Guillermo del Toro: Hulk TV Show Is Progressing

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hulk tv show guillermo del toro abc Guillermo del Toro: Hulk TV Show Is Progressing

We haven’t heard much about the Incredible Hulk television series since ABC started pre-production, but Guillermo del Toro wants to assure fans that production is moving forward. The director recently finished outlines for the show and spoke with Fear Net about his version of the iconic hero.

Hulk was announced last November as one of the first live-action productions to take advantage of Marvel’s new parent company, Disney. Other comic-based shows currently in pre-production for an ABC debut are AKA Jessica Jones (based on the Alias comics) and Cloak and Dagger, though there has been even less  revealed about the other two.

Del Toro has been working with David Eick, the producer of the well-recieved Battlestar Galactica reboot, on the new Hulk series. The pair have completed the beginning stages of the writing process by planning the initial plot and structure for Hulk.

“We turned in the outline to ABC about four weeks ago. And then we did a rewrite for ABC on the outline, and now we are lining up the pages.”

Del Toro’s unique work on films like Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth and Splice have given Hulk fans hope that he could bring something new to the table. To hear del Toro tell it, the new show will be a very different beast than the original 1970s TV show and the 2003 and 2008 movies, not to mention Mark Ruffalo‘s portrayal in the upcoming Avengers movie. When asked if there would be differences in the new version, Del Toro had this to say:

“I think so. Or we wouldn’t be trying it. Actually, one of the points of this project early on with Marvel, was ‘We’re going to do this thing different, and here’s how. Are you interested?’ And they were.”

There’s still no word on the talent on either side of the camera, though it’s safe to assume that Ruffalo’s movie star salary puts him out of consideration. While Marvel and Disney are certainly ready to put the smashing green giant on the small screen, there are still a lot of pitfalls on the way to a new series.

Marvel’s new relationship with Disney has many comic fans excited about the prospects for television. Superhero TV shows have taken a beating this year with The Cape getting shut down before finishing its first season and Wonder Woman dying in the pilot stage. Syfy’s Alphas and FX’s Powers pilot project will attempt to reverse the trend later this year.


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Source: Fear Net via MTV

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  1. Is Betty going to be a scientist as she was in the movies and 1982 & 1996 cartoons?

    • Yes,Betty will be a scientist like Bruce Banner in 1982 and 1996 cartoon.

  2. Have Betty be a blonde this time round like in the 1996 cartoon.

  3. The point is the old series was great for it’s time it’s well made, it’s well done most fans still hail it as the definitive version but it is necessary to move forward and make a live action version of the Hulk that is distinctive by coming up with a different way to present the character.

    • Since’s the Incredible Hulk 1970′s is popular,now they will come out with different approach like Guillermo Del Toro said that they will come with a new storyline about a love storyline about Bruce Banner and Betty Ross love story that Bruce Banner was exposed to Gamma rays like the old 1970′s TV Series with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno is more realistic than the comic book.And the media ask about be more expired by more of the marvel Comics or 1970′s Television Series,Del toro said the more expired by the comic book than the 1970′s TV Series means it based on the comic book and the Television Series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

  4. Not have the Hulk just fight crooks and thugs week to week have him fight gamma powered enemies like Smallville and Dark Angel.

  5. There’re alot of young actors and actresses on the way up they could end up getting the parts of Bruce and Betty in the new series.

    • Not all the time they use different actors to do a television series from TV actors.

    • Jeph leob is not sure who,he’s going to cast,in the New Hulk Series,but he’s working hard towards a more realistic and good caring Bruce Banner,on casting a suitable actor for the Bruce Banner,new actor in his mid 20′s he’s trying to cast a actor that could bring something to the acting role and something to the charcter means to cast some that looks like Bruce Banner in the Marvel Comic book in 1962,and 1970′s Television Starring Bill Bixby.That’s why Jeph Leob need’s more time on both the creation of the Hulk and the casting as well.So they don’t make any mistake on the casting than the creation,that’s why Jeph leob is taking his sweet time on very thing he said in IGN website.

