Guillermo del Toro: Hulk TV Show Is Progressing

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hulk tv show guillermo del toro abc Guillermo del Toro: Hulk TV Show Is Progressing

We haven’t heard much about the Incredible Hulk television series since ABC started pre-production, but Guillermo del Toro wants to assure fans that production is moving forward. The director recently finished outlines for the show and spoke with Fear Net about his version of the iconic hero.

Hulk was announced last November as one of the first live-action productions to take advantage of Marvel’s new parent company, Disney. Other comic-based shows currently in pre-production for an ABC debut are AKA Jessica Jones (based on the Alias comics) and Cloak and Dagger, though there has been even less  revealed about the other two.

Del Toro has been working with David Eick, the producer of the well-recieved Battlestar Galactica reboot, on the new Hulk series. The pair have completed the beginning stages of the writing process by planning the initial plot and structure for Hulk.

“We turned in the outline to ABC about four weeks ago. And then we did a rewrite for ABC on the outline, and now we are lining up the pages.”

Del Toro’s unique work on films like Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth and Splice have given Hulk fans hope that he could bring something new to the table. To hear del Toro tell it, the new show will be a very different beast than the original 1970s TV show and the 2003 and 2008 movies, not to mention Mark Ruffalo‘s portrayal in the upcoming Avengers movie. When asked if there would be differences in the new version, Del Toro had this to say:

“I think so. Or we wouldn’t be trying it. Actually, one of the points of this project early on with Marvel, was ‘We’re going to do this thing different, and here’s how. Are you interested?’ And they were.”

There’s still no word on the talent on either side of the camera, though it’s safe to assume that Ruffalo’s movie star salary puts him out of consideration. While Marvel and Disney are certainly ready to put the smashing green giant on the small screen, there are still a lot of pitfalls on the way to a new series.

Marvel’s new relationship with Disney has many comic fans excited about the prospects for television. Superhero TV shows have taken a beating this year with The Cape getting shut down before finishing its first season and Wonder Woman dying in the pilot stage. Syfy’s Alphas and FX’s Powers pilot project will attempt to reverse the trend later this year.


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Source: Fear Net via MTV

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  1. And taking it out of the TV Show starring Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk.

  2. The Incredible Hulk New TV Series will follow the classics old series starred Bill Bixby, that means they will probably pick Ed Norton.

  3. The Incredible Hulk 2 Sequel and Incredible Hulk New Tv Show will be successful if they cast Edward Norton in very one of them.

  4. The Producers should be invesitgating the Bruce Banner in mid 20′s. And nobody can’t fit the role as Bruce Banner like Edward Norton. Because Norton has more experiences than Mark Ruffalo, and Eric Bana.

    • The Incredible Hulk New Series will have Lou Ferrigno playing the Big green Creature. I think they framework the Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton,already established.

      • Lou Ferrigno is still a Big Guy, because I’ve meet him in person in the mega-con and the wizard world comic-con 2011 this year in PA,and florida.

  5. Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk could fight better than the comic book Hulk. Because I watch very Hulk Film TV Show.

  6. The Hulk from television series is smarter than the other from the comic book. Because the TV Hulk Could show more senstivty than the other Hulk from the comic book.

  7. Comicvine says that David Eick and Guillermo del Toro submitted a treatment that includes the development of the Red Hulk as a villain.

    We all know that Red Hulk is General Ross it’s possible that he might become Red Hulk in an episode or later season.

  8. Del Toro confirmed that the new Hulk TV series will follow its own continuity.

  9. Season One should be like Hulk:Gray because that dealt with the early days of the Hulk before the world knew about Bruce Banner’s power and his secret and a focus on the love story between Bruce and Betty Ross.

  10. No Jack McGee have General Ross hunt the Hulk in the new series sending out army forces, Hulkbusters, gamma powered super soldiers to defeat the Hulk.

    New series will probably be treated in a realistic way like Smallville or Chris Nolan’s Batman film’s.

  11. Not have Hulk just fighting crooks week to week but have him fight other gamma mutants.

  12. Bruce Banner to wear glasses in the new series as in the comics which makes him look like an adult Peter Parker.

  13. According to Jeph Loeb and Guillermo Del Toro, The new ABC show will NOT be based, in any way shape or form, on the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno series. As for the Hulk himself, CGI puppetry and prosthetics will bring the creature to life. So no Lou Ferrigno. Loeb also mentioned that it will be based more or less on the original Hulk comics storyline when nobody knew that Banner and the Hulk were the same and that it will also focus on the romance between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross and how the monster within him will drive a wedge between them.

