‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ TV Trailer: That’s a Big Gun

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There are times when stopping the bad guys is best achieved by heroes who are no strangers to being a little bit bad themselves. In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is one of those heroes, and he’s joined by deadly assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana), vengeful maniac Drax (Dave Bautista), walking tree creature Groot (Vin Diesel) and a genetically-engineered raccoon called Rocket (Bradley Cooper).

When it comes to unlikely heroes, this ragtag group of thugs and criminals are about as unlikely as it comes, so one of the tasks laid out for co-writer and director James Gunn is to explain how a group of people who are usually only concerned about themselves somehow get drawn into protecting the entire galaxy.

Luckily, guarding the galaxy just so happens to align with the Guardians’ personal interests. In the comics, Gamora has a lot of history with both arch-villain Thanos and with space pirate Nebula (Karen Gillan), while Drax is seeking to exact justice for the death of his family. In the latest TV trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill’s explanation for why he’s so determined to defend the galaxy comes down to something very simple: he’s one of the idiots who lives in it.

Guardians of the Galaxy rocket with gun Guardians of the Galaxy TV Trailer: Thats a Big Gun

The TV trailer also features another classic song for the nostalgia-lovers out there: The Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb”. As with the previous soundtrack choices like “Hooked on a Feeling” and “Spirit in the Sky”, this song doesn’t sound like it should work in the context of a trailer for a sci-fi movie but somehow ends up fitting perfectly with the tone. Rocket is the fox space raccoon you’ve been waiting for.

There are a few tidbits of new footage mixed in with the old, including another line from Peter “what a bunch of a-holes” Serafinowicz, who plays a Nova Corps officer. In fact, the impression that this trailer gives is that the Nova Corps will be the outer space equivalent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in The Avengers, though keeping the Guardians under control might prove trickier than watching over Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


Guardians of the Galaxy is out in theaters on August 1, 2014.

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  1. supper pumped for this movie…I truly believe this is the fresh film marvel is looking for to take their brand to the next level. If you can get a general audience to love characters no one has ever herd of (for the most part) the sky…err space is the limit. I’ve traditionally been more of a fan of the darker/edgy DC movies but marvel just keeps the good times coming. Ive seen each trailer a million times just to listen to Cooper’s voice as Rocket. PERFECT casting.

    • Super** whoops

    • yes i seen the movie already and …mmmmm……well so much hopes.. but..is so sad

      • Sooooo, do you type in a chair or from your tricycle?

      • Is there any sex or nudity in this film of any kind what so ever?

  2. I know the Avengers technically disbanded after the Avengers Movie, but if the Galaxy is on a trail to destruction, where the heck are they? I hope they explain.

    I have a theory, that Coulson does not want SHIELD to deal with intergalactic battles, and that he solely wants the Anvengers(Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) to fight for earth.

    Or, they simply have no means of reuniting now that SHIELD is nothing but a group of 6(7?)at a secret base.

    • PS: Now would be a good time to introduce a white Nick Fury, a lost Agent who was so depressed that Nick Fury and SHIELD ‘died’ he calls himself Fury, eh? :)

    • Aside from maybe Thor, at this point what can the Avengers even do. It seems like this is taking place far away from earth, at least the first one, how would Cap, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow do intergalactic space travel?

        • Okay, not sure how that’s going to help him travel LIGHTYEARS across the galaxy. By the time he met up with the Guardians he would be something like 200 years old. Was that even shown in Iron Man 3? Maybe it was but I don’t remember it.

          My point is the issue of where are the Avengers isn’t realistic at this point. They are EARTHS mightiest heroes. Not the galaxy’s.

          • I’m not saying that he could get there in time. I’m just saying he could leave the solar system if he chose to.

            • That suit you posted only works in the upper part of Earth’s atmosphere.

              Xandar, one of the planets shown in this movie is located in an entirely different galaxy. Iron Man has yet to have the technology to open wormholes even in the comics.

              • For your first point, he could and probably would easily have made it more powerful.

                For your second point, I assumed that Xandar and all the other planets in this movie would be in the Milky Way like Earth, but that it just wouldn’t be in our solar system.

                • Even with all his power, it wouldn’t get him far. He would need to open up wormholes with what technology he has and he doesn’t have much to play with compared to that of Xandar or the Kree Imperials who are extremely more advanced than Earth.

                  Hahahaha, no. Xander is in the Andromeda galaxy and Knowhere is located at the edge of the universe where time/space kind of ends.

          • Remember, the fanbois are like little children, the hold their breath and go all stompy feet until they get what they want. Realistic isn’t in their dictionary.

