‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Finds A New Screenwriter

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Guardians of the Galaxy Script Guardians of the Galaxy Finds A New Screenwriter

Marvel Studios is always planning years ahead. Even before the studio was formed as a self-financed production house, they had Zak Penn begin writing a script for The Avengers as far back as 2003 – nine years before it hit theaters after various draft updates and a complete rewrite from director Joss Whedon. For their next team-up epic, Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s a similar story.

Guardians has always been a project Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige wanted to make a reality, and hence, they had a member of Marvel’s screenwriting program (which began in 2009) draft a screenplay for a Guardians of the Galaxy live-action feature film. Now that the project has an official release date and greenlight, Marvel has found a writer to takeover scripting duties and work off of that draft.

The original screenplay was written by Nicole Perlman and now Marvel Studios has signed Chris McCoy to rewrite the script. Like Perlman, McCoy has no produced writing credits to his name just yet, but he has had three of his spec scripts land on the Black List – a list of Hollywood’s best and hottest unproduced scripts.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Guardians of the Galaxy Finds A New Screenwriter

Guardians of the Galaxy had its August 2014 release date confirmed at Comic-Con 2012 two weeks ago and with Captain America: The Winter Soldier already started to endure casting rumors (i.e. Anthony Mackie as Falcon), we’re only months away from Guardians receiving the same rumor-infused treatment, as it’ll enter production next year after Cap 2 and Ant-Man.

The film will be based off the Marvel Comic series of the same name, specifically the 2008 reboot by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. It’ll build off of the mid-credits scene of The Avengers, which introduced moviegoers to the cheeky grin of Thanos, a mainstay villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Phase Two” storyline. The Guardians of the Galaxy roster includes (from left to right in image above) Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon and Gamora. The characters aim to protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats and some of them live for the sole purpose of stopping Thanos (Drax, Gamora).

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.

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  1. just counting down the days… i cannot wait for this movie. i wish i had a time machine :(

    • Tis a good problem to have, friend.

      And just look, you’ll have FOUR Marvel Studios movies to watch, leading up to Guardians :)

      • You might know this Rob, but was Drax the Destroyer the character that was created when Thanos’ ship crashed down on earth and hit a guy in his car? And he was somehow reborn into this new body or something. He’s the only member here I’m rusty on.

        • You’re right, he is. Also Moondragon’s father, and I’m kinda hoping Moondragon will enter the picture somewhere too. She turned out to be a fun Avenger for a while.

          • Also, I doubt his origin will be the same in the movies.

        • he has been resurrected many times. One time he was killed by his daugther Moondrgaon. Each time he is brought back to life, he suffers brain damage. I think it be Mentor (Thanos father)that bring Drax back all the time to destroy Thanos.

  2. So… Am I alone in thinking this movie is a baaaad idea?

    I really can not see the average movie going audience being interested in this. I can see this movie actually being used as the beginning of the “How can you possibly watch this stuff?” argument for comic book movie detractors.

    • @ Raven 415..

      I used to hear something similiar when the Thor and Captain America movie was announced……look at how those movies turns out..

      Relax, i’m sure the producers already took that considerations of yours when trying to make the movie.

    • No, you’re not alone. I’m not interested in this at all, especially if they start dropping cameos between this property and the Avengers. I feel like we just got the ball rolling on the Avengers thing. If Avengers 2 features crossovers with GotG, it’ll be jumping the shark.

      Nevertheless, GotG apparently has loyal fans, as evidenced by comments on this site. This is great news for them. I just hope Marvel keeps this particular property separate from its other ventures.

      • Guardians of the Galaxy is “MOST LIKELY” part of a set up for the inevitable ‘Avengers 3′ Nobody seems to know, realize or understand that if THANOS is to come into the series than THANOS must also be stopped… and if THANOS is to be stopped AT ALL the way he is in the comics… Then we are going to require an introduction to ADAM WARLOCK. Because it is HE who defeats THANOS. Adam Warlock is a Guardian of The Galaxy.

      • I agree with Raven 415. Look at John Carter. Not the best movie, but it told a story that was a little out there, a story that has been proven popular in other mediums, but never reached the numbers it could have.