    • Like I’ve said they will do the casting right like Jeph Leob was saying he’s very stricked who he wants the casting to be 110% right for Bruce Banner and Betty Ross too,that’s why their no updates casting yet.

  6. Del Toro has turned in the pilot screenplay to the network and waiting for a greenlight.

  7. I think it’s likely they’ll cast television actors so that the producers don’t have to pay movie star salaries, thats why they didn’t have Kurt Russell or James Spader for Stargate SG1.

    • I believe they will cast the same actors from the 2008 Film because its based on the love story just like The Incredible Hulk 2008 Film with Edward Norton
      Liv Tyler William Hurd Tim Roth Tim Blake Nelson and Ty Bruell. They will probably cast the same actors doesn’t matter it they are movie stars the producer will same money that way believe it or not because the studio always attend the Last Hulk movie to be a Television series.

      • Marvel CEO Jeph Leob had a novel of Tim sales comic book that turn into a Incredible Hulk movie thats what Louis Leterrier did took it out from the comics and mix it with elements of the incarnations of comic book.So that’s why they attend the Hulk movie to become a Television series all this time.

        • Del Toro has recently said that the new series is going to be his own personnal take on the Hulk which means he’s putting his own creative blueprint.

          • They will do it creatively on Blueprint and in there own spin,with Jeph Leob’s creation but he’s making sure that it comes out 110% better than marvel movies Studios kevin Fegie in the Big Screen.

      • The new series is suppose to be a different take on the Hulk which is likely they’ll go with a new cast that are television actors not people who’ve played the roles before and it doesn’t matter if it has the same cast from the 2008 film thats going to solve it would just prevent the new series from being seen as a new adaptation.

        • Really its not doing it against the New Series at all.

    • Not always they cast actors from Television they sometimes use actors from the movies if they don’t find the right actor from TV.

  8. When your doing a new adaptation of a comic book character you literary have to have a totally new cast.

  9. Here’s what Del Toro saids about on he’s got planned

  10. Del Toro, Jeph Loeb and Marvel have never presented the plans of the new series as a continution of the 2008 film or as a remake of the old series.

    • They want the New Hulk Series,to intake a New Storyline,but in a fresh new detail way that go’s with the New cast that Jeph Leob’s is creating with David Eick and Guillermo Del Toro.

  11. Having a new cast is more likely because Del Toro and Eick would want to do their own creative blueprint and would be separating themselves from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

  12. Having the same cast from the 2008 film would be hurting the project by staying put instead of moving forward.

  13. What about making Betty a military officer in the new TV series like in the upcoming Hulk: Season One graphic novel coming out in September 2012?

  14. Having a new cast is just a way to separate themselves from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

    • Not really at all they do it like the orginal TV Series instead of the previous movies.Because they will do it like old Incredible Hulk Series with New actors and Marvel Comic book.Guillermo was ask if it about the more of the comics or 1970′s TV Series,so Del Toro said no no,more of the comics means they doing it based on comic book and the old 1970′s Series look in

  15. They said last year they were going to do the Hulk using prosthetics and puppetry with a mix of CG now they say they’re reusing the CG Hulk from the Avengers to cut costs.

    A similar thing happened with the 2008 hulk film were they planned to have prosthetics and puppetry with a mix of CG but went with full CG Hulk.

    • The will have a mixture of old school pupperty means that they will be using a Fake person all in green,and prosthetics means they will use a person under a green rubber suit that’s called Prosthetics next they will add full CGI Hulk from the 2008 Film and a 2012 Avengers into a mixture of different elements.

  16. Have Rick Jones be in the series because he was never used in either of the Hulk movies.

  17. Rick Jones could be like John Connor, a rebellious teen on a motorcycle who helps out with Banner on his search for a cure and the guilt that he messed up his life by going out on a testing range only to be saved by Bruce and get zapped by gamma rays.

    • They should have Jack Magee and Rick Jones in The New Hulk Series,and it should be about when Dr.Banner experiement with gamma rays with a Machine DNA,just like Bill Bixby machine DNA with red light saying DANGER.

