‘X-Men: Days of Future Past': Halle Berry Says Storm is ‘Integral’ But Won’t Fly or Fight

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storm X Men: Days of Future Past: Halle Berry Says Storm is Integral But Wont Fly or Fight

Fox is poised to launch a combined X-Men movie universe with next year’s Days of Future Past (which follows this summer’s The Wolverine). Early on, Hugh Jackman teased that the film would unite the cast of the original X-Men trilogy with the stars of X-Men: First Class, and little by little, actors have been confirmed to appear (or not appear) in Days of Future Past.

One of the most recent additions was Oscar winner Halle Berry, who played the weather-controlling mutant Storm in the first three films. However, since that statement, Berry has announced that she is expecting her second child, raising the question of if her pregnancy would mean she’d have to back out of X-Men duty.

According to the BBC, the answer to that question is a resounding “No.” Here’s what Berry herself said:

“One thing is for sure, with another baby on the way mama cannot take time off.”

Berry added that the production would have to shoot around her forming baby bump and that the importance of her role would remain intact – even if her actions might be a bit less “badass”:

“Storm probably won’t be as badass as she was going to be because we won’t be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that. She’ll be different than we originally planned her to be but I still think she’ll be an integral part of this new X-Men movie.”

halle berry1 X Men: Days of Future Past: Halle Berry Says Storm is Integral But Wont Fly or Fight

While it’s a bit disappointing that Storm’s physicality in Days of Future Past may be limited, the advantage here is that her character is powerful enough to still pose a threat to her enemies without exerting a lot of muscle. After all, the character could easily hurl a lightning strike or summon a hurricane to take down enemies. Assuming that she plays a significant enough role in the film to engage in battle, it sounds as though Singer will just be adjusting some of her action beats – not whittling down her screen time. After all, X-Men: The Last Stand ended with Storm taking over Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and her appearance in the time-bending plot of Days of Future Past is a necessary element for uniting the two series.

Are you glad that Storm is still going to factor into Days of Future Past, despite the fact that she won’t be taking flight? Let us know in the comments section below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters July 14, 2014.

Source: BBC [via CBM]

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  1. I dont have anything against wolverine, but just goes to show you the limit of Singer’s imagination. Take away woverine and his movie will be lame duck.

    I heartily agree. In fact, I’m getting tired of Wolverine dominating most of the X-Men franchise, despite my fondness for Hugh Jackman.

  2. I just wanna say that I agree with 510treeblower, storm is an dark East African women with strong facial features and why I think Halle was ok as storm I don’t think she can give us that, and another thing, isn’t storms eyes blue???? C’mon singer here the fans out, make storm how STORM actually is, not just some watered down African American to play the part of storm just because she’s black, and the whole action thing because Halle’s ass is pregnant is BS! It’s bad enough she barely fought in x1 and x2 and when she did finally fight in x3 she got her ass beat by Callisto like WTF?! I’m sorry but Halle needs to get her ass off set because we need storm with some fighting scenes >:/

    • I always thought they cast Berry because at the time she was the biggest African American actress available. That said, she’s completely miscast. She couldn’t even bother to keep Storm’s Kenyan accent. She acts like she’s an extra on Charmed (and the lame wig doesn’t help). The other problem is that the writers gave all this time to Wolverine (and Rogue and Iceman!?!!), but virtually ignored any characterization for Jean Grey, Cyclops, or Storm.
      Personally I feel they should have recast Storm. Heck, recast the whole lot of them and start over !!

      • Ditto. I’ve never liked Halle Berry as storm. Storm is regal Berry makes her like some everyday regular type person. ICK! :p

      • Starting over? The story they have now is wonderful! They have managed to let two entire different generations merge together! And in 2016 they will fight their ultimate enemy apocalypse. I like this storyline they have.

    • I don’t think you’ve watched x3, because Storm defeated Callisto ;/. And does it really matter which race Storm is? I don’t care if she is black, white, asian as long she is played be a good actress. And you can say what you want, but Halle Berry is one of the best actresses and most populair actresses there is. The last years she don’t act a lot anymore because of being a parent. But she’ll still be in the books as one of the best actresses ever. It’s 2014, the world isn’t only for white people anymore please accept that.

      • Personofthefuture –

        The original poster DIDN’T discuss nor degrade one’s melanin AT ALL. Nor did they say ANYTHING derogatory about Berry.

        You’re using nonsensical conjecture to fit your tunnel visioned-like, shallow thinking, colored prism.