        Guardians of the Galaxy needs to be careful. I realise the love it has from a lot of people, and there are some great stories from the franchise but I dont think most people are going to look at it from the makers of The Avengers, and go buy a ticket. I think they are going to see a talking raccoon in a movie from Disney, and go, this is a kids movie, might give this one a miss. This movie is going to need a kick ass marketing team if its going to get the casual movie gowers attention.

        • 1) JC was it’s own animal and failed, not because of the source material but because Disney gave total control over to one person, including all marketing and he dropped the ball plain and simple. It had the potential to be much better than it was.

          2) Most people have no clue that Marvel is a part of Disney now. It will be marketed under the Marvel Studios name. Disney will be in there somewhere but it won’t be a selling point.

          Did you see The Avengers and know it was made by Disney? same difference.

          3) Most raccoons don’t sport big-assed guns and blow people away. If you can have believable 2′ tall rapier wielding mice, 3′ beeping robots and 2′ quirky speaking green mentors and have people universally accept them at face value, I don’t think RR will be a problem for the general audience. 😉

    • I see $1,460,596,809 that disagrees with you.

      • That’s a pretty big and specific number for a movie with a gun-toting raccoon in it. 😉

      • What does that number have to do with GotG?

        • Nothing. That number is the current amount of cash Avengers has raked in…and Japan hasn’t even got to see it yet! It won’t open there for another 2 weeks!

          But that number speaks volumes in the language of AVENGERS 2 and 3. It says THEY ARE COMING!!! TRY AND STOP THEM!

    • Alone? no, but you are definitely in the minority.

      I’m still not sure what the objection to this is (other than RR who is pure awesome). If a little movie like STAR WARS, with it’s quirky characters and space theme can capture the hearts of the world, why not GotG?

      • Because Star Wars was set in a galaxy far, far away and was not trying to blend into the real world. A talking raccoon with a gun is just plain dumb.

        • “dumb” is not a reasonable explanation for anything. You might as well just say “because”

          And if you are unwilling to admit the parallels that SW has with GotG then I guess we are done discussing it.

          • I don’t really know anything about GOTG and I can bet 95% of the population doesn’t either, mongoose. There may be parallels to Star Wars, I don’t know. All I know is that I see Marvel trying to shoehorn a character into their cinematic universe that is totally unbelievable. I know, how is Asgard, Hulk, IM, etc. believable? Thor is based on Norse mythology, of which MOST people have a passing familiarity. The rest of the movies released already are based on science and technolgy which is also plausible. IF they had RR as a character that was an bipedal alien covered in fur that resembles a raccoon, MAYBE that would be more plausible. But a sentient raccoon? I can’t really buy that.

            • I have a sneaking suspicion that the general audience will love Rocket Raccoon.
              I’ve shown the concept art to my teenage sister (who’s pretty much your typical teenage girl) and she absolutely loves him.

              A cute, fuzzy raccoon with a British accent and a very, very violent temperament? – that’s totally gonna be a hit with the crowds in this day and age IMO – it’ll be on people’s t-shirts, after the movie hits people will quote his lines… I don’t think we have to worry about him.

              Also (and you know I mean no disrespect), you can’t really question these characters/the team if you don’t know anything about them. Plus, none of us knows what the story’s gonna be like, we have no idea how grounded they’ll try and make it, etc.

              It’s fair to question this move on Marvel’s part, but don’t you think that after what Marvel Studios has done (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Cap and THE AVENGERS) that we should have SOME faith in their abilities to bring characters to the big screen?

            • Ah, the fact that you don’t know anything about the characters is very telling. As Avenger pointed out though, maybe you should learn about them first before posting a knee-jerk reaction.

              and as a courtesy fyi….RR IS based on technology, it just so happens to be alien tech. He was a normal earth raccoon and was taken from earth and genetically altered to be a caretaker for a sort of intergalactic insane asylum.

              0% of the population knew who Yoda was before he was introduced but yet they universally accepted and loved the character without question (even in his muppet days). So if they could do that then they will most definitely like RR.

            • I am amazed at how many people are suddenly learning who this obscure “Rocket Raccoon” character is.At this rate I imagine he will be a household name by the time ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ hits theaters.

              Marketing at its best!!!

        • Andy, its not the real world. Its the Marvel UNIVERSE.

          • Only just

    • Nope, I feel the same way. This movie has blockbuster FAIL written all over it. I hope I am wrong, but I think Marvel is starting to over-extend it self. The raccoon is just dumb, dumb, dumb. I’m a CBM fan and I’m not sure I want to see this. To be honest, I’d rather have a S.H.I.E.L.D. film.