    • Michael Russo don’t be a jerk! There will bring Lou Ferrigno back as the Incredible Hulk and its based on the Bill Bixby version and more of the comic book and Lou Ferrigno be playing the Hulk again through the CGI special effects and taking it out of the comic book and the Television Show starring Lou Ferrigno. Its about Dr. Banner overdose of Gamma rays machine just like Bill Bixby version.

      • How can it be like the old series it was 35 years ago they’re not going have him chased by a reporter and him fighting criminals, have him in the new series fighting the military and possibly gamma mutate enemies.

    • I Michael Russo you thats incorrect the Incredible Hulk live action is not only about a love story its about Bruce Banner being expose to Gamma radation not like the comic book all the way. jeph Leob mention its going to related to the classics Television series without no thout.So you wrong about its not like Bill Bixby version and Lou Ferrigno. I bet Lou will end up voicing the Hulk in the New live action Television series. The new Hulk Tv series came from the Hulk last film with Edward Norton so the because it was attend to be a series in the future probably with the same cast that might end up getting the role again.

  14. Go on my website called its about the New Hulk TV Show Update!

  15. No Jack McGee have General Ross hunt the Hulk in the new series sending out army forces, Hulkbusters, gamma powered super soldiers to defeat the Hulk.

  16. Having the new series be a remake of the old series is a real problem it would just prevent the new series from creating it’s own identity and would just appeal to nostalgic fans of the old series not to a new generation.

    • The New Hulk TV Show will follow the old 1960s marvel Comic Book, and the old 1970s Television Series classics with Bill Bixby`s verson with the same hair do just like Bill Bixby.

  17. Del Toro will reveal new Hulk series details at New York Comic Con on October 15.

  18. If you look at the Ricard Donner Superman movie were people started calling it the definative version saying it’s so magical and wonderful and unbeatable you end up with Bryan Singer doing Superman Returns that is based his fanboy nostalgia for the donner version which prevent the film from creating it’s own identity which might happen if the new Hulk series follows the old series.

    One of the reasons the old series worked because it was made at a time were not many people had heard of the Hulk.

    • I think so it will be like the old TV Series with Lou Ferrigno playing the character which is called the Human Hulk From the 1970s more than the marvel comics because it`s not a comic book movie at all. Its a Television Series that will be based on the comic book but more of the Television Series because it was the old TV show and was successfully more of a science fiction TV Series.Then a Comic Book but they need to talk it over with the creator stan Lee and Kenneth Johnson of both Hulk verisons.

      • In order for it to be like the comic they need his supporting characters as well like Betty, Rick jones, General Ross and Glenn Talbot and no Jack McGee.

        Lou Ferrigno is like 60 now he’ll be too old to play the Hulk.

  19. About the new series having the love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross which Jeph Loeb said is going part of the focus of the series.

  20. Hulk with a crew cut hair style instead of the Lou Ferrigno shaggy bob hair.

  21. At the Marvel Television panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb didn’t talk a lot about Hulk TV, but he did say a little bit of what he’ll look like.

    Loeb says that the Hulk will look “as closely as possible” like how he will look in the Avengers movie. “I’m very, very confident that the Hulk you’re going to see when we finally get on the air on ABC, is going to look like something other than us putting a lot of paint on Lou Ferrigno,” Loeb said today.

    Loeb also confirmed things that were talked about before – Cloak & Dagger and Mockingbird are still in development at ABC Family, and AKA Jessica Jones will feature Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) and Luke Cage within.

    As pilot casting starts happening early in the year, we’ll probably be hearing more soon.

  22. It would be cool to have an Avengers episode some time in the series.

  23. Hulk in the new series won’t a bodybuilder painted green so it’s likely he’ll be cg and will look like the Avengers Hulk saids Jeph Loeb.

  24. About it focusing more on the relationship between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross which makes it like Lois & Clark with the Hulk.

  25. TV Hulk is going to have the same design and CG model from the Avengers to cut costs but not the same actor.

  26. You could do some episodes were they’re building up to a hulk out near the end like Banner working on a cure in some hideout and the military comes in and all hell breaks loose.

  27. Get Lou Ferrigno to do the voice of the Hulk in the new TV series, he’d done the voice of the Hulk in the 1996 Hulk cartoon, Ed Norton Hulk and The Avengers.

  28. It’s like the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica, in the original they were men covered in silver plastic in the new one they were CGI, David Eick is probably doing the same thing with the Hulk instead of bodybuilder painted green with shaggy wig they’re doing a CG green monster.

  29. Could have it be like 24 or Prison Break with the main character being hunted by government forces and the Bruce and Betty love story would make it like The Fly or King Kong the series with a woman trying save the man she loves.