        ‘Personofthfuture’ – what a nonsensical and fictional name.

        yes, it’s 2014. 13+ years into the 21st Century and sadly it’s quite obvious our public education system has failed you, us so so badly.

        So you like Halle Berry.. good for you. This doesn’t mean everyone should nor want to as well.

        IMO she’s the typical, paint-by-numbers blah actress.

        I think this is your ‘cue’ to purport me being sexist and/ or racist. Hahahaha

        Idiocy run amok.

      • Thank you!!!!!!!! OMG. You took the words right out of my mouth

      • as a 50 year Afro Caribbean comic book fan, Hollyweird constantly IGNORES and forever keeps ruining the ORIGINAL depictions of the heros we’ve come to revere as our personal idols.
        Since I was 12 Storm has been my “Goddess” when they chose to cast Halle Berry I was so outraged, because Halle is NOT
        Storm in ANY sense of acting ideal.
        My first cast would’ve been Iman Bowie due to her metamorphing role she had in one of the Star Trek movie series and quite frankly she IS the physical embodiment of Storm BAR NONE!!!
        Grace Jones might’ve had a good standing BUT she would OVER ACT and it would’ve been too comical, like her Bond movie role as May Day.

    • You seriously need to chill on Halle because for one she is beyond amazing as Storm and DUH it’s because she’s black!!! You can’t have a white woman playing her sooooo check yourself and stop talking isssshhh about Halle. Thank you have a blessed day

  3. I’ve always been a fan of the X-men, and my favorite is Storm.

    So, like many, I am very disappointed with the portrayal of Storm. I don’t care much about Halle Berry getting the part of Storm, I think she did ok, but I wanted to see more Storm story background, be given the importance that Wolverine and Jean had.

    In addition, I think Rogue should also have been more expanded instead of taking her powers away with “the cure”. I hope that the so called cure is only temporary and she becomes the badass she is in the comics and series.

    • I would love to see Grace Jones as Storm! I know she would rock that character.

    • Yeah I absolutely agree you!!! As much as I love Halle Berry I feel like she was mis cast. Her Storm didn’t show as much strength, and poise as she should have. Stormed just appeared to be (despite her powers) weak as a character and overly emotional. I feel like an actress like Angela Basset may have been better for the role.

  4. Halle Berry is a phenomenal actress but her character is constantly undermined by the banality of the writers! Wolverine is painful but he’s all any of them seen to care about, and it’s really sad because so many other great characters were created, but they insist on pandering to the lowest common “grrr-argh” denominator. I think if they spent some SCREEN time developing her character people might shift opinions a little.

    • I agree with much of your comment.

      Though I’d hardly call Berry nor her portrayal of Storm ‘phenomenal’.

      Id’ve hoped Singer & co would have written Storm off altogether.

      X-Men: First Class was the best of the X-Men series insofar BECAUSE of the whiny Rogue not present. Berry’s Storm not boo hooing or flying around doing next to nothing.

      Oe the boring, 1 dimensional-like acting of ‘Iceman’ as well. Ugh! The same Iceman actor acts the very same way in the t.v. series, ‘Smallville’ & present day ‘The Following’. The dude sucks.

      My frustration is double for Cyclops. The actor portraying Cyclops was bad. Halle Berry – Storm bad.. and then killing off Cyclops.. terrible.

      Cyclops was such an integral part of the comic, animated series etc.,

      Oh well..

      ~ Cheers

      • Flying around doing nothing? I guess striking down arclight and Quill in Jean greys front yard as a badass tornado was hardly doing nothing. at least Storm made it into the house, wolverine was beat from the get go by juggernaut.
        Callisto kicking Storm’s ass was really lame and not possible. That would be the lame part.

        • X-Men III: The Final Stand was complete and utter garbage. It was a throwaway, plotless movie.

          Read the comics and perhaps watch the 80’s-90’s cartoon and you too will understand why I and many others are disappointed in Berry cast as Storm.

    • Yeah i love storm almost to death. She inspires me to one day take my destiny into my own hands. But I’m a man and “real men” ain’t supposed to have female idols. Well i do! Now what?!!!!! Well i tell you, if i had Storm’s power, i would set it off with this slave master called “the government” and the over seers called “soldiers and cops” (two legged pigs, all of them!!!!#).There would not be one police station, headquarters or cop still breathing. I would wipe them all out in one day. And during that day, i would take a couple of breaks only to quicken myself. Oh yes, that would be the greatest day of my life. Not one living cop will be left. Then let’s see how America will fight off her enemies (people who are justly sick of America’s bullying and interference around the world)!!!!!!!!!

