‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Set Photos: Panic on the Streets of London [Updated]

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New Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Logo Guardians of the Galaxy Set Photos: Panic on the Streets of London [Updated]

With filming already underway on Guardians of the Galaxy and two members of the voice cast – for Groot and Rocket Raccoon – still unannounced, many Marvel fans are poised and waiting to hear which actors will be behind these well-loved characters. Though neither were named at D23 last week, there is a fair bit of evidence to suggest that Vin Diesel, who has been in talks with Marvel recently, has been handed the role of Groot.

In lieu of official word on this, however, some more unofficial glimpses behind the scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy have emerged, giving an early look at some of the make-up and costume designs for director James Gunn’s space opera, including the reveal of a fairly major character.

Screen Rant was lucky enough to catch some preview footage of Guardians of the Galaxy at Comic-Con this year, but Gunn’s debut in the Marvel movie universe is still filming in London, and a host of new set photos have just appeared online, courtesy of CBM. Shot mainly on Millennium Bridge, the photos show a diverse group of civilians and Nova Corps officers fleeing from an unknown terror behind them.



Guardians of the Galaxy Character Roster Concept Art Line up Guardians of the Galaxy Set Photos: Panic on the Streets of London [Updated]


Glenn Close is also featured quite heavily in the set photos, playing the role of Nova Corps leader Nova Prime, but you’ll be forgiven for not immediately recognizing her under what looks like an extensive make-up job. Digital Spy has a few closer images of Close in her full regalia, and it looks like the costume and make-up department aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to the alien aesthetic. Some of the designs are verging on tacky and there are some concerns to be had regarding whether Close will be able to express a full range of emotions through her heavy prosthetics, but there’s no way of knowing what the final effect will be until we see it on the big screen.

[UPDATE: Bleeding Cool reports that the actor in these set photos isn’t Glenn Close after all, which is good news for those who weren’t happy with the make-up job.]

Sadly, no other members of the primary cast can be spotted in these set photos (though one of the actors has been mistaken for Zoe Saldana a few times), but if further location shoots are planned then hopefully we can expect to see Chris Pratt, Dava Bautista and perhaps even the real Saldana in costume as Gamora before too long.

Nova Prime in Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Set Photos: Panic on the Streets of London [Updated]

With that in mind, however, there’s probably a limit to how much footage for Guardians of the Galaxy can be filmed in existing locations, rather than built sets. Unlike Thor or The Avengers, there’s every indication that Guardians of the Galaxy will be set almost entirely in space or on alien planets, with the intergalactic superhero team operating out of their teleporting space station, Knowhere. Whether London will be used as a stand-in for a different planet or these aliens really will find themselves on Earth is unclear, though the former seems more likely.

What threat do you think Nova Prime and the other aliens are running from in this scene, and how might it fit into the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy? Share your thoughts on this, and the alien make-up and FX, in the comments.


Guardians of the Galaxy is out in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Source: CBM & Digital Spy

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  1. That picture of Nova Prime in her helmet with the big star on it reminds me of the headache I had last night…it glowed like that….darned migrains! I personally think Guardians will tank (probably mainly due to tree and coon issues like many have), but I do think Glenn Close is a good actress, so the movie can only benefit from her inclusion.

    • I’m sorry, but the “tree and coon issue” are not an issue at all! Rocket is the heart, mouth and humor of the bunch, and Groot just kicks major arse in his own way!

      • this. the movie is going to kick ass

  2. Just looked at Glenn Close pics on the link…she looks like she fell head-first into a bucket of Silly Putty! Musta got too “close”!

    • Yet you accept the premise of a guy who turns into a giant green monster in seconds and a superhuman demigod with a magical hammer? I’m not grasping how you’re having so much trouble with an alien who happens to resemble a tree and a genetically engineered raccoon.

      • Guess I’m just a “realist” (snicker, snort).

      • Thor is not a Demi-god. He is a God. Never understood why Stark says thor is a Demi-god in Avengers. Thor is not part man.

        • Well actually he is an alien that could (based on features) be the basis for or part of the link that created humans on earth.

          There is a difference in the movies portrayal and the comics portrayal.

          He is not even a ‘God’ (Demi or otherwise) in the movies he was thought to be one by ancient civilizations here on earth.

          • In the comics Thor was birthed on Earth, in a cave in Norway by his mother the Earth Goddess known by many names (Mother Nature/Gaea/Jord/etc.)So being born on Earth makes him NOT an alien. Also in the comics he is a God from the Norse Pantheon of Gods.

            In the movie, Stark called him a demi-god cause he didn’t know how else to refer to him. (also Marvel didn’t want to start any controversy about Thor’s godhood) They think of him as Alien because he came from another world. However it was never stated where he was born. Thor at this point probably doesn’t even know who his true mother is yet, depending if they go by the comics.

          • Not sure why you think he is an alien?

            Obviously a difference in portrayal in the comics.

