Guillermo del Toro and David Eick Team-Up for New ‘Hulk’ TV Show

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hulk tv show 02 Guillermo del Toro and David Eick Team Up for New Hulk TV Show

Last week, Disney CEO Robert Iger  confirmed that Marvel TV and ABC were developing three television shows based on existing Marvel properties.  Earlier reports on this venture suggested that an updated version of The Incredible Hulk was always at the top of that list.

It was rumored that David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) and Guillermo del Toro would each be pitching their take on The Hulk, and at the time I expressed skepticism over del Toro’s involvement, given how frequently his name has been attributed to projects he had nothing to do with. Well, allow me to admit I was wrong –  and in this particular instance, I’m quite happy to be.

Deadline is reporting that Eick and del Toro will both have a hand in bringing The Incredible Hulk back to the small screen. The pair will write the pilot together and del Toro is interested in directing it if his schedule permits him to. While Eick has a considerable amount of television experience (including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and the Bionic Woman reboot), the series will mark del Toro’s first foray into TV.

The new show will focus on the Bruce Banner/Hulk character in his mid-20s and even though it’s another origin story, del Toro insists that it will be told in “a respectful but powerful way.”

Although The Hulk’s recent big screen appearances have been realized entirely with CGI, the show will also mix in prosthetics and puppetry. Not surprisingly, Del Toro will be heavily involved with the design of the character and will be drawing inspiration from the various comic book incarnations as well as the original 1978-82 series. Deadline claims fans can expect “a few wild tweaks on the old look.”

Given the enormous amount of preparation required for such an undertaking, the new Hulk series likely won’t premiere until the fall of 2012. If that’s the case, the show could benefit from the exposure Joss Whedon’s The Avengers gives the character that summer – despite the fact that each property seems to be operating within its own separate continuity.

guillermo del toro david eick Guillermo del Toro and David Eick Team Up for New Hulk TV Show

Guillermo del Toro and David Eick

I have to say, I’m completely on board with this. I already fully supported a new Hulk television show and the involvement of Guillermo del Toro and David Eick only sweetens the deal.  Not only is del Toro a guy who knows the comic book medium inside and out, he’s also a truly visionary filmmaker and storyteller. Pairing him with a TV vet like Eick (who seems to enjoy updating classic shows and characters) seems like a smart decision and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

I also like that the show doesn’t seem to be tied to the Marvel movie universe. It’s a decision that I think frees them up creatively – not only in terms of casting and which characters they can use, but also for the overall tone and look of the series.

The Incredible Hulk has had his share of tumultuous travels into other mediums recently. It finally feels like he’s in good hands.

Source: Deadline

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  1. epic

    • yup

  2. I love the idea of GDT attached, but I hate that it’s yet another reboot. I loved both films, and they could simply continure the story after TIH. Oh well, I’m still on board.

    • Yeah, I’m fairly burnt out on origin stories. But my guess is they want the freedom to set their own rules rather than adhere to the movie universe continuity. They could be redoing the origin because they’ve got a different take on it and a different direction in mind for the series altogether(rather than the fugitive-esque approach).

      I really like the idea of prosthetics & puppets being used for the Hulk in addition to CGI.

  3. I like that Guillermo del Toro is getting some work. That kid needs a lucky break.

    • Isn’t that the truth! Poor guy…no one seems to want him around… ;)

  4. not completely CGI? that’s enough of an announcement to get me excited. CGI is often overused (although Hulk really begs for CGI). I usually find TV CGI to be just silly (except when it’s done right, as in BSG.

    …and GDT is involved? I gotta say I like this announcement

    • I’ve been saying since before Letterier’s take that they should absolutely use prosthetics for ANY shot in which
      he share’s the screen w/ another human being, or is shown from the torso up, or the knee down.

      The Incredible Hulk was a rather crowd pleasing take, I thought – and they shattered the entire illusion when they had CG-HULK do a close-up, mid-day scream directly at the camera.

      Probably looked great on paper. On screen, I thought I was gonna blow chunks after I saw that.
      Clearly, CG works fine for low-lit shots, too, where you can’t see exactly what he looks like (let alone every pore, scar, & blade of stubble on his CG-Face!)

  5. Im looking forward to it. Ive got it stuck in my head as Bill Bixby being the one and only Bruce Banner (even though the series didnt follow the comic book story line), but Im really open to this. The old hulk tv series as much as I liked it as a kid, I was aware at the time Lou’s Hulk was slightly goofy looking even though he was impressively muscular. That hair was something else!

    • I thought Bill Bixby was David Banner, not Bruce Banner in the TV series :-p

      • He was called David on the show, but his full name in the series was David Bruce Banner.

        • Correctamundo, I keep forgetting that.

          • Their reason for changing it for TV was that Bruce Banner sounded too “Gay”.

            Wonder what Bruce Springsteen, Cousin Brucie, and Bruce Campbell would have to say about that, in the years since.