      • Sounds like it should be an animated movie.

  3. Thanos is coming. No question.

    Adam Warlock defeats Thanos

    Adam Warlock = Guardians of the Galaxy

    • I have a feeling Adam Warlock and Nova will be in this.

      • What about Quasar/Martyr? We need her more than we need Gamora (unless they are going to explore her Thanos connection) but if they have no intention of introducing The Magus then she feels a bit unnecessary.

  4. I may be wrong but does’nt Thanos team up with Adam Warlock to stop his evil twin Magus? Then Thanos takes the last infinity gem from Warlock and starts extinguishing the stars to please death.

    • In the Infinity War, yes. But I can’t see that storyline taking place in the movies. I think Thanos has to remain a baddie in the movies. Magus would be a fun story twist though.

      • Warlock turns into Magnus after he pastes that future on the original “soon-to-be-destroyed old-future”. The comics are full with other characters as well, which I don’t see coming to the movie verse! (Like Cosmo telepathic labrador or Mantis or Bug) Thanos gets ditched in the end with Star-Lord and Nova in another dimension, he doesn’t really get killed (read: resurrected like 2/3 times)

  5. Guardians of the Galaxy could potentially be a better and bigger franchise than The Avengers.
    Rocket Raccoon and Groot are more marketable to grade schoolers than Hulk.
    Not to mention the in-comics cosmic stories are usually better written and more in depth than the more mainstream Avengers.

  6. Funny thing is, if this was produced by FOX or anyone else but Marvel, you know it would be REALLY bad.

    I’m thinking it will be at least a 7/10… Just a guess, I wonder who will play Star Lord?

    • What if I told you that the director and the screenwriter that matter, not that the brand…..BAAAAM…

      You didn’t expect that, did you?

      Seriously just because you’re a Marvel-fan it doesn’t mean other superhero movies are bad because they’re produced by another company.

  7. if they can do something a tenth as cool as the infinity gauntlet series, it will be be EPIC!!!

  8. I think marvel is gonna make every one superhero-tired. They are releasing to much, and there movies are already very much different in quality, thor sucked, iron man 2 did not compare to the first, so i hope they can maintain avengers/iron man 1 quality for their movies.

    • Saying Thor sucks is a HUGE opinion. And on this site no one wants to hear “super hero tired”. LOL.

  9. I’m really not sure about this movie. A talking racoon, really?

    And that Ant-Man too…

    I think we can agree that a movie called Ant-Man is not gonna draw big audiences.

    • I disagree. :)

      • Me too.

        • i still want a Black Panther, Dr Strange movie over GOTG

          • Me too 😉

      • I kindly ask you without any sarcasm How?

        I looked it up. According to Wikipedia.
        The guy can shrink down to the size of an insect and control them.

        Is it a cool superpower or something?

        • u forget his a wife beater :(

          • historically, no he is not a wife beater. Only in the Ultimates did they decide to make that an actual element which I thought was a poor decision on marvels part.

        • yes you also missed the part about him having the same strength at 1/2″ that he has at 6′ tall. Add in momentum when returning to normal size and he can pack quite a punch.

          Then there is also the ability to shrink other things and also the ability to grow in size to 60′ tall and has pushed it to well over 100′.

          yeah, those powers all sound worthless.

  10. For some reason i dont see this so much as a “superhero” movie but rather as (hopefully” a great sci-fi/space opera type movie. And lets all be honest here people, we can always do with more good sci-fi movies!

    • That’s what I’m hoping (but I wanted Green Lantern to be that type of movie).

  11. 2 all the haters who are hating on gotg because it will feature a talking racoon, just chill the f**k out! This movie will do fine bottom line. Also hoping who ever directs gotg will cast charlize Theron as moondragon.4 some reason I can see playing that role.

    • i don’t hate on this. But looks like nowadays you can purely love or purely hate a movie.

      I just don’t see how a talking racoon is gonna blend in this movie without reminding me of Kungfu Panda.

    • Yeah, that is an intelligent argument. Swearing at people using poor sentence structure always helps to win people over to your side of an argument. A talking raccoon with a gun is really believable…no, not really.

