‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Halle Berry Says Storm is ‘Integral’ But Won’t Fly or Fight

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storm X Men: Days of Future Past: Halle Berry Says Storm is Integral But Wont Fly or Fight

Fox is poised to launch a combined X-Men movie universe with next year’s Days of Future Past (which follows this summer’s The Wolverine). Early on, Hugh Jackman teased that the film would unite the cast of the original X-Men trilogy with the stars of X-Men: First Class, and little by little, actors have been confirmed to appear (or not appear) in Days of Future Past.

One of the most recent additions was Oscar winner Halle Berry, who played the weather-controlling mutant Storm in the first three films. However, since that statement, Berry has announced that she is expecting her second child, raising the question of if her pregnancy would mean she’d have to back out of X-Men duty.

According to the BBC, the answer to that question is a resounding “No.” Here’s what Berry herself said:

“One thing is for sure, with another baby on the way mama cannot take time off.”

Berry added that the production would have to shoot around her forming baby bump and that the importance of her role would remain intact – even if her actions might be a bit less “badass”:

“Storm probably won’t be as badass as she was going to be because we won’t be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that. She’ll be different than we originally planned her to be but I still think she’ll be an integral part of this new X-Men movie.”

halle berry1 X Men: Days of Future Past: Halle Berry Says Storm is Integral But Wont Fly or Fight

While it’s a bit disappointing that Storm’s physicality in Days of Future Past may be limited, the advantage here is that her character is powerful enough to still pose a threat to her enemies without exerting a lot of muscle. After all, the character could easily hurl a lightning strike or summon a hurricane to take down enemies. Assuming that she plays a significant enough role in the film to engage in battle, it sounds as though Singer will just be adjusting some of her action beats – not whittling down her screen time. After all, X-Men: The Last Stand ended with Storm taking over Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and her appearance in the time-bending plot of Days of Future Past is a necessary element for uniting the two series.

Are you glad that Storm is still going to factor into Days of Future Past, despite the fact that she won’t be taking flight? Let us know in the comments section below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters July 14, 2014.

Source: BBC [via CBM]

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  1. One of the least interesting characters, in my opinion. I was hoping that she would not be in it, but it seems like everybody and their cousin is…

  2. Halle Berry.. ur not storm… so we dont care.

    • XD

  3. Average actress playing an average character.

  4. She is a fantastic storm. Very glad she will still be in it

    • No, Sue is a Fantastic storm.

      • lol

      • Are you guys high?

        • I need some of the stuff they’re smokin’. :-D

  5. She’s a pretty terrible actress if you ask me, her role in all three previous Xmen movies was one of the worst parts of the films for me. I truly hope she doesnt play such an integral part as she claims, because she’ll be taking away screen time and character development from actors who really deserve it.

    • + infinity! She was the January Jones/Emma Frost of X-Men 1-3.

    • January Jones
      was worse in first class
      Emma looked so bored
      At least Halle seems passionate about her character

  6. I still think it’s a bummer they’re uniting the two. Why can’t they let it be what it is? Oh well. I can’t say that’s exciting news. But as a woman I can’t quite bring myself to wish she got cut for being pregnant. Storm and Rogue were my favorite characters when I was a kid, but they were really watered down in the movies. I enjoyed First Class so I’m still holding out hope.

    • As a man, I’ll just assume that you’re a 13 year old little boy and hope that you’ll grow up soon. Real men don’t belittle woman, ever. Shame on you.

      • Thanks Mat :) It’s a funny comment though, considering female characters are a huge part of the genre. I’m guessing Mayhem’s just frightened by women in general and prefers to keep them fictional. He’s got to work on his game though, as far as trolling goes it’s a pretty shallow effort.

        • You are a rapist if you dwell on it like you are doing now.

    • Learn how to spell

      • That was aimed at Mat. Try not to be so sexist, there’s no place for it here

      • Which of Mat’s word is misspelled?

    • Seriously Mayhem, come into the 21st century.

      • Don’t feed the trolls guys lol

  7. I adore the character of Storm. She was always a strong and powerful, intelligent character. Halle Berry is beautiful but not right for this role, she made the character mediocre and I know that the writing is a large part of that reality but she still did not act the socks off of the limited screen time that she had. If she would have done that, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I really wish they would have picked another actress. RECAST! Zoe Saldana has the strong face to play her, after seeing Columbiana and Avatar (say what you want) but I think she is worthy to wear the strong and powerful shoes of Ororo Munroe.

