Doctor Who Star Playing Main ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Villain

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Karen Gillan Doctor Who Doctor Who Star Playing Main Guardians of the Galaxy Villain

With the beginning of principal photography on Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studios and writer-director James Gunn are hard at work casting  the vast amount of new characters for the space-faring adventure. Three of the heroic leads will be played by Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana, supported by Michael Rooker, Lee Pace, Ophelia Lovibond and Enzo Cilenti in unconfirmed roles. This week alone – if the reports are true – we can also add Oscar nominees John C. Reilly and Glenn Close in key roles as well.

We cannot yet officially confirm who any of the supporting characters are playing but several of them have been rumored to be playing villains, including the latest of which, comes from Doctor Who fame.

No, we aren’t confirming previous rumors that former Doctor David Tennant is voicing Rocket Raccoon. THR has the scoop that former Companion Karen Gillan has joined the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy and will be playing the lead villain. Gillan finished her four years (2.5 seasons worth) on BBC’s Doctor Who last year and has since worked on two upcoming films in supporting roles. Guardians of the Galaxy will mark her major feature film debut.

With Lee Pace and Michael Rooker also potentially playing villains as well, the Guardians will seemingly have to overcome many obstacles on their way to becoming a team. There are conflicting reports on both of these two, ranging from Rooker playing an original Guardian to him being a villainous “space pirate” and Pace playing a villain to him having a redemption arc that could lead to a spinoff movie. That makes speculating on Gillain’s character much more difficult, so we’ll just throw the totally unsubstantiated fun idea out there that she could be playing Death – the being Thanos aims to please.

Guardians of the Galaxy is being rewritten and directed by James Gunn and begins shooting in London this summer. It will be released in 3D.


Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes who you think Karen Gillan is playing!

Source: THR

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  1. She is playing DEATH?

    • We don’t know who she’s playing. That’s just one idea I have for her character.

      • its the perfect idea, probably better than what she’s actually cast for

      • @Rob, Good call!!

      • I thought she would be playing Michael Korvac’s wife. Has that role already been cast??

    • Do you know what unsubstantiated means? -___-

      • Do you know what “nemesis” means?

    • maybe the queen of the Shi’ar….Deathbird or maybe Lilandra. Easy way to introduce the Imperial guard into this movie and tie into Star Lords origin.

  2. I’ve been mentioning her for a couple of weeks, so I’ll say she is going to play NEBULA.

    • You are correct

  3. Moon dragon maybe?

    • Hopefully not as it’ll mean she’d have to cut off that gorgeous ginger hair D:

    • Moondragon’s mostly good, but with Drax in this, they could introduce her as well.

  4. Sounds like it’ll be Lee Pace as Korvac and Karen Gillan as Carina.
    For Cosmic Marvel fans, this movie will be Wondrous!!

    • Man that’d be amazing if Korvac was in the movie. It’d be extreme !

  5. Karen Gillan is a good actress. I saw all the Doctor Who episodes with her as the companion.

    I love her Scottish accent. Plus she’s got the longest legs on the planet.

  6. Gillan as Nebula, Rooker as one of her henchmen and Lee Pace as Nova!

  7. I’m hoping she plays Squirrel Girl.

    • I’m a fan of squirrel girl and would like to see her in Agents of Shield or something like that but she’d never fit in GOTG.

  8. she is truly great actress and she will play nebula in the guardians of the galaxy glenn cose lender of novacorps lee paece as the collector.

  9. So death is now a leggy Scottish Ginger? I see why Thanos wants up in her skirt.

  10. yay!!!! So excited to see Karen getting a major role!!! Whatever it is, she will be amazing, though it would be cool if she played Death, cause then she could appear in Avengers 2!!!

  11. this movie definitely will FLOP

    i mean…the characters here are C or D comic character listers…
    no to mention about talking raccoon…over CGI many of us know about guardian of the galaxy if the movie isn’t going to be made??

    • This movie could go either way. If its successful than it will do exactly what the avengers did. This movie has a lot of potential, and when it is successful, everybody is gonna copy of of this just like there doing with the avengers.

      But if it does go wrong…..IT WON’T

    • One of the more ignorant comments I have ever read.

      First off, it’s called variety and expansion including characters that are not well known. Nothing more boring than the same characters being used over and over again in a movie.

      Second, your view on a talking raccoon is one that many people, outside those who read comics, would see as ridiculous. You’re telling me a teenager bitten by a radioactive spider was accepted by everyone when it first came out?.. No it wasn’t.

      And finally, if you have no knowledge about source material (in this case comics) do not make comments that showcase your stupidity and one sided mind set.

      • Word.

      • You’re right, Will. While I originally thought a walking tree (that wasn’t an Ent) and a CGI raccoon were riskier than your average costumed hero, I still thought it could be a great film if the story focuses on great characters instead of visuals. I haven’t read any GOTG comic books so I refrain from saying silly comments.

    • Yoda. Nuff said.

    • Sorry to dogpile but I must….. :)

      “ many of us know about guardian of the galaxy if the movie isn’t going to be made??”