      • And a man that turns into a raging hulk when he is mad is believable? A man that flys around in a suit of armor? A demi-god? A formula that transforms skinny people into muscular super soldiers? None of its believeable. Its comic book fantasy. If it wasnt fantasy none of use would be interested. Your argument isnt very intelligent either.

        • Characters such as The Hulk, Cap, Thor and Iron Man are either grounded in technology & science or mythology. While they might no be plausible, these characters have been given origins that COULD be realistic. Besides, if Iron Man is considered one of Marvel’s B-List characters (and a character that most people have at least a passing familiarity), then GOTG are C-list characters which I would bet that, outside of comic book afficianados, no one has the slightest clue who they are. Trying to convince the general public that a genius billionaire could make a suit of armor is FAR more believable than a raccoon with a machine gun.

          Now isn’t that better than telling YOU to chill the F out?

    • And don’t tell people what to do, because you seem like an obnoxious little fanboy who can’t accept that people have different opinions.

      • First of all I’m not telling you or anyone else what 2 do! It just seems 2 be a lot of fuss over rr and I simply stated my opinion 2 the matter,just as you did.second I’m not a fan boy because I don’t even know a lot about gotg.lastly I’m not trying 2 win anybody over 2 my side of this subject. I respect yours and everyone else’s opinion. If people agree with me fine. If not, that’s fine 2.that’s what makes this country great is that we can have difference of opinion.piece!

        • Im with ya, Rome. Not sure why you are getting all the hate.

  12. Ment 2 say I can see her playing that role.

  13. I can see, based on a lot of comments, that most people dont know the Marvel Universe very well. This is where its going folks. People said Avengers wouldnt work because only fan boys would watch it. Those people were all so very wrong. GOTG will be a hit for the same reason Avengers was. It will pull the Avengers audience. There are many people keeping up with these Marvel movies and none of them have ever read a comic book.

  14. i think people need to relax on rome, he just was strong about saying to chill. some of you are annoying with your constant battering of any of marvel’s properties. they are not perfect and besides a movie is what it is- A MOVIE so we can disconnect from reality for two hours. and for those of you who say rocket raccoon is not realistic, neither is a guy in a bat suit who with a device controls bats, neither is a guy throwing a hammer and it comes back to him, or some guy with a tight suit and an S
    on his chest with red drawers on. you want reality, tune in to cnn.
    a comic book universe is what it is, PURE FANTASY…

    • “some of you are annoying with your constant battering of any of marvel’s properties. ”
      Look who’s talking. I’m surprised you haven’t been banned for all your comments on The Dark Knight.

  15. if some of you want one hero universes or one team universes keep rewatching the dark night trilogy until your eyes blow or watch sony’s or fox’s garbage. the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE is the it the bomb right gents.. and much more to come.

    • To ture, rod22. I also find it funny when someone calles someone else a fanboy. I would think anyone frequenting this site is a fanboy! :)

  16. I’m not the biggest GotG fan, but I’ve read quite a lot of their comics (especially the 2008 series) and I think it’s brilliant. The team they’ve chosen is great (although I hope we’ll see a few more characters like Adam Warlock) and I’m certain that if Marvel does it right, this’ll be a big hit with the audiences.

    I can’t wait to see how Marvel adapts this onto the big screen. It’s gonna be a pretty fun ride (with all the production info, casting, rumors, trailers, etc.) till 2014 that’s for sure…

  17. Have any of you ever watched FARSCAPE? you can have a great movie with not so mainstream characters. RR is gonna be great. lets not forget, this is gonna be a summer movie. the summer movies want epic adventure and action. Sadly, sometimes the story takes a backseat to those things. and tell me how a talking racoon is soooo “cheesy” but a talking ninja turtle is not? not all superhero movies can be locked in to a “realistic” setting. I’d love to see an epic STAR WARS kinda superhero flick. I hope they do it great! and MARVEL hasnt really dissapointed so far.

  18. And i stand behind my huge opinion, maybe my expectations for thor where to high.
    I hope this movie will be good cause one thing is for shure: a shooting raccoon? I am all in..

  19. i battered the darknight returns (not the hero itself) after all of these nolan followers were all stubborn in that marvel would never reach the knight’s numbers or even compete with rises… so all those so called dark and realistic lovers along with nolan and his fans got the smackdown
    from avengers incredible run. i fully expected avengers to beat batman but barely, but not like the monstrous run it had. i called rises right down to the teeth, lol. but its over so no more on darknight rises since
    no box office victory in sight for 2012.