          • Tesseract? I hear it can make a portal….

            • Yeah like Odin will let the Avengers use it bcuz they know nothing about anything going on outside of their Solar System.

              • except odin really isnt odin atm, so if odinki wants to get the tesseract he can

                • or lodin?

                  • So that means the Avengers definitely can’t use it bcuz Loki will not give that up.

        • NO! Nooo! no, don’t you show me that!! hahaha It was the suit I was the most hyped about seeing in Iron man 3 in use and all it did was get destroyed… 40+ PLUS SUITS! hahaha I loved Mark 39′S design..*sigh* Why? Zearing…why?

          • Sorry, Spinner. I was just using it to prove that Stark can operate without being on this planet. Didn’t mean to tear open old wounds :)

      • Or for that matter even know that something is going down. This is a story completely separate from the Avengers. It just so happens that it will eventually impact Earth and the Avengers/Shield (presumably.) Right now, it’s just setting up the agenda of Thanos, and his eventual focus on Earth and other areas of the Galaxy.

        • Exactly.

    • The Avenger spaceship is in the shop! Plus how could they possibly know whats going on on the other side of the universe since they haven’t introduced the intergalactic cell phones or web. Plus we don’t even know if anybody on earth communicates with Nova Corp and with SHIELD gone its doubtful.

      • S.W.O.R.D. was mentioned in a deleted scene in Thor, so maybe they know about the Nova Corps.

        • Oh man! I wonder if that’s how they got that Kree on Earth in Agents of Shield!!

    • How would they even know? This isn’t an Avengers movie, stop asking dumb questions. You don’t pick up a Iron Man comic and “Spider-man could totally solve this, where is he?”.

    • First off, This takes place before The second Avengers movie but even then we don’t know if Coulson reveals himself to the Heroes. He died remember?

      How would they know if something is going on somewhere deep in space? Thor wouldn’t know so don’t even bring him up. Even if they were aware of something happening why would Coulson not let the Avengers help?

    • Maybe no one on Earth actually knows anything of this stuff is going on out in Space.

  3. Yeah.. It’s a big ‘Gunn’

  4. You know the best thing about these trailers? The choice in music. Brilliant.

    Off topic but I also loved the pilot episode for The Flash, saw that not too long ago, gonna be a long wait for episode 2 in October.

    • Dazz where did u get to see The Flash Pilot ???

    • Im seriously considering if they can get some help from James Cameron, or Marvel directors, JJ, these film makers may actually just have what it takes to make
      live action “Heavy Metal” with its soundtrack and some more kick ass tracks added.

    • Yea it was pretty good, I was surprised. Grant Gustin’s not bad. I hope the actress playing Iris Gets Recast tho.

  5. Love the new tv trailer but then again I love all the trailers, can’t wait!!!!

    James Gunn posted liked this video the other day, you guys will like it:

    • LOL. Thanks for that it made my day.

      “I’ll never turn to the Dark Side”


  6. Really Marvel……really?

  7. This is getting more interesting by every trailer.

  8. If i was 6 years old i would be pumped for this movie too, but unfortunately i’m older and this movie looks like disneys bambi with some big guns and some bad jokes in it. As i said before i think this flick will be even worse than the green lantern trash. You have a badly animated cgi tree, a talking dog, a green painted wrestler with no acting skills at all, a green painted zoe zaldana, conan o’ brien as the leading guy and not to forget much boom boom and even more kaboom boom boom. What a mess…..this is not a movie this is a travesty show.

    • You have found such flaws just by watching the trailers! How many will you find when you watch the movie! *gasp*

    • I hope you don’t take this personally, but honestly, have you ever had sex? You might look into it as it might help with whatever is wrong with you that makes you post this kind of drivel.

    • You’re not swaying anybody bro. Go take your Commie ass back to the Superman sales bins at the local comic shop Demir! You’re pushier than a Mormon.

      • And apologies to any Mormons or Communists I offended.

  9. This movie will possibly be entertaining, but also one I won’t enjoy admiting is part of the Marvel Universe (too goofy). I think the tie-in through Thanos to Avengers will cheapen the seriousness of the Avengers’ fighting the thanos threat, etc.

    • We need to cheer up a little bit. Between dark and deep CA:TWS and AoU, we need lighter and goofier movie like GotG, for variation, y’know…

  10. It’s real!

  11. I am almost 100% positive that it is impossible for anything by Marvel to suck. Even though it got to Disney they are still doing an awesome job keeping up the image of Marvel. I have literally seen almost every movie related to marvel, and since my son is a Marvel fanatic I of course had to watch them all, but now I have somehow been turned into a huge Marvel fan myself.