Guillermo del Toro Talks ‘Hellboy 3′

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Even since Guillermo del Toro resigned as director of The Hobbit, fans of his Hellboy films have been wondering if development on Hellboy 3 could begin in the near future.

The devilish superhero – who is played by Ron Perlman – last graced the big screen in 2008 with Hellboy II: The Golden Army.  Despite being at times outright silly (albeit intentionally) in tone, that pic hinted that a dark fate awaited its titular hero – and del Toro knows exactly what it is.

“I would love to do it,” del Toro says of Hellboy 3, “but the heartbreak for me is that I know how it ends and I don’t know if I want to see that ending.  But I would love to do it.”

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has addressed the ultimate fate of the character before and admits that his plans for the comic book clash with del Toro’s idea for a third film [SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT]:

“The problem is, what del Toro’s talked about to me is that ‘Hellboy 3′ would be the end of Hellboy… My version of Hellboy in the comics is a finite story, but it’s going to take me 15 years to get to that ending.  If [del Toro] makes ‘Hellboy 3′ and it’s the death of Hellboy, I’m left doing the comic going, ‘But I’m not done yet.’”

Hellboy Guillermo del Toro Talks Hellboy 3

Hellboy aficionados are quite familiar with the significant difference in design and atmosphere between Mignola’s comic books and del Toro’s film franchise.  The hand-drawn incarnation of the hero is an introverted loner whose brushes with the world of the supernatural tend to weigh heavier on his mind afterwards – as opposed to Pearlman’s gung-ho, beer-chuggin’ warrior and lover of Barry Manilow from the movies.

Both versions of the character are interesting and entertaining in their own right, but the melancholic ending del Toro seemingly has in mind sounds more appropriate for the books, not the movies.  A bittersweet conclusion could still work for the film franchise, but it would be difficult to pull off.

Hellboy movie pic Guillermo del Toro Talks Hellboy 3

Del Toro is currently set to team up with James Cameron on a long-expected adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft novel At the Mountains of Madness.  With his name already attached to several other projects in development, del Toro may not have the opportunity to work on the concluding chapter to his Hellboy trilogy for awhile.

Whenever del Toro does get to work on Hellboy 3, it will be interesting to see just what he has in mind for the big red guy’s final adventure.

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  1. I honestly don’t think we will ever see a Hell Boy 3 :(

  2. I agree with Greenknight, aaside from the fact that part 3 could mean the end, Del Toro seems way too busy at the moment.

  3. I honestly think that if there isn’t going to be a Hellboy III many people are gonna wanna kick Guillermo del Toro’s *ss.

    We want it, we need it, we deserve it! :D

  4. It’s to good, to funny, to original in its approach to have it end here. Even if it means the eventual demise of the big red b*st*rd.

  5. I’d be really interested to see Hellboy 3, but lets face it, at the rate Del Toro’s going, there’s a good chance we won’t see it for another 15 years anyway. :p

  6. The Hellboy films are my all-time favorites. I would love to see Del Toro finish his trilogy. Though I would be sad to see the end of Big Red, in Del Toro’s hands I am sure it will be a perfect conclusion.

    • I’m sure Wesley Snipes would agree, he needs all the money he can get to pay the taxman!!

      • :D lol

  7. I really like the Hellboy movies. Bring on a third!!!

  8. I very much agree with the whole Blade IV idea. :D

    Question is: how long is Wesley in jail? Or has he been released already?

    • Apparently, Wesley Snipes was at Comicon… although it could have just been a day release thing.

  9. So the choices are:

    Del Toro, makes Hellboy3, and bummer he dies saving the world in somekind of amazing finale!

    Let’s see 15 years from now we get Hellboy3! Hey whata’ya know its a reboot, reimagine’ing thing.
    Perlman and half the cast are long dead, so were gonna just gonna recast everyone and use whoevers left for some throwaway cameos, cool?!.

    Dude make the friggen final film NOW! and stop breaking my vallz.

  10. I really really want a Hellboy 3 and I’m pissed at Guillermo for not doing it. Everyone of his fans clearly want it. Honestly I don’t like his work outside of Hellboy so I’d prefer he do this. I liked the first one a little bit more. The second seemed like he got to big of a budget and didn’t know what to do with it. He is great at stretching a small budget, but when he gets more money he doesn’t know what to do with it. It just seemed like to much, but I still really liked it. For me Hellboy was an 8 and Hellboy 2 was a 7.7. Not a huge difference.

    Anyway Hellboy 3 please.

  11. Honestly GK333, It wouldn’t bother me to see HellBoy go bad at the end. Waiting too long and blowing the moment makes me angry.

    Del Toro’s being selfish with the character, and if he’s going to come out and dangle that carrot every other year screw him.

    • Well 790 he may be dangling the carrot to generate interest from another studio because SonR made the first HB on a budget of 65 million and the film probably cost another 50+ million for P+A worldwide and that film made just under 100 million so it probably never turned a profit even with DVD sales which were much stronger in 2004.

      HB 2 was financed and ditributed by Universal at a cost of 85 million plus another 50+ million for worldwide P+A and that film made 160 million worldwide so it still never made much of a profit if any even when taking DVD sales into account.