      And I ask….so? Why is it so important that people know who GotG are beforehand? How many people knew what Star Wars was? Or even Iron Man Or the X-Men……etc. Going to see a movie you know next to nothing about is half the fun!

      • Glad the majority of us agree on this topic!
        GOTG will be amazing

      • I agree, I know nothing about GOTG and the more I hear about it, the more I’m excited to see it.

    • GOTG was a highly successful comic thats been around since the 60s…theres a largely faithful fanbase….i bet you thought Avengers would flop also.

      • @MeanGreenMachine, Speaking of Avengers, I remember on this site and others, people were swearing up and down that Avengers was going to flop hard and how Joss Whedon was hack and, and and on.

    • I love how UTTERLY wrong you were.

  12. Very interesting… When I saw this article I had a thought. it’s not really a true “theory” because there’s nothing to back it up, but I thought I’d share with my fellow Marvel nerds.

    What if she’s playing the female, amnesiac embodiment of The Beyonder that appears in the “Annihilation” storyline? (for specific reference see Annihilation #3 prequel series, Thanos #9).

    Here’s what she looks like.

    • Totally know what you mean, where she was trapped in the Kyln prison.
      That would be interesting, especially since it is the Beyonder.

  13. Given all the rumors swirling around this project, how obscure the material is to begin with, and how willing Marvel has shown themselves to be in terms of changing major characters and properties…all bets are off. I’m excited.

  14. I’m happy about this news! She’s a great addition!

    I love it that Marvel includes actors from cult sci-fi/fantasy TV shows and movies. Most MCU fans love and watch those and will be very happy to see their favourites in marvel movies :)

  15. Lady chaos anyone

    • Who’s that?

      • Another one of thanos love interests that he wreaked havoc for.

  16. My guess is she’ll be the leader of the Universal Church of Truth if they’re following the last GotG storyline

    • You beat me to my post.

      • Madusa?

        Sorry, been a while since I read The Thanos Imperative but that was her name, right?

  17. “To challenge them is to court Death!” Big evil grin by purple titan. Of course she will be Death.

    • That scene from The Avengers just means Thanos is seeking out Death’s approval within the marvel cinematic universe. It doesn’t mean Death is the main villain of GotG.

      • Yeah, death isn’t so much a villain, more of an entity and Thanos’ muse.


    • I think they know but maybe waiting to announce.

      • I honestly hope we don’t know until they’re in post and the voice acting is finished in a studio somewhere. Keep it as a major surprise for everyone.

        Hell, I’d probably have one of the crew yelling their lines during filming off camera, name them as the voices then bring in the actual actors behind closed doors for their recording sessions.

  19. I must be the only guy in Britain who doesn’t watch Doctor Who but she is gorgeous and trust me GotG will be a mega success, I’m putting that on the table right now. What’s the problem with a talking raccoon? You guys act like he’s gonna be dancing around and singing kid songs.

    • Yeah, I don’t watch either.

      Well, I did until the second episode of the Matt Smith/Karen Gillan era and I thought Smith and the writing were too crappy to continue watching.

  20. The cosmic Marvel characters im wanting is Nova, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel and that’s pretty much it besides GOTG. I’m also hoping Sentry somewhere along the way..

  21. Nebula is my bet. For those who don’t know, that is Thanos’ granddaughter and she is every bit as insane and evil as he is. She once stole the infinity gauntlet from grandpa. She even stole power from the Stranger (cosmic being) and took on the Avengers just to name a few feats. Nebula is a villainess on par with the Enchantress, Black Queen, and Madelyn Pryor. One of Marvel’s few extinction level threats who happen to be female.

    • You left out the best thing about her, she’s a space pirate.

  22. That’s a real good guess! I know that they are looking to flesh Thanos out for the audience new to these characters. It would be my guess that GOTG would be the vehicle they use in order to do this. So again… Good guess!

  23. I know what she will be playing. ISnt Death in this marvel universe a female that thanos is in love with. I think her role is going to be DEATH.

  24. Wow awesome news! great to see her spread her wings acting wise.

  25. Angela from the Age of Ultron finale. Neil Gaiman’s character from Spawn who shows up in the new GotG xomic in issue 5 or 6.

    • You’re just giving info about who Angela is, but you left out what you’re even talking about.

      yeah, what about her?

      • See link below if you need it spelled out. Maybe she is playing Angela in the GotG movie.

        • No I got what you were trying to say. I’m just pointing out that you should try to structure your posts in a complete way.

          You just said “Angela, who’s this person…” and gave some info, but you left out the “I think Karen Gillan will play…” part. Just from a sentence structure, “getting my ideas across” perspective, you should use completed phrasing instead of just throwing something out without the rest of the thought attached.

          • Ok Captain Sentence Structure …: I’ ll work on it!

            • Ok, great.

              damn she is gorgeous.

              • She is not hard on the eyes.

    • ^This

  26. This just got interesting…

  27. But she’s such a nice young girl in Dr Who. A space villain, with red hair and a scottish accent? Well stranger castings have worked out. I guess she really wants to erase that companion image.

  28. My complete lack of interest with this film has suddenly disappeared.