    • Oh yeah of course… because box office numbers are the only way of indicating what makes a film good or not right? *cough*Transformers3*cough*
      Just because a movie doesn’t make a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s not good.
      TDK has a 94% freshness rating on RT with an average rating of 8.5 out of 10. TDKR has a 87% freshness rating on RT with an average rating of 8 out of 10.
      So critically, it’s very successful. As is The Avengers…

      I understand you hate the Nolan franchise (and you are of course entitled to an opinion), but you were constantly bashing TDKR on every single article related to it and while people asked and pleaded for you to give it a rest, you kept on bashing… and now, you’re calling people “annoying” for doing the very same thing that you did?
      Come on man… surely you see the irony?

      • Don’t feed the troll. You can’t argue with someone who is so single minded on one thing.

  20. Never really knew that much about guardians but they certainly sound cool. I’m really looking forward to the marvel’s phase 2 can’t wait for iron man 3 Thor 2 cap2 really am dying for ant-man and guardians looks like its ginna be f(&$ing awesome. Can’t wait

  21. the marvel cinematic universe is really doing it good with their franchises and having courage to expand their marvel universe. if these next 4 films are release as scheduled, that will make it 10 films with different characters in same universe. very impressive when you consider
    the other studios keep rebooting their franchises to no end.

  22. I believe my position on RR has been stated in a former thread and I wouldn’t want to over-flog it. If you feel TMNT or Biker Mice from Mars are on the same plane of plausibility as the Avengers or Xmen, then I guess there’s no point in debating the matter further because we obviously see things differently.

    I’m with polokem on this: Antman and GoG are basically going to appeal mostly to the fanboys. I doubt they’ll be a huge success. I recall the same excitement for GL a few years back and I had said the same thing. Avengers made it because the characters are individually and collectively popular- worldwide and across age groups. The anticipation was almost tangible. GoG unfortunately doesn’t have such a following. However, if Marvel accepts that expectations for both movies shouldn’t be too high then they might not fall under Disappointing Movies of the Year.

    I wish them the best but honestly Marvel would have done better to focus on movies like Black Panther and Namor for a start. Just my opinion.

    • Before they made movies about Iron Man, Thor or Capt. America, there was no “following”. Most were considering tier 2-3 characters, especially when held up against the likes of Batman, Spider-Man or Superman. So they took a risk and created a following.

      GotG will be no different and they are seeking to expand the Marvel cinematic universe even more. Sure there is a chance it will fail just like IM could have failed but, if the movie is good, it will pay off in the end again just like phase 1. And now that the planet knows who The Avengers and Marvel Studios are, you do now kind of have a following for these new ventures that will go see them because they are part of this universe marvel has created.

      I do find it funny though that you mention Black Panther and Namor but the fact is they have no “following” either and are just as risky as GotG. (not that I wouldn’t like to see a BP movie, because I would)

      • Iron Man, Captain America and Thor really can’t be considered second or third tier due just to longevity. I never really collected any of those titles, but I know most of the basics about them through casual reading of Marvel comics in the 80’s and 90’s. People from 20 to 30 years ago recognize the names of certain characters more and this Guardians movie is focusing on a team and a comic run that is in essence four to five years old. People who haven’t ever read a comic probably won’t know what this is all about, and those who have been out of the loop for the most part might recognize a few of the characters, but they may not feel the need to run out and see a film about them.

        • Like it or not, most of Marvel’s roster has always been considered “tier 2″ and when compared with the big DC “two” (Superman and Batman) they sink even lower on the overall list.

          I’m sure if you asked the average person on the street 10 years ago who Iron Man was they would either shrug their shoulders or (if a sports fan) wonder if you were taking about the endurance marathon. Ask the same thing about Superman, Batman, Hulk or Spider-man and instant recognition. Of course NOW, IM, along with the rest of the Avengers, have now been elevated to near Superman status.

          Please also keep in mind I’m taking the point of view of the average person (who has never cracked a comic book in their lives). We nerds/fans make up and infinitesimally small percentage of the population and it’s the average person that is all important.

