Guillermo del Toro: Hulk TV Show Is Progressing

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hulk tv show guillermo del toro abc Guillermo del Toro: Hulk TV Show Is Progressing

We haven’t heard much about the Incredible Hulk television series since ABC started pre-production, but Guillermo del Toro wants to assure fans that production is moving forward. The director recently finished outlines for the show and spoke with Fear Net about his version of the iconic hero.

Hulk was announced last November as one of the first live-action productions to take advantage of Marvel’s new parent company, Disney. Other comic-based shows currently in pre-production for an ABC debut are AKA Jessica Jones (based on the Alias comics) and Cloak and Dagger, though there has been even less ┬árevealed about the other two.

Del Toro has been working with David Eick, the producer of the well-recieved Battlestar Galactica reboot, on the new Hulk series. The pair have completed the beginning stages of the writing process by planning the initial plot and structure for Hulk.

“We turned in the outline to ABC about four weeks ago. And then we did a rewrite for ABC on the outline, and now we are lining up the pages.”

Del Toro’s unique work on films like Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth and Splice have given Hulk fans hope that he could bring something new to the table. To hear del Toro tell it, the new show will be a very different beast than the original 1970s TV show and the 2003 and 2008 movies, not to mention Mark Ruffalo‘s portrayal in the upcoming Avengers movie. When asked if there would be differences in the new version, Del Toro had this to say:

“I think so. Or we wouldn’t be trying it. Actually, one of the points of this project early on with Marvel, was ‘We’re going to do this thing different, and here’s how. Are you interested?’ And they were.”

There’s still no word on the talent on either side of the camera, though it’s safe to assume that Ruffalo’s movie star salary puts him out of consideration. While Marvel and Disney are certainly ready to put the smashing green giant on the small screen, there are still a lot of pitfalls on the way to a new series.

Marvel’s new relationship with Disney has many comic fans excited about the prospects for television. Superhero TV shows have taken a beating this year with The Cape getting shut down before finishing its first season and Wonder Woman dying in the pilot stage. Syfy’s Alphas and FX’s Powers pilot project will attempt to reverse the trend later this year.


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Source: Fear Net via MTV

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  1. Hmmmm, although I love the idea of a new Hulk TV show, I am not so sure on Del Toro. I dont want the Leader having eyes in his hands….

  2. I love The Hulk & I really like Del Toro…a tv show sounds great as it allows more time to explore ideas….the old tv show was classic stuff & showed that with a low budget…you can still make something long as everyone involved are dedicated. The movie’s were good…but there was that little bit of magic missing from them. The whole Banner change to Hulk got lost….they should have been moments that made your hair stand on end.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I like Del Toro, I just think his style isnt very well suited for The Hulk. He may be a big green behemoth, but his world isnt as fantastical as Del Toro likes to make.

  4. If it reuses the exact opening and closing theme songs from the old show I am there. If they try to put their own “Modern or crappy as I like to call it” spin on the theme I will not watch 1 minute of it

  5. I would rather see del Toro do something along the lines of The Twilight Zone or Tales From The Crypt. Put something like that on Syfy and I think it could be great.

    • Tales from the Crypt would be a great Del Toro match. That could be some crazy stuff.

  6. It’s too bad that Bill Bixby isn’t around to reprise his role as Banner. He was the heart of the 1970s show. I wish Lou Ferrigno could participate too in some recurring role.

  7. I was wondering what happened to this new “HULK” TV series,
    glad to hear it is still a go & hope we see it this fall on TV.

  8. so is it going to be cg? some guy in a suit? or some big muscular dude painted all green. which would suck

    • Did you read the article?

  9. My favorite superhero and my favorite director. Should be good.

  10. Just hope they don’t mess this show up where it becomes so corney &
    so phoney, hope they have real marvel villians appearing instead of a
    man in a ape suit or a guy trying to play werewolf to scare the town silly, do it right or else!!!

  11. He better have Willem Dafoe as Jack McGee!!!!

    • I’m down.

    • Agree with you about jack mcgee is a good either have like you mention william Dafoe or Jack nickelson.