      • Wow.. am I glad you’re more than likely – a puny, unaccomplished nobody whom ONLY dreams of such disgusting carnage.

        2ndly, due to the West/ U.S. ever-increasing involvement in the missing Malaysia Airlines 777 aircraft is WHY said-aicraft WILL be found.

        The difficult and albeit thankless job of 1st World/ superpower countries doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Those of us residing, citizenry of forward thinking, Western countries whom carry your sorry, devolving-like, forever ‘developing countries’ – your resentment is plain-as-day obvious.

        So while you ‘dream’ of being some nonsensical dictator-like superhero committing worldwide genocide – I sleep well at night in my 1st World home knowing you’re but a daydreaming troglodyte.

        Oh, did I mention Halle Berry’s ‘Storm’ sucks?

  5. I really hope that Storm have a reshoot on most of her action scenes . Halle had her baby already now put her a$$ to work. We as fan will be highly upset about that and Mr.Brian won’t make any money from this movie#fingers crossed

    • I think i know what you’re saying. They didn’t show storns full potential in the movie. Storm is truly capable of so much more!!!!! If she wanted to, Storm could literally wipe out entire planets and star systems.

  6. Psst.. Halle Berry’s, ‘Storm’ character was never ‘Badass’. Flying around much of the time like a spinning dervish.. lame.

    In the original X-Men Berry at times sounded like Madame Cleo!

    She’s been a dreadful Storm Imo.

    ‘X-Men: The Days of Future Past’ looks clunky, nonsensical as well. Much like Star Trek Next Generation movies.

    It looks ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ bad.

    • You sound like a white person. Storm is truly awesome and you know it! Stop “hating” on people.

      • Stop “hating” on Storm. You know she’s awesome!!!

      • .. sound like a White person..’

        1. I’ve typed not spoken
        2. You’re quite ‘observant’. Look at my Avatar pic, smart guy.

        I could care less about Storm let alone Halle Berry’s lineage.

        The fact of the matter is she’s a crummy Storm.

        Read the original comics the Storm movie character is supposedly based on. Watch the cartoon as well. Berry is a dreadful representation of said character.

        Just because your judgment is clouded due to Berry’s physical features, Idk. She can play mediocre paint-by-numbers dramas but she’s no ‘hero’.

        L8r sk8r.

    • not badass? that would be your opinion. Flying around IS badass. not to mention knocking Quill and Arclight out and tossing them a few hundred feet all while spinning like a tornado was badass and way more entertaining than watching Wolverine get punched in the face by Juggernaut. You can see that at the super market. Storm’s weather power actually require visual stimulant and special effects.
      without the weather X3 would have been so boring.

  7. Yeah it’s smhow disappointing that storm wouldn’t fly or fight,just that i can’t 4get what she did to two brother’s members @ jean grey’s house,although it’s smthing like that but tougher one i will like to see,in the days of future past,but since it happens to be that she wouldn’t fly,then i believe that she has a MAGIC tactics,in which i will to see her in action with it

  8. Replace her ! She sucked! Angela Bassett would have been a better choice..I think Gina Torres, or Sanaa Lathan

  9. Halle berry might not have had the voice down but she was definitely a badass. It’s not her fought the writer an director didn’t have her doing more, when we know truly that she could have! Storm is a great character and she has a really badass power. They should gave her character a little more background. Thanks to X-men Apocalypse we might actually get to see some of that! I’m really big fan of Halle berry (Storm). I can tell you one thing in the movies and in the comics Wolverine and Storm was always the two older people who always SURVIVED!!

  10. Storm is an important member of the X-Men, and somehow it’s quite bad that she’s not valued as Wolverine. It is not so close to the written Bd’s. Though in Days of Future Past , we totally understand that she can’t fly or fight because of her pregnancy , but Storm worth more than that, and she can be part of the movie without flying or fight as she has the ability to manipulate the elements and can take down enemies without touching them physically.
    Hope very much that Mr Singer will find a way to keep her in the movie, cause many of us cannot imagine the X Men without Ororo Munroe, alias Storm.

  11. I would have to say that I am glad that Hallie Berry will be playing the role of storm. Even though it is not that much action There are creative ways that the director and screen writer could spin this to work in their advantage. For example if not why not put a twist on the marval stores and add their own personal character that caters to Storm or even a possibility of Storm having a daughter that has inherited her powers and is stronger. I’m sure they will figure something out. Plus there is the fact that she will still be able to fly just not anything too extreme.