  23. Oh, they did have a following. Probably not at the same level of the characters you mentioned (who had hit movies in the 80s and 90s, mind). But I’m referring to popularity (ie well-known). Most casual cinema goers have heard of IM, Thor and Cap even if they don’t follow them. Many, like me, don’t read comics anymore but grew up with these characters as our favourites. Even adults in their 40s, 50s and 60s recall these guys with nostalgia. So they introduce their kids to them. So it’s that nostalgia, that widespread popularity that these characters have that makes them less of a risk.

    True, BP may not have the sort of following IM and Thor have, but the clamour has been on for many years. So much so that years ago Wesley Snipes had wanted so desperately to play the role and paid for it. It also has the attraction of being the first real black superhero movie (scratch Steel and Blade) by Marvel. A good sell if anything.

    GoG will have a lot of characters to introduce to most of the viewing public, coupled with introducing the Marvel cosmic universe- all in one movie. It doesn’t have the luxury of individual lead-in movies for a foundation so it has a steep challenge. BP and Namor would be easier to do (being solo characters) and are arguably more popular globally. It boggles the mind that Marvel hasn’t made any official statements on either recently.

    But 2014 it is then. I’m just not too confident about it…especially with the talking raccoon.

    • I just want to say that a Namor movie wouldn’t make sense financially. Filming on water is expensive and usually warrants low box office results (see Waterworld and Battleship for more details). 😉

    • A following among comic book readers, sure, but among the general masses? Not in the least. We nerds who read/know about the characters tend to congregate together but we are like small resistance cells against the huge army of the ignorant. We need to be taken out of the equation.

      So for the masses, GotG has no more of a following than most of the Avengers did 10 years ago (Hulk probably being the only exception). It’s all about taking a risk and doing something new and interesting. Otherwise we will end up with what DC is doing, rebooting the same two characters with the same boring story lines every few years.

      And I keep coming back to this but……Star Wars. It was completely different from anything we had seen before, had no “following”, introduced the masses to a completely new universe led by a large cast of unknown characters whom we can ALL name by heart (including quirky robots and a 2′ green alien in the follow up movie) and the world went NUTS for them. GotG has that same potential with RR becoming as beloved as R2D2 or Yoda.

      Black Panther I agree should have a movie in the works for a number of reasons (least of which being he’s a great character with an interesting origin story) but he had no more of a general following than most of the other Avengers did 10 years ago and is often considered a second string Avenger even in comic book circles.

  24. I wouldn’t shoot Namor like Waterworld if I were them. Ever watch an old movie (turned TV series later) called ‘The Man from Atlantis’? Ok. I’d tow that line. Story would be more about his ugly interaction with surface-dwellers than about Atlanteans and underwater drama. Like in that old film, the govt, or military or SHIELD, will take him in, sedate him and study him like a lab animal. Trying to rationalise the nature of his being. More like the first Hulk, Namor should be the main threat throughout the movie- or the govt or the corporate world (depending on whose side you’re on). Heck, they might even call in Hawkeye to try and take him out -another brief cameo. Maybe rightist and leftist arguments on conservation could be thrown in for depth.
    Namor is an amalgam of characters. He has the temper of Hulk, arrogance of Thor (better still Zod), with a ‘moral cause/vendetta’ like Magneto. So many ways to play his story. The’fish out of water’ plot (pardon the pun) which was not well employed in Cap and hastily delivered in Thor could be properly done in Sub-Mariner, bringing in some light-hearted humour in the process.

    Yes BP and Namor would be nice. I can see them now.

  25. @mongoose, as much as I agree with you that IM, Thor, and Cap are tier 2 when compared to Superman and Batman, they are definitely not in the same class as GotG. The same ‘gulf’ you say there is between Supes and IM/Thor is the same gulf between Thor and GotG. So they should not be put under the same category of movie risks. One is a much greater risk to take. Because the ‘geek’ generations familiar with it are much fewer. Just like Ghost Rider, Elektra…and Swamp Thing were. They’d fall under Tier 3 or 4.

    Thor was my favourite hero and Avengers my favourite team and I’m in my late 30s. I can assure you that among ardent or casual comic fans of the 80s and 90s (and I was an avid reader), many will be lost when you mention GotG. Maybe if you mention Nova or Warlock then you’d get an “Oohhh, them guys…”. Like someone said previously, the group just caught on some years back hence it limits their widespread appeal even within the cell. And its this cell that usually sells the movie to the general public.