    • That’s just stupid. I’m African American myself and I love Storm but I do not like Halle Berry as Storm. That does not make me a racist, just a moviegoer who prefers for a good character to be played by a better actress.

    • Storm’s character in the film was mediocre because of the writing, not the actress. Not enough attention was paid to the character to give her anything more than stilted dialogue and 2 dimensions

  8. I would crawl over broken glass to see Halle Berry in a film.

    • Well, then you should watch Movie 43. After watching it, you´ll feel like being hit with multiple glass bottles. Especially after Halle Berry´s clip. Enjoy. And don´t say I didn´t warn you.

  9. Good. Less of a chance of her taking more screen time

  10. Really? You went there?

    I’m not racist at all but I never rated Halle as an actress nor have I found Storm that enthralling as a character.

    I’d love to know in what world those opinions would make anybody a racist.

    • Lol u just had to add in that your not a racist

    • You are a rapist if you dwell on it like you are doing now.

  11. What is all this Halle Berry hate?…Its not an Oscar-worthy performance, but I think she did a fine job.

  12. @Macgrath Storm isn’t an average character at all, she’s a potential omega-level mutant. I think she even led the avengers one time, I might be thinking of Monica Rambeau though.

  13. Oops replied to my own response. Here is the correct place.

    That’s just stupid. I’m African American myself and I love Storm but I do not like Halle Berry as Storm. That does not make me a racist, just a moviegoer who prefers for a good character to be played by a better actress.

    • I guess you all missed the joke. Hes using the name Miles Morales who is a BLACK spider man in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Which means its ironic/humorous that he would call your comment racist. Maybe his real name is Miles but that’s just how I interpreted it

    • I agree with that, which is why I suggested Angela Bassett

    • You are a rapist if you dwell on it like you are doing now. Cum inside of me.

  14. She ruined the character & the movie again. Now we gotta have another lazy Storm because she’s older & pregnant. Please recast …I need a badass storm not a a pregnant one

  15. Well if people are upset now because the character of Storm isn’t what she should be then how are you going to feel when any possible characterization you do like gets thrown out the window in the next X-men movie after and because of DOFP? Maybe that won’t matter much because everyone looking back sees little to like about the characters in the previous movies…

    • It can be said that most of the female characters in these movies were watered down compared to their comic book counterparts, so all of these revelations people seemed to have after First Class are interesting. Especially when you look at how that movie pretty much continued the trend.

      • I know it’s impossible to translate decades of plot and character development into a movie but that doesn’t mean that a character has to lose the general impression of their personality or what they’ve been through. Ledger proved that in TDK. It takes more than a great actor to make a movie, but it sure as hell helps. To clarify, by great actor I mean someone who really commits to their role, someone who finds the character in themselves so that it’s not just a facade. One of the best things about fiction in general is that it couldn’t exist without being based on reality. No, the X-Men do not exist, but what they’re really portraying is humanity and all the pain, love, strife and triumph that it entails. Just with some awesome super powers and snazzy costumes.

    • Speak for yourself when talking about how people respond to the characterizations in the X films please. The majority of X films are loved by the majority of people who see them. Check those critic sites to see how the general movie goer rates them.

      And I’m damn tired of people bitching cause its not exactly like the comics. Unless your also complaining in threads about Nolan’s Batman movies and the MCU threads, it’s hypocritical. Most comic book movies ignore canon when or if it becomes problematic for the plot.

      I am looking foward to DOFP. It’s my most anticipated CBM for next year. Singer always does a good job when directing X films, and I see no reason why this wont be the best one yet.

      • I am speaking for myself and commenting on how some other people here and elsewhere have expressed how they felt many of the characters both male and female in the X-Men movies have been short-changed in one way or another.

        And you being tired of people complaining is your right, but you don’t have to read or respond to any of it either. Maybe other people get just as tired of hearing the counter argument that it got good reviews so it can’t be critiqued by someone who has an opposing viewpoint, or the fact that every other conversation about a movie based on comic book has to somehow end up on the subject of Nolan’s Batman films. You assume everyone who watched movies or reads comics are even that into Batman enough to care.