            However, Hulk calls Loki puny God right? So if Thor is of one of the realms as is Loki, then Thor is a god. Plus Thor says the Asgardians rule the 9 realms.

            Yes you are correct that Thor has not stated in the movie that he is a god. At least I don’t think.

            • my above message was directed at Aknot

  3. GODDDDD this movie has me feeling like a teen girl following a boy band.
    Only one more painful year of waiting.

    • That pretty much sums it up for me.

    • ….as Will throws his panties at the screen….

      • haha

    • ….and as FilthPig swoons and passes out in his bucket of popcorn….

  4. Got to see the footage, the racoon looks really cool. The shot of him sitting on the tree shooting is really sweet looking. Like what I saw so far……

    • Ya same here it looked AMAZING!

    • Cue the narrow minded haters…

      • I really knew nothing about these characters but the footage has me psyched. This could be really cool. Again, the racoon and tree at the :04-:05 second mark just earned my $15, haha.

        • I’m glad, and I wish I could see it… I thought they’d make it look cool.

          • Just keep typing Guardians of the galaxy trailer on youtube, then advanced search for today only. There’s a new one up every so often. Good luck.

            • I saw it… it was awesome! I can’t wait to see a proper trailer now.

        • I really think it is a bad move NOT to let that footage be seen by 99% of the people want to see this movie!
          SOME of us don’t live in or cant just travel to San Diego for comic con, Would I have liked to be there NO DOUBT but should we all be punished for not being there? I don’t think so!
          I understand they want the fans at CC to see the footage first, but it should be released to the rest of the fans a month or so later!
          it is really BULLSH*T!

    • “Sitting on the tree”…oh, I get it, he climbs up on Groot’s shoulders and they tackle the baddies “chicken-fight” style!

      • Haha, you got it.

    • Yeap! I kept telling everyone on the podcast that. The Raccoon stuff was a big highlight of the Comic-Con footage and the attendees responded in kind.

      • Rob, Do you think that Vin Diesel is going to voice Groot? or do you think they brought him in to voice or play a larger role in the MCU?

        I do think his voice would be really cool for a character in the MCU somewhere (as long as it is NOT RR) I also think that his voice would fit Groot very well as long as Groot says more than I am Groot, or me Groot, or whatever the hell it is!

        Maybe Thanos or Vision or possibly many other characters but I really don’t think they would hire him for any movie that is due out later than Avengers 2, so I do think it is a very good possibility that IF he is hired it will be for GOTG! BUT if it is for Groot I HOPE he has a lot more dialogue than he has in the comics.

        Also Rob what do you think of RR look? Honestly I liked the earlier concept art of him better!

  5. Oh wow! Great report! It looks like it can be an invasion on Xandar and/or its destruction. Xandar has been destroyed so many times in the comics. It wouldn’t be a surprised to see it get destroyed in the movie.

    Can’t wait to see what they really are running from on the big screen!!

  6. They better not fight in london. Thor is already doing that

  7. Anyone seen the GOTG trailer yet? It was leaked today, but Disney is taking them down like flies.

    • Just saw it, horrible quality, but it looked pretty cool. Pretty much how I’d pictured it, but now I want to see the real thing!

      • where can I find it?

          • The Trailer is fantastic. I’m very excited for GotG

          • I don’t want to be that guy but I think Gamora’s green skin tone is too flashy. They need to darken the tone a little bit. Then again, that’s quick one months work so it’s wayy to early to judge.

            Rocket & Drax looks badass tho! Can’t wait!!!

            • I agree about the green. The clip where she opens her eyes, I like the color there, but when she’s fighting it looks a bit bright. You’re right again about it being an easy fix though.

  8. Sweet photos they remind me a lot of the original star wars

  9. I would love to see nova prime make an appearance in thor 2. One entertainment writer put it best that once you make a movie like avengers fans want to see heroes crossing over to help out main hero in his stand alone movie. Thats why superman vs batman is a heck of a move. For years we have seen way too much standalone hero films, its time to bring it on.

  10. I work at NASA Kennedy Space Center. I was in a meeting last week an a guy from Public Affairs mentioned that Marvel Studios would be shooting test footage at the Space Center in the next few weeks for Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Oh s***!! Nice info!! Sneak in over there an take pictures of the set plz!! Thank you!!

  11. just saw the footage and I think it looks great!!

    I wish RR was not a starving skinny raccoon though! but I think Groot and Star lord look pretty cool from the tiny glimpses we get!
    I really don’t like John C. Reilly at all, he does NOT have the kind of look I expected for this movie and I HATE his tone in his voice it is always the SAME, sounds like he did in step brothers or Talladega Nights!
    I cant see him playing Roman Dey! BAD casting choice IMO, especially now that I have seen that little bit!!

  12. Thanks guys for the links!!

    I wonder what they would be filming at NASA!

  13. just watched it- was already extremely excited for this but now it’s just insane anticipation

  14. Going to be a shame if GOTG does extremely well, but they are not in A2?

  15. Bobcat Goldthwait as Rocket Raccoon!