  12. I hope to heck they let the Hulk be a real character instead of a mindless monster. I wouldn’t mind if they cut Banners roll down to nearly nothing.

  13. No Jack McGee have the Hulk be hunted by General Ross and his troops.

  14. Like others I am intrigued by the idea but also hesitant. Del Toro is an excellent director (you aren’t just given the responsibility of directing The Hobbit) but he is occasionally a bit too “out on the edge”, similar to Tim Burton. This can and often does work to their advantage but I just worry this unique direction they are taking will be a bit TOO different. The original series, for all its campy and often silly Hulk moments, worked extremely well because of how the show was focused on Bill Bixby (aka Bruce Banner) and his personal struggle to contain the beast. If that formula is changed too much it’s just not gonna fly imho.

    Having said that, I have enjoyed most of his work (especially Hellboy 1-2) so if they can manage to capture the spirit of the original series while elevating the Hulk to believability without being campy, then I’m all for it.

  15. What do you think of having the Hulk serum in the series instead of gamma radiation which would have caused Bruce Banner to get sick and die.

    • Boo that idea

    • The radiation would’ve caused him to get sick and die, except that it reacted to something else within him. You’re leaving out the comic book physics!

  16. I am hoping this other direction they are talking about is the actual comic book direction. Gamma Bomb and all.

  17. Hulk’s origin in the comics had to do with the cold war so the Gamma bomb is a bit out of date.

    • Not really out of date…..its still something they could be trying to harness the power of in maybe a small area type of explosion instead of a large area explosion. Gamma Radiation one way or another is a dangerous thing to mess with, so I think it is still a functional cause for what happens.

  18. Gamma Radiation would cause Bruce Banner to get sick and die, genetic modification is more likely, in the 50′s and 60′s radiation was enough to create from giant ants or humans getting super powers.

    They could do the Ultimate Hulk’s origin where Banner trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America that leads to the accident that creates the Hulk.

    Can still use the gamma exposure but have the gamma be more of a control factor for the experimental Super Soldier Serum.

    • Thats kind of what makes him a special person, the fact that it doesnt make him sick and die……normally, turning into a giant green monster by growing about 2 feet and a few hundred pounds of muscle would probably cause someone to die I would think, not make him an unbeatable beast.

      I still do not understand why, when things can make sense the way they were done, people feel the need to change them. I am good with change in places where it is needed, to me this isnt one of them.

  19. Well i hope the Hulk pilot is 2 hours long, by the way
    does anyone know who is going to play David Banner?

    • It’s Bruce Banner.

      • Well, if we can change his origin, why not his first name? ;-)

      • Actually the name “David” was an alias used by Bruce Banner a lot.

    • David Banner is a RAPPER!

  20. It would have to be grounded in the laws of physics the origin. Stan Lee had no idea what a gamma ray was when he did the Hulk. In the Spiderman movies and Ultimate Spiderman instead of being bitten by a radioactive spider which would’ve cause Peter Parker to get sick and die he was bitten by a genetically altered spider. Ultimate Marvel replaced radiation with genetic modification which is more modern and realistic.

    • But again, why MUST you bring the laws of physics into it? Nowhere would the laws of physics allow a man to grow to the extant of the Hulk and shrink down into Bruce Banner as easily as he does. Hell, people who lose weight at a rapid pace have stretched skin hanging. If we wanted to be “realistic” when Hulk transforms back into Banner, he should have skin hanging all over his body.

      • Not only that…if it was reality–who do you know can change their skin color from Tan to GREEN?!

  21. Opps! This is what i’m talking about, the orginal TV series really
    change everything based on the HULK? hope this new TV series won’t
    be a flop.

  22. It’s to do with his pulse rate and adrenaline system that causes his hulk outs.

    • Not sure what that has to do with his mass change and body structure change.

      • Super soldier serum is like a steroid putting on 500 pounds of muscle.

        • How does Cap not have that happen to him?

        • How does any of this make more sense than a gama bomb?

  23. Marvel + Disney=???? As a life long Marvel fan I’m not convenced this is gonna work. Afterall we are talking about DISNEY–they make Kids Movies!!