  12. I’m African American and I loved Halle Berry as Storm, especially in “X-MEN 2″ and “X-MEN 3″.

  13. As much as I love Halle Berry and her abilities as an actor I think it’s time to recast her and literally uplift Storms character. I think Lupita (12 Years a Slave) would be great for this part. And in Halle Berry’s defense, her Storm character is only as Bad Ass as the writer’s (Singer) allows her to be. In all honesty they truly need to revamp some of these characters. We’ll see what “Days of Future Past” will bring to the table….

    • Idk. I agree with your recasting of the character Storm idea.

      Though not because of the writer’s inability to write Storm/ Berry into the plot line(s).

      Halle Berry is a blah-like actress when given top billing. She’s a tolerable supporting actress (‘Monster’s Ball’ was primarily Thornton and Ledger). Though when thee headliner (Catwoman, The Call, Frankie & Alice etc.,) she blows. Big time.

      And though I do like Lupita Nyong’o, she’s yet proven any kind of acting chops for a superhero-type role in her young albeit very respectable body of work insofar.

  14. Storm really needs her own movie. Or a bigger role in these movies. She can control all the weather on the planet for goodness sake! She would be far more entertaining than a guy with metal claws who’s story we all know by now.

  15. I see the points being made here. In the 90’s cartoon series, Storm was the one Xmen that saves-the-day on numerous occasions, & yes I agree, in the movies, she seems less than. The cartoon character did have her challenges with claustrophobia, but her confidence, skill, and bravery seemed more defined than what Bryan Singer has given us, and all we are saying is that we feel let down by Singer’s lack of heroism that he’s given Storm so far. In the cartoon, she was fierce and dramatic! X-men is a very emotional cartoon and most true fans love it. We just wanted to see the characters get portrayed as we remember them. Placing Halle Berry in this role was like casting Beyonce; it’s clearly a miscast. Rebecca Romijn, Halle Berry, and Anna Pacquin aren’t to blame here. It’s the writing and casting. Any real X-men fan knows that Angela Bassett would have brought X-men fans to tears of joy with her on-screen portrayal of Storm. Rebecca Romijn did a great job as Mystique, but her character’s presence was more prevalent in the cartoons. I’m not even going to start with how they did Rogue. The truth is that Berry is a phenomenal actress, she just doesn’t channel the energy of Storm that we X-men fans know and love. Her on-screen adaptation of Storm is ok but Bassett would have mystified us with a Storm that we only can dream of. I love Halle Berry’s work but I wanted to see Storm be bold, or boisterous, & Angela Bassett or maybe even Iman can give the attitude, nerve, and charisma that I would’ve just loved. Halle Berry has done great work and she will always be a star. Some blame has to fall on the actors and actresses, but Halle Berry is capable to embody the Storm that we were looking for, nonetheless, her complexion and soft spoken persona makes Storm seem more like a drizzle, than Storm of the X-men… I don’t blame Halle Berry and Anna Paquin for the screenwriter’s lack of follow-through to capture the characters and bring them to life on screen as a piece of time-less art. I could go on and on about the pain of my heart regarding Singer’s degenerate idea of Storm & Rogue…. (sighs) After reading all of the reviews, the audience is pretty much crying for Angela Bassett…

    • Brando, O’Toole, Olivier etc., the aforementioned actors are some of thee best actors of the 20th Century. And their acting style is often referred to as, ‘Method acting’.

      Whereas they’re given a script and rough draft of the character they’re to portray.

      The aforementioned actors would go an entirely different direction altogether and make the character their own. In the process providing infinite-like more character development to that very same person on paper. Astounding the director and audience(s) alike.

      The aforementioned guys were long time theater actors pre and post-Hollywood infamy. Their presence, delivery is both legendary and phenomenal.

      Berry.. she’s the typical paint-by-number H-town actress that is neither creative nor captivating in her portrayals. Jmo.

      Her whiny, boo hoo Storm persona is a travesty to we X-Men comic book, 90’s X-Men cartoon fans alike.

      Granted Angela Basset’s much better and MAY have made a better Storm. Though Ms. Basset’s age would be miscast this day and age for a character that’s forever younger looking ala Storm.

      That said I’m not looking all that forward to this recent X-Men installation.

      The time travel paradigm seems to be thee go-to for recent action movies. It’s a tired and non-creative construct. Again jmo.