  18. Lets hope the Hulk doesn’t suffer the same fate as the Wonder Woman pilot.

  19. Both Del Toro and Eick have a creative responsibility, if they want to establish their own Hulk community on television Marvel would’ve gone along with it.

    • They will do excellent with the creation responsibility,marvel Television wanted it done different intsead they want the New Series be more of The old 1970′s Series because Jeph Leob is a old school creator like Kenneth Johnnson.

  20. Del Toro’s plans for the series sound like a more original, modern retelling of the Hulk’s origins.

  21. The pilot is said to be airing soon after The Avengers in the pilot season and first season in the Autumn.

  22. They are sort of waiting for the Avengers to come out in May to start casting and production on the Hulk series.

  23. Kevin Feige said just recently there are no plans for another solo Hulk movie so that probably means we’re getting Hulk TV in the next couple or few years with another Bruce Banner and Betty Ross.

  24. Simplify the Hulk effects maybe the only solution because making a TV series is not the same as making a movie because of time and budget constraints. A green muscle suit would be Del Toro’s alley because he likes practial and make up effects, would be like Hellboy were they put Ron Perlman in a red muscle suit and make up, there was a Hulk suit in the alternate ending of Scary Movie 3 but that was a comedic representation of the character, a hulk suit would be like the Hellboy make up or the Doomsday Smallville make up. Would be interesting if they go that route have Banner and the Hulk be played by the same actor.

    • The special Effect is different than movies specail effects because the Hulk back on TV will be different than the Hulk in the movies. Marvel Television vice president Jeph leob will make sure that the specail effects creation of the transformation will be more like the 1970′s Old Television producer Kenneth Johnnson special effect school.

      • Transformation scenes are likely to be CG and alot of shows use CG effects for transformation stuff.

        TV doesn’t have the time or money to have lots of CGI creatures week to week it would cause some production problems.

        They’re not gonna same put on the same take on the Hulk, people would want to see something different, doing a Hulk story in a way that hasn’t been done before.

        • I want say that the vice president jeph leob didn’t say that,and didn’t mention that the Hulk was coming next year.Jeph Leob said the Hulk,punisher,Jessica Jones is only in development said Jeph Leob.So jeph leob is in charge of the Marvel Television Entertainment.So there’s nothing is announce about when the Marvel TV,Live action series,coming yet.

        • Jeph Leob said in CBR that the Hulk will be Robotic and puppetry. And jeph leob said that he knows that there are Edward Norton fans and Eric Bana Fans,the only Bruce Banner character he like the know the most is Bill Bixby as realistic Bruce Banner.So that means the Hulk storyline is about Bill Bixby version of Intake about the Hulk.

  25. The Avengers movie has created the possibility for a new Hulk movie, in 2015. They say if the Hulk success continues, Marvel will spin him off to a stand alone TV series next year supported by a big budget franchise movie in 2015.

    • That’s not want jeph leob said they he mention again the 2012 TV Series is still in the development,like The Hulk live action,and Jessica Jones.

  26. They will take there time on the live action series,like Jeph Leob said might take a few months or longer that depends,on what Jeph Leob,wants if hes sees that everything is done correctly,then will anounce it.

  27. I want to say that Jeph Leob is a professional,writer because he’s did very good as a writter of the comic books,commando movie,and Teen wolf with Michael.J Fox.That’s why jeph loeb is making the storyline better telling about the Hulk so it make alot of sense than Guillermo Del Toro and David Eick storyline.So I think its about Bruce Banner exposing himself of gamma radation from the overdose machine like Bill Bixby’s.

  28. The New live action Incredible Hulk will have more of the same special effects like old TV Series with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno and the producer in charge is Kenneth Johnnson way of doing the special effects.And will be done and by Guillermo Del Toro will do it just like Kenneth Johnnson special effects.

  29. The Incredible Hulk new live action series will come out maybe in fall of 2012 or probably in late fall going in winter season.