First ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer is Now Available [Updated]

Published 1 year ago by , Updated February 20th, 2014 at 2:36 pm,

Guardians of the Galaxy Official Updated Logo First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is Now Available [Updated]

[Update: Watch the preview and full Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer right here.]

[Update 2: Watch our own video and GOTG trailer analysis!]

Don’t worry Marvel movie fans, the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is just around the corner. For real. What we initially expected to be part of a ‘big game’ debut during the Super Bowl by Disney, the public’s very first look at footage from Guardians of the Galaxy is instead happening next week.

While Disney took the buzz around Super Bowl 48 to promote several films coming in the near future (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Muppets Most WantedNeed For Speed), they held off on Guardians just a little longer – despite its increased need for marketing – and its first trailer was classified earlier this week.

Thanks to Yahoo! however, we know that the 2:23 Guardians of the Galaxy trailer will release at the very latest, next Tuesday, February 18th. The confirmation came in an apparent slip-up by Yahoo Singapore who quickly took their revealing tweet down afterward, drawing even more attention to the news by pretending it didn’t happen (That’s happened before – see: April Fools hilarity).


Yahoo Singapore Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Tweet First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is Now Available [Updated]

Oddly enough, there aren’t many major expected box office hits coming in the next few weeks for the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer to come attached to. There’s RoboCop this weekend (already in theaters) and Pompeii next week. Since the trailer was rated “PG” expect Disney to couple it with Need For Speed and Muppets Most Wanted and if they did what they did with Captain America 2 before Thor 2 in November, Marvel moviegoers may see an extended trailer with The Winter Soldier at the beginning of April.

As soon as that first trailer hits though, expect it to be followed up with extensive marketing throughout late spring and of course, throughout the summer (with trailers definitely attached to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past). The first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer should precede a pile of posters, stills, character images and a hopefully revealing official site. Disney and Marvel need to do everything they can to make the Guardians seem as exciting as possible, and make it feel like it’s part of the same universe as the already proven properties.

[Update 1 (Feb 17): The Marvel Thailand Facebook page confirmed that we’ll get the trailer tomorrow.]

[Update 2 (Feb 18): Full Guardians of the Galaxy trailer airing during Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Watch the teaser here and read our analysis of the photos.]


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Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn off of his script co-written by Nicole Perlman. The film stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and Glenn Close.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. ill be the first to not say first.


  2. OMG those GIFs. Are they real?

    • Conceptual, but ya – I saw a version of that at Comic-Con so it’s legit.

        • That’s about a quarter of it, ya.

          • Oh, I didn’t think it was longer than that, interesting…

    • They’re gone now, anyone know where I can find them? All I can find are cropped images taken from conventions.

  3. Words can’t describe my happiness!

  4. goosebumps! I love that raccoon!

  5. Tears of joy

  6. The moment of truth!

  7. words cant describe my joy right now

  8. I don’t believe in accidents in these matters. It’s probably viral marketing to make people hammer the Yahoo movie sites with lucrative hits all week.

  9. PG? Nice! Makes me think of how they rated Star Wars PG. I take it, humans killed on the big screen isn’t as bad as seeing other sentient life forms being killed. Despite the PG rating, I think we’ll still see Rocket and Drax F* up!!

    • I think we’ll still see Rocket and Drax F* *S** up!!

      (i hate to fix a comment for a missed cruse word)

      • *curse*

        • Itching for that edit button? I feel your pain.

          • Lmao! Ikr! So many spelling and grammar errors can occur, with these early morning reports. The worst is when you’re trying to prove a point lol

    • The TRAILER is PG … Not the movie!!!

      • Really?!?!? Thanks for clearing that up!!!

  10. I wonder if the trailer will give a small Thanos tease. It may show a mainstream recognizable marvel hero to help the muggles connect the guardians with the marvel universe. Maybe a voiceover from Stan Lee? that would be cool, if not, then maybe Thor, he’s the only one of the avengers who may know about the guardians and/or their plight. Stark… no, banner… no, cap… no, maybe Nick Fury, but no. It’s probably Thor or even Odin again, anthony’s great with voiceovers.

    • stark has worked with the guardians before dude he can be a connect

  11. Not bad, even though the Comic-Con teaser has been online for months

  12. This film is hopefully gonna be awesome, that comic con teaser looks awesome, and from the gif of rocket it seems that they’ve got the attitude right.

  13. All I want to see in the trailer is a Nova Centurion flying and shooting energy beams. That’ll be a confirmation enough that they can potentially do Richard Rider’s powers justice, if he ever were to be introduced in future installments.