    I’d say wrap up Tier 2 characters first before going down to 4. ‘Cos a bad Marvel movie now could tilt the scale once more and reverse all the hard work done to get here. I appreciate your allusion to Star Wars but the difference is Hans Solo, Skywalker, Chewbacca and Princess Leia didn’t have powers we all had to get familiar with in the first movie as well as their cosmos. We only started getting familiar with their background as the sequels came. Like I said earlier, GotG has too many things happening in one movie. It is easier to introduce the Marvel cosmic universe through Silver Surfer than through so many people without getting the average movie goer all confused. GL is a good example of a movie not introducing a cosmic universe right.

    • Again you are approaching things from OUR perspective (that being the geeky nerds who read and know all about these comic book stories/characters). To the average person however, GotG is no less recognizable than Black Panther, Dr. Strange or Iron Fist. You would get a blank response from all 3 names or some other references like a Black Militant group of the 70’s.

      So for US, yes, GotG is pretty out there in terms of popularity and at best a Tier 3 group but we really don’t count. These movies are aimed at the masses, of which we probably aren’t even a percentage point.

      As for Star Wars…..you wouldn’t call “the force” something we had to understand? or the fact that there was a light and dark side, aliens everywhere with different abilities and our group planet hopping a fair amount in the space of a couple hours (including the planet sized base). I think you aren’t giving the general audience enough credit. And there are intelligent but simple and brief ways to introduce the characters without the need to have a two hour background movie devoted to each.

      As for GL….it failed, not because of the complexity of the material, but because of the way they chose to tell us the story. If they had been willing to let go of “Earth” and have it take place on Oa/out in space, most of the issues would have disappeared. Instead they decided we just HAD to keep things focused on Earth which really broke up the movie in a bad way.

      If they had gone with the Green Lantern First Flight story, it would have been an awesome movie. A real missed opportunity imho.

    • As people who either still collect or have collected comic books the whole debate over what “tier” certain characters and books fall under, honestly does not matter to casual fans. It can be argued though that the movies Marvel Studios is doing now are more out of necessity than anything else since they are missing a huge number of their more known properties and will not have access to them anytime soon.

      This Guardians movie is going to come down to quality and if it can grab die-hard fans and entice them to help sell it to people who might not go see it. The other thing people are under estimating severely about Avengers and Iron Man in particular is the fact that Robert Downey Jr. helped draw a lot of casual fans in, and Guardians is going to have to rely on good performances under heavy special effects. And like the newer Star Wars film and something like Green Lantern sometimes an overload of special effects turns people off before they even give the story a chance.

      • I completely agree on all counts…..tiers are bantered about and only truly relevant to the die-hards. Personally if I like a character, I like them and their popularity on someone elses meter is irrelevant to me.

        If Marvel did have all it’s frenchises back we would more than likely be seeing their version of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the X-Men instead of their deeper exploration into some of their lesser known IPs. I personally don’t know if I would prefer that at this stage because then we would probably have not gotten the Avengers movie (yet)

        And yes, if GotG needs something it will be some star draw. With Groot and RR being total CGI and Drax and Gamora heavily make-uped, I think Star-Lord and Adam Warlock will need to be some well known faces.

        Someone mentioned Viggo as Star-Lord and I really liked that idea.

  26. You made some good points there, mongoose. Granted, tiers don’t matter to the average joe. However like I said, and Slayer also alluded to, I believe the cell (ie those who you refer to as the geeks) has a major part to play in selling comic movies to the general public. Hence if the character(s) is not as well known to them, Marvel would be losing potential marketers. They will thus have to rely on the other gimmick Slayer mentioned- big actors- to lure fans in. These didn’t work in Ghost Rider and Elektra though. The cell usual explains to public, brings their families and friends along and creates the ripple effect.

    I think I agree with you on GL’s problem (plus a few other issues) though it would have been hard to do it without an Earth origin- but it dragged. You also made good points on Star Wars- though you must acknowledge that the movie was a novelty then and people were less critical. Various costumed ‘freaks’ and a talking gun-totting raccoon (whose origin is alien abduction) all crammed up in a 2 hour movie about the cosmos mayyy work but you must accept it is a huge risk to take when less risky and more popular characters are available.

    Well let’s wait and see.

  27. I must explain that though BP is Tier 3 the reasons I mentioned earlier give him a stronger chance of success.