      Bringing Patrick Stewart back.. ugh.

      Oh well..

    • The problem is that they’ve given her nothing to work with. You can’t write a character off to the side while you throw shirtless Neanderthals at the audience, in hopes that they don’t notice the fact that you clearly don’t give a flying kite about the fans, and expect them to pull off a stunning performance.

      Storm is a nonentity in these movies, it’s only natural that Halle’s performance would follow suit.

  16. You make a good point there,again,i think another director n writer should asist singer n his writers to upgrade those mega n interesting characters that they has been downgrading,then after that any other problem that maybe find from the actress side will then be tackle,but i strongly believe that after the amendment of this characters,basically on storm,i know that halle will try all her possible best to give us the best potray of storm,thanks.

  17. You make a good point there,again,i think another director n writer who know better should asist singer n his writers to upgrade those mega n interesting characters that they has been downgrading,then after that any other problem that maybe find from the actress side will then be tackle,but i strongly believe that after the amendment of this characters,basically on storm,i know that halle will try all her possible best to give us the best potray of storm,thanks.

  18. Yaya Dacosta…. :)

  19. Maybe if they just have given storm (halle berry) scenes that they keep giving to wolvorine viewers could have been satisfied. im so dissapointed.i understand that Halle berry is Pregnant and that she cant make too much muscle movement but the thing is that she’s getting less and less and less scenes that make me sad .

  20. Storm in the big screen treatments has been rather dumbed down for the average action movie audience. She has the powers of a goddess and she has been relegated to a small part of a superhero team. A shame. Because an omega level mutant could have been interesting to watch on the big screen.

  21. You guys make it seem like Halle Berry wrote Storm’s scenes in all of the movies, like she actually has FULL control of the character, and that she intentionally butchers Storm. You’re wrong. She didn’t have the accent because the directors didn’t enforce it. She didn’t have a lot of badass scenes because they are crazy expensive and difficult to do, and the creators don’t want to spend too much time on her because all they seem to care about is Wolverine. Halle actually cares about the franchise, and her role as Storm, and has spent years trying to please the fans, and this is what she gets? Nobody is EVER going to be satisfied with Storm, but not because she’s played by Halle Berry. It’s because the writers and directors for the films never use her to her full potential. Halle Berry did the best with what she could do, and better than what A LOT of people could have done. Stop hating on her.

    • No, Sam. I’ve read ZERO people’s sentiment on this board re: Berry and her supposedly ‘..writing her own scenes’ you falsely juxtaposed.

      As for her having control of her character, she did!

      Instead Berry portrayed Storm as often scared looking/ frightened/ nervous, on the verge of tears, exuding NO confidence in her abilities, delivered the lines feebly and most times was completely forgettable.

      The few instances from the 4 X-Men flicks she’s been part of where she flies, fights she looks freakin’ ridiculous or fish-out-of-water like.

      She is NOT an action actress at all whatsoever.

      Often times we’ll read, watch ‘behind the scenes’ information of plays, movies where the director is shocked & awed by the actor/ actress taking the character they’re portraying though going off script. In that process though adding dimensions to that character. Albeit with an action(s)/ line/ movement that elevates their character. Whereas the observer has an emotion or an emotion that’s elevated. Whether that’s admiration, admonition/ loathing etc., the point is that character is more than what was imagined.

      The actor/ actress had tapped into something unexpected, making that character memorable.

      Berry did NONE of that.. then again she’s not known for doing inasmuch.

      The aforementioned talent is what method actors/ actresses, thinking outside-the-box actors/ actresses do.

      Berry has proven time and time again she’s an uncreative, paint-by-numbers, inside-the-box, does as she’s told actress whom merely does, says what’s in the script. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Look at the movies she’s been the star of.. they all stink! I take it those are all those other director’s cult as well..!?

      ‘Monster’s Ball’ was centered around Thornton, Ledger’s performances. She was along for the ride..

      She plays tolerable co-starring bit parts. Though sadly that rings true only when she’s in a bikini/ half n aked or shows her lady bits & has few lines to mess up..

      There’s nothing dynamic nor standout acting-wise about her. She’s but a pretty face.

  22. No! im so believe…..hahaha nice halle berry as a storm im proud of you

  23. I hate it when Bryan Singer directs Halle Berry. With the exception of “X-MEN 2″, he always seemed to screw her over when it comes to utilizing her character, Storm. This was apparent in both “X-MEN” and “X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST”. How on earth did that poor woman put up with him?