  6. what a laugher… a revamped version which equals reboot,remake,reoriginate,revision. wow all this dough these guys get paid and they can’t stick to what made these characters popular to begin with. i will hold further judgement until i see it, butiam already smelling cancelation within its first season if the show is horribly written and the special effects cheesy…

  7. I want Mr. Fixit.

    • You are right. On. The Money.

      Give us Animatronic Gray Hulk, w/ a hefty dose of attitude, if you really wanna reboot this thing w/ any type of mass appeal.

  8. Since the accident that turned Banner into the Hulk was shown in the opening scenes of TIH, they could base the story on the events between the accident and the movie. And as long as they have the “on the run” mood of the Bixby show (which wasn´t really displayed in the previous Hulk movies), it´s ok with me.

  9. 1) The idea of not using CG sounds great…

    2) In my opinion, del Toro is way over-rated.

    3) Changing Banner to 20 years old with a new origin….ughhhh. That would enter the project into “why call it the Hulk” area. In my opinion.

  10. F—ing aewsome news. he is one of the best creature story tellers there is and i hope he does a splice sequel,island of dr moreau remake,creature from the black lagoon remake,resident evil remake, and underworld origins films.

    • I hope he does Hellboy 3 before any of those.

      • I doubt Hellboy 3 will ever get made, I doubt there is a director/producer/writer out there with as much going on as Del Toro, and the first 2 films never set the box office on fire. I personally loved them both and would love a final film but I don’t see it happening for a long time if at all.

  11. If it’s not within the movies’ continuity, then I will not watch it.

  12. I read this and a choir started singing Hallelujah…this is great news.

  13. I know the producer Del Toro that should pick Edward Norton first than the other actor because he the real Bruce Banner from 2008 version. and the use lou ferrigno as the voice of the Hulk.

  14. The first lead should be cast is Edward Norton looks like his mid- twenties and should be cast first if he does nt wants to do the role then get Danile Garfield from harry potter movie. but I know wood Edward Norton take the role as Bruce Banner because hes Looks like Bill bixby alot by the hairstyle and the lips too.

  15. I know Edward Norton will take the role as Bruce Banner if they ask him to play Dr.David Bruce Banner again. He s a hulk fan of the comic book and the tv show too as well. Del Toro need to pick Edward Norton first,and pick the director from the hulk movie name Louis Leterrier.

  16. I think they need Louis Leterrier to directed the new hulk tv show instead of Del Toro and David Eick, Del Toro is producer and David Eick is a writter.

  17. Stephen Lang would be great as General Ross after seeing him as the bad guy in Avatar

  18. Jeph Loeb updates fans on the new Hulk TV project.

    “this is a story that will focus on the early days of the Hulk, when people didn’t know about his terrible secret and enormous power.” There will also be a romantic element. “We’ll be focusing on the love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, how the two are brought together and continuously torn apart by the monster within,” he says.

  19. Go my new Website called it tells about The New Hulk TV Show!

  20. Have there be gamma mutants unleashed by the same accident that created the Hulk and not have him chased by a reporter but by military forces.

  21. TV Hulk is going to have the same design and CG model from the Avengers to cut costs but not the same actor.

    • The Hulk will be like the classics in the 1970′s to the early 80s in the New Hulk TV Series 2012 that means the Hulk will live in the real world.

  22. The CG model they can just put in and make it move about, they’ll probably make shock footage of him leaping and roaring and fighting the army.

    We’ll see more Bruce Banner in the series because Hulk is human most of the time, another way to save money.

  23. Using prosthetic s in close ups may be a Great Idea. But you forget who is paying for the show. The Networks do not pay for production. they Don’t even want to think about competing with the EVIL HBO/AMC/Showtime.(Which is exactly why those Channels are Thriving.

    So when the Incredible Hulk comes YeLLing a Death Rattle with a Green Groucho Marx Nose and mustache mask on, Don’t be saying you shouldn’t have known.

  24. Not have the Hulk just fight crooks and thugs week to week have him fight gamma powered enemies like Smallville and Dark Angel.

  25. Having a new cast is more likely because Del Toro and Eick would want to do their own creative blueprint and would be separating themselves from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

  26. Having the same cast from the 2008 film would be hurting the project by staying put instead of moving forward.

  27. Having a new cast is just a way to separate the new series from previous live action Hulk TV and movie adaptations.

    • I think it should have same cast its the right way to go instead of new cast is a waste of time.

      • How? television doesn’t have the time or money to pay those kind of salaries.

        • There are times were you have to move forward with a new cast.

  28. They said last year they were going to do the Hulk using prosthetics and puppetry with a mix of CG now they say they’re reusing the CG Hulk from the Avengers to cut costs.

    A similar thing happened with the 2008 hulk film were they planned to have prosthetics and puppetry with a mix of CG but went with full CG Hulk.

  29. David Eick is probably going do the Hulk the same he did Battlestar Galactica, the 2004 Battlestar was completely different from the original because he had a different conception on how he wanted to presented it,updating it for a new generation by putting on a different style.