  16. she’s just terrible

  17. She just delivers all her lines on every movie so campy and fake.

    • This one from the original X-Men movie stands out for me:

      ” You know what happens to a Toad when it’s struck by lightning? Same thing as everything else. ”

      LOL. Seriously, did they let HER write that line?

      • No, that line was actually written by (believe it or not) Joss Whedon.

  18. Less Hallie Barry sounds good to me but I still holding out hope for Catwoman 2

  19. There’s a lot of characters/actors in the film, so Berry’s character may be pivotal, but it won’t be center stage. That’s what I’m getting. I also think Berry is fine as an actress.

    Worst case: they write in the pregnancy into the story.
    Maybe she had a fling with Forge?

    CGI her tummy!

    • I believe in the comic, she and Wolverine had a thing in DoFP.

  20. i was hoping for a recast… meh

  21. Maybe she finally got pregnant from Black Panther?

  22. wow… if she cannot even fly they better get in stunt doubles or something.

  23. she ruined catwoman, she ruined stor,m why do people still put her in movies?

    • shes good with dramatic roles
      her action roles always suck
      - She did’nt write cat woman that movie was written to suck no actor could have saved the story
      -xmen Storm wasn’t really well presented at all
      the movie wasted characters like Cyclops, Prof X and Magneto
      The actors were really underused
      so l can’t blame her

      Imagine if Angela Basset had been cast and well wasted as a character who just stood there and looked pretty no wonder she passed the role up in xmen 1
      The fact Xmen 3 was so short ruined any form of characterization for Storm even if she got more physical

      Halle Berry can be amazing if a director knows exatcly how to bring that out of her

      • yeah she did not write catwoman, but her presence just made it worse, she is an awful awful actress, wasted magneto and prof x? what are you talking about? Cyclops was under used, but actor was likable enough that i wanted to know more about him, when Halley was on screen i just wanted to vomit…

        • Xmen 3 was a mess
          enough said

      • Thank you, I’m glad someone here has sense. All this hate for Halle is a joke, Storm literally had nothing to do in the 1st film and only barely got to fly a bit by the third. That has nothing to do with Halle and she herself said that she felt storm had been watered down from the comic books. Anyways at the end of the third film Storm was taking over the school from Prof X so she may not need to physically fight so much to still be a big part of the film.

        As for Catwoman, no one on God’s green earth could have rescued that script and abysmal dialogue, I felt sorry for her having to say those lines.

  24. No flying? That’s absurd.

    • about as absurd as the writers not having her fly or fight in the 1st 2 films? flying the plane does not count

  25. Do you know what happens when a toad gets struck by lightning? The same as everything else!

  26. Wow this is shocking. Cause I was expecting a badass storm like what we got in xmen 1-3 oh wait…

  27. The storm character (from the comics) is one of the most interesting and layered characters I’ve gotten to know over the years. There was so much potential for something amazing to be put on screen instead we got probably the worst possible version of the character. That’s not Berry’s fault in my opinion but still, other than a few fx weather money shots she’s completely wasted and forgettable.

  28. Some of you people are being over dramatic. Halle Berry ain’t that bad as Storm, never was. CBM never completely go by the comics, not even Nolan’s Batman films. Get over it.

    • you don’t get it, you don’t have to go by the comics to make a good character, it is important to take cue from the comics, but you can make character your own, good actor can bring a whole new layer to the character, just look at heath ledger, Haley’s storm had as much dimension as a dry wall,beacause she sucks…

      • Word. Where’s Basset at?

        • i don’t get it…

        • Did you see her in Olympus Has Fallen? The woman still got it goin’ on!

      • Can’t compare Storm to Joker. She had the accent for the first film but had trouble keeping it up for every line so let it be gone in the sequels. No biggy. People made a big deal over her hair while no-one complained about Ledger’s Joker having a smile cut across his face he did himself. Agaian no big deal right.

        • i am not talking about there look, i am talking about there ability to act and how lousy actor can destroy the character…

  29. Halle berry should not reprise the role of storm. She’s such a garbage actress and a poor and pathetic storm

    • Bring in Angela Bassett as Storm!!!!