    Also, how they portrayal Ronan is top priority.

  14. What I expect from the trailer:

    – Snarky dialogue
    – People jumping down from someplace high
    – Beat
    – Snarky dialogue
    – An evil or morally ambiguous character speaks in monologue
    – Characters doing (seemingly) awesome things with their weapons of choice
    – Snarky dialogue
    – Cliffhanger
    – And then suddenly release date!

    Break it or do as expected, I don’t care. I’m excited for this!

    • Don’t forget Disney’s healthy dose of Iron-Man. Wouldn’t be surprised if that made the trailer lol

      • MCU wise, that’ll be highly illogical.

    • Something something dark side, something something complete.

  15. Omg!!! Hurry the hell up!! I really want to see this

  16. I’m baaaaack, finally news worth my valuable brain time! YAAAAAAAYYYY GO Rocket Racoon GO!!!!

  17. This. Looks good.

  18. Wohohoho AWESOME! Everything is AWESOME!!!
    Can’t wait to see Vin Groot-sel, Rocket Cooper, Rihanna-Gamora, Brass Drax and of course Emmet as a kicking ass hunk Star Lord wohooooo
    PS: And that animated sequence is also AWESOME!

  19. Can someone tell me why didn’t go with the original guardians of the galaxy team with Vance Astro, yondu, and the rest ?

    • This movie is based on team which was featured comics first in 2008.

    • Pretty sure Yondu’s gonna feature in it. Guy from TWD had a red mohawk for filming. I think SR mentioned ages ago that the 31st century team go back in time to meet the 2nd version of the team for some reason.

      • Michael Rooker is playing Yondu. I believe…

  20. i think that Racoon lives in my neighborhood

  21. This movie has the potential for mega-epic-awesomeness. They better not mess up this opportunity to amaze me!

  22. ROb, I’d be shocked if there wasnt a trailer attached to the upcoming Need for Speed film in March, it is under the Disney banner

    • Definitely. I’d expect it on all of Disney’s films.

  23. Looking forward to august. Stoked for tuesday. My most anticipated film this year.

  24. I’m on board with anything that even has the possiblity of showing Thanos again. The first comic series I read that got me into comics as a kid was the Infinity Series.
    Forget a post-credits scene or tease showing in the trailer. Is it at all possible (to get some buzz for these characters) that Thanos will be an active character in this movie?
    It could turn out to be the most effective way to put lots of butts in seats with the chance of repeat viewings. I know if I heard Thanos was in this one, doing more than the Zoolander turn, I would go see it.

    • My thought is that think that 97% of moviegoers have absolutely no idea who Thanos is, and his presence in the film would have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on how many seats will have butts in them.


  26. Looking forward to seeing the trailer.

  27. Finally!!!! I’m more excited about this movie than any other superheroine movie this year. No offense to X-men, amazing Spider-Man 2 and captain America 2., which also looks like they could be great.

    • Right now for me it’s…

      1. CA:TWS
      2. GOTG
      3. TASM2
      …. 4,009,657,324 XMen DOFP (I’m banking on another Singer cr**fest)

      • Sorry for the double post. This one didn’t show up at first…

        *wants that edit button too*

    • For me:

      1. CA:TWS – has potential to be the best MCU movie to date. There, I said it. Action, intrigue, and I think the twist to it will be a twist we wanted. I’m not posting what could be potential spoilers but if you’ve read the rumors, you know what I am talking about. If that turns out to be true, cool. If not, it won’t sink the movie either.

      2. GOTG – I’m getting a good Star Wars vibe with this one – I don’t expect it to be SW, but man would that be awesome if they came close.

      3. TASM2 – looks better than the first one – looks like we will finally get some separation from Raimi’s triolgy. That was my biggest complaint with TASM is that it felt like a rehash of SM2. Jamie Foxx will make or break this one. I’m leaning towards make it! Cast is solid, effects look good, and here’s to hoping the writing is up to par.

      4,987,234,563 … XMen:DOFP – Will be complete garbage. I have small hopes for this one, but I WILL read spoilers before I go see it. Fox and Xmen give me a bad feeling. Like when the CallerID comes up with an Ex-girlfriend’s number. No good feelings associated with it except for maybe one or two… But the bad times were just disastrously horrible and overshadow the good.

      Sorry for the long rant…


  29. A freakin’ walkin’, talkin’ space raccoon Ugh!

    Maybe Disney can get creative and do a cross-over universe Christmas Special for ABC where Rocket Raccoon meets the Ewoks.

    • That would be the greatest thing ever!! Have Rocket be after someone with the Reality Stone.