      I think that’s why HB 3 will be a harder sell because if it gets apocalyptic it will be an expensive film to finance(at least 100 million for production costs alone) and I don’t think there is much studio interest to up the ante on production costs without having a more bonefide return on the investment.

      Besides I thought Iread somehwere that Perlman doesn’t want to go through all the make-up again…

  12. The first Hellboy movie was an amazing gift from Del Toro.
    The second one was an excuse for him to use all the leftover critters from Pan’s Labyrinth, which frankly didn’t do much for me.
    The third one should be made NOW, while Ron Pearlman and co. are young enough to work their own magic.
    Mike Mignola will sell Hellboy comics for 15 years either way, no problem. And if they wanted to do more features, we will still go see them. For my money, I’d like to see a return to the kind of Lovecraft/big stakes/universe in peril film that the death of Hellboy would be, even if it means the end of the series. Better to go out in a blaze of glory than have another crappy film.

  13. I was disappointed with Hellboy 2…too much of del Toro, not enough of Mignola in it…so I’d just as soon not see him make another Hellboy movie. I’d rather see another Hellboy Animated movie.

  14. Ah good points GK333,, I let my selfish rage blind me.

    Your prob right on all counts,,,

  15. Hellboy 3 would be excellent, but I read an interview with Ron Pearlman who said he would never do another one. Not sure if that’s a “Hollywood no” (holding out for more money) or a real no.

  16. I say give it a few years. See if Perlman’s career gets a little stale, digital effects gets noticeably better, and del Toro thinks up an ending he likes better. Let’s plan to meet here again in 2013 to discuss its release in 2016. Why 2016? Its 6 years away, the biblical number of man and the year 2016 is evenly divisible by 7, the biblically perfect number. So it would be a good year to release it, so it will be biblical at the box office. That’s if the world doesn’t end in 2012… ;)

  17. Just as long as he doesn’t wait too long b/c it would suck to see Ron Perlman unable to do it because they took too long. Ron Perlman is HELLBOY and deserves to be allowed to play out the trilogy.

  18. I love hellboy!

  19. Please make hellboy 3! I’m so obsessed that hellboy made me fall in love with him!

    • Yes I feel the same way,he better hurry up too,Ron Perlman isnt gettn any younger nor are the other original cast members,maybe 2011/2012 at the latest,I would love it is his girl had twin babies,a boy like her and he girl like him,that would be sooooo cool,and ene thugh Hellboy has to meet his fate his children would live on…so hurry up guy we are waiting…..

  20. Guillermo del toro rocks for his creativity,he rocks in other things too, so does ron perlman,best actor!

  21. This is all news to me, and I’m shocked. I’d heard Ron wasn’t sure if he wanted to do another one (at least not right away), but this is the first I’ve heard of GDT wanting to turn something fun into a tragic passion play, and to be honest, I absolutely hate the idea. I wish del Toro would pay attention to his own writing. In the first movie, Hellboy overcame his destructive “destiny” and made the choice to side with humanity against the darkness. Loved it. Second movie sort of ignored all that, and gave us a bit of foreshadowing that looked like the same future he’d avoided in #1. I desperately want to see a third movie, but if he does what has been implied, it’ll be Alien 3 all over again, which is to say, it will absolutely suck and effectively undo what came before. I’d rather the movie not get made than have him ruin it with a tragic storyline. If he kills off Hellboy, I’ll never go near another GDT movie again, and will go out of my way to have things printed (t-shirts, posters, etc) with GDT’s face on the encircled by a set of rings with point values.

    Here’s a thought. How about finding a new director, and letting Mignola write the script? If it means having a #3 that’s fun and makes me walk out of the theater with a grin on my face, I’m all for it.

    PS: Hey, bean counters. Depressing stories don’t make me wanna buy related products. Hellboy 1 & 2, though, had me running out and buying tons of Hellboy & BPRD stuff. Think about that for a bit…

  22. I would really appreciate a Hellboy 3 even though the heartbreak is painful, and I do know what his fate is and we might as well say farewell, because to not make a third installment would also mean us never seeing Hellboy on the big screen again. He is one of if not my favourite superhero and it would be a shame to not see how it ends.

  23. I am not sure that 3 would actually need to be a kill off of the Big red guy from my view. When Liz made her choice between him and the earth, he won the battle for the crown which she melted down. The crown itself was said to be indestructible at the beginning of the movie. It is possible someone else could use the crown (though it was left melted, but intact) and be the reason for his cause of destruction. If they need to kill him off, there will be a child that can take his place for a 4th or even 5th movie later, to go along with more of the comic-book storyline.

    • They said the army was indestructible. Not the crown. I watched it just now to make sure.

  24. Hellboy is required on the big screen and comic books. Maybe he will have kids in Hellboy 3 and those children maybe able to carry on his legacy. I am looking forward to more Hellboy movies in the future. I enjoy both movies and books on a such story even though I never read Hellboy comic books.

  25. I honestly don’t like the first one but, the second one was better than the first. It is a bit depressing that they’re going to kill of Hellboy. In the first movie I never liked him. I found him annoying. Then after I saw the latest one well, I got very excited for a third. I think it was his attitude if not then what.

  26. Hellboy is one badass!

  27. i needz to see more of that hellboy hunk!!!