, and make Storm appear extremely weak. I blame the writers as well for not showing Storm’s True Power, but Halle, isn’t a good actress

    • I agree, a Storm that cant fight is pointless, place her in a wheelchair next to Xavier!!!

    • She didn’t fly in any of the Singer films nor did she fight in them (beat up yes but fight no). It was not until X3 (Ratner) that she actually got physical and airborne, and since Singer is directing this one it should not pose a problem. She will just be given crappy lines instead.

    • The reason why she still has the role is because it would be a lawsuit to fire someone from a job because of pregnancy or medical condition(probably was not stipulated in the contract). The production company would be paying Berry royalties for releasing her/ on top of paying another actress to do the job. It would be cheaper to keep her and make her a minor character. Which sucks because she does not do Storm justice.

  9. Storm wont fly or fight? Typical LAME foXMEN movie.

  10. Frankly at least in my mind i have all ways thought Iman would have made a rather spot on storm as to Halle Berrys talents i loved her in swordfish! what a pair of talents she has!

  11. does any one still remember
    do you what happens to a toad when its struck by lightning
    same thing that happens to everything else

    l don’t know how any actress could get away with saying that horrible line even Angela Bassett

    makes me want to laugh everytime
    it so bad
    Looking back at it Halle must think WTH was wrong with this writer
    - No wonder her and Singer had problems Storm was written so bad in the film
    her best appearence in the film was in X2

    people hate Halle as Storm because she
    - Didn’t use the accent which she was told not to do by Singer
    Halle knows a lot of Storm history stuff
    which is why she also complained about the way Storm was treated

    I admire her for her guts
    she did her own stunts in Xmen 3
    even the spinning thing until she got sick just to get the shot
    now thats a women who honestely deserved better

    As for the bad actress bit l’ve seen a lot of so called bad actors pull off amazing perfomances with good writers and good directors
    so ?????????????????

  12. I for one am very upset that she wont be taking flight. When you think of Storm some of her best advantages is that she can fly. At least get a stunt double or computerize her flying. Cut out the spinning and keep the flying. I would rather see her fly than spin anyways. And i dont think another actress could show Storm justice as Halle Berry does. Halle Berry first off has the look. And its not coincidence that she won an oscar people. Halle is perfect for Storm

    • Halle Berry is a house hold name, she has beauty and is considered an A-list actor plus she has been apart of the cast since the first movie. They need to “update” her look, and really pull from the comic books or the 90′s cartoon version that is based off the comic books. Storm had blue eyes, and I have not yet seen that in any of the movies. She is a strong character and I feel like the movies never show how bad ass she really is!
      In my opinion the whole X-Men Franchise kinda sucks, It was all about Wolverine…….

      That fact the Halle is with child really will make her role stink, but I hope they can work around it. Use a good body double and have Halle do all the close up face shots.

    • Halle Berry does NOT have the look of Storm. Storm was an Dark Skinned East African woman with strong African features. She commanded strength, power and regalness all while having a warm kind nature about her. Halle gives us NONE of those attributes.

  13. First off, there has been news since this interview that show’s Halle saying that her stunt double will be very busy on this film. Which proves Storm will still be bad ass and have action scenes it just won’t be Halle on the heavier stuff, it will be her stunt double. So everyone calm down. We are still gonna see Storm kick some butt.

    While in Buenos Aires promoting “The Call,” a recently announced pregnant Halle Berry told local press that she will begin filming X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST next week, and that her stunt double “will have a lot more work” in the film.

    Berry insists that she “can still do almost everything the role requires,” saying “I’ll be able to shoot the film without problems and [afterwards] I don’t plan to continue working until early next year.”

    The Academy Award winning actress says she’s “not sure” about how her pregnancy may affect Storm’s role. “I asked [director, Bryan Singer] if he would enter my pregnancy in the film, but he said no

  14. They need storm because the storyline of the movie will be about wolverine and storm hooking up as couples, why do you think they didnt cast jean grey/famke in this movie?

  15. “I am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an X-Man, a lover, a wife, a queen. I am all these things. I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits ”

    Halle Berry is NOT Storm.

    • THANK YOU!!!!

  16. first off I don’t really care about how she looked in the comics considering the fact halle has been her for so long now that recasting is pointless because this movie isn’t about her its about mostly first class,but it sucks she wont being doing anything,but that’s what a stunt double is for,storm doesn’t even need to do any punching and combat but taking out flying is uncalled for,be creative and do something,like not even levitating a little,but she better at least look strong in some way.

  17. I think I should play the role of storm Im a model 26, very fit and can act Ive followed Storm in comic books as a child for years and love her my name is Jada Beverly look me up on FB. You be the judge.

  18. Perfect storm would be
    Zoe Saldana

  19. I’m glad she has a role in it. There will not likely be any other iterations of the X-Men on the big screen for now, and I’d still like to see a lot of the original characters. Too bad, of course, her badass-ery will be limited. In the trilogy to this series, however, it would be really cool to finally see her come completely unglued like she does sometimes in the comics and release the whole tempest monsoon on somebody!

  20. Having grown up collecting the X-men, i was disappointed in Storm’s portrayal already. As I recall Storm is one of the most power of mutants and was not done justice in the first 3 movies to begin with. Now with this limits on her character I find it hard to even imagine how effectual she will even be. The one thing in particular that bothered me was, given one of titles was Windrider, we never really got to see her fly. Disappointing portrayal. If you continue to bring her back, please make her as fierce as she was created to be.

  21. Storm integral to the X-MEN sure. Berry is not.

    Totally disagree. She is a terrible actress, and as for being a supporter of comic book series. Two words. CAT WOMAN. XP She is a blustering diva that they just don’t need. Regardless of the writing. She is not nor has ever been the perfect Storm. Hugh Jackman has defined Logan. He is the Wolverine. Naomi Campbell would make a better Storm. If the role and story was so important to her she’d be less of a diva and we would have had Nightcrawler in the 3rd film. I wish there was a petition to ban her from ever being in another comic movie ever again.

  22. I love storm shes my favorite xmen girls character and well iv seen series of xmen and in the future wolverine and storm are together maybe they are going to make them fall in love and make storm pregnant of wolverine. Thats what i think i dont know but i hope bryan does that =0 )

  23. Well no storm flying or fighting :^( ok well she isn’t the only character that flies :^D. I hope that Rogue gets her Miss Marvel’s power and she’ll fly instead of Storm (Storm and Rogue were the original flyers and now Jean flies :^D) If anything else really, I don’t see why not have a stuntman/woman do her fighting and flying scenes so that way nothing is deleted or altered.

    I liked the improvement in x-Men The Last Stand so we will see when it comes out. I cannot wait to see what GREAT things they have than bad…. Hope the movie is great

  24. That’s just stupid. I’m African American myself and I love Storm but I do not like Halle Berry as Storm. That does not make me a racist, just a moviegoer who prefers for a good character to be played by a better actress.

    The only time I really had problems with Berry as Storm was in the first X-Men movie. The screenwriters for Bryan Singer gave her s***** lines, especially a really bad one that no actor or actress could do justice to. And at times, she seemed to be in the background.

    Thankfully, I really enjoyed Berry’s performances as Storm in the second movie and especially, in the third film. However, if I were Halle Berry, I would be wary of the idea Bryan Singer directing this movie. He seems incapable of doing justice to her role of Storm. Well, she had a good size role in the second film, “X-MEN 2″. But honestly, Brett Ratner did her a lot more justice in “X-MEN 3: LAST STAND”.