    • Pirates of the Carribean was a great action adventure movie with a fantasical story, and that was Disney. I do not have any issues with Disney on any of this.

    • I see this a lot. People forget that Disney just wants a piece of Marvel’s movie income pie, they don’t want to muck around with anything creatively. They’ve outright stated on record that they’re staying “hands off” with Marvel.

  24. I’m getting kind of worried now, what if disney doesn’t want
    any real marvel villains in this HULK TV series? instead they
    use jail cell crimmals, robbers, mafia guys & king cobra snakes

    • Why would they do that though? I actually wrote a story for a Hulk pilot. I should post it on here.

      • Yes let us see!

  25. It would be a missed opportunity if the new series followed the old series by putting too much nostalgia into it.

    • I am curious why you are even interested in this. It sounds like you want EVERYTHING to be changed. Why not make a new tv show called something else that has the story you are looking for?

      • Whats wrong with having the Ultimate Hulk’s origin?

        • The Ultimate Universe was created to be modernized and turned into something different. Its not the real stories (that has been said over and over again). If they want to make a TV show called Ultimate hulk, then sure, go with it and I am all for it. This is a Hulk TV show, and therefore should follow that premise.

          BUT, to return that question, whats wrong with having the REAL Hulk origin?

          • I am a die hard hulk fan. So naturally I love the original origin. I even like the original tv show. But personally i have to agree with micheal mcdonnel. I feel the ultimate hulk origin is much better. The radiation origin feels dated. It was written during a time when radiation created everything from giant women to giant ants. I love all hulk origins but i feel the ultimate hulk origin was a nice update. Granted whatever the origin is i’ll be tuning in.

  26. This is the Short, Short version. There would obviously be filler, but I didnt have time at the office to type the whole thing up again lol……

    This would be a 1 hour pilot with limited commercial interruption.

    They start it with the gamma bomb. Make that the pre credits scene and do it right with Rick Jones. After the credits have him be in a hospital recovering in a coma and when he wakes up have betty and Rick there and have him be normal until Ross comes In then have Ross yelling at him and have him yelling back (fighting about him going into the explosion etc…) and start to get agitated and boom he hulks out.

    Commercial 1

    From there he beats up Ross a bit and Betty stops him. Seeing Betty he stops and relaxes a bit and then gets pissed and busts through the wall to escape. You see him leap away and Rick and Betty looking out the giant hole in the wall. Next scene shows Betty looking over her beaten up dad. She sees his vitals are good then goes out of the room to talk to Rick about what happened. Then it shows Hulk land somewhere and start to slowly walk and he starts transforming back and collapses in exhaustion.

    Commercial 2

    They come back to a 6 months later caption. There is news on every channel about the Hulk and Ross is all better and hates him and wants to capture him for testing and such. That’s where he starts to abuse his military rank using them to search for him etc. Final scene is him finding him and there is a standoff and they are going to battle.

    End of episode 1.

  27. Have it be an amalgam of ultimate Marvel and mainstream Marvel. Hulk’s origin in the comics was to do with the cold war and the atomic age, if you wanted a updated version of the origin go to Ultimate Marvel.

    • I am still not sure why we need an updated version. Nothing you have presented has swayed me towards that. Saying its from the Cold War has nothing to do with it. People can still be testing Gamma Radiation weapons today as it is still a deadly force to be reckoned with. Did people have better immune systems back then so they wouldnt get sick? No, of course not, so why would that happen now?

      • Doom3524, I’m convinced you’ve been arguing with an automated script. Notice how he doesn’t even click “reply” to respond to what you’re saying, he posts a whole new comment? It’s either a bot or someone who logs onto Screen Rant after they get black-out drunk (or has taken Ambien) and isn’t really conscious of whats going on.

  28. Unless Banner was working on radiation resistance, trying to give human a immunity against radiation.

  29. Something funny just popped in my head- what if they
    film a hulk episode at “Islands of Adventure” amusement park
    where Banner takes a temporary job, only to run into trouble
    with some terrorists holding hostages at the Hulk rollercoaster
    ride there.

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