Guillermo del Toro talks ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘Hulk’ TV Show

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The Iterations of the Hulk Guillermo del Toro talks Pacific Rim and Hulk TV Show

After Guillermo del Toro’s dream project — At the Mountains of Madness — was cancelled unceremoniously, he has thrown himself into a number of new projects. Currently, he’s directing Pacific Rim, starring Idris Elba and Charlie Day, and developing The Hulk TV show.

Today, an interview with del Toro hit the Internet where he discussed both Pacific Rim and The Hulk while promoting the comic book adaptation of his vampire book series, The Strain. Check it out below.

On how Pacific Rim is coming along, courtesy of io9, Guillermo del Toro said:

“Very good, we’re at the end of our second week. We are shooting everything for the main complex in the movie, which is a huge complex in Hong Kong where the robots are maintained. We are doing that, while building downtown Hong Kong streets.”

Pacific Rim, in short, is about people in the future piloting giant robots to fend off an alien threat in the form of massive, ghastly monsters.

On how The Hulk TV show is coming along:

“Very good. We delivered the screenplay to the network. I have a very specific idea of how to do it, and we’re waiting for the green light. [Ed. note: No pun intended?] We know all the iterations of the Hulk pretty [well]. We’ve read all the essential stories, and we’re then riffing on that. There are so many incarnations and ideas. Jeph Loeb — who did a good run [on Hulk: Grey] — is involved, and I love Peter David’s Hulk. But there’s really no part in that mythos that we don’t know, so we are trying put our own personal spin on it.”

While io9 says that del Toro was referring to Jeph Loeb’s Hulk: Grey, people don’t usually refer to a miniseries as a run. Loeb’s most recent run on The Hulk – which saw the creation of the darker, edgier, more “extreme” Red Hulk – sold fairly well to start but was utterly reviled on the Internet. Hopefully, io9 was right and del Toro was referring to the former and not the latter, but it’s doubtful.

Gray Hulk VS. Wolverine Guillermo del Toro talks Pacific Rim and Hulk TV Show

Peter David’s run on Hulk, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the better runs in the character’s history, thanks to the creation of the Grey Hulk and perhaps the most memorable Hulk/Wolverine fight to date. Does this mean we’ll be seeing the appearance of different colored Hulks in the TV show – Mr. (Joe) Fixit in particular?

On why del Toro continues to re-imagine horror, science-fiction, and fantasy tropes in his films:

“The reality is that it comes not from a goal, but from the fact that I’m fulfilling my bucket list as a kid.”

On what’s inspiring him currently as an artist and filmmaker:

“I really enjoyed Drive and [director Kim Ji-woon's] I Saw The Devil, which is absolutely insane and brutal. I recommend it for the not faint of heart.”

It’s not much, but it all sounds interesting. Do you agree or disagree, Screen Ranters? Let us know in the comments.


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Pacific Rim is filming now and is expected to hit theaters May 10, 2013. Hulk has yet to be greenlit, but once it is, we’ll let you know.

Source: io9 [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Is it me or does it seem that del Toro wants to have his name attached to almost every single production now? (sarcasm) I mean really, he has his video game coming out, I believe late 2012 or early 2013; he wants to do a Beauty and The beast movie with Emma Watson; of course the Hulk tv series; Pacific Rim.I love the guy but the list goes on and on. NO wonder he quit on the Hobbit.

    • I wish del Toro would add Hellboy 3 to that lengthy list, but I can be patient.

      • Agreed.

    • @ Justin Kemp

      No more so than Brian Singer.

    • What’s wrong with that though? If he does or can do a good job of it, there’s no need to be negative. I’m particularly hyped about what he can do with Beauty and the Beast. Watson’s a great cast and would be pretty interesting to see how the Beast and all the other characters are depicted with Guillermo’s style.

  2. Del Toro doing his own take on the Hulk will keep things new and fresh.

  3. hulk is my fav marvel character, so any new take on hulk is welcomed in my book. i actually really enjoyed the “red hulk” saga. so i look foward to seeing hulk again

    • Agreed. I think its the second best Marvel film next to Iron Man. Would like to see something with the Leader as the main villian. Maybe Bruce learns to comtrol the hulk but in order to defeat the zLeader he must give into the true savagery of the Hulk.

  4. If Loeb is involved with the Hulk show, it´ll be crap. Just like every Marvel related project he was involved.

  5. Pacific “Room”? cmon now, screen rant.

  6. I am just glad that Del Toro finally has some stuff coming out and is not just attached to everything.

  7. I’m actually glad Del Toro left The Hobbit, as Peter Jackson should have been, and now thankfully is, directing it. Shouldn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken, and Jackson did a masterful job with The Lord of the Rings.

  8. The pilot is said to be airing soon after The Avengers in the pilot season and first season in the Autumn.

  9. They are sort of waiting for the Avengers to come out in May to start casting and production on the Hulk series.

  10. If the series happens it is likely they’ll go with an entirely new cast.

  11. Simplify the Hulk effects maybe the only solution because making a TV series is not the same as making a movie because of time and budget constraints. A green muscle suit would be Del Toro’s alley because he likes practial and make up effects, would be like Hellboy were they put Ron Perlman in a red muscle suit and make up, there was a Hulk suit in the alternate ending of Scary Movie 3 but that was a comedic representation of the character, a hulk suit would be like the Hellboy make up or the Doomsday Smallville make up. Would be interesting if they go that route have Banner and the Hulk be played by the same actor.

    • I think a Hulk suit could easily look cheesy (look at the older Hulk tv show), but if anyone can do it Del Toro can!

  12. I’m waiting for the much anticipated Hulk vs. Thor match up (that was attempted in the old 70′s TV series)

  13. The Avengers movie has created the possibility for a new Hulk movie, in 2015. They say if the Hulk success continues, Marvel will spin him off to a stand alone TV series next year supported by a big budget franchise movie in 2015.

  14. I just heard that it maybe in develpment for 2013-14 season but Jessica Jones is stalled.

    Because of the success of The Avengers they decideed to fast track it.

  15. Del Toro has been busy with Pacific Rim and now has Pinocchio and Beauty & the Beast possibly lined up right after it, so would he have time to do a Hulk TV series?.

  16. Think with Del Toro involved he’ll make it more of a monster oriented series?

    • Its because they wont hire him. From what I read he is an absolute prick to work with. The reason they wouldn’t let him back as Hulk is because the director refused to let him back. Edward Norton has been known to be extremely controlling when it comes to movies. He demands script changes and talks down to directors. He changes lines from the script during filming and wont let them change it back. He is a brilliant actor but refuses to let the director do his job.

      Its why you don’t see him in movies that much anymore. Think about it… Guy is an A++ Rank actor, yet can’t seem to get roles in movies much anymore. He pisses off every director he works with and they don’t want to work with him anymore.

  17. A Pacific Rim animated series would be fantastic. That movie was the perfect setup for one. If done well it could be an American Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Till it gets cancelled after a season or two… like Tron: Uprising… which was absolutely amazing.)